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link9us Jan 7, 2:53 AM
omg we have reached an unprescented chapter in the one piece story to kick off 2022 for the manga. All I can say is the ending of Wano will "suprise" you.
B0BI Jan 1, 6:44 AM
Hey! I'm so sorry for the very very late reply and happy new year! The past month I was finishing my thesis so I don't have time to watch, read, or open MAL ): But I'm getting back on it now *finally! :')

I missed out on a few of One Piece episodes so I'm about to catch up on it and read the latest chapters, too! I've seen the manga spoilers and it was crazyyy. Wano keeps on getting intense but I'm wondering when will it end or "who" will end it. I bet there will be more characters showing up in Wano.

The thing about Oda is that he keeps the series exciting with more mysteries coming and unraveling. What's more to it, most of them were planned way before so it's all about foreshadowing. Sometimes I missed out on the details so I like to check out "One Piece foreshadow" on TikTok just to get jaw-dropped again lol.

I finished both Demon Slayer and AoT manga so both anime wasn't on my top list to watch but I'm sure to see them for the animation — couldn't ask for better visuals from ufotable and MAPPA lol. I'm excited about Bleach's comeback this year although I haven't watched the series so I'm catching up soon! But for now, I'll probably watch JoJo Part 6. Gotta start easily after a month break from anime :D
link9us Dec 28, 2021 4:48 PM
Seems like the animation Artist that worked on the first fight with Kaido in the Wano arc is returning for the upcoming episodes with the New opening on January 9th. This is going to be pretty awesome for the new year. if you can remember way back when Luffy First fought kaido and the 2nd act Reverie Intermission episodes. This was all handled by the same artist and probably one of Tatsuya Nagamine's, most talented staff members.

The Wano arc is about to enter the "Climax" of the Onigashima raid which will consist of many of the straw hats going up against the top leading commanders and officials of Kaido's crew and also the BIG emperor clash will start off the year of 2022 with a bang and let me tell you. This will go down in history as one of the greatest fights seen thus far in one piece. So I hope you are ready for this. Its going to be pretty wild. So stay tuned Jan 9th for the depute of the new opening and the "beast pirates conflict" will be entering its final phase.

The manga also is heading into a MAJOR plot development for the series as Oda him self can't seem to shut up about it. Dropping hints like "I can't wait to draw that Last scene" :D. So Yeah i guess were finally reaching the closing Curtain of the Wano story arc next year for manga readers.

Either way both anime and manga fans have it good This upcoming 2022.
link9us Dec 12, 2021 11:35 PM
Actually, it was just the start of what I was referring to, although I did not expect the pacing to be padded for this week and I thought this week would have encompassed most of the fight against Kaido with the scabbards, but it looks like the budget is being saved for next week. That being said, the content that was most of the focus was Queen with the ICE oni's transformations. Yeah its quite terrifying. The more you see Queen perform in this arc, i think the more you will enjoy him as a villian. He has a lot of tricks up his sleave

Now regarding the End of the EP, This “battle” was what I originally thought EP 1000 could have been, if they changed around a few scenes, although I am happy with what they chose ultimately because at the end of the day it is about the straw hats and this confrontation is mostly about the scabbards so it would have felt strange being a 1000 milestone moment of the series. Still, you can’t deny that this moment is pretty awesome. In the manga, we readers always thought of the scabbards as these sort of enferior characters, but during there confrontation with Kaido, ODA just blind sided us by displaying there unbridled resolve and power to take down kaido. I never even though Kinomon was that strong and can tank a bolo breath from Kaido.

The conflict with the Scabbards and Kaido will reach some peak moments you are not going to want to miss. The Raid itself is going to start getting far more exciting in the coming episodes.
link9us Dec 5, 2021 3:23 AM
Better get ready, there is going to be some rather intense moments next week. Were getting closer and closer to the main fight.
link9us Dec 2, 2021 2:11 PM
Yeah were actually all caught up now. So the moment where Drake ask luffy to join them was the ending of Chapter 990. So 991 we are starting next week. Which will be episode 1002.

Ep 1003 is going to be a real good one. That is the start of an upcoming fight that could have made it into ep 1000 but didnt. Despite that though, ep 1000 was still wholy appropriate and a fantastic ceberatory moment of the straw hat crew.

Were also finally getting a new Opening. So its perfect for the events that are forthcoming including the BIG battle that is on the horizon.

I can forsee right now based on where we are in the story, that next year is going to be a Really exciting year for One piece for both anime and manga fans!

link9us Nov 25, 2021 10:35 PM
Based on the very little source material we had to adapt, which was no more then 8 pages lol. Yes I am absolutly in shock that they were managed to take something with so little source mateiral and make something special out of it. I kind of knew going into it, that there was no way we were going to get to any of the crazy battles, because the manga was still quite a few chapters away. But I am plesently thrilled and suprised of what they did with the whole strat hat scene. I figured they would use that moment where they are all together for something special especially since we had a new member Jimbie as part of the team.

It honestly kind of reminded me of Ennies lobby you know when all the strawhats come together and march forward ontop of the building as they wage war against the government and to take back robin. That of course mixed with multiple flashbacks and sort of a montage of familiar scenes. So yeah it was pretty cool.

How ever episode 1000 is only the start lol, in fact the crazy shit has not even happened yet. So there are many more hype moments to come. The promotion materials for 1000 was a bit missleading though like I said because we are clearly not at the point of Luffy going up against Kaido. That was not even the focus this episode. But I think its meant to represent that 1000 and beyond will be the big battle that will soon arrive.
B0BI Nov 22, 2021 5:05 AM
Hey! I'm backkk! How are you doing? I'm really sorry for the late reply ): I'm opening MAL just to update my current watch list and I don't have any more time to scroll around like I used to *cry

Damn! I didn't know Orochi's seiyuu is the same as Shukaku! Episode 1000 was out yesterday and I loved it! Tbh, it doesn't have a lot of epic moments but the nostalgic feels are everything (and I think that's what Toei was going for, too). It's been a long journey and I'm so proud of the Straw Hats! Have you watched it? If yes, what are your thoughts?

Another big announcement, OP MOVIE RED is coming in 2022! Most likely the story will have a correlation with Shanks because "red" and the key visual displays Shank's scar as well!

Btw, have you watched JoJo? How was it so far?
link9us Nov 20, 2021 8:23 PM
So what did you think about episode 1000? Just the sheer thought of us being in the 4 digit numbers of one piece now is just crazy.
link9us Nov 18, 2021 11:31 PM
Here is the link to tune in for the Live stream happening on November 20th starting at 7:15 EST. EPISODE 1000/LOGS Commeration with a newly Announced remix of "we are" opening and suprise Announcement after the episode, Don't Miss It!!

link9us Nov 9, 2021 12:18 AM
Yeah I think it would be even cooler if the anime actually does a little somethign special as a Nod to Chapter 1000, when ever the anime gets there lol. That would be cool and of course I will point out when that moment arrives.
B0BI Nov 4, 2021 5:18 AM
Hi! Sorry again for the late reply ): I watched a few anime these days but didn't have the time to read comments thoroughly ):

Yes! I find it fun and interesting to see an anime drawn with different anime styles. Boichi, Dr. Stone's mangaka draw Ace's story (from the light novel) and it was dope! Nisekoi's and Shokugeki no Soma's mangaka also redraw a few chapters from Alabasta arc called Vivi's Adventure Special and Shokugeki no Sanji (you can search it on Google to read the one-shots)!

I agree that it's rare to see a character that gets a voice that sounds out of place. On the contrary, there are lots of characters with remarkable and memorable seiyuu's like Levi's and Law's and others.

Disclaimer ahead. True to its title, JoJo is bizarre! Some parts are boring but you gotta bear with it and watch it all to get the complete experience. They have different vibe and MC for every part so you have to see them all lol! There are plot holes but just take it as a joke, even the community turned it into a meme of "Araki Forgot".

You're right. Start from the 2012 by David Production and follow the sequel as stated on MAL. The last one would be Part 5 and Part 6 is coming in 2022! Pls tell me what you think about it! Enjoy :D
link9us Oct 31, 2021 10:40 PM
The pacing is slowing down considerably in the last 2 episodes, so I think there trying to shoot for a specific moment in the manga. It looks to me based on the pacing and everything it could adapt parts of CH 989 and CH 990. There is a cool moment coming up in CH 990 with the straw hats in particular but it’s hardly what the promotional add details about the ep 1000. We clearly see Luffy going up against Kaido and I just don't think it going to make it there by ep 1000. However, there is always the slim chance that ep 1000 could be like a 1 hr special or something crazy like that. I mean after all no battle shonen anime in history has ever achieved a 1000 milestone so I’m assuming it’s going to be something bigger than just a 24 min episode.

Also, the promotional add clearly is commemorating the rise to 1000 starting with EP 998. So TOIE and Funimation is co-hosting the event starting with 998, 999 and then 1000. That will be on nov 20th, the date of ep 1000but they are specifically centering around those 3 episodes. So next week there is a good chance you may see a budget increase starting from 998 because it seems to be what they are advertising as the most important episodes and the buildup to the big 1000.

1000 could also be the start of a new opening I think as well because we definitely are in dire need of a new opening at this point. All the canon material no longer is part of our current opening so I would say that would be the perfect time to reveal a new opening.

now IF ep 1000 is like a 1 hr long special or something like that, there is a good chance that we may see something pretty big because in 992 there is an awesome battle against kaido and I can only imagine how the studio would push the envelope on this. The artwork in the manga was so impressive so I can’t fathom how it’s going to look in the anime. This is honestly the worthiest for damn sure for an ep 1000 celebratory moment. I also considered the prospect of them changing events around because they have done in the past, but going by pacing, they would have to adapt nearly 5 chapters to reach this point and I just don’t see how they can make it that far with only 3 episodes left to go. I guess I will be able to give you more details in the coming weeks.

There is part of me though that is a bit disappointed we won’t see the actual CH 1000 moment because that was INSANE!!! But there is no way the anime will make it there. Just look at 1000 as the start of more insane moments to come. What ever they decide to pull off though I will whole heartly embrace it.
link9us Oct 25, 2021 8:50 PM
My community server and one piece team hosted by Lead superfan Rogersbase will be streaming a special EVENT leading up to One piece anime episode 1000 on Nov 20th at 3.00 PM PST. Its going to be wild and I honestly can't wait. There is also going to be suprise gift giveaways. TOIE and funimation will be streaming the live event on both of their youtube channels. You do not want to miss this.

B0BI Oct 22, 2021 7:54 AM
I'm starting to reorganize my schedule so I'll be able to have some free time at night to watch anime :D

I would say One Piece's art style is unique, but it isn't as detailed as other mangas out there (Vinland Saga, OPM, Vagabond, etc). However, I enjoy both manga and anime with quirky art styles where not everyone finds it flattering.

I found out that Oda foreshadowed Wano years ago through a cover picture in the manga during Long Ring Long arc. Crazyyyy

Yamato's seiyuu reveal was a hit and everyone was pleased! I bet Doflamingo is going to play a big role in revealing the secrets since his introduction in the beginning and we still got a glimpse of him in the Levely arc.

Yes, it's JoJo official art. I'm fond of JoJo due to its unique storyline with the constant change of main characters, the art style, and a lot of pop culture/fashion influences! There's a lot of subgenre into it as well from a slice of life to horror-ish themes. I would say JoJo is about Araki's exploration rather than the usual story focusing on an MC and its goal. Do you watch JoJo?