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A3! Season Autumn & Winter
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen OVA
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Kara no Kioku
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CorkMars Jan 28, 2:55 PM
How sad that we have to wait until April for the rest :(. But wow thats impressive. Do you recommend the games? I do not play video games myself very often anymore but I would love more Idolish content lol. In my college dorm I hung up a really big I7 poster next to the door so everyone has to look at it when they leave lol. It's been there since September and I have people over all the time but only once has anyone asked about it lmao. When I bought it the vendor asked me "Is this for a girlfriend or sister?" To which I responded "No.. It's for me." She then apologized and said she should check her biases LOL but I thought it was SO FUNNY. I guess I don't look like the average I7 fan xD
CorkMars Jan 18, 3:05 PM
I figured when I saw it in your favs lol. Such an under appreciated series
CorkMars Jan 17, 8:57 AM
Idolish7 <3
Sorachi_x Jan 3, 1:14 PM
Hello Mareep-chan! Thank you for the friend request! I am very happy to have a new friend to chat with! do leave me a comment whenever you feel like it! I hope we can enjoy the things we love together and have fun chats from now on!! Lastly Happy New Year! I wish you and your loved ones a blessed year filled with joy!
tsunaashi Jan 6, 2019 12:39 PM
Of course I understand. :) Are you particularly close to your family? I'm not so close to mine other than my parents, brother and grandmother, so I think it's nice when people visit their distant relatives.

I don't read much manga/novels so I can't completely relate to what you said - the few manga that I have read were completely translated by the time I started reading them. But recently I've tried to read the Mo Dao Zu Shi source material, and it's surprisingly difficult to find translated chapters. So I'm imagining it's a similar situation with Durarara.
Lol it's not surprising that he's so popular though. A character can be liked even if they aren't a "good" person, because they're just fictional. And I think a lot of people quite like extreme villains for reasons similar to that. But it still would have been interesting to see Izaya portrayed in a similar way to the novels. And I think you're right - it's a lot easier to make someone a pure villain than a bad guy with good points.
I understand not remembering details of shows you disliked. But I sometimes forget key plot points of anime which I love... oops. I never really got into Pokemon, but the games seem like they would be fun. The way I got into anime was through watching Black Butler, lol. I guess it was an oddly easy way for me to get into the medium, as I'm English and I was relatively used to the culture. Thanks for the rec! I know what you mean about some shows having terrible first episodes, and for that reason I think I should give some anime more of a chance - I drop a lot of shows after watching just one episode. And I'm glad you mentioned how some anime have a huge affect on you, because I get the same thing sometimes. For me, Hetalia, Haikyuu and now i7 were the ones that I got hugely invested in. I'm not such a big Hetalia fan now, though.
Don't feel pressured to write too formally lol, just write in a way that's comfortable for you. I hope my way of writing isn't too stifling. And don't worry about your English ability, because I would probably think you were a native speaker if I didn't know where you were from. It's useful to be good at reading a foreign language, because written texts are something that have existed for a long time historically and will probably continue for ages.
Yes, it came! It's even better than I expected it to be. Maybe I could send you a picture of it if you're interested. (or not, if you're planning on buying it yourself)
I did watch it! I'm glad it was subbed in English, as I don't think the last Trigger interview was translated (but from my memory it was over an hour long, so that's not surprising ^^") It's really nice to see them interact with each other. I was surprised when Tenn's VA started talking about his tastes in alcohol, until I remembered that his VA is a lot older than 18 lmao.
I've set a reminder on my phone and tablet to add you. My forgetfulness is probably showing right about now. I've missed so many days of the free gacha, but I got kind of bad luck with it anyway. CONGRATS FOR GETTING RYUU!! His Love&Game SSR is so pretty, I'm really glad you got it!
tsunaashi Dec 25, 2018 11:34 AM
Merry Christmas to you too! I wish you luck in gachas and that Ryuu will always come home for you.

That's good to hear. And at least if gave you an excuse to get a new phone, lol! I'm glad that you saved your transfer code. Now I'm also imagining Ryuu wishing me luck and I feel like I can do anything.

I can imagine it would be difficult to translate something if it's written complexly. It would be even more important to make sure that every word has the correct connotations. And I suppose translating novels is much different from translating manga, because you aren't just focused on dialogue, but also need to make sure that you keep the author's "style". And the more subtle the language used is, the harder it will be to interpret, let alone translate. Is that one of the reasons why Izaya was portrayed as such a villain in the anime? Because it couldn't pick up the subtleties found in the novel?
In that case I hope the author writes more novels and a 3rd season is made! Sometimes I feel like a series can be continued for so long that it becomes tedious, but I think Durarara has the kind of plot that can be developed, so it's probably safe from that.
Yeah, I watched Durarara ages ago and don't remember many details at all. Actually I've got a kind of terrible memory of anime, and can barely remember the plot of things I watched a few weeks ago. After seeing that gif I remember more about the fight, though. (It sounds like I'm recovering from amnesia right now.) Considering Shizuo can pick up those huge supports, it's amazing that Izaya survived that punch.
Is Durarara the anime you've been into for the longest? I feel silly about saying I haven't watched Durarara for "ages", as you were a fan long before I even knew it existed.
Oh, by writing skills do you mean the formality of it? A friend once told me that I speak too formally and should be more casual ^^". I'd imagine our time zones differ by about 1-2 hours.
Free postage is great. The Ryuu photobook I ordered ended up increasing by about 50% because of postage? Though it was all the way from Japan so I guess it's to be expected.
tsunaashi Dec 19, 2018 12:59 PM
No problem :)
Are there no fan translations? Like in i7, people choose to translate some chapters and everyone kind of accepts that it's the best we'll get. I don't know much about Durarara's popularity but maybe the 2nd series won't be made into an anime, because it's been a long time since the first anime came out. And as time goes on, interest in it will decrease, so from an anime producer's perspective there might not be much point in adapting it unless it suddenly surges in popularity... wow sorry that got pretty negative. He's in a wheelchair? How bad was he hurt?? Who did he fight???
I felt the same with another anime character from Bungou Stray Dogs. I used to be obsessed with him but then Ryuu came along and he's more important to me now, lol. There's so many characters who I only like for their looks. In some cases I haven't even seen the anime and don't know anything about the character, I just like their hairstyle or something. So you've been into Durarara for 5 years? That's longer than I've been watching anime for (though I am a new fan)
It's great that you're getting more manga translated! I hope there'll be more in the future. And I'm from England, so it's pretty easy to get translated manga ^^''. But there aren't many manga or anime stores near me, so I find it easier to order stuff all the way from Japan than to make the effort to travel to a larger city lmao.

I don't think I can be bothered to finish watching the anime. But I do play the game and that's pretty fun, because Haruka isn't in it.

If you want to read it right now then it's been translated into English here
But no pressure to read it! If you want to wait until you unlock it in the game then that's fine!

I wish you luck! Ryuu also wishes you luck!
If you don't have screenshots of your transfer code you could try contacting support.
tsunaashi Dec 18, 2018 11:32 AM
I assumed Riku's breathing was because they had just played sports. I never would have thought it'd be the reason why he briefly considered leaving the group. i7 does a lot of clever things like that. I also felt like an idiot when I realised that there are 17 episodes (because Idolish7 = i7 which looks like 17) six months after the anime came out.
Will you be sad when the 2nd series is over? I get pretty sad when my favourite series finish but idk if it happens to others. One of my favourite parts about Durarara was the characters, so I understand why people wouldn't want the characters to change. When I watched the anime, Izaya kind of annoyed me. I don't hate villainous characters, but I felt like his only personality trait was being evil. If he actually had extra details in the novel, I'd imagine he'd be a pretty great character.
Is there much manga translation going on in the Czech Republic?

I watched 2 seasons of UtaPri as well. I feel like they wrote 1 song and had thousands of fans immediately. There was little to no retaliation or things holding them back from becoming idols. I feel like the harem element would be improved so much if Haruka was replaced by her friend with long hair (I forget her name). At least she had a personality. It's annoying when there's no development, and characters who were previously enemies are suddenly friends.

Thank you so much for sharing that with me!! You're such a goddess ❤❤❤
I haven't played many side stories yet, but if episode 7 and 8 are about what happened in Okinawa then I'll die, again. We'll probably get to see Ryuu's brothers, because (if it's from the story I'm thinking of) Sogo and Tamaki bump into his younger bros.
tsunaashi Dec 17, 2018 1:12 PM
Oh yeah, and the second time I watched the series I noticed so many more subtle things that happened. Like in the first episode when Riku was breathing heavily after the basketball game, I never would have guessed it's because of his respiratory disorder.
They get better, I swear. But same, I wouldn't be able to take care of them because I'd squeal about every tiny thing they do. I guess the difference in attitudes to managing the groups emphasises the difference between the two. A company as large and successful as Yaotome Pro treats is employees like that, whereas Takanashi Pro - which is small in comparison - is so much more caring.
I guess because by watching anime, you surround yourself in hearing spoken Japanese, but you probably don't get as much of a chance to read kanji. It's interesting how your enjoyment can affect your ability a lot. For example you're probably better at Russian and Japanese than German, maybe because you have more of an interest in the languages. Though I guess that does make sense, as you'd have no motivation to improve at something you hate.
Ahh, translations usually do take long times I think. There were a few manga series that I used to read but dropped them when I couldn't find any more translated chapters - I should go back and see if any more chapters are available. Are you enjoying the 2nd series of DRRR? If it were to get an anime I'd probably watch it. Same with my bookshelf! Well I don't buy many (or any) manga but I've got so many English novels that I don't have space for. There's a bunch of books that I've finished and definitely won't read again but still insist they take up room on my shelves.

I agree. I don't usually like to draw comparisons between these two anime because they're not that similar, but I think the rivalry in i7 was done much better than in UtaPri. In UtaPri (or at least the seasons that I've seen) I thought that Heavens were way too antagonistic towards Starish. Maybe that was just my interpretation though.

Wouldn't this also mean that Re:vale get animated for more than 2 seconds? I'M SO EXCITED! The more I think about it the less I think I can wait.
tsunaashi Dec 17, 2018 8:56 AM
I don't think I noticed how much I loved it the first time watching, if that makes any sense. I would watch every episode the minute I could and always enjoyed it, but didn't think too much of it. It was only when there was that 40 day break between the 15th and 16th episodes that I realised how much I missed the series. Now when I rewatch it, I smile so much more because I know how much the characters and franchise means to me. But that makes me wonder if I would love i7 as much as I do now if there wasn't such a long break.
Lol, I completely see why you dislike them but I think those two are great, anyway. Gaku's dad can be a bit very mean towards Idolish7, but it's only because he doesn't want them to surpass Trigger - I think he sees i7's potential and is scared of that. And when he proposes unfair ideas to Trigger, I think it's because he's focusing on their economical success rather than feelings. It's the same with Kaoru, who cares for Trigger and just wants the best for them. It is a bit different to how Tsumugi and Otoharu manage their group, though ^^''
Ah I see, it's good that you know a little Japanese. Though I'm kind of envious of your language capability, as I've been studying Spanish for over 3 years and am still shit - I doubt I'd be able to understand even a game with very simple vocabulary. If you don't already have the knowledge of the story it might be more difficult to understand the next parts, but I hope you'll get a decent grasp of what's going on. Is that the kind of stuff he says? I never knew until now lol.
Hopefully by the time you get to part 3 you'll have forgotten the spoilers... though me constantly talking about them probably doesn't help, sorry.
It must suck to buy a CR membership only to find out you can only watch 2 shows in your region. Are Durarara light novels still being published? Since the anime is so long I assumed they covered all of the story. Do you buy physical copies of manga or buy memberships to websites? I think I'd prefer to buy physical copies (as I prefer reading paper books over e-books) but I imagine it'd be difficult to get every volume of longer series.
Yeah, i7 are very open about their feelings, apart from maybe Iori or Yamato who could get embarrassed by that kind of thing (but they still show how much they care for each other). Whereas Trigger seem to want to hide their friendship, maybe because of their group's image, or maybe just because of their stubborn personalities.

In i7, just when you think they've overcome one obstacle, another comes by very soon. It's probably a more realistic portrayal of showbiz than other idol anime. I thought it was kind of bizarre that almost every character had some family-related issues in their past (Riku&Tenn, Tamaki, Mitsui&Iori, Gaku, etc.) but now that I think about it, it makes sense, because family is such a large portion of people's lives. The relationship between i7 and Trigger is so cute, kind of like rivals that support each other.

A month isn't that long to wait. We've already waited 10 months so an extra 30 days isn't that painful.
But I know what you mean, the fact that I know it can be watched makes it annoying when I can't
tsunaashi Dec 16, 2018 1:52 AM
I've rewatched the anime many times, too. Some people say that rewatching is less enjoyable than watching for the first time, but I think I liked the anime much more the second time I watched it than the first.
Both Riku and Nagi are precious beans. My favourite i7 member is probably Yamato, with Mitsuki close behind. Actually, I love every character in the series and would die for them. Eguchi Takuya is such a talented voice actor. His vocal range can go from Nagi to some much deeper voices, and he sings well in all of his roles.
I think it's good that you're putting off playing through the story, because then you can enjoy the game for longer. If you were to finish all three parts in a week, you'd probably get bored and have nothing else to do in i7 other than play events. Also it means that more chapters will have been translated by the time you get to them - I'm at part 3 of the story and can't find translations for some chapters anywhere. Spoilers are a pain though, I keep getting spoiled so I'm trying to rush through the story before anyone else can spoil it for me, lol. I hope you have fun playing part 2! It's pretty emotional.
CR is pretty expensive, and it's annoying how many of the shows are region-locked. It's nice that you still try to support the game, but as you said, don't get into a bad habit of spending too much. Your own financial security comes before supporting anime series.
That was one of the first scenes where we actually found out about what Trigger's really like. Up until that point, they just seemed like i7's intimidating rivals who were flawless idols.

I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I thought that i7 was filled with surprises. It made us think it would only be a light-hearted show, but it actually has lots of drama. Also, the characters first seem like they'd be typical anime tropes, but are actually very realistic and developed. Maybe it's saying that the entertainment industry is never as perfect as it looks, or maybe I'm reading too deeply into this.
tsunaashi Dec 15, 2018 1:25 PM
I've lost count of the amount of times I've rewatched Vibrato. I stopped updating the rewatch value on MAL because it got so ridiculously big. Not sure how much of a Nagi fan you are, but another thing in season 2 I'm hyped for is Nagi's press conference. I think it will show people a lot more about his serious personality and make people stop treating him just as comic relief.
Even with in-game cards, it's easier to download them from the internet, but it's much less satisfying. Even if getting bad pulls in gachas make me want to die, getting good pulls somehow makes me still play the game. Yeah, I'm also glad I'll be able to support i7. It probably won't improve their finances that much, but even if I only give them ¥0.0001 extra, I think it's good to support what I love. Especially considering how I watched the anime before getting Crunchyroll, so I feel kind of guilty about pirating a franchise that I now adore so much.
That reminds me of that time in the anime when Tenn started blushing and Ryuu was patting him on the head... you probably won't remember it so I'll try and find a GIF.
It's so funny when Gaku says embarrassing caring things without a problem and is confused when others can't do it.

I'm glad to meet you! ❤

Now that you mention it, I guess I did watch one of the MVs first. I found Monster Generation without knowing anything else about the series, so watched it and thought it was a crappy harem. Then when the anime aired, I watched the first episode and was really shocked at how good it was, because I thought it would just be trash with pretty boys. I was so wrong. I started playing the game a few months later.
Thanks for giving me your ID! I'll try to remember to add you the next time I log on, but tell me if I forget - I have a terrible memory.
tsunaashi Dec 15, 2018 7:53 AM
Yes, I watched Vibrato and loved it! I'm really hoping we get more episodes soon, but I'm starting to think it was probably just a one-time thing. Maybe when season 2 comes out and they get a bit of a break, we'll see another episode. (The forum thread asking about that anime is actually how I found your profile lol. I saw how you mentioned Ryuu and was excited to find another fan) I think that as i7 and Trigger become closer together, Ryuu will get more screentime and we'll be able to see him being cute and precious. I can't wait to see him getting drunk.
All of the pictures are probably available online so it might be kind of a waste. But while I know the amount of merch you buy doesn't make you a better/worse fan, I guess it makes me happy to have a (somewhat) physical version of Ryuu. I will read the photobook every day and treat it as my Bible. I swear everything he does is cute but I COMPLETELY AGREE! THE LAST EVENT WAS A BLESSING! And how his shirt said "bear" made it even more adorable. Well done for getting the card! I can imagine how disappointing it is to spend money and still not get him. That's why birthday gachas are good, because every card is Ryuu. So every card is perfect lmao.
Haha yeah, Tenn can get kind of annoying from time to time. I get that his personality means he finds it difficult to be particularly caring but I wish he would be kinder to Riku sometimes. Though I still think he's a great character, even if he wouldn't be so great as a person in real life.
Wow. And at anniversaries they tend to give us loads of stellars.

And you're a really nice Ryuu fan! I've met some others in the past but most of them tend to only want to talk about his appearance all the time. Sure, his body is great, but it gets boring only talking about his abs or whatever when I want to fangirl about how much of a cutie he is.

By the way, how did you find out about Idolish7? I watched the anime before playing the game, but I find a lot of people who played the game first.
tsunaashi Dec 15, 2018 4:43 AM
Thanks for the FR by the way!
tsunaashi Dec 15, 2018 4:43 AM
When he sometimes slips into Okinawan dialect it's the cutest. I think he's the kind of character who you need to know a lot of information about before he starts growing on you, because up until that point he looks like he's just fanservice (with the beer advert and stuff like that). And the game goes into his personality and backstory so much more, which is one of the main reasons why I'm looking forward to season 2.
Have you read Before the Radiant Glory? I liked it a lot because it showed Trigger from Ryuu's point of view, so we saw how he initially didn't feel as though he fitted in with them as much.
Haha yeah it's pretty expensive for what's essentially just some pictures. I don't think the actual photobook is that expensive but shipping usually costs a lot.
Ah, good idea. Then it won't become a habit throughout the year, just at certain times. I feel your pain about UR cards - I tried to get Heavenly Visitor Ryuu but got Gaku instead. While I love Gaku, he's no Ryuu, lol. Events are great because they give you so many stellars, but I often forget to play them. And I almost never get stellars from log-in bonuses because I forget to open the app daily. Overall Idolish7 is quite generous with stellars and that makes me happy. I hate when it's near impossible to scout in other gacha games because you don't have enough currency.