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May 11, 2015
this is a one shot is 42 pages and not a complete series but i hope people come to like this manga as it is very interesting, its story isn't as original as other distinguished mangas but its takes on from a good classic, Romeo and Juliet, it kinda set's itself apart with its funny scenes and small cast, it is a one shot with a refreshing story and be warned this is only my second review but my first didn't come out bad

Story: like i said before its not original but it uses this to its advantage, i cant really say much because read more
Apr 17, 2015
Kiss My Ass interesting name right, i just began reading this manga 20 minutes and OMG what a delightful 20 minutes they were.

The first time i read the name i immediately thought "What a badass name lets give it a try" Honestly i was a expecting a delinquent shounen manga but sadly i was mistaken. What i did end up reading was a very funny, comedic, and educational(at some points) manga about ass yes ass... more importantly Hemorrhoids, who knows probably the author had a case of this one day and decided to write this up as a story board but

be it as read more