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CuddlyKat Jun 13, 2022 9:40 AM
CuddlyKat May 15, 2021 1:43 PM
Wait, there is almost one month since last? Wow, time sure flies... But I am finally mostly done with test and such for the year. Got 1 science presentation and then the vocal exam as we call it. Dont have any written exams due to covid. Oh, soon summer aswell. Excited for some warmer weather and lighter clothes.

Ah, I so that is how the school system over there work, I kinda get it, sort off... Slightly xD
I do belive I will be living the student life as I will have to move for it. Not sure where it live tho, as there are several options. I think the Uni have som sort of "campus" connected to it, but not like it those animes xD It more the areas of the town that the uni have juridicstion over or something. Also there are several who make "campus" like areas on in the city where several students live together. Or you can get you own little apartment if ya like. Tho too are ppl to specifily target students.
The city I will study in is only a 6-8hrs train ride, so if I really wanted too, I cant return every weekend to eat some home cooking :D
About that growing up part, today I learnt that some ppl that are older really dont have controll or know alot of practical things. So I guess its a good idea to start now so it wont end up like those guys xD

I will propably try my hardest to find a work enviorment that I like and which dont just use me. As I feel like my current "part time" job does just that, but there is not much I really can complain about, as I get to work only when I want to because I am technically only extra help, but I cant work as much as I want kinda.

So, I got glasses right, and it seems I have one eye with -0,75 and one with -1,25. So yea, I kinda most things without it, but it has been really helpfiul while at school so that I cant see the projector screen. And mildly helpful when watching TV, as it not too far away, but my eyes are just kinda "annoyed" without em, so its better comfort wise. Then again, I am not to using glasses so they really grind on my ears...

Update on anime schedule: Stil only watching 1 anime... Planing to change that during June. Horimiya was indeed great, I did also enjoy SK∞.

The wather has so far been pretty stable. Some sun, but mostly just overcast. Little rain. Although, it did snow slightly earlier in May, tho the next day it was gone. Has yet to be over 20 degrees tho. I kinda hot for us when its 15 degrees. So when it gets over 20 its gonna feel like we're melting xD

The water got slightly better, they changed something, stil not a fan tho, but its drinkable if needed.
CuddlyKat Apr 17, 2021 9:57 AM
Well, there is a limit here as well. Dont know what it is tho.
I ended up with working 75hrs in March, which a fair bit more then usual. Usually I only work for about 30hrs or so in a month. But I assume it was because I worked alot during easter.

Aha, I see, sounds strange. I belive here its uni either way for a bachlor or master, but you can do 3 years for bachlor + 2 extra years if you want for a master, or do 5 years in from the get go, which means if you drop of after 3 years, out left with nothing.
Plus there are other ways and other degrees.

I too hope I get a job thats entertaining to do, so I dont feel like a slave or machine just "doing stuff".

Yea, my eyesight is that bad. I recently did a eyesight test. I think it was only like -1 or something. I dont acutally remember. Also, did buy my first pair. They should arrive in a week, since the store had to order my glass type.

Yea,rooky. But with the new season I am only watching one show so far, kinda trying to catch up on the previous season. But overall I have so little time there is brealy any reason so start a show xD
I think I shall do as you and binge em once when there is enough time. Horimye and Beastar is so good.

Yea, dont grow up too much!
I do too stil live with my parets, but once I start at Uni I will have to move to a much larger town, a true dreadful economic hell as I study... But having a place alone can be cool, but I do think I would miss the home cooking. Especially considering I would have to live off noodels, rice, bread and frozen pizza.

Then sun finally hit or town this week and the weather totally changed from a frozen hell to a decent spring day overnight.
Feel like it would soon be time to try and take a walk in the mountains, when there is time...
How weather over there? (I cant remember if it was ever said where you live).
Oh, also. The town I live in is going to to maintence on the water supply to the town, so now we're using a reserve one, and they added some chlorine and is tastes a smell horrible. So unlike the water we used to have before as tap water. Which also makes it really hard to drink compared to before. And this is supposed to last until November... So fo the first time we had to buy water, mostly for our cats as they would not touch it, even now, after they slightly lowerd the chlorine amount.
CuddlyKat Apr 7, 2021 1:35 PM
Just letting you know I aint dead, school just started and got work so the reply will have to wait until the weekend.
CuddlyKat Mar 31, 2021 5:56 AM
12 hour work shifts, not the funnest thing I've done xD. But since its vacation it is kinda worth it for the cash. But now I got the rest of the week off + some next week, woho!

Wait, so, you final year in school is completed through an internship? Which will give you the bachlor? Sounds like uni to me, but I suppose then uni means something different for us, since you say you're not going to uni. As I will go uni for a bachlor degree.
I dont care to much either about cash, but I want to be able to live somewhat carefree from economic problems. But ofcourse the priority lies with having a fun job. And yea, uni here is 3 years bachlor + 2 years masters... I am so confused. I am both hardware and software atm, as some probles that arrive is with programs. But since I want to go in the route of a IT engineer I want to do more software like coding. I've dont some and I foundt pretty fun, mostly because I like to be creative.

26 is on the upper half to 30... Its old, especially since ppl on my age will finish a bachlor degree in uni by the time I start, since they went straight from "high school" to uni, instead of like me take a cerfiticate with 2 years internship.
Also, that means you have soon lived 1 quarter of your life :)

Probably after long enough. If I get glasses I only think I will need em when I need to see something further away, like while in class to see the teacher and what they to on the screen, or eventually if I decide to get my drivers license.

Yea, long projects is kinda not feasible atm... But perhaps one day!

7 is puny number to the yourger me xD
Well, I watch Jujutsu, Reincarnated as a Slime, Attack on Titan, Dr. Stone, Re;Zero, Beastars 2nd, I was reincared as a spider, and few new ones. And I want to catch up (I've watched some episodes already) on some of the other sequeals from this season, like Promised Neverland, Log Horizon, Seven Deadly Sins and Cells at Work.

It is celebrated here, but my family have done it enough by now so we decorate for it or anything. We do stil get candy, but this year it was in a colorful bag instead of an egg, which I suppose is because the egges we used from year to year is to old and broken by now.

Well, true, there is much ahead of us. But I'd a little more time before responsebilites and economy becomes a part of my daily life. Birthdays will always be enjoyable as long as I have family and friends who are willing to celebrate it with me.
CuddlyKat Mar 28, 2021 7:25 AM
Hey, I am not a traitor. You will have an internship soon, or are you already in an interhship? (Which means you ahve finished school?)
Anyhow, not a traitor, as it was a necessary situation which required it... But it is indeed though to do it at the same time has school. But I'll mangage, at the expense of mostly everything else. Did part-time job is fun kinda, tho it is kinda harsh as well in what its expected from partime that is supposed to only be additional help. I effectivly do as much as a regular employee. At the same time its exciting as the place is doing a bunch of changes now, there is a new system and later this year the entire shop will be reconstructed. Oh, yea, its shop of I didnt mention that. And electronics shop, but I only do pc repairs in the back.

Once I finished this year, and will need that extra course before uni, then I have a bachlor in had, best belive I'll find a job that I will enjoy. But before that again, a year of relaxation, I feel like I deserve it, and since the course is in another town I need to save some funds for it... Thats... another 5 years into the future, dang. I'll be fully equipped for work when I am 26...

Yea, idk why it got worse, maybe it was all that gaming and laying awake a little longer at night to read some LN/manga from a tablet...?
I do hope its not too bad, currently I kinda just struggle with seeing stuff thats further away, and small. Especially text.
The other way? Ah, that cool. My mom had the same procedure, it was really strange to see her without glasses. I am glad such technology exists.

Yea, I have heard that in some places covids is pretty severe and many lost their job. But yea, seems your somewhat lucky. Contine to zoom! Dont falter! xD

Thats great to hear that life is not completly ruined by covid. And who says DnD is nerdy like... Well, I guess you did but it aint a bad thing. I have tried DnD once while at a cafe with some friends, didnt go so well, and since I've never tried again, unfortunatly. As it seems pretty fun.
As mentioned due to work and school I haven't quite had the time to properly sit down and drawn, and while I could during weekends I feel like it will drag on for so long that I dont see the point. Instead I have snuck in some time for gamin and anime, but as I started with 20 for this season, I can only keep up with like 7 or so...

So, do you have any plans for easter, do you celebrate it?

And imagine, it has been over 4 years since this convo began, and we have aged 4 years... Dang, time is cruel kinda. Now that I think about it feel weird that I was 17 when we began, and now I am 21... Ouef ;_;
Thoughts? xD
CuddlyKat Mar 27, 2021 3:57 PM
Well, this is a pleasent suprise... I belive MAL was down for some time, and so I havent visited it due to work. Yes, WORK! Tho its just part-time, on the side while I take "certifitcate" for general study.

Uh, right. I guess you inda got me... (Dang...)

Life is okey, this genral study is pretty harsh as its 3 years condensed into 1 year. But I am managing. But due it and the work I have not had much time for much else, espescially drawing and gfx, whihc is sad. But life has its prioterites. Another sad fact is that my eye sight has started to worsen, so I will have to take a eye sight test and perhaps get glasses. Its schedulded for Wedensday.

After the internship I had I could've started to work properly in the field but its a field that is dying. Instead I could go to uni, but I want to study is a closewr and lager town for my field. And to study there my certificate form my internship dont matter, and as such I need the general study. Then I will need a few more subject for it which I'll take after next year in a course desigen to fill those gaps for ppl who ahs taken this route. So, after this year at school, I'll find a job for one year to build up a bit of saving, cuz Uni aint free, and I think I would like to loan as little as possible.

And well, like most covid is a thing suddenly... But its a luckily not affected my town too much, so we kinda stil go about life like normal.

I am kinda glad to talk once more, I think its nice.
How are you? And yea, happy a bunch of things!
Pikapikachuu Mar 22, 2021 6:21 PM
amazing you have over 289 days watched
CuddlyKat May 19, 2020 4:25 AM
I thought a nice April fools prank would be to reply about 2 years later. So, what do you think, aint I a genius xD
It's a fantastic prank if I do say so myself.

(I know this is not posted to April 1st, but work with me here xD)

Now for why I decided to reply now... Idk, just felt for it. How is life?

I for one, finished my internship in IT. And now is jobless -_-

And I am sure I am the least one you expected to revive a reply, or a 2020 call.
jelmpi Nov 28, 2019 3:40 PM
ey bro....
Thailand was for fun and a necessary detox from school...

Well I can tell you that losing six people in a year is just too many to handle :(
It didn't really stop in April....
it just continued until September

I'm sorry it took such a long time again for me to make my return to this MAL stage....
MAL is still my treasure trove and I love coming back to it...
I'm hoping I can make it a bit more weekly again...
( Daily is just impossibruh )
jelmpi Apr 25, 2019 12:48 PM
hello my dear friend.
I'm sorry I've been away so long...
a lot of stuff has happened...
I've been abroad for a month, travelling through Thailand...
and then a friend of mine passed away :(
then some relatives too....
so it's been rough, I thought I'd share it with you though...

I haven't been watching much anime either..... I kinda stuck to small things I guess....

what about you? how have you been?

PS: do you now understand why I liked Tari Tari so much xDDD ??! I just cannot believe it has such a low rating because it's this cute hidden gem in anime land!

jelmpi Jan 23, 2019 4:12 PM
gogogogo :D !!

nooooo broooo :( It should be fine !!! unless you "overstudied"

it was really nice! spending a week there was very good for me! plus a man-only household so good food, talks about the lesser important things of life and lots of laughter hahaha

I really hope you will! it's pretty impressive

well you're nose-deep into isekais with this season then XDDDD
I somehow never am able to squeeze much anime in when I'm studying!!
ALTHOUGH! I started watching the GOLGO 13 movie! It's absolutely hilarious and I hope that the sequel and consecutive series will be just as good as what I'm watching so far :D !!!
jelmpi Jan 17, 2019 7:51 AM
well MAL didn't allow you to reply to me anymore before New Year XDDDD

Anyway: Happy new year my bro!! may be late, but best wishes for 2019!!!!

well then please please please watch Tari Tari!!! It was so beautiful and I even shed a mini-tear!!! It touches the heart my bro!!!
music anime are sometimes soo darn good! and this was one is very special!!

starting late is happening always... and then yet somehow during the last few days I take nearly no breaks!!!
just like today!!!
I finally feel the pressure of the deadline so I'm studying my ass off!!!!

I celebrated New Years with my Italian bro in Venice!! Stayed there for a week to recharge, to get some inspiration and finish my essay :D !!

I'm glad you liked Baki :DDD ! I'm still midway on that one...

But yes!!!! YES I've seen something!!!!
Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni/In This Corner of The World!!!!!!
ow man...
I....I....I.... I have near to no words for that....
Thomas it made such a huge impression on me that I can only but recommend it to you....
it's an ani-eiga. so two hours well spent!!!
do watch it!!!
jelmpi Dec 29, 2018 6:15 AM
but no Tari Tari?!

I always start a few days in advance to the extend that I know I can still easily make it but may need to hurry if I decide to still procrastinate :P

My Christmas was simply great! :D
I just kept on eating and eating and eating....... and well uhm.... EATING XDDDDDD
Having celebrated Christmas with family over the past few days, I decided to also have a Christmas dinner in my study town on Boxing Day. As a lot of international students, mainly Asian students, are all by themselves I thought that was something I could do something about and I organised a potluck Christmas dinner which was very nice!!

jelmpi Dec 27, 2018 5:08 PM

Well... I'm a deadline kisser as they say XDDD
I don't function until pressure drops onto my shoulders hahaha
then I start getting to work... I get my idea in my head and just start working towards the concept I had in mind :D !
I can't plan and work "ahead" it just doesn't work...
Also: In the past my grades were higher for my "pressure" work than things I had planned and worked on far ahead of the deadline....

How was your christmas bro? :)
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