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Sep 9, 2015
Bu Sha (Manga) add
I am putting a 7/10 overall simply because I had times that were extremely annoying in this series to the point I had to stop reading for a day or two. It isn't bad, actually the story is pretty cool. Always having some type of mystery or lore to explore in this new world keeps you at the edge of your seat. Also the fusion of magic, mecha, and martial arts is super cool! Definitely one of the best parts of Bu Sha/KNM is the story 8/10. The characters on the other hand... can be great at times and sometimes terrible... I'll just get the ...
Aug 31, 2015
Preliminary (98/? chp)
This light novel is fairly similar to Re: Monster (It is impossible for me not to compare these two series) but I would say this one is more shonen. Well it isn't kiddy either but there isn't really any mature themes (sex, torture, you get it) However in this case I think it is a good thing, it focuses more on the story and characters quirks. Speaking of characters their is a ton of them, most being interesting as well. I will start with the main character Rimuru, he reincarnated as a slime (obviously) and similar to Rou had some OP abilities. Even more similar ...
Jun 13, 2015
Re:Monster (Manga) add
Preliminary (185/? chp)
Re: Monster is definitely one of the most enjoyable novels I have read in a long time. Firstly I should mention that the writing style is similar to a diary and everything is viewed in first person. Dialogue we see is few and the readers only view characters as the way Rou perceives them (Most of the time)... can also be certain instances where we get POV of others but it is few. With that said besides Rou we don't get much of other characters but I still really like Rou and his power so it is fine for me but if you don't like ...
Apr 26, 2015
Preliminary (90/90 chp)
This LN is definitely not original when it comes to the story. Well at least not entirely, the main character is in my opinion different from the many others I have seen in this type of story (examples being RE:Monster, Mushoku Tensei, and Tate no yuusha) For starters Hiiro doesn't want part in anything, become a hero? Slay the demon king? Help others in time of need? Nope, he says he is a simple bystander and why should he help the people who forced him into another world and I love that, seriously the main character and his personality make all of the conflicts in ...
Oct 13, 2014
Gintama' (Anime) add
Preliminary (10/51 eps)
For the first time in a series I didn't want to finish it, I just wanted to have an unlimited amount of episodes... It's that good. after watching The first Series Gintama I moved on to this show which is now in HD btw. From its amazing comedy and complex characters to its awesome fight scenes Gintama can make anyones mood turn to complete happiness. If your on the fence about it because maybe you don't like long series try a few episodes out and it doesnt matter where either start at episode 1 or check out episode 30 every episode is enjoyable and as ...