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Jun 9, 2019
MID 2 to LIGHT 5. I found some aspects okay but dislike others.

Well, that was something. I've never watched feature-length propaganda, nor have I watched much pre-60s animation. This was a new experience for me, and, in both the propaganda and animation aspects, the movie was morbidly interesting.

As a Pinoy, well... I think it should be obvious how I feel about the propaganda. Although, I want to note a caveat in my take.

The way they depict themselves liberating the natives from those nasty whites sounds similar to nationalist propaganda in my home country. The somewhat messy relationship between the natives and the white men ...
Jul 3, 2018
Mixed Feelings
A six out of ten. I liked it, however I have one minor complaint near the end of the review.

The amount of fluff in this thing is real high. I wouldn’t call it the fluffiest romance ever, and definitely not the fluffiest show ever, however it’s up there.

The character acting is top-notch. As in, QUALITY. The lead character’s emotes are ridiculously cute and the little leaves that sprout out of her hair were honestly genius. Character sakuga in this OVA is off-the-charts. One could definitely go about analyzing the animation much further.

The rest of the art is also fairly beautiful, but it has nothing striking ...
May 25, 2017
“Well… That happened.”

That sentence was always the one thing that endured in my mind as soon as the screen had faded away. As the ED played on in the background, this was all that dared be present in my head. It’s a powerful feeling, a morbid mix of shock, awe, and melancholy that leaves behind a particularly special kind of impression. I felt like I just reached the end of an entire show after finishing a single episode. Kino’s Journey leaves behind great impact.

It’s something only a show like The Twilight Zone can ever really match. When you compare them, there’s nothing but striking similarity. ...
Dec 27, 2016
This show, all by itself, easily, definitively, and singlehandedly defines the entire purpose, appeal, and point of an entire genre of anime... or at least a good subset of it.

To me, there are four main subsets to slice-of-life (which I totally didn't steal from Subsonic Sparkle): gag-driven, character-driven, moe, and pure iyashikei. This show fits very well in the gag-driven category with its abundant (and incredible) use of humour. It does have aspects of the other three subsets, but don't expect the show to share the same mood or style as shows of the other categories tend to have. There are definitely moments when the ...
Nov 27, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Eh... I expected worse.

This show is not generic. It may seem like one, but you can tell that when you watch it that they're really trying to do something else with the whole high school romance thing. It is however very forgettable.

Let me just address the art first. I see a lot of people in the reviews praising how well the backgrounds are and how well the characters are animated. In my personal opinion, the backgrounds were fairly good, but nothing special. I barely paid attention to it. The characters are not animated in any special way. It's just typical anime animation. I did not ...
Oct 31, 2016
Dennou Coil (Anime) add
This is a kid's show.

Yes, it deals with themes about death and moving on. Yes, it involves complicated plots and settings that'll have you double-guessing whether something actually happened in the show or not. Yes, it treats characters and events in a much more mature light than other kid's shows.

But none of that's gonna change the fact that this show, in its best and most genuine moments, is a kid's show.

This is a very different kind of show.

It's a show that frames mature events or themes through the eyes of a handful of innocently young children, all still in middle school. It's not a show ...
Sep 25, 2016
EDIT: Changed the score to 8.80 because as much as I enjoyed it, I don't think it's worthy enough to get past that 9 barrier.

This show's done it. It's finally done it.

It has taken everything good about the previous seasons and improves on everything it failed at, finally getting its own appeal. From the greater focus on character dynamics the first season gave, to the intensely crazy directing x365 gave (although I find that they didn't really use this to its greatest extent), to the melancholy vibes the very first episode gave, to finally giving Nori and Nazuna screen time. This show finally got what ...
Sep 12, 2016
This show is cute.

I don't know why it took me three entire seasons to get this, but it's true. The reason why I enjoy this show so much is because it is cute. There is no other way to say this. The main appeal of this show and the reason why it is so dearly loved by the few who watch it is its cuteness. Cuteness is its heart, body, and soul; its very essence. Cuteness is the bone of its sword. Adorable is its body and kawaii is its blood. Every single aspect of this show contributes, has contributed, and shall continue to contribute ...
Aug 26, 2016
Alright. Time to watch this next season of Hidamari Ske-


Did they improve the art!? It's actually HD! Oh my god! Who's that!? Who's that!? Woah, hey! This episode's actually set at the very start of the series! That's Yuno's mom! She looks like a fun character! It's Miya-chan! Yes! Fave character of all time! Oh hey! Landlady actually has screen time now! The gang's all here! Except Sae. But that's fine. I'm relaxed now. HA! That was hilarious. And really cute.



So, yeah. Those were basically my first impressions of this season. And I'd have to say that I really enjoyed my time ...
Aug 15, 2016
There is a certain beauty to everyday life. The same old same old routine one has for every day. The time spent just enjoying the little things. The growth every person experiences which does not happen spontaneously but over long drawn-out periods of time. That beauty is what the entire slice-of-life genre strives to depict and portray. A good slice-of-life must fully illustrate the subtle happiness of everyday life, filling itself not with epic adventure or intense circumstances, but with the normal everyday problems and struggles we experience on a day-to-day basis. And I would like to say that Hidamari Sketch is a shining example ...