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Jan 13, 2019
Once again Ufotable x Type-Moon did not disappoint. Watching it in the cinema (in Japan) with proper loudspeakers can enable me to experience the thrill of this fantastic display of animation choreography. The amount of time and effort by Ufotable once again demonstrates its class in perfecting high-quality animation and its visual arts. The unlimited budget work studio took time off from anime series and dedicate all their resources into this project and came out in fruition, and I could not be prouder for them.

The movie itself was breathtaking, astonishing and spectacular to watch. I was lost in words walking out of the cinema read more
Dec 30, 2018
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Simply the best yuri anime I have ever watched since becoming an otaku. At first, I thought its just going to be another day of girls kissing and flirting with each other. How am I so wrong. Our protagonist Yuu is asexual, which makes it hard for our lovely couple to become one fully. However, Nanami is okay with it, and Yuu plays along being a yuri lover with no romantic feelings whatsoever, yet. The complication then escalates to how Nanami wants Yuu to continue to hate her and not love her at all, read more
Dec 29, 2018
There is so much WOW factor in this anime and easily my top 10 for 2018. Despite the misleading title and the visual art that may put people off by thinking its another romcom series. How are we so wrong, plus the synopsis did not do justice with how amazing the series was.

Story (10/10) - You cannot walk out of this show and say oh it's just another decent high-school anime. This series takes it to another level by utilising the 'puberty symptom' at its fullest to represent how each character is facing as they are in high school or growing up. It captures read more
Dec 11, 2018
This is one amazing, aesthetic, and full of an emotional roller-coaster, toying with our heart to make us end up sad, or near tearing up. This movie was outstanding and will stay in my memory forever as it captures the importance of parenting. Regarding the animation, expect nothingness from PA Works, producing striking graphic works and able to animate the emotions beautifully. Although the character design is a bit off, the story itself compensated it very well.
The movie itself is a roller-coaster, from slow-paced scenes to intense scenes and then back to slow, jumping between timelines is also what makes this show a bit read more
Oct 3, 2018
With the misleading title turns out to be a comedy/romance/drama anime. Well, the trailer pretty much gave it away that it doesn't involve Tokyo Ghoul like scenario. The story focuses on a popular girl (Sakura) utilising her last moment with a guy (Haruki) that found out about her disease. At this point, the story kicks on with those two spending time together, but with no romantic feeling around it.

The protagonist was drag into her selfish request to tick-off her lists to experience before her death, as well as holding onto the secrete from everyone else including her best friend. This pretty read more
Oct 1, 2018
Hanebado was by far the most entertaining sporting anime of this season, and for my taste, its up there with Kuroko no Basket. This is because of the inclusion of all the necessity of a typical sporting anime, such as 'Drama', 'Social Conflict', "Redemption' and 'Intense Sporting Scenes'.

What I enjoyed the most is the well-animated badminton games to represent how the athletes were feeling during the game, and showing some realism to how badminton was played. What amazes me is the amount of detail put into the movement of sweat and muscle cramping during the match. Other than that, the character animation was indeed read more
Sep 29, 2018
Well, how can I say this, Cells At Work is by far the most educational anime I have seen so far in my history of watching anime. Not to mention its the first time I've seen such show focuses mainly on the interior of the human body, other than Ozzy and Drix. The whole concept concentrates primarily on immunology and injury-response of cells in our body, and yet we haven't seen its involvement in reproduction. It is fascinating how directly pathology/biology explanation can be made so interesting and provides valuable information.

Story: 8
In the early half of the season, each week we get to read more
Sep 23, 2018
As the show is coming to its end, in my honesty, I watched this show because of the amazingly animated girls (especially Sagiri) from the manga itself. But other than that, the storyline is pretty much as a laid-back show to enjoy unnecessary (censored) ecchi moments (which plays a big part in this anime). The amount of laughter was optimal, and the girls were aesthetically beautiful!!!

But other than that, I still believe the manga is a lot better and represents a big spoiler party for the majority of this season. But yet I rated highly as I think it is worth my read more
Sep 23, 2018
As the season is coming to its end, I do have to say that Grand Blue is by far my No.1 most hyped Anime for this season. Not only because it's funny and all, but, also it orientated around university lifestyle which rarely seen in anime. The amount of humour and laughter were outstandingly narrated, and yes, adapted well with the manga in my opinion (though, fewer swear words than the manga).

Here is my breakdown:

Story (9/10) - My I rated so highly, well, it reflects what's life like at university, and I can reflect it since I experience it all too. The storyline read more
Sep 19, 2018
Well, after waiting four years for a season 3 (which I did not see coming) the boys are back for another season of epic pool battle.

Usually, I won't be watching this show any further, as it is a yaoi show, but what lead me to give this show another shot was because it takes place at a University competitive environment; and I can see how Haru and Makoto adapt to this new environment.

STORY (8/10) - As much as I love swimming, Kyoto Animation never stops to amaze me with the build-up of dramas with more of middle-school dilemma surrounding Haru. Despite a read more