Sep 30, 2014
Kyuutoryuu (All reviews)
[Spoiler Warning]

When looking upon the surface of Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?, one may find that it is "just another romantic comedy". However, it is much more than that. Yes, the interactions between the characters are hilarious and they will get you to laugh every time. However, the true genius behind this show is its strong "parody" element.

The plot of this anime involves many different girls invading "Apartment 106" (the Rokujouma), a place in which our main character, Koutarou, lives. For one reason or another, everyone seems to have great affection for this particular building (Koutarou because it is extremely cheap to rent). Thus, the characters are locked in a never-ending conflict against each other, always duking it out to see who can lay claim to the apartment. Truth be told however, their resolve isn't that great; all of the girls end up befriending Koutarou and each other, and by the end of the anime, they all live together in harmony. So if we have a plot that doesn't exactly pan out how it was supposed to, what is there left in Rokujouma no Shinryakusha? The characters, the characters, the characters.

Every last one of the girls were created to mock the various stereotypical anime character archetypes. Two of the biggest parody characters are the cosplaying Mahou Shoujo and the tsundere mage. Does the tsundere mage (Theia) not totally scream Louise from Zero no Tsukaima? Her entire character seemed like a shoutout to pettankos everywhere, and how seemingly ridiculous their tsundere personalties are. Then there's Yurika (cosplayer), who just cannot seem to convince those around her that she's an actual Mahou Shoujo. Instead, everyone writes her off as just another girl in "that" phase, never really taking her seriously. In a similar vein to Theia, Yurika's character was used as an absolute jab against Mahou Shoujo anime of all sorts.

Then we have the ubiquitous Senpai, damsel in distress, and "daughter of a magnate" characters. The main character, Koutarou, is in love with his senpai Sakuraba, who happens to love him as well. However, the two of them are never able to profess their feelings to each other (gee, where else have we seen THIS situation before...) Another girl who is in love with him (ghost girl Sanae), seems to not be able to do anything without Koutarou. In fact, she can't even eat without him; he needs to allow her to "possess" him in order for her to intake food. Then there's Kiriha, who is probably the most mellow of all the girls. However, it is later discovered in the anime that she is the daughter of an incredibly powerful man, and he is the reason why she has to invade the Rokujouma. Instead of listening to her father, the princess runs away and leaves her past, opting to live with her friends instead. (Rich girl refusing to listen to her pre-ordained fate, anyone?)

As can be seen, I could talk about the characters for days. They are simply that lovable, and that's what sets Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? apart from most other harem anime. Whereas others would focus on fanservice and romance, Shinryakusha is more interested in character development and solid comedy. I honestly cannot express just how funny this anime was for me (from Sanae "possessing" Koutarou, to just about every single Yurika moment). A certainly refreshing take on the harem genre, Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? is a must-watch parody-anime for those seeking enjoyable characters and great laughs.