Aug 31, 2015
Preliminary (98/? chp)
This light novel is fairly similar to Re: Monster (It is impossible for me not to compare these two series) but I would say this one is more shonen. Well it isn't kiddy either but there isn't really any mature themes (sex, torture, you get it) However in this case I think it is a good thing, it focuses more on the story and characters quirks. Speaking of characters their is a ton of them, most being interesting as well. I will start with the main character Rimuru, he reincarnated as a slime (obviously) and similar to Rou had some OP abilities. Even more similar it is the ability to take others abilities, both also being named Gluttony. Not really a problem for me since it is a pretty cool power. Rimuru was formerly a male but after his rebirth he has no gender so yeah (Poor guy... He was a 37 y/o virgin in his past life...) He isn't really hyper intelligent but he has a good heart and wants to help his friends in any way he can. His friends are also unique and without spoiling anything I will say their is dragons, ogres, lizardman, and orcs. Really that was just breaking the surface, there are tons and they are actually fleshed out unlike Re: Monster because this isn't written like a diary. ...Jeez this is getting dragged out, anyway story is pretty good with its basic demon lords vs humanity. Seeing how the MC is a slime I think you can guess which side he is on. It gets more complex and darker later on as well. Lastly is art which like a regular LN/WN doesn't have much but of course it has a manga adaptation with some decent looking art.

Overall it is a pretty solid novel, seeing various monsters evolve and band together under one entity is just too fun for me. Anyone who has read Re: Monster and liked it should read this already. Nearly 100 chapters translated at this point.

Rereading this review I realized that this is like a comparison between Re: Monster and Tensei Shitara Slime but who cares >.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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