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Mar 9, 2016
Chihayafuru (Anime) add
Chihayafuru is, on the surface, a Josei anime about an obscure Japanese card game called Karuta. However, it would be a disservice to the anime to simply describe Chihayafuru in that way to anyone. It is so much more.

Most if not all of those who watch Chihayafuru will have no idea what the heck Karuta is, even Japanese viewers! Yet, Chihayafuru makes it known right from the start that this will not be a roadblock to our enjoyment. In fact, the centralization around a niche game is precisely what makes Chihayafuru so captivating. Through the competitive nature of Karuta and the degree at which ...
Jan 13, 2015
Moderator Edit: This review may contain spoilers.

Ever go into a burger restaurant, only to realize that it sells some of the most kickass tacos? That's what watching Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de feels like.

Came in expecting superpower battles, came out having experienced one of the best anime dealing with friendship. Right off the bat, this anime tells a story of a group of normal high schoolers (and one primary schooler) gaining superpowers. For some inexplicable reason, they are now held with the burden of functioning as normal students with these destructive weapons at their disposal. Not surprisingly, this presents quite a problem for them; ...
Sep 30, 2014
"A picture is worth a thousand words"; I've never quite believed that saying as much as I did after seeing the last scene of this anime.

Ano Natsu de Matteru is an anime about a group of friends spending their summer vacation hanging out and filming a movie. Sounds simple, yes? Not quite. It doesn't take very long for the romance and the drama to kick in, where Ano Natsu is most focused. In fact, that STILL might be an understatement. Within the first 4 episodes, all of the love interests of the main characters are well established and/or heavily hinted at, and there is ...
Sep 30, 2014
[Spoiler Warning]

When looking upon the surface of Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?, one may find that it is "just another romantic comedy". However, it is much more than that. Yes, the interactions between the characters are hilarious and they will get you to laugh every time. However, the true genius behind this show is its strong "parody" element.

The plot of this anime involves many different girls invading "Apartment 106" (the Rokujouma), a place in which our main character, Koutarou, lives. For one reason or another, everyone seems to have great affection for this particular building (Koutarou because it is extremely cheap to rent). Thus, the characters are ...
Jun 29, 2014
Mixed Feelings

Friendzone: The Anime

The plot of Isshuukan Friends consists of a young boy (Hase) who is in love with a beautiful yet estranged girl (Fujimiya). The girl suffers from a condition in which parts of her memories are erased on a weekly basis, on each Monday. This makes it so that Hase, in order to befriend her, is required to introduce himself to her constantly just to keep up their friendship. It also makes for one of the most frustrating anime to watch; it contains one of the biggest "love that never was".

Isshuukan Friends is structured in a way that every single episode, ...
Jun 10, 2014
Nisekoi (Manga) add
Preliminary (125/229 chp)
This manga's title, Nisekoi, means "False Love". However, it should also have a second meaning: "False Genre".

Naoshi Komi's Nisekoi is deceiving. At first, it starts off with a genuine low-drama love triangle, in which the story is based around solving the mystery behind Raku Ichijou's childhood lover. It is never doubted for any moment that comedy is the main focus of this manga; however, it also has a great amount of romance. As the plot thickens and the story progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult for the reader to predict which girl the male protagonist will end up with. (And that's what all romance manga should ...
Feb 11, 2014
Wonder Momo (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/5 eps)
A review of Winter 2014's worst anime? Uh-oh. This can't be good. But before that, a quick anecdote.

So a while back I stumbled upon anime legend "Mars of Destruction". For those of you who don't know, Mars of Destruction is one of the finest creations of the anime industry. In fact, it was so great, that I was met with disbelief when I realized it was the worst-rated anime on MyAnimeList. The worst-rated anime on MAL, can you believe it?! I became compelled to watch all 20 minutes of it, just to see if it truly deserved all the flack it got. For such a ...
Dec 21, 2013
The only rating that is truly mediocre is the story; for obvious reasons, I give Mahou Shoujo Sonico Magica a 5 in that category.

In all other aspects, this parody opening excels. The production was really clever, cute, and on-point. The art was very well-done, and the characters were very well-drawn. The Madoka Magica opening being one of tne of the better anime songs, the sound was obviously great. In some weird twist, I actually enjoyed watching this 1:30 opening more than I did the actual series. At least this didn't waste 12 episodes worth of my time only to be some half-assed Matrix piece of ...
Dec 21, 2013
“He’s already seen my panties twice, and even touched me there… I’ll just have to marry him…” (ep. 9).

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru is easily the #1 anime of Fall 2013. A lot of people would love to disagree with that statement, but let me explain. You need to have refined tastes in order to fully enjoy Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru. If you're a heretic who cries at every instance possible to complain about boobies and panties, well... this anime will be making you cry. On the ...
Dec 20, 2013
This was probably one of the most polar animes of Fall 2013; either you love it, or you thought it was boring. Enjoyment of Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita (Yuusha-ni henceforth, damn..) relies entirely on the perception of Fino Bloodstone, the main character.

Fino Bloodstone is an aloof, kind, and incompetent girl who has come to work at the Leon magical appliances store due to not being able to become the next Demon Lord. There, she meets Raul Chaser who is also working at Leon due to not being able to become a Hero. From that description alone, you can ...

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