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Aug 30, 2009
“The Time Milk Wound the Spring” is a bizarre collection of short stories, centered around an enigmatic little girl named Milk. Milk possesses a flair for imagination as well as a bit of a cruel streak, most notable when she muses to her father about possibly boiling the child her mother is expecting in a pot, if not tossing it into the washing machine. The jealousy that often manifests itself in only children expecting a new sibling is taken to the extreme by Milk. When the child is born however, Milk is most accepting of it, even loving. That is because the child is in ...
Jul 29, 2009
Special A (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Special A is for me, the definition of an average shoujo series.


We have Hikari, an initially refreshing female lead with a certain wide-eyed innocence and a strong desire to defeat her eternal rival Takishima Kei. Hikari’s got fighting spirit, something that is so often lacking in shoujo heroines of late. On the other hand she’s incredibly dense, a trait which becomes all the more prevalent as the manga progresses much to my chagrin. An important plot device is that the students in the SA class are the crème de la crème of an already prominent school for the wealthy. We are not so much ...
Jun 9, 2009
Undecided (Manga) add
"If I wanted to, I could go anywhere...somewhere that's not here."

Undecided is the story of a man and his journey from a rocky childhood to an adult life of ambiguity. That man is in fact the author of the story in question, Byungjun Byun, who has described Undecided as "a portrait of myself". This cityscape portraiture focuses on the lives of the various people who inhabit it. The stories are often quirky, shocking and highly imaginative. One features an alley cat who falls in love with a human while another focuses on a group of children who calmly attempt to slice up the body ("like ...
Nov 5, 2008

I started watching this show with no preconceived notions whatsoever; only learning of it's less than desirable eroge origins after looking into it a bit more. My initial reason for watching Nanatsuiro Drops was plain and simple: the character design. Yes, very shallow I'm aware. I happen to be a fan of Noizi Ito's work and had become intrigued when I saw some of her illustrations in one of her art books. Oh how wrong I was.

Nanatsuiro Drops is a magical-girl, romance anime adaption of UNiSONSHIFT's adult dating sim of the same name. The initial premise is quite cliche: Boring male student ...

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