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Sakamoto desu ga?
Jan 3, 2015 3:02 AM
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Koe no Katachi
Dec 31, 2014 9:09 AM
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Yoshi Mar 27, 2016 11:18 AM
could be idk i really mostly hang out at the electronics section when i go to walmart lul
he didn't take care of the poor little bunny :'( probably didnt feed him enough and stuff ugh i had a feeling something like this would happen
and that's why i didn't wanna give it back but :'| it was his to begin with in a way because he got it with my aunt at the pet store and i asked if
i could have it and she said yes i took care of it for like a week it was so cute and happy with me :'( it would always lick me and do cute little blinkies or however you spell that when i let it run around free in my room it was just precious :'( ugh it really sucks that my sweet leppy died :|
because not too long ago the guinea pig they had that i loved very much also died but it was because she was old but it hurt me so much because i love her idk too many sad things keep happening to me cries :'(

no unless someone knocks on the door? but thats natural she doesn't go around barking the whole day for no reason
also i'm like playing with her then she growls or barks because she wants her toy... and you are right i guess small dogs are usually the noises
especially chihuahuas lol but it really depends

yeah :'( it really sucks and its really heart breaking but ugh i can't not just stop from having a pet even if i've suffered before because of one passing away because idk they make me feel happy and they keep me company ..

yeah :x well we do take care of him he's just- afraid of everything

omg i think i have beforee those cats are super cute :'3
the ears <333 skdfjhkj precious hahaah

lmao ohhhhh just like me basically >//< they exclusive/limited editions are so expensive cries
hai hai

you just called me shallow RUDE
lol jk but yeah :'3 i want my headphones to be cute either pink or teal ~ or idk some light blue :p
awww well your gf knows whats suppp~ jk fsdkjfh :3 idk we gals care about that sort of stuff i guess haha
i can't tho garbage cans LMAO you're too much
GAYPER Mar 25, 2016 4:42 AM
I am a mean person, deal with it :p
Nah, I mean, there are more reasons than that alone heh, it's not just out of embarassment
Hahah. I literally heard you can get lethal weapons at walmart, like a crossbow. It sounds hilarious and terrifying at the same time

Aw :( baby rabbits are the cutest.
That's nice :o what breed is it?
lmao what species is the bird? I love birds I would love to train and have one as a pet, but it would be so hard. Not to mention birds are meant to be free creatures, it hurts me physically whenever I see one in captivity, especially those with barely any space. I saw a parrot who was chained by its foot once, he was so paranoid and frightened it was upsetting.
Haha, you're a dog person :o I honestly don't know which I am, since I don't have much experience with either. But I'd probably be a cat person.
I want one too D: so many good games you can play on one
Omg you can't complain, you live in the US your shipping fees is probably a fraction of mine lol, I bought it from Amazon I had to pay $25 to get it shipped and past customs here -_- it's probably free or like <$5 if I was in the US
Yeah, I'm loving it really, definitely was an upgrade from my old ones by a longshot imo
Yoshi Mar 24, 2016 8:47 PM
>:^( bad bad
ahhhh i seee well usually for me is out of embarrassment ;_;
o.o really i've never seen a crossbow at walmart jeez if they do sell it then thats crazy sdfg

yeah ;(
i wish i never gave him the bunny ;( he let it die i cried so much :'(
idk i swear im like cursed or something blah

my dog is a toy poodle ;3 i originally wanted a yorkie but i was forced in a way to her sdf
but i dont regret it one bit i love her so much she's been with me for like 5/6 years now :'3

:'( oh i see that's so sad
it's a red crown amazon parrot he isn't very friendly tho my aunt got this bird from someone who never took it out of the cage and gave it love
so it's like scared of everything and def wouldnt be able to survive in the wild because all it does it like stay in one place the whole day. its sad
but yeah

>:^| bad bad jk but aww i see somehow i'm not surprised so many cat lovers >:^|
most of the wants i wanna play are in jap tho cries ;'c
which games are you interested in playing on the ps vita?

true ;_; but ahhh still >:^|

that's good :'3
i think even tho those really good quality headphones i want to get a pair a headphones that look cute lmao like maybe neko mimi ones or something
Yoshi Mar 19, 2016 8:33 AM
nope i dont think i have ;c
aw thats kind of mean </3 ahha i mean sure they are embarrassing but
i dont mind hanging out with them okay i take that back sometimes its okay depends on who's going
yeah >//< blah and a lot of people use it for their hobbies >.< its kind of dumb

yeah i was sooo sad ;( that i had to give it to him he started being a butt.. and complaining about my aunt giving the bunny to me
so i had to give it back.. i do i have a dog name Friday :3 but thats it wah i wish i had another dog well i also have a bird but its not "mines" at least i dont consider it mines its my gmas i dislike that bird >:^| aahhh i see ive never had a cat and i dont think i'll ever own one cries they are cute but i dont really trust them sdfkjsh ;_; i kind of started playing a bit since i got a ps vita now but i havent played that much!! ;x sigh dsfkj i should tho and ;o oh wow it looks nice :p the shipping fees are insane cries ;_; i wish everything was free shipping i swear haha
Yoshi Mar 2, 2016 9:17 PM
lol yeah it's not exactly the same but eh its not so bad :p
same ;_; jesussdfkgjd
please lets not dskj i was ;_; i wanted to be invisible i swear sdfkj
omf awww family members can be pretty embarassing sdfkj >:^|
tell me about it... i actually think i saw that on the news awhile back ;_;
it was sad :( ppl really shouldnt take weapons as a game...

its not mine anymore i had to give it back to my cousin sadly ;_; ugh
but i think its a calico ;_; i named it leppy lol sigh
omg really? which one? for gaming?
Yoshi Feb 22, 2016 6:19 PM
omg it's amazing :') i've had frozen coke or pepsi too lol sdfsdf sometimes i put them in the freezer and forget to take them out
and the freeze and become like an icee :3 i love it hahahaha and omfg lol same if it was someone else but if its my aunt and im with her id be like
lmao ~ ~ who are you ~ ~ and just stay as far away as possible from her lol .. omg well thats kind of different tho because you're actually a couple :p but omgdfg she actually tRIES i know this because i went with her ONCE but i didnt do anything i just had to wait for her to finish and sdfhsjg nevaa again okay lmao and lol i've seen that too.. lol my aunt doesnt like doing yoga thankfully lol but sfkjsdhg ahh she still does things that make me smh lol..
they are ;x
i guess you can say my fam is crazy lol

and nope not really busy with life i guess :x
op i got a bunny~ thats not really interesting i guess but :x
how about you?!?!
Yoshi Feb 18, 2016 8:06 AM
if you say so then okay good dskfhjkj it would suck if it was and they got rid of it ;x
yummmmmmmm *-* now im thinking about having a strawberry banana shake lol sdfkjh damn it
lmao oh my god idk theres some crazy ass people okay dfkjghkdj but lol who knows maybe its just her then sfjsk
thats different tho? they're just there to keep each other company thjsdfh and stuff~ its not like they're gonna be throwing pick up lines
or shaking their butts in front of their faces to try to catch the other ones attention sdfkjsfd ect
lmao oh my god i didnt try one of those but sdfkj scary ;_; probably i just got scared holding a hand one it wasn't even that big sdf but
sdfs fff lmao i guess soo? i dont remember why we even went tbh i didnt wanna do it at all but then i was like w/e even my gma did it
sdf and nope my aunt lol ;x

there there daijoubu *pats your head*
Yoshi Feb 16, 2016 1:26 PM
i see :'c sad to hear sigh
really? i should if i ever see them in the store or something i'll try to buy them ;x
i doubt i will but who knows ;x
yeahhh lmao its horrible ;( its natural to stink specially in a place like that but omfg dsfjsd
i dont like the combination of flirting while sweating your ass off lmao idk maybe its just me
im sure other ppl do the same thing as my aunt as well tho lol
yeahh it was nice to try it out ;x idk if i would ever do it again tho lol
i dont remember tbh lol i dont think so because my cousins did it too dsfkj
i was scared but you had someone there with you sdfkj just in case but still

yeah ;~;
true? i consider that a good thing tbh sdfjkgdfg
Kirik0h Feb 16, 2016 6:20 AM
Thanks for your comment on the Kotonoha no Niwa forum. I'm glad that other people recognise this phenomenon as well.
Yoshi Feb 4, 2016 2:58 PM
o.o damnnnnnnn
lmao probably~? i dont know i like both tho ;o strawberries are sour at times tho
my aunt lol i cant its soo gross e.e everyone is freaking sweating and what not idk how she can lol
yay we'll seee then c: i do remember going to a shooting range like 2 years ago ;o i was so scared omfg
i was holding an actual gun okay and the way the bullets flew scared the crap out of me ;~;
and okay i will if i ever do it c:
idk >:^| she's just so nice ;~;
:((( grrr too pro for me~
Yoshi Jan 31, 2016 8:56 PM
yeahhh lol i was surprised too o.o
same >:^| i've met ppl that dont like strawberry tho
lol fun~ fun~ sweating ~ wooo~ jk my aunt wanted me to join the gym with her but lol
she probably just wants to flirt with guys or something lol...
i wanna try :'x maybe one day .. i dont really have a backyard since i live in an apartment ;~; but my aunt does~ ah
maybe i'll ask her if we can do that one day ^-^ im gonna feel like katniss~ lolol
</3 :'( shes ur fave i know it
:( i feel bad thats why idk how you could finish it so fast ;~;
Yoshi Jan 26, 2016 6:11 PM
maybe?! but i see it all the time in like burger king and stuff i can't w/e i think its best ^-^
omfg yeahhhh :'( </3
ohhhhh :'( seriously? i think i know what you might be talking about sigh ;x
but that's good that you've also been workin' out ^-^ hahaha
really? omfg im so freaking jealous nope i've never done it but i would love to <3
lol one day you'll realize ~
:'( yeah everyone was just being such a butthole to her omfg sdfg
and okay then i'll do mifuyu nEXT im so freaking slow lmao gomen ;_;
Yoshi Jan 25, 2016 10:03 AM
ahhhhh :'c cri its actually really hard to find coke vanilla at the store tho lol :3
so everytime i see it i try to get it :3 welp but at least you like vanilla~
</3 hahah is it cause you've been workin' out or something :p?! haha
its okay i dont mind :p
yup :( that store would have been better tho lol
o.o you kill me okay
:'( i might or might have not shed a tear in both routes
who should i do next ;_;
Yoshi Jan 24, 2016 5:45 PM
exactly :'3
vanilla is great lol dsfkjh
ohhhhh i see then o.o pls </3 sweet hater jk~ sdfkjhkjh
pls ya like plastic plates and stuff idk lol ~ im poor ok
yeahhhh i checked but i didnt see one </3 :'(
its not adorable lmao
oh god well thats dumb then lol i cant
omfg isara poor her they freaking made her go through a lot and everyone went like freaking against her
freaking rude omf her route makes me angry but it was also cute sfdkjfg idk ;_;

Yoshi Jan 19, 2016 4:12 AM
yeah >:^|
kind of i guess :p
lmao same tbh i cant i'd actually hate it if i had a very common name like maria or something
bob tho lmao or billy dsfjkdgj i cant with those names
same coke all the way sdjfhjh speaking of coke i bought coke vanilla its my fave sdfjkh
my friend likes pepsi best so when im in her house or when i dont have coke i drink pepsi too but eh
i've never had sarsi's so idk but i do like dr pepper <3 sdfkj lol you hate it cuz its too sweet / sugary eh~
mhm lol supplies?! im not the one that usually goes tho its my gma and she just takes me with her sometimes~
really omfg sdfkjhdjgh i've never been there .. i dont think we even have one here tbh idk i'll have to check o.o
lollol hushhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;x ohh i see i didn't know that then ;x
wait what like what the sdfkjhkjgh scenes or ..........lmao
yes omfg i was soo freaking angry sdfjsdj and yes i did sfdkjhfkj ugh i cant
pls i was just forced to play her route first ;x and no i didnt replay her arc >:^|
nope i wishh sadfkhkj sigh poor isara ;x