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Shaman King (2021)
Shaman King (2021)
May 20, 10:39 PM
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May 20, 10:39 PM
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Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu
Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu
May 20, 10:39 PM
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Hayaku Shitai Futari
Hayaku Shitai Futari
May 20, 10:38 PM
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Kimi wa Haru ni Me wo Samasu
Kimi wa Haru ni Me wo Samasu
May 20, 10:38 PM
Reading 12/? · Scored -
Dai-kun wa Hitori de Nerarenai
Dai-kun wa Hitori de Nerarenai
May 20, 10:38 PM
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Serendipity Sep 8, 11:50 PM

Hi Cat! I feel like I fell off the map forever. A full season has almost come and gone! The summer weather here in Ottawa is slowly being replaced with cool autumn air and I'm sure in the next month I'm going to be seeing the leaves begin to change colours and fall (actually one of the prettiest sights that we get in Canada).

How's everything with you? Is your new job going well? Hope you're having a wonderful end to your summer!

SouthernWind84 Jul 28, 6:47 PM
Hello! Nws; I reply late as well & thank you for accepting.
Can't help but get excited whenever I see a fellow iyashikei & SOL fan :D
Yess I've been enjoying Natsume S2 a lot more than the 1st (didn't really sit with me for some reason).
It's nice to see Natsume further getting out of his shell to help others & there are more sides shown to Reiko. I'm also liking the visuals & music more this season and because it's winter where I live, watching Zoku has been a beautiful and cozy experience.
I'm excited to catch up with the upcoming seasons. Which one's your fave?
Serendipity Jul 25, 10:39 PM

Hi Cat! Awh, I'm touched that you arrived for my birthday haha. That's so nice of you (I'm also terrible with dates for my friends, I can never remember anyone's birthday). Summer has been great so far and like kind of surprisingly busy in a good way? I'll write about it when you're more free haha. No rush though, I totally understand changing life circumstances and new jobs are always busy! Like, even away from the work hours, there's change and I feel like that part of it is always tiring and energy consuming for me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, I hope all is well with you! β™‘
KaizukaZekrom Jun 5, 11:39 PM
Knock Knock
Serendipity May 26, 11:13 PM

No rush! I hope you had fun at the wedding and your week is going smoothly. I had a long weekend last weekend, but I ended up spending a lot of time with my parents (at their house right now) so I've been a bit disconnected from the internet myself. Maybe just because I have a short week but crazy that the weekend is almost on us again! I'm looking forward to just crashing and spending a little time alone then LOL
Zelie May 21, 1:52 AM
awe i’m glad you like it !! it’s a really pretty picture of them πŸ’•πŸ₯²

Right ?? It’s such an incredible manga, it’s one of the most complex and emotional stories i’ve ever come across. And everyone is so attaching and each get their time to shine throughout the story. YES I AM SO EXCITED FOR VNC !! I’m an even bigger fan of it than PH haha. I can hardly believe it’s getting an anime for real, it still feels like a fever dream :’). And yes Hanae Natsuki is so perfect for him I CANNOT WAIT to hear him and everyone !! ✨

it was so nice that we got a more “mature” laid-back adult romance too, it was very refreshing compared to most webtoons i read before. And I’ve heard about her new series, i absolutely need to start reading it when i find the time ahhhh. I haven’t read any webtoons in a while, i miss them πŸ₯Ί I’m glad you’re enjoying it~ !!
Serendipity May 17, 1:07 AM
Hihi again!

Zelie May 16, 8:52 AM
hello !! thank you so much for accepting my random request πŸ™‡‍β™€οΈβœ¨I stumbled upon your profile, and i found it really pretty and we had favorites in common. I was also super happy to see a fellow Pandora Hearts lover hehe!
Mochijun is my absolute favorite mangaka by far ;_; and woah you’ve read A Good day to be a Dog ?? I thought it was really cute and wholesome. Something about us is one of my favorites as well ! the art is very pretty. ✨
Serendipity May 11, 12:13 AM
Sakura's so cute!

One of my best friends just got to Clear Card episode 5 and, when we went for a walk over the weekend, was telling me how cute her and Syaoran are -- though she kind of misses Syaoran's tsundere since he's head over heels for her by this time haha. I think that episode is the one where Sakura has a picnic and Syaoran comes late and says he ate and Sakura is sad, but then he reassures her he'll eat all her food. Just adorable. Diabetes.

I just wanted to send a message while this was still topical haha. I'll reply to our longer message in a bit when I am back home. I've been at my parents' since Mother's Day and I forgot my laptop charger at my house, so typing things out on the phone is a little bit of a struggle. :')

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great time at your cousin's wedding. Sounds like you're busy, but hopefully having a lot of fun too. β™‘
Serendipity May 6, 11:21 AM
Click me!
Serendipity Apr 29, 1:19 AM
Penpals? Hazukashii serifu kinshi!

Oh, before I forget, I saw this cute Sakura by one of my favourite artists! Too cute for me! Their Cardcaptor fanart is always so so so pretty. β™‘
Serendipity Apr 24, 3:28 PM

These messages remind me of the Aria episodes about letters ahaha. I hope you have an amazing day and an awesome weekend!
Serendipity Apr 21, 1:49 AM
Hihi! The start of my week is good so far :) I recently started working a new job (moved departments in the government and I do computer stuff) and Thursday/Friday had some bigger tasks to do, but now that they're done I'm sort of taking it easy and going at my pace (until management gives me more things to do). Because of that, I watched 6 episodes of Uma Musume in the afternoon and walked to visit my parents, which I guess is kind of a perk of working from home. I still miss the office though. Working in the office gave me structure to my like day-to-day and enough social to make me not feel too isolated (like away from friends/family/etc.). I kind of miss that environment, since I do enjoy working with people. The new job is also optionally remote even when office stuff resumes, so I'm probably going to pick to work half-and-half office-home for work life balance.

Oh, California is definitely toastier than us here. Apparently we might be going from 25 C last week to having snow tomorrow? Ontario is super weird. We get the highest of highs and the lowest of lows for weather with very little in between. I guess we can appreciate four seasons of weather, but it's still quite bipolar haha. I've never been a boba person in particular, but I get cravings for it sometimes. I don't really have a sweet tooth, so often it's a bit too much for me. I need to take it like 1/2 sweet almost always. Definitely a plain milk tea person most of the time too, unless I go for like taro or something!

The paint and stuff came, so I'll be painting this weekend probably. I started a bit on it already tonight, but I got tired and some friends wanted to call and watch anime and play some video games, so that sounded more fun LOL

We did it!

Yeah, it felt really nice to share something I love with a person I care about. I think she liked the episode too. :) The themes always hit an emotional chord with me like personality-wise since I'm an introspective person, but part of the reason I love the episode too is because I used to struggle a bit in university before changing my program (and meeting this same friend). I tried to convey a bit of that to her, but it's so awkward ahaha. I don't want to bog down this conversation with too much personal nostalgia and reminiscing, but if you're ever curious I chronicled a lot of this in an Aria rewatch (Animation 11 + Natural 5) I hosted. Just too many hazukashii serifus to type here and to say to my friend tonight! I think she understood the sentiment I was going for though.

I watched a good amount of anime growing up. Hmm, I think mostly like Pokemon, Cardcaptors (is it weird that watching Cardcaptors as a child vs. Cardcaptor Sakura was a world of a difference and I loved it as an adult even more?), Yugioh, Sailor Moon (also same as my Cardcaptors story), and Inuyasha. My parents weren't very fond of me watching shounen anime and thought that all anime was Dragon Ball-like, so I was banned from shounen anime and encouraged to not watch anime. As I got into my pre-teen years, I basically started watching like movies meant for older ages like Good Will Hunting and similar kinds of TV shows like Grey's Anatomy. I kind of skipped the like between phase and definitely passed on anime until much later. I went to like Texas to visit my cousin in 2013(?) and she got me to watch Ouran with her and that was the start of my anime journey. One of her best guy friends was there too and I later found out he had a crush on me. Anyways, both of them and then later just him kept up with me on Skype by watching anime, so then I did Attack on Titan, EVA, and Wolf Children before we stopped our little anime meetups... and yeah by then I was hooked and now I watch a ton of anime.

God, I loved My Mister so much. I needed some sunglasses like IU to go into the office after crying ahahaha. Family themed drama always gets me soooooooo much. Maybe I'm just like traditional at heart. I love shows with like family/friends, so things like Reply 1988 also come to mind. I also really liked Live (2018) and Because This Is My First Life for similar reasons. And I know what you mean! Kdrama comes and goes as a mood for me, mostly because the investment is so high. The strikeout rate is also relatively high for the commitment, as sometimes they just don't pan out. Hmm. Other ones I liked are Healer and It's Okay That's Love.

As for The Call, it was okay, but I didn't love it that much. Do you like Korean action/thriller/horror movies? They're a bit hit or miss for me. Mostly miss, which is odd since I like kdrama. I tend to prefer Japanese movies, on the other hand (but don't watch jdrama).

Pop is great! No shame! Hm. I listen to a lot of different types and eras of music. Tagging because WAY too long, I'm so sorry.

Like you, I do like myself some pop, so don't be self-conscious about it! Or you can be self-conscious with me ahaha.

... God that was long and that was my segue into Japanese/Korean music OTL

That's a lot to read, I'm sorry LOL. I listen to a lot of stuff, but I feel like there's a bit of commonality between my English, Japanese, and Korean songs. I tend to lean into a combination of female vocals, ballad/romantic/slow, pop, clear voices that are easy to listen to, backings that aren't too heavily produced. I also really like rock, rap, R&B and am pretty unpicky with it, minus any screaming. Mostly listening to Korean and Japanese though, after university!

My all time favourite singers though are Taylor Swift and IU. I have posters of the two in my wall. I definitely love both because I feel like they value their music and sound, as well as their public image. I love the little things they do with their fans, like singing covers of local songs while on tour and their general generosity. Taylor I grew up with, as I was turning 15 the year after Fifteen was released (dating myself a bit). I loved her music through Red and 1989, but after that I feel like her sound changed and I respect it but I don't like it as much. Her latest albums (during pandemic) are great though and a return to the more singer-songwriter kind of pop sound that I enjoy a lot from her. IU is a bit of the same for me, like we talked about how much she's grown. Her fangirling for Corinne is so cute! It's actually too adorable. She's a great singer too, actually my mom used to play Like A Star (and her first album) in the car a lot. Oh no, between IZ*ONE and RV you have your share of drama for recently :( I have a soft spot for Sakura, she's actually too qt for me.

Holy crap this is loooooooooooooooong. Thanks for the lovely message and talk again soon! :)
Serendipity Apr 18, 1:23 PM
Hi! Accepted the friend request. :) We can call it serendipity haha. And same to you, no rush to reply back. I have a tendency to disappear on MAL sometimes, but lately I've been a bit better at this thing. I realize now that this got really long, so sorry also!

I haven't been up to too much this weekend actually, which I guess is good since I was pretty tired out from work. Spring cleaning is good! I wanted to clean my gym/yoga room, but it also is connected to a powder room that I'm renovating. Recently, we just went into a provincial stay-at-home lockdown (no worries though, the pandemic doesn't seem to affect my life here much) and because of that I can't go in to pick up painting materials for the project. I made an order and they were meant to deliver on Thursday, but they haven't yet and it's kind of funny since the hardware store is like ten minutes from my house... I should've just ordered from Amazon. LOL

Otherwise, just chilling really. I caught up on some anime and watched a Korean movie (The Call with Park Shin Hye) with a friend yesterday. I also walked to visit my parents and have dinner with them. I'll probably go see them again today. The weather is nice and I just want to get some fresh air. I live in Ontario and spring (or basically summer since our spring and fall are really short) has come early for us and I need to take advantage of this. I'm not really a like gym-y person, rather I like sports and yoga, so being able to get out is a huge boon to me. I'm a little sad though, as I was playing basketball and soccer in the park every odd day, but now the provincial government has made it clear that they don't want us loitering in public spaces (like playing sports lol), so I guess walking it is!

I love that Natural episode too! I agree with you :) It's a really nice segue into Arietta and Origination, where we learn so much more about Alicia (and the Prima Undine dreams that all the girls share). Until then she's sort of just this all-can-do oneesan and this gives us a glimpse into what makes Alicia Alicia, rather than just being Snow White. The snowball rolling really made me happy. Everyone has their own reason for wanting to become a tour guide, but Alicia's (and really all of Aria Company's) wishes are simple and that's just to bring happiness to others. Rolling the snowball doesn't just show people the beauty of the winter, but she says it brings others out to help and get involved and experience the magic for themselves.

Plus, the episode is simply beautiful to look at. I love their winter outfits, they're so cute and seeing Akari and Alicia cozy in the winter warms me up!

That definitely is one of my favourite Aria episodes and generally I just love Natural, where I feel like these little morals are just subtle, candid, and easy to receive.

Rewatching is great! I've seen Aria... too many times (26 actually welp). Aria always puts me a little at peace, so it's a comfort watch for me. Hazukashii serifu kinshi atashi! I tend to skip some episodes though and just do my favourites. One of my best friends IRL finally (after years of knowing them and knowing they enjoy like Hidamari Sketch and Non Non Biyori) decided to watch Aria with me and I was really happy to watch through it with them. They were meant to go to Japan soon to teach English for a year but they're delayed by pandemic. When we watched Animation episode 11, I got a little emotional but I don't think they noticed haha. Just the mood of the episode hit a little too close to home. We're on Natural episode 3 now, so creeping up on my favourite episode!

Oh wow, I didn't know he was involved in the composition of it. When I was in elementary/early high school, a friend of mine really liked Brown Eyes. Funnily, I never gave Korean music much time then (I started listening to SNSD though because my brother liked them). Same for anime... and look where I am now. LOL I should've just listened to my friends back then, I'd have saved so much time but I think I judged it by stigma.

And yes, it's crazy to see where she started with more bubblegum pop/little sister concepts to ballad-y songs to now... and even to kdrama. I watched Scarlet Heart Ryeo while it was airing and I couldn't get through episode 3, but I loved My Mister. That kdrama absolutely floored me and I was a wreck after watching it ahaha. I think I got to episode 11 at 11 PM on a worknight and just stayed up all morning to finish it. I was a sobbing mess. I took a shower and just forced myself to head to the office. LOL I'm looking forward to Dream (I love soccer or football or whatever we call it) and I still need to finish Hotel del Luna but that one is a simulwatch with a friend and on hold.

What other artists (Western or Asian) do you like? I think I'll listen to Palette today, while walking to my parents'. That probably is my favourite IU album and I've been in a Through the Night mood. :)
Serendipity Apr 16, 12:46 AM
Hiya! Yeah, massive double take ahaha. I haven't seen that IU picture in so long LOL. She's all grown up now, I almost didn't recognize it.

Oh my god, tumblr feels like so long ago. I miss those days, those were HS times of cute animals and Taylor Swift fangirling! Thank you! I love the word too and I feel like it always sneaks up on me. Like, my favourite episode of Aria is Natural episode 5, where Akari and Alicia get lost while looking for Alicia's special place for a picnic and instead they end up at an old railroad track under a blossoming sakura tree. That scene always really spoke to me. :)

Do you have a favourite Aria episode?

I have listened to it! I really like the album, especially the retro-like sounds in Lilac (kinda reminds me of some Yukika or that one time Taeyeon did city pop). Away from Lilac, I really like Coin and Ah Puh, though I'm always a little biased to slow/ballady/drama OST-like songs like My Sea. Slow songs feel like home, when it comes to IU. I do love the different sounds and genres that she has done now and Lilac isn't too different in that regard for me, she's come such a long way from what I first started listening to.

What do you think of the album? Happy weekend btw!