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April 19th, 2010
Hello members of MAL, usually I'd like to do some reviews about Action or Mecha Anime. This time I wanted to discuss the Slice of Life genera that seems to be a large growing aspect of modern Anime. It's pretty obvious if you hadn't noticed for you Anime beginners that this genera of Anime that you should pay attention too, that means you DBZ and Narutard fan boys.

Lets begin with this simple fact.....ALL SLICE OF LIFE ANIME ORIGINATE FROM HAREM ANIME. Yes, many Slice of Life Anime still have that lingering factor of a typical Harem setting of multiple Girls/Guys all ga ga over the main hero or heroine, just with some dramatic finesse. Though this something you can't ignore nor say other wise, in the end what makes the series popular in the end?.....Exactly. Figurines, dojinshi, memorabilia, the list goes on with the two words of FAN SERVICE. But there should be some hope for you neh sayers right? This time I'll admit defeat and say, yes. For those who've read most of my reviews, there are many Anime I hate in general so this is no simple task of me to admit. So I'll start my explanation to why I've come to this weird and possibly contradictory conclusion....

Like most of you, I'm always up to date with episodes that are released every new season, but what do we do when we wait for the next and newest episode of Naruto, Bleach, Gundam, what ever...we watch anime from last year or last season. So, while waiting to see the newest episode of FMA Brotherhood, I was "suggested" the Slice of Life series Clannad. At first I was against the idea, since I've gone through torture of watching the 4 season long DaCapo seires (which is coming out with a 5th season...). At this point I was against watching another long Romance series but to my surprise the series was much more different then I had expected. The story was settle, calm, and character development superb.

In my honest opinion Clannad the First Season was pretty typical of a High School Drama. I pretty much expected the ending and was wondering how would they continue the series with that kind of ending. *SPOILERS* Since Okazaki decided to go out with Nagisa, you'd think it'd be the end, most Harem or Romance Anime end with just that. Clannad took it to the next level. Usually many people are curious to know what happens to their favorite characters after such an ending, and Pony Canyon answered that curiosity. It is a matter of fact that the Second season (aka After Story) of Clannad surpasses the First Season. In fact, the Second season made me cry at times (and that's a difficult thing to make a grown man like myself too). I guess I was just so impressed by the Family values and the passion between characters. It was truly a beautiful Anime, that I'll admit.

With many pros I have to give a con right? Well, let's talk about School Days, eh? School Days is another Slice of Life Anime I've been wanting to review for quite some time but never got the chance too. All I have to say is, very emotional, mind bending, frustrating, and in the end everyone gets what they deserve. I rather not give too much detail, just find out yourself, hehehe. Lucky Star, if you've herd from your friends, is stupid. Friends that suggest that series aren't friends at all....I mean it. Just get new friends.....with better Anime that is.

Anyways, Clannad has been on the Top Panel for a long time, and with Good reason. Hopefully there will be many more Slice of Life Anime that will follow the same example (Lucky Star, you're a horrible Example). For you Action Junkies, it doesn't make you any less of a man if you cry (unless you are a girl), watch the series, you'll find something you'll like about Slice of Life.

My Rating for these Anime

Clannad First Season: 7/10

Clannad Second Season (After Story): 8/10

School Days: 6/10

Lucky Star: ...... I'd rather not mention....
Posted by OtakuFreak | Apr 19, 2010 7:33 PM | 1 comments
March 16th, 2009
Hey everyone, it's now time for my second installment on Anime Basics, Other Worlds. Yep, this is another of those three factors to Anime, in between Mecha and Giant Boobs. Other worlds allows certain Animes to take a path of their own like many other fictional stories. Many Animes like; Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto, etc.., are all part of Other alternative universes that make the impossible, possible. So lets begin.

So how can you tell if you are watching an anime about Other Worlds? Well many of them are really obvious, but then there are ones that make it look like they aren't. Any Anime that says it takes place in the Future, Past, or Alternative present is automatically an Alternative universe. The Animes that aren't a part of Alternate Universe are usually the Comedic Romances, or Drama series (Ex: Genshiken, Toradora). Another factor to alternative universes is when People have mysterious Powers, this automatically makes it another universe, no matter the situation. The rule of thumb is if it's out of the strange, then it's Alternative.

How do you find these kinds of anime? Well it's not that hard. Mostly all Anime has something about mysterious powers being involved. Many popular Shonen Anime is a prime example of these Alternative universes.

So in summary or factors to Other Worlds: 1) Does not follow real timeline.
2) Super Powered Beings.
3) Found in Mostly in all Concept of ANIME.
Posted by OtakuFreak | Mar 16, 2009 10:35 AM | 0 comments
October 5th, 2008
Ah... the Animes I've seen over the months. Hey there everyone. It's that time of the year where many of our Summer faves end and the new Fall line up begins. Many of you are still talking about Code Geass R2 or D.Gray Man. I'm pretty sure many of you enjoyed it. As much as I'd like to review these animes, many of you beat me to the punch line (lol), but seriously I'd like to make some statements about Summer of 2008 anime.

First lets begin with Code Geass. I'm pretty sure it was the biggest thing many of you CLAMP and Mecha fans have been waiting for, and it was good. But being the hater I am, let me make some points. I never really like CLAMP animes, especially X1999 or any of the X series. Tsubasa Chronicles isn't my forte, and not many people really care about Card Captors. This was probably the only series from CLAMP that I really liked for a change. Even though the series had to much fan service, to many beshe boys and well racked females, it had a good story line and strong character development. This is to be expected from CLAMP. But the story line seemed like it came out of Mobile Suit Gundam mixed Eureka 7 and a dash of random Magic. Yes, send me hate mail for all I care, Code Geass as flashy as it seemed it was just another Mecha series with Emo boys piloting heavily equipped Military Machinery. Like my friend Edge always say to me, "They should call it Code Gay Ass". Also this series is just another excuse for Bandai to make more merchandise along side their Gundam products.

Next on my List is D.Gray Man. Even though this series is on my faves list doesn't mean I think it's the best thing in the world. This series smells of formulated crap, like many Shonen based series. D.Gray Man is DBZ mixed with FMA, but hey it's better then Naruto. What pissed me off in the end it how they ended the series. *SPOILER ALERT* I feel like I watched the last episode of Inuyasha again. Even though this series was totally predictable, it was worth talking about it at the water cooler as per say. The series had many satisfying battles and the characters didn't seem completely EMO. I placed this series on my Faves for the reason of saying it's worth watching, but eventually it will be replaced with something else that tickles my fancy.

Third on the list is my homage to D-List Animes, meaning specifically Fan services. These series include To-Love-Ru, Zero no Tsukaima Princesses no Rondo, and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. I'm pretty sure many of you haven't even herd of these series, well maybe one or two of them, but the point is these are not legit Animes as I would say. They are basically animes that just fill in voids that many major A-List animes left behind. I basically make it my duty to watch these animes knowing exactly what will happen next and squirm in pain because of the serious lack of Originality. But none the less it was all for good laughs anyways. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, wasn't that bad though. It's an anime I would watch again, and one I'd recommend to watch. If you are a fan of Zero no Tsukaima, I'm pretty sure your getting pissed off by now. The series doesn't seem to be going anywhere and keeps making plot holes within itself.

Well that ends my little rant of this Summer's anime of 2008. I just hope with this Fallz line up well have some good anime to talk about. I'm just psyched up by Gundam 00 season 2, but wondering if I should *sigh*. Anyways, thanks for reading and send me a comment or message sometime. I'd love to hear some requests.

Otakufreak.......Stealing your cookies.
Posted by OtakuFreak | Oct 5, 2008 6:18 PM | 1 comments
August 9th, 2007

There is a siren through out the city. People are rushing into shelters underground, to protect themselves from the impending danger. Soldiers baracade the city's outskirts. A lone boy runs into a massive hanger and jumps into the cotpit of what we already should know to be as a Giant Robot. Yes, I'm talking about Mecha. One of many basic essentials for anime. Without Mecha there wouldn't be many famous animes out there now. Neo Genesis Evangelion, Super Robot Taisen, Transformers, Mobile Suit Gundam, the list goes on.

But what makes these gigantic humaniod (or animal shaped) machines so important? Where did the concept of such things come from? Well back in the old days even before Japanese Giant Monster movies, there were many novels that depicted Giant robots used buy life forms from other planets, one such book was H.G.Wells War Of The World. This book was the first of many books of it's time to ever mention giant machines like Mechas. As time went by such Sci-Fi fantasies would reach the Japanese public. One of the first Animes of all time was based on Robots, even though they were giant as the ones we're talking about.

 But there is no dout that Giant Robots have played an important in anime. There is proof. Anime magazine Newtype is one such proof because the magazine was originally made for fans of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. Plus there are many anime games based on our Giant Mecha pals. And here ends one of my new informative views of Anime.

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July 8th, 2007

Dam it, dam it, dam it!! That's what I say to myself everytime I pass by a B&N's, Border's, or other bookstore's magazine rack, while Newtype Magazine mocks me with it's fancy cover. Yes, it's a serious issue of Anime envy or in this situation total geekdom senses going wild. Why you ask? Because Newtype is one of those god forsaken magazines that are owned by top nocht companies such as VIZ Media and ADV Films. Yet the magazine looks nice on the outside, it's plain evil on the inside. Yes, evil. It's a horrible magazine with that would make any serious Otaku screem for his mommy.

For those who say "neh", I say "bleh, you have bad taste". The magazine has horrible Anime info and most of the articles are based on ADV Films dub anime (since the magazine is own by it here in US). They also have too many perks for the Animes that don't deserve it. Yea, Newtype supports Animes that suck and that end up on 4Kids TV (Dam you 4Kids!! Curse you too hell!! Sparta!! Okay...I'm done with inner thoughts). They also give horrible reviews and that pointless DVD they place inside the Magazine to catch you into buying a $10 peice of crap, that will eventually rot in magazine rack next to your toliet (along with your mother's Victoria Secret Catalog. Yea apperently I wasn't done with inner thoughts). Seriously, why would you buy it? You can buy a perfectly good and well entertaing Manga for that price, or an even better Anime magazine that's half the price(EX: Anime Insider, Otaku USA, Shonen Jump).

The histroy of Newtype magazine is a very famous one indeed, I'll admit that. In Japan it was one of the most famous Collectible Magazines out there, and it's popularity soon came across the world (Well first and probably Second world countries). But the magazine was originally for the Gundam Fans. Yes, I said it, for the Gundam Fans!! The term Newtype was invented by none other but the creator of Gundam himself Yoshiyuki Tomino. The term Newtype means the next step in Human evolution within space. And it was commonly used in many of the Gundam series. Eventually Gundam Fans throught Japan came together and ended up making a magazine based on Gundam Models, Toys, Fan Fics, and more. Just as they became popular with everyone, new fans asked if they would have more material then just Gundam. And hence forth this monstrosity of a magazine.

So when you hear that that the newest issue of "Newtype" magazine has been released, do what ever you please. Just remeber you are paying $10 for a Magazine while everything else is $4.99. Don't fall in love with the colorful pages, they are a whicked vixen trying to steal your Otaku soul. As for me, I'm still reading Anime Insider and Shonen Jump.

Posted by OtakuFreak | Jul 8, 2007 6:43 PM | 2 comments
July 3rd, 2007

Well, it's actually been a while since I've been online, and I couldn't help but make a blog about Fan Service. What's Fan Service most of you say? Well, how should I put this.....lots and lots of cleavage. Basically Fan Service is a term used by many Otakus now to show how they interpert certain Animes like Girls Bravo, Maburaho, and especially Ikkitousen (aka Battle Vixens). Once you are watching an Anime or reading a Manga with losts of revealing moments, you can't help but to say Fan Service in the back in your head, because without this Fan Service that Manga or Anime would not be Popular.

Some of you are thinking right now, why is he talking about Fan Service? Well it's basically to give you a good breif and funny explanation of it. It all started when I transfered to a new location in my Job at Jones Beach. I now work as Revenew, we could also say it's a slow and boring job. To pass the meaningless moments of this job I read a good amout of manga per day, yes an amout of four manga that's how boring it is. And of course my manga are Romantic Comedies, so you know there is gonna be some profanity in it. Anyways, I was then sent to a Sextual Harrasment seminar with a few co-workers.

After three hours of talking what maybe offensive to the opposite sex or same sex, I soon realized that my mangas could get me into alot of trouble. With so much sexual profanities there are in certain mangas, I could lose my job if it fell in the wrong hands. So after thinking about this I realized that it might not be safe to read my mangas at work anymore. The thing is now, how can I pass the time? There is no time for me to play a good Game of Pokemon Daimond on my DS, and I don't possess a I-Pod. All I have is my Cell Phone with the mediocre games. So I've decieded to take the risk of Reading Manga at work.

 The tips I made for myself; 1) Find out what you'll be doing that day. 2) Bring the most appropriate for that day. 3) Never read a profanic Manga with a Female co-worker near you. With these simple rules I can now read my Manga without worry. But yea, I've basically just wasted your time.

In short summary in the conclusion to this story of my life. Fan Service is good, but at times it's not the best thing to be looking at during certain situations.

Posted by OtakuFreak | Jul 3, 2007 3:42 PM | 3 comments