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Intelos Dec 27, 2017 4:09 AM
Merry Christmas btw!! Hope all is well over there :D

Intelos Oct 15, 2017 4:21 AM
Eyyyy, Jaguar! What a darn pleasant surprise. It has truly been far too long since we had a good, fulfilling conversation.

Thanks so much for your praise on my Tsuki ga Kirei review. I must have spent quite a decent sum of hours on that, so I'm ecstatic to see that many people found it helpful, one way or another. I'm definitely aware that I use too many emphasis words, but it is simply to get across my passion towards that show. Sadly you can only induce such a convincing tone when writing! I'll certainly produce more of these; in fact, I'm considering writing a review on my new most favourite show of all time: Ojamajo Doremi (an honest masterpiece in every conceivable way to me). So stay in tune for that :D (although, it may take a while to get that one together, Ojamajo Doremi is a 216 episode-long franchise, after all)

I had not heard of Slickwrite, but after quite an extensive use I'm finding it to be a fantastic tool for writing. Can't really believe that it's free, it packs quite a dense amount of features on it. (Also great to see that my TgK review is considered to be 'college' level! lol)

Damn man, you sound so busy. To even have to fast-forward through a half-episode 1-cour show, ouch. Just remember, there is always time to work, and equally importantly there is time to play. You don't want to burn yourself out at any time. Health come first in everything in life: you should take care of yourself.

Believe me, I haven't forgotten about ya either. In fact, I often find myself thinking: "I wonder how Jag's doing?". Even after all this time, I haven't found another person online who is even nearly as fun or intellectually stimulating to talk to as you. Hope everything goes smoothly with work and life in general man.

As always, cheers Jaguar-Chan. Good afternoon from Sheffield. :D

Animeindian Jul 2, 2017 8:55 PM
I can understand and It is better to be cautious online, I personally send a friend request to people who seem to share my tastes in anime and you were the one. I liked your Non-Non-Biyori review as well. Either way thanks for replying and sorry for bothering you.
Intelos May 5, 2017 2:32 PM
Hey again Jaguar! So here's my almighty long reply. I'll try to be as realistic as possible given extremely serious situations such as moving countries, so I really would like to be of some assistance for you. First of all, however, I'd like to address that I have utmost respect for you and your family for being brave enough to think about a topic as life-altering and uncertain such as permanent moving. There are many factors to discuss here as it can be very emotionally complicated to make such moves.

The main topic I'd like to talk about it the UK education system and how it works. Firstly, the A-levels are the exams you write in your 12th and 13th year during secondary education (there are a whole 13 years of required education here). Basically for 17-18 year olds. You write your AS level exams at the end 12th grade and the A level (or, the full A level like they like to call it) at the end of Year 13. However, be aware that this system is currently changing and this might become a system in which you sit a single set of exams at the end of Year 13 so I don't know if that might affect you in particular. If you think about coming to study in the UK, you will have to sit qualifications called GCSE's. These come before the A-levels and you need to sit these so that to be able to get to the A-levels (a few people even drop out of school after the GCSE's because they can't handle the workload). The GCSE's are taken at the end of a two year course (so from grade 10 until grade 11). I am not sure if it is possible if you can simply start from year 11, as you will miss half of the required material sadly. Of course, the education system in the Philippines may allow you to skip a year (I skipped Year 7 since I moved from a Greek public school after Year 6 into a Greek-British international school). I obviously am not aware of your exact circumstances so you'll need to talk with your folks about this and find out for sure!

The UK experience for myself in general, is quite incredible, and I'll tell you why later on after I touch on the disadvantages to get them out of the way. Of course, there are a few issues which I will discuss with you now. Also, I am not certain how the UK might fare with you personally though, since some people I've met absolutely despise the UK- so it really is up to you to decide if you come here. Before the disadvantages of living in the UK, I'll let you know that the education system is unbelievably great. Coming from a public Greek school, I can affirm with great confidence that Greece feels worlds apart compared to the UK. No comparison. Let me give you some examples. In the school I am currently attending for my final year (Harrogate Grammar School if you want to look it up, Grammar being the type of UK school that only the more capable students go to, you may search that up too if you wish), every student is given a bloody free iPad. Yes, a FREE iPad. I also get free meals (proper meals served to you in proper plates such as roasts, soups, baked, anything you can think of), and free education in some schools (in my case I have been given a full scholarship for the school). Teaching in the UK (especially concerning Grammar schools) is taken very seriously and they love to help students. Its like their passion. Of course some teachers will be better than others, but in my experience so far I am wildly impressed. So in summary, if you are looking for a good A Level school, you will need to be looking for the aforementioned Grammar in their names. I have not experienced any non-Grammar school before and I'm confident that all school here are of high-standard, but Grammar is the way to go if you want the utmost UK school experience. I can't really help you with any particular names though, since the only place I've permanently stayed in is North Yorkshire. I've gone down to London for example a couple times but in terms of school I'm just as clueless as you. Sorry man!

Now I need to talk about the issues. This time concerning economy. As I'm sure you are aware, the UK is going through Brexit. Basically becoming independent from income and decreased assistance from other countries and the EU as a whole. This means a lot of different things. Most imperatively however, it means that the UK may become less economically stable in the future than it is now. I am by no means an Economist as my 'field de expertise' lies within science, so you may search up Brexit in your own free time to decide how much this may affect you. Also, another vital fact to include is that the UK will start disallowing people to travel in and out of the country soon to some extent. I don't know for sure if I will be even able to go back to Greece for summer vacation as the borders here are becoming more difficult to cross. This needs investigation on you and your family's behalf to be sure of the effect of this for you guys.

Another issue I can think of is the living expense. The UK is a godamn expensive place to live. Especially large cities such as London. Food is ridiculously priced, public travel even more so, and renting an apartment is like renting a whole detached house outside of the UK. If your family can afford this, then this is irrelevant for you, but keep in mind that the UK is infamous for this. Also, if you're thinking about studying in further education or University then the expense of paying off the fees for this may be quite large as well. For students who have had residence outside the EU have to pay up to 20,000 pounds a year, while EU and UK students pay around 9,250 a year. Quite a considerable difference in sum. To further touch on this, in order to get residency in the UK to get a decreased fee price, you need to live a minimum of 3 years I believe in order to become a British citizen. Quite a pain indeed. My family has been trying for months to get permanent residency and we keep getting rejected. I am starting to feel that the Brits dislike Greeks hahah. (I'll touch upon racist behaviour soon)

Oh, and the final fact that may seem unappealing I can think of may be the weather, but judging that in the Philippines there is plenty of rain, I don't think that mild rain all-year round will bother you that much; it hasn't bothered me at all so far and I'm Greek! I can definitely say that the Brits do complain too much about their weather, its really not to bad. Sorry that I am coming across as a pessimist by including all the negatives first, I just wanted to get them out of the way!

Now onto the positives. Firstly I'd like to say that its a stunningly beautiful picturesque country. Walking home from school earlier today (pretty much everyone walks home here as Harrogate is a town, not a city, albeit a large town of 75,000 residents), I took some pictures (using my free iPad Air hahah) for you because we had some great weather!:
- The first image is what I see outside my apartment window; quite something to wake up to!

I am particularly lucky to be living in one of the most prosperous towns in the whole of the UK, so if you decide to come here you may not be graced with such beauty, but from my experience having traveled a good proportion of the UK (including Scotland) I can say that it is overall a very good looking and well looked after country. The infrastructure here is also perfect: the pavements are wide and proper, there are massive, scoping parks (like the ones in the picture and the massive one outside my window; called the Stray in Harrogate), road traffic is always well controlled and generally everything in this country is well planned and thought through- this shows why the education system is so great as well.

The people of the UK as well are lovely, particularly in the countryside. They may come across as more cold and serious most of the time, but they mean well and are very helpful if you ever ask for anything. In terms of racism the UK is very accepting and are not condescending. This is no USA, that's for sure. However, for Greeks like myself you can immediately tell from their change in tone that they are not quite as friendly. This is because of some history between the UK and Greece in the WWII and before that concerning the Acropolis, but nevermind that. As for ethnic diversity; I can definitely tell you that places like Harrogate are the last places that you will find Filipino people, hahahah. Pretty much the vast majority of people here a posh gentlemen and Queen-like ladies, wearing their little fancy hats and driving classy cars, its quite funny actually. In London, however, and basically in ever University-based city, there is a huge mix of races. Particularly Asians and Middle-Easterns. So no worry there.

Another positive factor I can think up is the overall safety of the country. You don't hear much about theft, or even any crime at all. This of course is seen more majorly in countryside towns, like where I live. The UK is well known to be a place of comfort and security. Also, when I first come here in August, I was shocked from how incredible the supermarkets here are! This may seem strange, but some supermarkets have their own cafe's, gas stations, restaurants and even bloody dentists! Its like they are each their own mall! Finally the UK is organised. In every aspect you can think of. But then again I'm sure you know that already seeing how much I've touched on that fact.

To start concluding this essay, I just want to say that I completely understand you. I also felt unfulfilled in Greece. I know what you're feeling. Its that constant repetitiveness isn't it? The same scenery being seen every day, the same cycle every year in terms of climate, the same accents and irritations of your homeland, I know. But believe or not, you'll miss it. You'll miss it a lot. Before I came here to finish my final year of school, I spent my whole last days back at home impatiently waiting. Staring at walls. Walking around my house. And then, when I came here, I spent two whole days crying my guts out because I wanted to go home. It happens to everyone. I didn't expect it to happen to me since I don't tend to care much about location, but its incredible how accustomed you become of your hometown. I still can't wait to go back home- I think about it every single day. This is not by any means said to make you change your mind, its just to make you aware that it is inevitable to happen to you, believe me. In fact, you should be even more willing to move to a first-world country, because you will get so many more opportunities than you ever will get in the Philippines. For myself, if I stayed back in Greece, I would struggle to make money; the minimum wage for example there is so low. Can you guess how low? 200 euros a month! That's about 10k Philippine Peso a month!

In conclusion, I applaud you to come. Its so worth it. You can almost forget about the negatives such as living costs. The opportunities that come with living here are undeniable, no matter how nationalistic we may both be (because I AM nationalistic about Greece, one way or another) the UK is far greater than Greece and probably the Philippines; without trying to be biased, of course. Its just the way the facts lie. But please be aware that the UK may be less prosperous in the near future. This is so prudent for you understand this so that to make this decision. Also with Trump around, who knows what may happen. But let's try not think about that, shall we?

This ends my essay, I want to reply to your previous comment but I can say that this will become a thesis the way I see it. I truly, truly hope I've given you some perspective and insight about the UK. Then again, I've only lived here for 9 months so far so I don't know how I will feel about it in the future during University. And anyways, who knows; if you come to the UK we can meet up and marathon all of Hidamari together! Including specials! hahaha

Cheers Jaguar-nii-chan and apologies for the slightly delayed reply, exams are a true pain in the ass sometimes and can cost me quite a ton of time!

Edit: I think its a smart idea to give replies a minimum of 3 or so days to respond, just for sake and liberty of intellectual creatisism for future replies!

Intelos May 4, 2017 2:19 PM
Hey man, your latest comment about moving countires and education in the UK is massively interesting for me to share with you my thoughts on the matter (of course I will reply to your other, more casual comment as well). Just wait until tomorrow afternoon (in my time zone) when I have a bunch of free time so I can write up a detailed and hopefully helpful response!

Cheers Jaguar-kouhai-chan and goodnight from the UK!
Intelos Apr 27, 2017 12:43 PM
My great pal Jaguar! Firstly I'd like to say that I truly wanted to reply after your first message, but I felt I had to let you say your part and simultaneously pack everything I want to say in one crazy essay. I'm so glad everything is alright over there, even though it seems that there's been quite a drastic change of events on your schedule: I hope that you've recovered from the shock of losing somebody you knew, despite how little contact you may have kept with that individual (and that your grandmother passed away relatively peacefully although cancer is a horrific and unpredicable disease). You see, my grandmother died suddenly when I was 10 years old. Similarly to yourself, I hasn't too close to her (quite frankly she was unpleasant to be around) and I didn't shed a single tear even at that young age, but the realisation that you can never contact that person again is a notion that truly that resonates with you for a lifetime. These experiences prove that in life you NEED to be prepared for anything that may happen; as nihilistic or embitterinly negative as this come across, you can never confidently say that any of us will be alive tomorrow, as this is simply a course of nature. However, you can't always think like this and simply have to let these feelings reside. As people rightfully say: you move on eventually.Also, it seems that your mother is a very hard-working individual and it pleases me that both your mother and yourself are taking a break off from all the daily events that you go through. There's nothing like taking time off from any work-related stress.

You have been everywhere it seems! From Pagadian City to Bohol to Cebu... what a journey; Personally I don't know if I could handle being in your position since I'm a pretty poor traveller due to motion sickness. Do you get affected at all or has the trip been smooth? Plus, I curiously checked out the hotel you're staying at and it seems to be a beautiful place, are you enjoying your stay there?

I completely get where you're getting at. I as well constantly forget how easy it is to procrastinate with write-ups; this is especially evident with reviewing. I've only written one review and everytime I get in the mood of writing one, I find myself doing something else instead which seems more enjoyable or worth the investment. I am definitely going to write at least 3 reviews once I get back to Greece after my final school exams in the summer. Also, ayyy you watch Digibro! He is a youtuber whose writing finesse I highly look up, so its great that you are familiar with him. It definitely explains why your writing style flows so well. Don't worry about how uncomfortable writing feels by the way, that is simply how consistently writing stuff feels like: you are never wholly satisfied with what you've produced.

Now, about Kino's Journey. I did in fact notice that you completed it and it pleases me to great depths that you enjoyed it so immensely. I am as well eagerly looking forward to the review you will write so I can understand precisely what your take on the story was. About your comment on how 'each episode is a different aspect of Kino's psyche'; what you read is more or less translated to this: Every episode was meant to be disonnected and discontinuous as to seperate each 'layer' of what makes up a human psyche, or human soul. Every story arc represented different aspects of life and a very specific societal parable that reflects on the mentality of humanity, if that makes sense. In simple terms, every emotion, thought and action can be reflected in the show, all very far apart to represent how converging yet not integrating emotions these are. For example, the side characters serviced the direction of each episode and therefore each emotion. If you paid close enough attention, they all defied the thematics that that episode was exploring. This serves as a contradiction as well as a contrast to what Kino is experiencing. I can even go as far as saying that the side characters were not memorable in this show, because it reflects on how we, forget almost everyone we meet. We don't care about our waiter, our neighbours' cousins who we met that one sunday evening, because we are not them. We are not supposed to care about them because life would too complicated. In a sense, it all boils down to simplicity equals complexity. Similar to how "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is" serves as a oxymoron. Does that make sense?

After I read your intepretation or my intepretention, believe it or not, I was shocked. You got it spot-on. Heck, I even made my twin brother read what you wrote and it impressed him quite a bit (and he doesn't get impressed easily :D). How I felt is precisely how you stated: every aspect of Sora no Woto is about contrast. Everything. It surprises me that other people didn't see the show as I did. As you said, other shows have done the irony of conflicting themes as well, but simply the setting Sora no Woto chose to incorporate these themes in is quite simply ingenious. I will undoubtedly rewatch the show myself and truthfully agree with you rewatching it. I'm sure you will appreciate it even more now, nevermind the fact that the show is not perfect. Similarly to Hidamari, it is a show not many know of and those who do, don't understand what it is underlyingly trying to say. Also, I'm very glad that you can relate to my findings about the religious apect in Sora no Woto. I spent quite a while contemplating my thoughts and felt almost unknowledgeable on this religious topic after you weren't convinced when I told you there were biblical references, hahah :D.

You have 1000% 'permission' to use my numerical ratings method. It is simply a way I devised which can simplify as much as possible a system that many don't quite feel confident using; the way I rate makes sense to me after many years of altering my methods. The whole point of trying to get your thoughts across to others in these ways is to, in one way or another, get somebody to appreciate and maybe even adobt your ideas. Also, as much of a slog as it sounds, in order to properly use your rating system, you have got to watch a lot of lower-quality shows, as well as mid-ranged shows and even series which you watch completely by chance. As for myself, I try to watch one anime I have been craving to watch, one show that is popular, one show that aired before 2000 and one show that is totally by random selection- and repeat. In this way, I get understand the intricacies of the medium quite well enough and can properly use the entire range of the rating system! Perhaps if this sounds like a fun way of watching a range of different types of shows feel free to use a derivative of that method :D.

Hidamari was, well, wonderful and adorable in all the right ways. It has become almost a key franchise that I associate with anime. After completing the entirety of the four main seasons and the fantastic graduation arc (I watched it right after Honeycomb btw!) I felt empty. I can never see these loving characters again on screen. I remember that on the night that I finished the show, I went to bed and couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the scene when Yunocchi, Miya and the two freshmen were acting selfish for three minutes; asking Hiro and Sae to stay with them in Hidamari apartments for just one more year and after getting over their selfish act, the unforgettable scene showcasing of all the girls walking from school back to Hidamari while the creator watches the sky with them... I cried so much (for reference, this happens on the second episode at around 17:33 minutes onwords). Another unforgettable scene in the graduation arc was the entire backstory of how Hiro and Sae met, and of course the final scene I HAVE to mention is when Yunocchi reminisces about all the wonderful people she met in Hidamari (about 21:30 in the final ep). The animation in that segment is flawless. I could talk about this for hours as you can see. The graduation arc in particular stroke a chord with me that I will never fully get over. What a godamn comfy show. Thanks for recommending me to watch all of it btw; remember that it is because of Hidamari that I randomly read your review of x365 and commented how I reacted exactly the same way as you did in the first episode. Two months really do fly by, don't they?

Haibane Renmei will definitely be a show you will respect and adore: I assure you. It is, in my opinion, truthfully Sora no Woto with extra sprinkles on top while coming out a decade before. It is a relentless watch that is soul-renching at times and bloody beautiful all the same- a timeless philosophical embodiment of life, I would say.

Now, finally, there's beyond any doubt no reason for you to apologise for 'making me wait'. In fact, I need to apologise. From now on, I will be responding much slower to ya, as sad as that may be. I enjoy writing these more than a vast majority of other things in my everyday life so it pains me to say that I have finals coming up in a few weeks, which continue until June 27th. I have to unfortunately allocate a shitload of time and effort to these exams which will determine whether I get into university of not. Plus, the university I need to get into has a really high standard for the grades they want. Basically all A's. If you check my recent anime I've seen, well, I haven't watched anime at all for three weeks because I spend like 7 hours a day studying very high-level courses. I feel guilty if I spend more than an hour or two not studying so writing these replies, just like yourself, takes a lot of energy and time for me. I promise that during my summer vacation (so from June 27th until September 25th) I will be able to talk every single day. Also, if you feel comfortable in the future, we can always use Discord (or Skype if you prefer) to chat by voice, which would take FAR less time than writing. I know that talking to someone online who you haven't ever met in person before may be daunting (I've never done it myself!) but if it sounds like a good plan to ya lets go ahead! Once again, I'm so sorry man but as I'm sure you understand I won't be able to talk as frequently like this; as much as it irritates to say so but otherwise I'd regret it I spent my time otherwise.

Just like youself, I wouldn't want to do anything to take away the chance to talk to you. You truly are the greatest guy I've conversed with in this site in terms of intelligence, maturity, flexibility in ideals and sheer enjoyability to talk to. You rock and I wish for utmost health for you and your family in the far future.

Cheers Jaguar-chan and good night from Harrogate :)
Intelos Apr 15, 2017 2:48 PM
Hey man, just want to make sure if everything's alright? Maybe you didn't realise but I replied to ya the day after yours so maybe you didn't notice the reply. Its just that its been more than two weeks and I'm wondering if I've said anything wrong hahah
Intelos Mar 31, 2017 10:49 AM
Whew! Firstly, its really all right; its just that the unusuality of the event of you not replying made me come to the conclusion that I either said something that really pissed you off, or that you just lost interest in the conversation, hahah. Seriously though, I should by no means be in your priority list. I am just another guy on the internet, who am I to tell you when to reply? A little while ago, I was conversing with another user in very much the same style as this (granted, nowhere near as interesting as these conversations) and we used to take a few weeks/ a month to reply! The beauty of communication is portrayed through the thought behind the words not its volume, is basically what I'm getting at. Sort of like quality vs quantity. I watched the first episode of the playthough after you told me btw, I was caught off guard by the voice acting because of how well timed and well voiced the presenters were acting! No wonder one of them is a professional. I've always wanted to watch some Phoenix Wright before, so a great occasion was been presented to me, thanks for that!

SERIOUSLY, you're taking notes too?? Didn't really expect that! (its also fascinating how you take notes from a computer, I myself am pretty old fashioned with my pencil and paper, since it allows me to almost connect more strongly with what I'm trying to say.) While skimming through your notes, I can definitely agree with you about the "well, that happened" thought. This is one of the primary reasons concerning my love for the show, every scene almost gave me something new to think about (this directly applies to all my 10/10 shows and manga)- as I'm sure you have figured out, every episode is a different representation of Kino's psyche. That's why the action scenes I believe are pretty justified. She left her home at a very young age and naturally she was traumatised; the chase scenes and the adrenaline is certainly a side effect of this. Of course, I'll be able to completely understand your thoughts in your review (which I really hope gets more attention on this site- I'll be sure to make it get attention!), so I'll allow you to refrain from telling me everything. Just know that its ending is particularly masterful and complex, so I think you'll appreciate that! Also, the tournament arc in the mid-point of the episode also surprised me and is definitely the weakest part of the show, don't fret.

Yes! I'm very excited about the Tatami galaxy lookalike movie. As you noted, it is indeed from the original author of the Tatami Galaxy novel, so that's why the aesthetic of its art feels so similar. The recurring characters that appear I think are just a little Easter egg or something. To be honest, I'm pretty darn confused myself and am not entirely sure what to expect from it. I trust in the director though, so hopefully it will be at least half-decent. I won't be able to watch it even be less-than-legal means here, because movies take forever to get released online and to be translated. Its fine though, I'm not in too much of a rush to watch it. There's another movie which is out around the same time as this Tatami Galaxy spin-off thing, which is called 'Lu over the wall'. It has nothing to do with Tatami's characters or universe it seems and it looks quite intriguing, so you might want to check it out too!

Now, onto Soranowoto. Firstly, I've got to say- you've done your homework. Nichijou-kei is the perfect phrase to describe the lighter segments of soranowoto. (just what I'd expect from ya :D) At least, that's what the show is trying to go for. Firstly, let me go through your comment on how I described Soranowoto's religious odes'. To begin with, I too despise it when some call out everything they see to be a biblical reference (OMG a steak of light shone on a characters' face....! That must definitely be some Biblical reference from somewhere at some point!!!). It feels like a cheap way of coming across like you know what you're saying and that you've got a sharp eye. I'd also like to add that I am by no means a theologist and to add to that I am an Atheist, so I've never read the bible before (just to add one more thing, I know that religion is a controversial topic and I completely respect anybody who believes in anything they want to believe. Be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, whatever. Only a fool would discriminate others for something as personal as religion!). Also, I may have misrepresented what I was trying to say. Soranowoto has some pretty minor biblical differentiation, however they are more prevalent than most other anime which just flat out reject religion. (I've written some notes down about this btw :D) First of all, the song that is commonly played (this one: is about a grand understanding of redemption. The song solidifies Rio's views on religion and mythology: at first she is apprehensive about religion, but after she gets treated by Kanata she reconciles. Another point is that there is a quote in the show that goes as such: "You have suffered enough , if no one else forgives you, I will" which personally reminded me of how Jesus treated his deciples. Also, the end of the world in Soranowoto literally reminded me of the eschaton: "The world is passing away and so is its desire", seen in John 2:17. This also directly correlates to why I saw so strongly the show to be so ironic. Although accoring to the afformetioned quote, which says how "the desire of the world is passing", the series uses its fantastic nichijou-kei elements to create a parallel to this. The people of Seize are content and are not afraid of the end of the world. Kanata in particular creates a great parallel, but I will get to this later. Another religious element of the show was how much detail the religious aspect of the world was tackled; the main religion in Helvetia is the Helvetian Orthodox Church, which claims that infinite gods exit (or, around 8 million), which the Roman Empire retains a more traditional monotheistic religion. These are the main religious/biblical traits I felt the show contained, so apologies if you thought I was being pretentious or whatnot- that's not my intention.

Now, onto the irony of Soranowoto. I wholeheartedly agree that irony does not denote quality. In the case of B-movies which you very correctly pointed out, irony is the main selling point; however that is not what Soranowoto is going for. Soranowoto is a show about 'what-ifs' to me. What if a group of girls that you would typically find in a school setting were suddely placed in the most undesireable place possible? What if there was a massive threat to the girls, yet they didn't give much of a damn and just wanted to live their lives away in relative hapiness? Many of these parellels were drawn: just like the biblical quote I used earlier. Soranowoto understands that viewers will not appreciate exactly why a nichijou-kei sub-aspect is 'thrown in' along with trauma, death and misery used in the latter part of the show. Its a series to me that tells the viewer that confusion may be at stake here so that the undertones of the show can come out more clearly. Why else would the girls be living in a broken down highschool? Why else would kanji be ilegible to all? For me, just like how the saying that goes: "ignorence is bliss" directly applies to Soranowoto as "irony is bliss". (In addition to all this, I as well haven't read anybody talk about the irony in the show, nor have I seen any hint of it. This is all my take on the show. Of course, I'm not trying to be different just to be cool/smart, but this is exactly what I got out from the show. Hopefully my waffled thoughts make any ounce of sense- its just very difficult to explain.) In a nutshell, for a series such as Soranowoto, which contains such conflicting tones, it only makes sense to have ironic themes there. It makes sense that a character would be confused about why this is all happening: why war takes place, when the world is so beautiful and its inhabitants are blissful? For myself, more that anything, these ironic themes descibe to the viewer the satirical nature of conflict intraspecifically, when that same species is battling to survive in a world that is dying? I'm going to stop now, since I could go on in loops forever.

(Moreover, like you stated, the worldbuilding of the show was truly, truly excellent. The detail of its culture, the realism of its heirarchy, the different religions as described earlier, the aesthetic appeal of the background art- all magnificent.)

Now, I'd just like to explain the rating. The way I tackle my numberical system is a such: a rating of 2/10, for example, has a quality which seperates itself from a 1/10. Of course, this is similar to most people, but instead of seeing that show as a terrible 2/10 crapfest, I try to find the better qualities that the production offers. So basically, a 5/10 for me must be a whole other league than a 4/10, while a 4/10 must be on a wholeother league than a 3/10 and so on. In this way, a 7/10 ends up to be a show with an exceedingly larger amount of positives than negatives. I guess this makes me an optimistic-pessimist, in a way hahah. A 7/10 show (or in Soranowoto's case, a 7.5/10) must be a representative/ambassador of sorts of its genre. For example, Soranowoto is a model example to me of a very good slice of life/parody, so it gets around a 7/10. Therefore a 7 would a something I readily recommend to people, if the genre that they are looking for is the show I'm recommending. In that way, I gave To heart a 7, since its a representative of what I believe to be a good romance. A 6/10 would be a show I would recommend, but not too strongly, but an 8/10 would be one of the best that genre has to offer. A 9/10 is an overall masterpiece, and a 10/10 is transcendingly excellent for me- a must-watch regardless of tastes. For me, the only things that Soranowoto did 'wrong' was that its parodic nature was not fully realised. What I mean is, there needed to be more variety in its commentary for me to completely grant it a strong recommendation. Its a bit too hit-and-miss if I recommend it to people, as many wouldn't understand either the irony of the show, nor the intelligence of its nichijou-kei elements. Also, there were some episodes which did not impact me as much, or were forgetable in their execution in the grand schemes of the show's narrative- which as afformentioned was the commentary of culture and religion, and of course, irony. Take a shot for how many times I've mentioned the word irony btw (non-alcoholic shot of course, tisk tisk)

Ahh, Haibane Renmei. This is a much more biblically-driven show (which explains a reason why I gave it a 9/10, since its themes are more accurately addressed.), which tells the story of, indeed, angels. Or more accurately, a derivative of sorts of a group of angels. Its a show that majorly tackles redemption of sins. Its a show that geniously uses its first half to delve into its characters' psychological layering (hence why its labelled to be very psychologically driven) and then in its second act, it delves more into the mysterious world it presents and those others who inhabit it. It is very rightfully critically acclaimed because of how well composed the series is. It knows EXACTLY what story it wants to tell and to what sort of audience. It doesn't spell out anything to you, but instead allows you to figure out your own understanding; its' almost relentless in that way. The ending of the show will leave you wanting more, and for great reason- of course knowing your distaste for spoilers I will refain from adding more. It is very much like Soranowoto; so much so that I couldn't help but compare the two while watching Soranowoto (a bad habit, but I couldn't help it, sorry!). Haibane Renmei is truly a beautiful series that explores very accurately what the original author of the story was going through- sort of how evangelion was conceived, but more solidly constructed.

Damn man, 4:48 am and you're replying to me?? You're awesome man! Seriously, you don't have to rush these at all- the meer fact that I have met such a curious and cool guy like you is more than gratifying enough to me, so that to grant late-ish responses. As for myself as well, I enjoy talking to ya too! Almost the highlight of the constant cloudy days here in the UK.

Cheers Jaguar- Chama and good afteroon from the no longer EU UK! (lol)

(edit: I've started Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb and ITS AWESOME. The series never ceases to impress me. Especially its first episodes.)
Intelos Mar 25, 2017 11:21 AM
Heya! Firstly, excuse the long wait for this reply, I've had a whole bunch of tests at school which have kept me so busy. Plus, I've been watching (and loving) Soranowoto for the whole day today and yesterday, so I wanted to formulate a really accurate consensus with my thoughts on this show. No seriously, I've been writing detailed notes so that I can clearly tell you what I think about it, since you so nicely recommended it to me!

So, to start with: Yeah, don't worry please about Veronin and the whole topic of translation. To be honest, I wouldn't want to converse with someone I didn't know, especially if it were with someone who was far older than myself. This is especially true on the internet, where you can never really know how someone is until you meet them. I actually have forgotten that you are only 15! Talking to you online makes you come across to be at least a year or two older than that...! Regardless, I wish you good luck with whatever you wish to translate, I'm sure it will be well worth it!

Now, about the comment about the imperative nature of openings and endings. The way I see any episode of a series is very much how I believe any other story should be, despite its length. What I mean is, that no matter how long that production is, whether it is a 5-minute short or a 10-hour epic, there needs to be an introduction and a finale. An opening and an ending is pretty much how you are invited into that production and how you must feel after having watched it in its entirety. A great OP and ED, even if its repeated over and over again, can diverge vastly depending on the thematics of the episode. Many openings in particular have plenty of inner meanings that only after having watched the whole series, can you pin-point their significance (a great example of this is Ergo Proxy and of course many good mystery shows). A brilliant editing choice that is rarely but tastefully done with openings and endings is when slight changes are made. An example of this is seen in Zegapain: one of my all-time favorites series, which tied very tightly the exploration of its universe with subtle changes of order in how the op and ed play out. Another example is Hidamari Sketch. I'm not sure if you noticed, but in every opening, there have been slight changes to specific phrames. This is especially prevelant with x365's OP. Basically, if you skip the opening and ending, you are ever-so-slightly rejecting how the director wants you so watch the series. Of course, if both the OP and ED are completely useless depictions of characters running into the horizon looking all cheery, then you won't be getting much out of them and you can just skip them entirely. I skip such openings all the time. Of course, for the better series here, including Soranowoto's AMAZING op (as I so wistfully wrote in my thoughts), you just shouldn't miss that extra effort from the animation team.

Ah! I didn't know that about Hideaki Anno! That is quite fascinating; I always thought that it made more sense that he directed Evangelion as a sense of self-betterment, but even the opposite argument makes sense. Just as a side note, there's not a lot of things I enjoy more than being proven wrong. Of course, I don't think I am a masochist (although that would explain why I've sat through some of my 1/10's hahah), but there's quite that amazing feeling when someone can expertely form an infallible view, that you just have to accept it. Not enough people I think view media critically, yet I can't help but also feel that some of those who do, don't really know what they are trying to get to and end up coming across as pretentions- almost pompous-like. It almost inspires me to one-up myself in my critiquing-abilites when this happens! Also, thanks so much for the respect: I too learn a lot from what you say believe it or not. Like I've said before, its remarkably rare to come across someone who has their wits about them! Its almost an honor :D

About The Tatami Galaxy, I do agree: it definitely is strictly about making the most of what you have and grabbing the opportunity given to you. After having rewatched it, those themes almost got a bit preachy/repetitive and similarly I didn't quite get that special feeling as much as I thought I would the second time around. However, it is still very worth seeing again, as you do naturally miss quite a bit of the nuance behind the dialogue as the series likes to speed through everything. The reason why people describe it as an intelligent masterpiece is because of its background. Not only does it have a massive cult following, but its director Masaaki Yuasa (who is an incredible director in his own right) is famous for creating "intelligent masterpieces". I do feel that people overregarded what Tatami was trying to achieve, which is a pretty simple message in nature. Tatami is not mind-blowingly complex in any way, but the way it was told is very different to what most people can handle, leading them to believe that everything they missed contained the intellectual ideas and whatnot. Of course, the show is still pretty damn great, but definitely held to be great by the genaral audience for mainly the wrong reasons.

Now for the main section of the reply: So-ra-no-wo-to.- What a lovely show! As you have already seen, I've spend quite a bit of thinking time on this quite frankly fundamental series. This is definitely one of the more intriguing stories I've ever behold. This is much more of a complex show than Tatami, for example. This here, is a tale about irony. If you could read any of my writing, you could see the word 'irony' written quite frequently. I'll specify what I mean: clearly the show is a military-based story, yet no fighting or much conflict has happened, at least as of yet. There are so many more parallels that are drawn here: 1)the thematics are certainly about the beauty/aesthetics of life and how music envelopes that very notion, yet you spend an entire episode watching the girls get blind-drunk and throwing up 2) this is a story about a military sector, yet we follow a group of cute girls living out their lives 3) once again the theme of military is present, yet the place where the girls are staying is a dilapidated high-school (the high-school in and of itself is a play on how a group of 4-5 girls are typically set in a high-school club, for example k-on) 4) the OP is a stunning artistic illustation of beauty and sophistication, yet the ED shows the girls messing about and laughing at how badly Kanata plays the trumpet 5) the series has such brilliantly detailed and realistic backgrounds, yet the mid-episode intersection is a over-simplified, almost chibi-like picture of the main cast posing for the camera 6) Humanity is slowly on the decline, yet all the inhabitants are happier and more pleased about living their lives than most people in present-day. These are just a minute amount of comparisons that I have seen and written about; So-ra-no-wo-to (which is hyphenated to represent the 5 main girls I believe) is like a very clever and subtle parody of life. I've never quite seen this before done to this extent- it really is a treat! The best part is, even though the series is like a very smart satire of tropes, it is very beautifully directed and philosophically stimualating when it wants to be. It is riddled with commentary about things such as the meaninglessness of war, the reason for living even if the world is ending, how history always repeats itself and also, surprisingly, pleanty of biblical references too. For example, from what I can tell, the table that the girls sit in a direct reference to 'the last supper'; practically comparing the end of the world to the death of Christ- just food for thought. Also, I really enjoy how each character has had their own episode to highlight their characterisation. This series really reminds me of a series called Haibane Renmei- one of my all-time favorites. I've seen many compare the two and while that is a great thing seeing how much I love Renmei, I think both shows are leagues of their own. All I can really say is: thanks for recommending to me Soranowoto! It really is a special show in many ways. I will give you my complete thoughts once I've finished it all, along with the specials. (edit: also, that insert song in episode 1 was so beautiful. When do you see french in anime?)

That really is a shame that there is no such Space Camp in the Philippines. Like you have said, it truly, truly is a special experience. I'm sure that there is some program that you can involve yourself into, it doesn't have to be a Space Camp in particular. I really hope that you can find something fun like that to do during your summer vacation!

Thanks! I've been looking forward to each and every reply of yours for quite a while now! This is why I feel so bad to keep you waiting with my delayed responces. Anyways, I hope you have a really great day!

Cheers Jaguar-kouhai!

Edit: Yay, you're watching Kino's journey! Seems like you're really enjoying it, since you gave it an 8 even though you're 5/13 episodes in. This means that you can't give it any higher right? At least this is from what I can understand judging how you rate your anime. Regardless, what do you think about it?? I'm so hyped up right now :D
Intelos Mar 19, 2017 2:44 PM
Hey Jaguar! Yes, I'm definitely envious of your vacation, but of course, this sort of thing comes around in full circle since I will be having a summer vacation from late june to late september, which is when my university course starts; I'll be the one laughing then mwahahah!

Although I don't know anyone personally, I do in fact know that a user in this site named Veronin (a really well-known reviewer on here) who in actuality lives in Japan (He is American or Canadian though) readily involves himself with the Japanese language. He reads visual novels regularly completely raw (in Japanese) and is quite knowledgeable in Japanese writing. I think he might help you out! However, of course, you will need to ask him because like I said I don't know the guy so may be busy, but let me know how it goes!

Yes, it is very correct and I should have specified that a balance is required. Being too slow paced can most certainly ruin a romance, even more so sometimes than if the pacing is too quick (an infamous example of this is Nisekoi, although I haven't watched it myself to verify). I am also personally biased when shows go out of their way to stop a series before a relationship starts. Realism is definitely a plus here, but I think it is fitting to stop a series at this point. Its important to stress that the journey is more prudent than the destination. Of course, with Yuri on Ice being an example, people have also said that its very fitting and realistic how the homosexual relationship was treated, while many others have stated the opposite. All these examples prove that romance, like for example comedy, is not only subjectively enjoyed, but can be very controversially met if the show tries to do something different. This is a very interesting matter that requires an individual to find their pesonal idealogies and preferences- it simply can't be dealt with otherwise fruifully. So overall short story short, there is no real answer to what makes one romance better than another, but the perception of the viewer as well as the variety of experiences that that viewer has had (how many relationships that person has been in, etc) can skew the enjoyabilty quite a bit. What a pain to think about!

Indeed, I have heard and am ridiculously excited for Kino's journey's second season. Its also great that its a tv series. However, I am cautious on whether it will be any good. The studio which worked on the first season went bankrupt and the original director died in 2011.... RIP Nakamura Ryuutarou. Also, I would be content if its an actual second season and not a remake or anything of the like. Let's hope!

WOW, a whole week for each? Such dedication. I also wrote a review, but it took me about 2-3 hours to write and edit it. I seriously believe that you need more people to appreciate your reviews. It doesn't matter that they may be slightly disconnected (this is a typical writer's issue, don't fret too much about it!); you really did put across your thoughts very well. To be honest with you, I am starting to agree with you quite a bit after watching the 4th and 5th episodes or Hidamari Sketch Hotsimittsu. The events that take place are generally very forgettable. The directing has weakened quite a bit too. Even some of the signiture artistic queues such as the footsteps being shown with the character's name imprinted on them and yoshinoya-sensei saying how she wants to strip all the time is starting to get a tad bit stale. I'm still enjoying them, but I can't help but notice the repetitiveness of this season- which of course directly correlatives to forgetting what is actually going on on-screen. It just seems I can't disagree with you, hahah! Also, just like you, I don't really dislike anything that has happened, there just isn't that wow-factor that is frequently associated between us and the series, which is a bit of a shame, I sort of miss that rare feeling.. I am in addition quite wary/uncertain on how Nazuna and Nori's characters are treated. They don't come across to be as special as the main cast. Nazuna in particular often feels like a black slate, with not much character flowing out of her (granted, this is purposely executed to achieve a shy/reserved nature, but I disgress). I just want some more impertinent characterisation damn it! Also, what is your favorite opening for Hidamari? The third opening is pretty forgettable to me and even slightly irritating because of how generic the chorus sounds. The first season's op is so recognisable, with its clapping gestures and beautiful chorus. x365's op is also so very memorable (WASSHOI WASHO-SHOI!, lol) and fun to rewatch. Don't get me wrong I still watch the whole op every episode because that's how I believe anime is meant to be watched, but I was definitely a bit disappointed by this. Finally, I also agree that the season is less dynamic and the camera movement is less daring. So far I'd still give the season a 6.5-7/10 though, because of how much I adored the first three episodes.

The themes of Evangelion aren't as complicated as people make them out to be, you are very correct. However, they are very relevant- for both young and old. The series has ideas that, although not ground-breaking, are themes that aren't very commonly enough discussed in most shows. As per usual, many people praise Evangelion because they are either a) pseudo-intellectuals who take whatever other people say for granted b) not even seeing the issues with Evangelion or c) nostalgics that have been rose-visioned. The show also definitely doens't even bother to explain some of its themes. This is exceedingly obvious when the series tries to get more psychologically-involving in its latter episodes. This is because the director of the show Hideaki Anno (just like you said, you need Wiki to understand the underlying messages) was going through heavy depression and so Evangelion suffers from the same traits that he was suffering from, leading to confusing plot-points and empty words. Seriously, I really respect you for knowing what you like, making your own opinion (which is why I don't automatically expect you to enjoy To Heart as much as I did, nor for any other show I recommend you, however confident I am to recommend them :D) and sticking with that opinion. Good for you man!

Don't worry, I completely understand that after having watched a show, your opinion can change quite a bit after rewatching them. Recently I rewatched Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, and before I had it in my third place in my favorites and rated it a 10, but then after having been let down I decreased it to a 9, and lowered it to my 8th place on my favorites. On the topic of Tatami Galaxy, I also find it fascinating that you gave in a 7/10. Everybody I've seen has given it a 9+, but of course this is a similar case to evangelion, where people take what others praise for granted and blurr their perception/what otherwise would be a show they didn't care about as much. What didn't you like about Tatami Galaxy? Like with evangelion, I really respect that you gave it a 7, no childish harsh feelings here of course!

On the subject of Soranowoto, like you said, it definitely sounds up my alley, but of course you never know until you watch it!

Yeah, times definitely change. Nostalgia is really an incredible thing. About a year back I was randomly thinking about how great Cartoon Network shows such as Courage the Cowardly dog and Dexter's laboratory used to be, thinking that they were marvelously subtle and that they had amazing atmospheres and humor, but after watching a few scenes on Youtube, I couldn't help but get shivers down my spine (the bad ones though, hahah) after watching how some of the jokes were written. Those cartoons (and iCalry too on that matter) truly pale in comparison to your typical good anime series. Seriously though, check out some scenes (heck, even the scenes that people wrongfully claim to be the greatest and most memorable scenes) and I can almost definitely guarantee that you will cringe to some extent. Its just how these things go, sadly. These are kids' shows after all, which are aimed primarily to a more juvenile Northern American audience (no racism at all intended of course). Natgeo or discovery are still great, however. I mean, at the time of writing this I am peaking over a National Geographic documentary about farming on TV!

Now onto the IQ societies. This is definitely a more hidden matter that not many people know about. First of all, don't even bother searching online for a proper IQ test. These are horrible inaccurate and would probable give you an irrationally high score. To get a proper test you need to unfortunately go to a supervised test that you pay a hefty sum for. Some of these tests go for 40 pounds, or around 2500 philipino peso. They are basically like any other exam. For the exam that I went through, I had to sit through a 2 hour and 25 minute exam, in a special centre back in Greece. For Mensa (the most famous IQ test organisation) you need an IQ of 130+ with I believe a stardard deviation of 16. (or, around 2 percentile of the population. Its a pretty tiring test but its pretty fun! If you manage to get a membership, you basically can chat with others on the allocated forums, or you can go for dinner in a specified location that they send to you on email. I've been to some before and its very interesting; you can chat to people about so many intriguing topics, while you can also watch some talks/presentations on some interesting matters (sort of like Ted-ED, if you're familiar with them). Going to these meetings (I've gone four times already) can definitely give you an accurate difference between a genius and just a very clever person. Some of the ways that these people (mainly adults go to these meetings btw as you can imagine) speak so eloquently and incredibly that they can actually intimidate you! Anyways, if you ever do a test in the future and by any chance you don't get it, you really shouldn't worry because, although accurate, there truly are infinite measures of intelligence. I can assure you though, especially from my experience with other proper intellectuals, that you are really smart, trust me. (I wouldn't say that to anybody lightly hahaha :D)

Ahh, the username. Its an interesting story actually, thanks for being curious. When I was 14, I was invited to take part in a summer Space Camp, in Turkey. It was an American funded organisation, so it was extremely well funded and well organised (a bit of a contradicitory statement, seeing how this story will play out). You basically experience how an astronaught and the scientific team behind space exploration go about to prepare investigations in space. You experience stuff like 1/6th of earth's gravitational pull via a hydrolic machine tied to a seat which pulls you slightly up every time you jump, specialised flight vehicles such as those you would use on the moon to navigate and even equipment suits. I even met Michael Collins! On the second last day on the camp, my team I was in and I had to reinact a mission control to launch a missile. Some of us sat in a replica of a rocket, while some of us were in a replica control tower, giving commands to the 'astonauts' over radio. It was really quite fun, I won't ever forget it. My position was the ESD, or the emergency situation director and one line I had to read out wrote was: "In the case of emergency where pressure in-cabin decreases abnomally, the intelos will act up". The intelos part was a total typo and was meant to be an 'ICP pressure sensor', according to the invigilator. It became an inside joke for my team and it just stuck with me ever since then!

Wow, this was very long, I didn't even realise I wrote this much, hope it isn't to much to read! It really it a pleasure to be able to chat with such a curious and interesting fellow- you don't get many people like yourself in this site, at least from my experience!

Cheers Jaguar-Tan!

Intelos Mar 15, 2017 4:10 PM
Yo! Once again, excuse my two-day delay, but as you may see, I tend to have trouble typing really long replies in a short timephrame. I simply have so much work (especially being in my final year of school, I am bombarded with a workload). I feel really guilty making you wait, since you always reply so amazingly quickly, how do you do it? lol. Prepare yourself for a massive reply mwahahah!!

Let me answer your first question. Hmm, what I believe makes a good romance huh? That's a tough question as there are many different types of romances. You have your romatic romances, underlying/friendship romances (e.g Hiro and Sae in Hidamari Sketch) and even neglecting/passive romances. Obviously a good romance is imperative to contain a likable set of characters with good characterisation, interesting and relatable motives and of course most of all, you want to ship them, hahah. On a more serious not though, I think that there needs to be pace. In a real relationship (I've personally only been in one, which wasn't even very serious. I don't really tend to care about relationships in real life anyways because they tend to be redundant and unfulfilling, especially for people in our age group) you don't just get immediately married/build serious sentimental relations after just having met. This automatically rules out a whole bunch of shitty romance anime (I'm looking at you, Ecchi Harems). Also, I'm a firm believer that a good romantic relationship does not require direct evidence/reciprocation of romantic genstures. You need ethos, layering in the words between the two people involved and of course, a proper and realistic reason for loving someone. In To heart (don't worry I won't spoil anything), its very evident that the writers understood what a realistic portral of affection looks like. This was achieved by clever video editing and small details in the body language e.g the elongated shots between conversations showing momentary hesitation and retracing of ideals, the resting of a characters' palms on the back of their head showing comfort or acceptance and other clever tactics that you don't see enough in media, especially in romance shows. I think you'll see what I mean when you watch To Heart. I hope I gave you an idea of how I see this topic!

Now for the second question. No, sadly I haven't read Kino's Journey's light novels. I have heard fantastic things about the light novels however, I will definitely get onto that someday. Kino no tabi is in fact semi-episodic and for me the length was unbelievably satisfying, albeit I wanted more...a LOT more content (hopefully the newly announced second season is good). The TV series adapts the first few volumes of the LN, so you won't miss any content, don't worry. Btw there are some movies of Kino no tabi which I myself haven't seen but if you like some more contect check them out, I have heard they are pretty good, although not as great as the tv series unfortunately.

I'm sure you have noticed, but I've started Hidamari Sketch hochimittsu....dude I think we're going to be disagreeing with this one here. I truly and honestly feel that this third season is the best so far. The first episode is one of the best episodes I've ever seen, it was PERFECT for me. To me, the season flows even better than its predecessors, the directing is tighter, the new freshmen are lovely additions to the main cast keeping the story fresh and every scene has been ingrained in my eyes. The way that the bath scenes with Yuno have been made transparent just adds to the themes of what this season is trying to tell. Yuno is opening herself up to more people, she was always lonely being an only-child and we see her get more comfortable with others and herself. The principals' speech about Spring and its association with the coming and going of relations, and friendships. Its Hidamari sketch speaking to the audience that eventually we will have to say farewell to the cast and get back into reality. The principal is that voice in the back of everybody's heads saying what is right and to look in the future, yet enjoy "being part of the youthful age". Its just really obvious to me that this series is shaping up to be truly special, and I'd just like to thank you and your reviews of Hidamari (because that gave me even more motivation to watch the entirety of Hidamari Sketch, not that I wouldn't have anyways ahahah). Also, the scene between Hiro and Sae while cleaning room 103 or 203 with the Landlady, where Hiro asked Sae when Sae thought of Hiro when they first met (that was hard to explain in words) and Sae answered: "Sugar and spice". I screamed internally and externally and I think my neighbours heard me. This of course once again reinforces what I view as a brilliant romance.

Btw, how was Evangelion? It is a truly gigantic mindfuck, if you ask me. Thankfully I understood well enough to absolutely adore it, especially the End of Evangelion. I see you gave both an 8 so perhaps they don't resonate with you quite as well as it did with me (I gave the series an 8/10 and the End of Evangelion a 9/10) but I promise you that as time goes on you may appreciate the movie even more after a rewatch, trust me its well worth it! (also watch this analysis after you watch all the rebuilds, I really recommend it! :D)

You say that you haven't seen most of my favorites, yet I haven't seen a good amount of your favorites either! I really want to watch Aoi Hana. I am in great need of a good Shoujo Ai after watching Hourou Musuko (a really good transgender show, recommend it if you're in the mood of another good romance to solidifu your views on romance shows). I also really need a great cute girls show like Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?, its fascinating how its your top favorite, haven't seen that before too many times! So ra no wo to is also a series I've told myself I need to see; some of my peers claim it to be a masterpiece so I'm highly intrigued by it.

I too watched Cartoon Netwrork when I was young. Icarly was also a series I marathoned as a kid, sort of nostalgic of it but it sort of sucks if you watch it again, almost cringeworthy actually. I've always been a massive fan of Nat Geo and discovery channel myself. They always gave me a cozy feel when watching them in bed after a tiring day of school- good memories~.

Yes, its a similar situation for me as well. Me and my twin brother (identical twin) have always been far more intelligent that our peers. I went to a public Greek school when I was young where everyone was horribly stupid, so I felt often very secluded. I have an IQ of 136 btw, and no, its not from your BS Facebook IQ tests that everybody scores 150+, no. This score is from an actual test for Mensa. I'm also a member of multiple IQ societies, have you joined any yourself? They are great fun because you can learn a lot from other members who each know a great deal in their respective interests, its almost insprining to me. (My dumb twin has an IQ of 141 and he can go f*ck him himself, jk) There are specifically many people fascinated by philosophy in these societies so I think you may fit in nicely!

I'm undoubtedly enjoying talking to you as well!

Cheers Jag-jag-chan!
Intelos Mar 12, 2017 1:41 PM
~First and foremost, I'd like to apologise for the slow reply, I've been really busy with schoolwork.~

Holy sh*t, according to a word counter, that was 1,145 words long. That's longer that practically any essay I've had to write for school, hahaha. But really, its my pleasure to reply in such a lengthy manner, it actually makes my day!

To start off, I did some snooping around in your profile (blame my MAL notifications for that) and I noticed that you planned to watch To Heart. You probably can't imagine how happy that makes me. What's hilarious is that I came by this show by pure chance: I went onto Kissanime (just your piracy-friendly site, of course), used the randomiser that appears on the home page (across all genres of anime) and just watched whatever came up; I've actually used this method to watch about 10 series, mostly coming across some really obscure titles from the 80's and 90's which I dropped from the first episode, but its an interesting experience nonetheless: I've been told by some other users on this site that to come across a series like this (where no expectations at all are had and where you know nothing about the series at all and end up loving it) is extremely rare and to cherish when it happens. To Heart is a series which practically none of my friends have seen or even heard of. I have tried to find other people who have seen it but almost NOBODY has. Therefore, I cannot assure you that you will love To Heart as much as I did, since I don't know if its your sort of show. Its really slow-paced, there is not much going on and it may even appear to be generic. To be honest with you, if you ever watch it in the foreseeable future (it'd be awesome to see what you'd think about it just because I am inherently curious to know) I would be more suprised if you liked it as much as me, than if you ended up being passive. Most of the comments/feedback I've heard for this show (granted, its by people I don't really trust) either say its cute, or boring. I'm assuming that you have read my humble 'recollections' about the show (thanks for that btw :D, I didn't think anybody would actually care for it at all lol) so I'm not going to go into why I think its so great- just be warned that it might not be a masterpiece to you, so don't feel guilty if you feel that way. Anyways, I've rambled enough about this, onto the next point...!

I'm sure you are aware, but I finished Hidamari Sketch x365 a couple days ago: It was so bloody good! That 2nd last episode in particular (the episode with Sae and Hiro's fight, as well as the bamboo tree) actually made me cry manly tears, as well as scream inside a couple of times. Also, the last scene of the last episode where each character sung part of the first season's opening was a PERFECT conclusion to the season! So unique! Another scene that I particularly remember and adored was when Yuno went to the school rooftop, (I was caught off guard when Yuno put on those sunglasses because it reminded me of your profile picture) that scene gave me such a serene and tranquil feel- almost like an iyashikei anime would! I'm starting to miss the show already.

Also, I'm going to start the third season soon, but I really want to savour the series and not go through it too quickly because of how special it is to me. Btw, I do agree with you that Yoshinoya (as well as the Principal) sometimes waste screen time, but coupled with the Yoshinoya specific episode in x365 I can't help but love some of her gags- she's just too darn adorable to me!

I read though what you wrote about yourself in your page about your taste and your rating system and I must say, you thought it through very well and carefully. You are clearly a very intelligent person to be able to group what you love and what you don't about certain series so quickly. Watching analyses and whatnot is just proof of this. For a typical viewer, this wouldn't ever take place, or if it did, this would happen after quite awhile. Do you have this idealogue or a similar set of rules about live action movies/series and other mediums? I'm curious to know.

Btw, excuse me if this is a personal question, but how did you learn to write English so damn well? I'm aware that in the Philippines the main languages are Filipino and English, but you write better than the majority of British people that I've seen, trust me. Is the education system there very good, or are you just skilled with linguistics?

I also noted that you are interested in philosophy. First of all that's awesome and I wish more people cared about the beauty of philosophy nowadays (there just is a lack of class in the adolecent mind as of recent memory; a generalisation I know, but nonetheless relevant), but I would implore you and would highly, highly recommend you to watch Kino no Tabi: the beautiful world. I think it is very much in your radar and in my honest opinion is a masterclass of storytelling- probable the best anime has to offer. I trust that it will tickle your fascination of philosophy quite nicely! I see that you have planned to watch it, but judging on the sheer magnitude of anime that you have planned to watch, Kino's journey would have been perhaps pushed back for awhile if I didn't recommend you to watch it, or at least I like to think so hahah. Also, I see that you have planned to watch it as well, but Texhnolyze is definitely what you are looking for, I believe. Its' characters have ridiculously good characterisation and in terms of philosophical qualites, there are plenty. Seriously though, just ask for any kid of series that you want to see and maybe I can help you in some way!

Please don't apologise about writing crazy lengths of text to, as contradicatory as I may sound because I keep apologising myself, but I sincerely enjoy writing these myself. Hope this wall of text isn't too much of a bother to you either- take your time with these!

Cheers Jag-Chan!

Intelos Mar 8, 2017 7:28 AM
Woah, what a response!

{First of all (and I know this may come across to be a bit weird), thanks for such an enthusiastic and passionate reply! Many times, after messaging people on this site for the first time expressing my thoughts on some topic, all I get is a "Thanks, Intelos" or something similar, hahah :D.}

Its exactly as you said; Hidamari Sketch lies in a truly grand niche. I mean think about it: watching anime is a pretty giant niche in and of itself outside of Japan and even inside of Japan, but nevermind investing in such an unpopular and hidden series such as Hidamari (or, at least in the 'west'). Also, please don't fret about the mini 'spoiler'; not only is that information about Honeycomb not ruining anything for me, but instead has made me even more excited to watch the entirety of the franchise! I'm not the type of viewer who would care much for spoilers to topics such as a death of a character, or the final kiss in a romcom. For example, Angel Beats!'s finale was spoiled for me, yet I could still appreciate the ending for what it was.

Regardless, I'm super hyped about the rest of Hidamari Sketch! I've read ridiculously good feedback about the third and fourth seasons (of course for the first two as well!). Some people whose rating/ideas I really trust, gave Hidamari Sketch's first season a 5 (a rating I believe to be a diservice to the first season) and end up giving x Honeycomb and x ☆☆☆ 8's/9's and even 10's! Of course ratings aren't everything and what really matters is your own opinion, but I still get riled up knowing how good it must get!

I love Yunocchi so much as well! So much so that I'm considering favoriting either her, or Miyako (heck, all characters are fricking awesome, even the Principal is so intricately written and geniously timed for his comedic moments). For me to favorite a character is so rare, especially after having watched 300+ anime, with thousands of characters in total, Hidamari Sketch is just that great!

To finish up, (because I tend to ramble a bit for series I truly love, oops :P) don't get mistaken by my rating for Hidamari Sketch's first season being a 6/10. Not only in reality is it more like a 6.5/10 and leaning to a 7, (I wish MAL included half-scores, damnit!), but I just want to give true attention to the latter seasons, which I can already see a potential 8 to 9 there. Otherwise, if I gave all seasons 9-10s there wouldn't be enough discrepancy to show how excellent the franchise gets! Indeed, Hidamari Sketch x365's opening episode I could confidently say was an absolute masterstroke- in terms of its unrivalled animation, brilliant referencing to the first season and Akiyuki Shinbou's genius directing; I would most definitely give it a 8.5-9/10. My jaw was dropped to the ground.

And finally, its great to see that you are enjoying Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon, and Demi-chan. These are some really lovely series that caught me by surprise. I mean, who would think a story about a damn Maid-Dragon can be so charming and intellectually stimulating!

Sorry about this bombardment of a reply, you just seem like a cool guy to talk to, plus you have great taste (seriously though, how did you develop such refined taste so quickly? It took me around 250 anime to get to that, hahah!)

Cheers, Jaguar-Chan

Edit: Also, THIS SOUNDTRACK MAN: Shinmiri.
Intelos Mar 7, 2017 12:46 PM
My reaction for Hidamari Sketch x365 has been EXACTLY like yours! What a darn charming show! Hidamari seriously needs more love and attention... Miyako best girl btw
ViskMusic Dec 15, 2016 9:45 PM
solid sound of the sky quote