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Apr 4, 9:31 PM
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Angel Beats! Specials
Angel Beats! Specials
Apr 4, 9:27 PM
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Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill!
Apr 4, 9:26 PM
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Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou
Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou
May 15, 12:27 AM
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Unbalance School Life
Unbalance School Life
Apr 24, 1:32 AM
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Apr 19, 10:18 PM
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Hayley_N_Haydet May 9, 1:07 AM
OrangeAbundis said:

(i would like to practice my japanese more but i dont get the chance too most of the time so itd be cool to talk to anyone either way^)



Coffee-chan27 May 8, 1:54 AM
I see XD *gives coffee*
Oh!! deadly girls, and Bee Apocolypse, sounds fun :>

Maybe one day :3 good luck with that yourself~
Coffee-chan27 May 7, 1:06 AM
Yeah lol XD I think even their pronunciation is almost the same~
Hmm...they all seem interesting (≧◡≦) girls of the wild I might read later, but I don't know any of them :O

sugoi sugoi, ore wa romaji made da na >~<
Coffee-chan27 May 6, 5:40 PM's the opposite for me, as I don't read manga a lot. Oh!! I never read manhua before :O but I read a bit of a manhwa (Korean), how was it?

Hai, take your time ^^ (oh, you can write my name in hiragana, that's impressive)
Coffee-chan27 May 5, 4:21 PM I'm excited to continue the manga ヽ(°〇°)ノ Ah!! that's a horrible way to die (especially for Laba :< )

Hehe...I'll have to check out then :> Arigatou~

(sorry, late reply)
Coffee-chan27 May 4, 1:38 AM
Sheele's death was the most emotional for me because I never knew the show was this dark back then, and btw, did Lubbock really die that way in the manga? I never reached that far but I heard the rumors >.<

>> Eh, really!! You mean Hinawa no Yoku? I've just heard about it actually!! :o I'll have to check out, thanks :D
Coffee-chan27 May 3, 10:36 PM
She was the third actually, after Sheele and Bulat, I really liked all of Night Riad members, so I felt sad after each death :c
But mostly Chelsea was my favorite :>
Coffee-chan27 May 3, 9:38 AM
Ah!! I know what you mean, you don't have to continue =w=
*high fives

SweetAmandine Apr 25, 3:56 AM
AgK Zero?I know about that one
R-unknown Apr 21, 7:46 PM
ah right that water seven is an epic one.. and it's the first arc with 3 parties involved..
when i watched it when i was a kid i don't really understood since i just interested in the fights.. but after rewatched it.. the story make me love to watch one piece until now..
though the last i watched is episode 815, because yeah.. i'm on hiatus to watch anime few months ago ._.)

yes.. that one also a good one with perfect art style ~ and i always like romcom like this one ~
ehh.. i just noticed that it will has an anime adaptation.. that's good to hear OwO
sia79 Apr 20, 5:54 PM
That's why you put it on the internet for everybody to see. Unfortunately after switching computers a few times, all my templates are long gone.

I've actually only met one person from here in real life and he came all the way from LA to come to our anime convention. Mind you, he was laready traveling around the US non stop going to cons.
R-unknown Apr 18, 6:18 AM
hopefully you'll still be patience to watch one piece.. since it will kinda annoying from Dressrosa arc
like it can be shorter but the anime make it sooooo long

hmm.. seems juicy then that New Gate..
and that komi-san, yess.. i also reading that and it's good.. not so funny but it's relaxing and i like character like Komi~
Hayley_N_Haydet Apr 17, 12:16 AM
@Peregrinus_Maius youre messing out my good friend, Fooly Cooly is a really weird show, ive seen it multiple times since i was a kid and i still cant comprehend it, its wacky but its also complex in a way, with the new seasons coming out soon rn is the best time to ride that hype train

It's on my PTW list. I've heard that it's similar to Kill la Kill, and that's enough to get me interested, because I really like that show. "Weird" and "wacky" but "also complex in a way"...yeah, that sounds like Kill la Kill all right - and its brother show Gurren Lagann.

Because of what you've told me, I may well watch it right after I'm finally finished with InuYasha :>
R-unknown Apr 16, 1:26 PM
i see, yeah take your time ~

indeed, anime not as to the point like manga

nice one !! so funny indeed xD you mean Hayasaka ? well, she is cute but KaguyaxPresident already a prefect couple imo
hmmm.. i can't pick one girl, since the story too focus with rimuru, and well the art style of those two manga.. so good!!
that one.. sounds like SAO :/a do you have something that similar with Kaguya-sama ? i'm in the mood to read a funny one haha
Manjuu Apr 15, 5:28 PM
Mostly the orange. Possibly only the orange.