Jan 13, 2019
MadLadOfCulture (All reviews)
Once again Ufotable x Type-Moon did not disappoint. Watching it in the cinema (in Japan) with proper loudspeakers can enable me to experience the thrill of this fantastic display of animation choreography. The amount of time and effort by Ufotable once again demonstrates its class in perfecting high-quality animation and its visual arts. The unlimited budget work studio took time off from anime series and dedicate all their resources into this project and came out in fruition, and I could not be prouder for them.

The movie itself was breathtaking, astonishing and spectacular to watch. I was lost in words walking out of the cinema as this was one amazing movie adaption to its visual novel source. Despite cutting out, or twisting the moments from its origin was well dealt with to make it as original as possible. The amount of detail dedicated to the colourisation of the background scenery was aesthetic and blends well into the climate of the moment.

Regarding the fight scenes, the amount of detail to each moment and time-lapse of the fight was well constructed to demonstrate the fluidity of the animation. Not to mention the sounds and background music incorporated fantastically to illustrate the intensity of the battle. I enjoyed the fight scene more compared to all moments.

The story building near the end was speechless as the unexpected happened, and demonstrated that Ufotable is willing to go beyond and adapted to the essential character development moment in this movie. Providing us with a much darker twist to the story than the previous routes. My view on Sakura for the past two routes changed entirely after this movie and will play a much more significant role in the final movie.

Finally, Ufotable did well with the changed in the tone of the last part of the movie from very lively/family oriented moments, and turns into dark/suspense moments, giving us a rollercoaster of feels. But by far, Heaven Feels is now regarded as my most favourite route compared to all routes.

Hope this convince you to watch the movie.

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