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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki
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God Child
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Hakumei to Mikochi
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BiDiGiN Sep 13, 7:46 PM
Yeah, I meant Inuyashiki. Little slip.

Kinda agree about Redline, even though the story and characters aren't the standout aspects it actually has decent worldbuilding.

I see what you mean, I kinda felt the same watching Akagi, another Fukumoto anime adaptation.

I actually had already seen you made a Suicide Parabellum review, is it a single volume manga? I'm currently reading Silver Spoon and I'll read Freesia afterwards. Damn Astral Project looks pretty nice, it's by the same author than Old Boy.
Rsurect Sep 13, 1:11 PM
sick profile
BiDiGiN Sep 13, 9:47 AM
Sorry for the mega late reply, I haven't been very active on MAL the past couple of months. I just finished recently a Redline review I had been working on for a while read it and tell me what you think of it.

Btw where are those 2 last manga art panels you added from? The before last one seems from Inuyasha but I have no idea about the skeleton one.
Also you changed your rating system? Looks way cleaner.

I thought the general consensus on Kaiji was it was a super thrilling GAR game anime with high stakes, I'll have to see for myself. Life is pretty straightforward as a thriller and there isn't much suspense but it's still pretty thrilling. I'd like to know your opinion of it too to know how it compares to Confession.
BiDiGiN Jun 3, 8:07 PM
Well I haven't read much into thrillers and their definition, I was definitively mentionning it more in a simple way, because it feels thrilling. Quickly looking it up, there seems to be a branch of thrillers called paranoiac thrillers which I think Confession ties pretty well with the definition. The twist was definitively poorly foreshadowed, though it is more of a problem of length than anything else. There were a lot of shady zones that needed to be lightened concerning both characters and their weird relation. Giving more length for a better background I think is always a good thing though the "thriller" aspect would arrive later and keeping it shorter and more condensed was maybe the goal of the author. Have you tried other stuff that Nobuyuki Fukumoto has done? Any comment on them? I feel like he has a pretty straightforward way of setting-up his thrillers and I do not have any problem with it.

All of the mangas you mention I am already planning to read, they all look very interesting. The only manga I'd consider military I've read is probably Akira which I loved, and very different stuff like 3Adolfs or Fullmetal Alchemist which have military stuff in it but it isn't the exact focus. I'm eyeing Zipang which seems military, am probably also going to one day give a try to Sangokushi and Ravages of Time which are both adaptations of Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, which seems to be kinda military. I'm kinda reticent to start reading webtoons (if AWA is even one), I love branching out into different medias but I feel like I don't want to be overwhelmed by all of them and usually stay in 3-4 at a time. Scwarzesmarken caught my interest, I didn't know of it. I'll make sure to give you some feedback when I'll be done with it.
BiDiGiN May 22, 9:02 PM
Hey, I've been busy the last week but here I am again! Just gonna give my last thoughts on Spirit Circle in general.

Volumes 3-4 were on the same level as the 2 firsts, really enjoyable, building towards the climax of the series. Lafalle's incarnation was really nice, Houtaro's too to a lesser degree. I don't have much to say. At that moment I was really aprehending the last 2 volumes expecting answers.
Volumes 5-6 gave me answers, though they were very poor and again, inconsistent. First of all the girl incarnation is a total fucking joke, it lasted one chapter and it had nothing more interesting to say than "huhhuh foreshadowing aliens for the Fortuna incarnation". And honestly, in the end I feel like all incarnations are useless except for the Fortuna's one, they wouldn't work as stand alone stories because they are all linked to that vengeance through incarnation thing (except for the girl incarnation, tell me why) but in the end like the only thing it served is for a bullshit power-up, almost like nakama power. I feel like it was going for some seven capital sins kinda deal, with each incarnation representing a sin but it doesn't serve any purpose. All those different incarnations we spent about half the whole series with have no purpose, and Fortuna said that those different incarnations are from parallel dimensions so how is it they all have the same characters? Why are they there? Also, the MC is the past of Fortuna, so how can the girl know anything? Elements from future timelines appears in the past, reading it it feels logical, but if we rearrange chronologically the different incarnations it doesn't. We can blame it all on magic, but it clearly states rules that aren't respected and in the end it really is inconsistent. Also, the part I liked the most (Lafalle's incarnation) was ruined by the end, because it was mentionned the low birth rate wasn't because the souls of people were stuck in their undead brain, so it means Lafalle literally killed millions because of some random theory even though reincarnation theorically doesn't exist. The viewer could understand his reasoning because we were told through the story that souls reincarnate, but the only reason there was a low birth rate was because Lafalle's time didn't attract much souls? That's my main issue with this whole manga honestly: it adds content, forwarding the plot towards its climax, but by adds nothing of thematic value, adds 7 incarnations through 6 volumes, so no fleshing out, and it adds a lot of rules which get contradicted. My last qualm with the 2 last volumes is Fortuna's backstory, I had high expectations as it was the climax of the series basically, I was expecting something a la Golden Age from Berserk, but instead I got a greedy dude who is a psycho and the only thing that connects him to his enemy incarnation is the fact he killed without remorse. It really felt impersonal, what the girl MC was doing was not revenge, it was just doing the morally right thing to do because killing is bad. Fortuna's incarnation was very lackluster to me, clearly not the best. And that made the 2nd climax between the MC and girl MC lesser. Very poor resolution too, he was kinda pardonned yet his crimes were heavy. Again, it didn't feel very personal between Fortuna and the girl. I really was looking forward to it with Rune and East acting weird when talking about Fortuna, but they too are basically just spectators that instead of going against him like the girl did, stay silent.

Sorry, I had to get it out of my chest. What about Confession? I'd be glad to hear your opinion on it, tell me everything. Honestly I was kinda expecting you not to rate it high because it's just a thriller without anything else. I'm a big fan of those but it's very understandable if others aren't that big of a fan. To me every panel when the MC doesn't know if his friend is going to kill him is so stressful, and midway when he goes all out. To me every panel felt visceral and by the end with the twist I was just blown away, it was the missing link between the uncharacterized MC and his weird friend.
BiDiGiN May 9, 10:12 AM
I'm looking forward to it.
BiDiGiN May 9, 9:40 AM
A little retrospective on Spirit Circle's frst third, I am liking it and looking forward to what happens, I still haven't encountered Lafelle (one of your favs) and I he has a spoiler button so it announces itself to be pretty interesting. Though I don't think it deserves top100 or to be rated so highly. 2 problems I have with this manga is first, the fact it is so short, while it tries to do a lot. In a 1/3 of it, I've seen 3 of his past incarnations and the protagonist is supposedly the 7th. It leaves us with 3 incarnations to still discover, they might be short like Fone which I think is like barely 1 chapter, but it might also be longer. The manga seems pretty ambitious with its premise, but I feel like it focuses on too much stuff that seems trivial, like all the supporting characters (that get reincarnated despite only both MCs being cursed?), some random slice of lifey moments in the 7th incarnation. The characters seem to be pretty one note, the guy loves the girl and is curious to know more about this Spirit Circle thing, the girl hates him but she doesn't mind interacting with him, but she still hates him. The other incarnations and other characters aren't any better. Honestly they seem more like plot devices than actual persons with characteristics. And I think the fact the manga is short leaves very short room for that, the fact it's short also made it start pretty abruptly which I am not a big fan of. Another weird thing is that at the beginning the girl wanted to kill the guy but like, omg he seems so friendly, ok I don't want to kill him anymore. The other problem I have with it is convenience, again, this premise is pretty hard to write well and this kinda fails. I've already mentionned some little inconsistencies, but there's also the whole amnesia thing which is a very lazy plot device. It tries to have consistency, by having the MC see one of his old incarnations everytime he hits himself with the Spirit Circle, though again, how did he get the Spirit Circle is by a random memory he uncovered for no particular reason, the memory with Fortuna. Also he is the 1st incarnation who can see East and Rune, for again it seems no particular reason. Fone could see small ghosts, but the other incarnations couldn't. It tries to have magic, and it tries to make sense. In different incarnations, it usually just is the girl who has memories of previous incarnations. In the Sphynx one she tries to talk about those memories with the guy, but he doesn't remember anything. So why does the current MC gets to remember. In the end, it just doesn't make sense and it all seems convoluted for the sake of convenience, though it isn't hard to suspend my disbelief and it stays pretty enjoyable.
BiDiGiN May 7, 4:33 PM
Spirit Circle it is then, I've also recently PTWed Shadow's House by the same author as Kuro, looks interesting.
BiDiGiN May 7, 3:17 PM
We do have quite a high affinity, both in anime and manga. Any short manga to recommend? I'd be glad to read whatever you give me.
BiDiGiN May 3, 10:31 PM
Interesting. Weirdly enough, I've found it at my local library but the covers didn't really appeal to me. I really like Mon as an icon and the message he conveys, "The World is Mine", "Don't resist, Accept, Everything is Connected", the manga amazed me but that last volume just made the whole story go a notch higher. Too bad it is pretty unknown (like basically 99% of manga). I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on Confession when you'll be done with it.
BiDiGiN May 3, 8:37 PM
You can find it on
Here's the link:
A very nice read, despite being very simple because of its short length it packs a punch.
Nice profile btw. Where does that 2nd to last page-spread with the 2 dudes crossing swords come from?
PowerfulGodEnel Jul 16, 2019 8:49 PM
Oh hi there! I just found out that there are comments in my profile lol.
Ezekiel Apr 7, 2019 11:08 PM
No, those are all my printed manga. I want a few more older ones. Kind of wanna give Blame another chance and see if it's better this time. But most manga are so expensive. Those three were cheap because they've sold so well over the decades. I found Yokohama dull after a while.
Short_Circut Mar 28, 2019 7:52 PM
Yea that shit was the worst. Then you had Amygdala who was even more cancerous especially with how many times you could get one hit KO'd. Can't say too much about HM lel, retro-styled games never really appealed to me
Shinya-Kogami Mar 26, 2019 3:34 PM
Hey, long time no see. How's Planetes? it sounds interesting