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Dragon Ball Super: Broly
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Soulsfear Mar 23, 2023 5:36 AM
Happy Birthday
naturalbrawler Oct 31, 2022 1:02 AM
I know the feeling like the world has past you by. But what I’ve learned is that not everything happens by the book like getting married around a certain age and then kids, etc. Especially nowadays, everyone kind of lives their life differently with major life stuff happening at different times. You gotta make your peace with knowing that you haven’t really wasted your time but you used your time for doing different things than others. Or that’s at least what I tell myself. I recently got out of a long term relationship where she was ready for the next big step but I just couldn’t see myself committing to the next step. It freaks me out and maybe that’s just the immature side of me of not wanting those big responsibilities but that’s just how I feel so I had to make the choice. I know you got friends who are taking those steps of having families and kids but I’m sure you also got friends who aren’t doing those things either. You think you’re ready for all those big life things?

Same here with the good memories on here. I remember when we watched that anime together, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Usa on moetube. It’s crazy how many good memories I have with anime. I look through my list of completed anime and I can remember the times of when I watched almost each of them…what I was doing then, how I felt, etc. And my memory sucks but still these anime related memories seem to stick since I enjoy watching them. Especially talking with you about life and anime over the past 10 years.

Thanks for words and trust me, what you told me I took to heart. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would be in your situation. But I’m happy for you that you’re moving through it and becoming a stronger willed person, that’s huge. I know it’s a cliche thing to say but when life is beating you down, you can either get beat or stand up. Gotta focus on yourself and also the things/people that make you happy.

I just realized that the Cyberpunk anime is actually an anime and not a CARTOON that people are labeling as an anime. I’m holding off on watching that even though everyone is loving it. I’m currently playing Cyberpunk 2077 and got my character which I’m playing a certain way and I know it sounds dumb but I don’t want to “taint” the playthrough haha. I feel like I’ll watch the anime and then try to change my playstyle based on the anime cause I’m already sure that I’ll really enjoy it. Have you played the cyberpunk game?

COD MW2 is out this past week and I’ve already dropped around 20ish hours into it with the boys. It’s pretty fun and different than the previous CODs. They did a good job overall but it just takes ages to level up the guns and all. Still recommend you eventually play it, I feel you’ll enjoy it. Especially for something to past the time with.

YOU HAVE TO WATCH SAIKI. I know you have already read the manga but seeing everything animated, you’ll love it. It’s an all-time favorite and seeing the manga animated with all these awesome characters, you’re gonna laugh a ton cause I feel they did a really good job a presenting the anime.

I’m just dumb with the whole rewatching DBZ to watch DB Super but I’ve already started rewatching so the completionist in me won’t let me stop midway but watch it all before Super.

I’ve been hearing about the new Bleach, I think it’s a continuation. I still gotta watch the first iteration of it. LOVE the OST though and have that downloaded. And Chainsaw Man looks interesting too, tons of hype. Just waiting for it to finish airing cause it’ll definitely be a binge anime.
naturalbrawler Oct 24, 2022 12:32 AM
I’m happy that you’re feeling better, it’s a long process but making positive progress is what matters. Sadly time just continues to move forward whether we like it or not so making the most of it is the only choice we have.

These past 2-3 months have been rough but things are looking better. Both parents fell extremely ill, one after another (separate conditions). Emergency hospitals visits and surgeries (1 for each parent) finally over and now they’re much better. It was so stressful to look after them both along with my personal life struggles. I feel like I aged a good 2-3 years in these past months but again, things are looking better for them. They’re at the point of recovery where I don’t have to check on them hourly or help them move around. All is going well and I’m just grateful that things worked out.

As for my life, things are alright. This year has been filled with one thing after another, not the best year of my life but healthy so I take it as a win. Some problems with relationships while others with job or even myself. Had some fights with depression earlier in the year or that’s at least what others call it, I don’t know if it was truly depression or not. Don’t really know my own feelings or emotions to call it depression. Currently unemployed (lost my job at the start of the year) which came in handy to look after my parents. Got savings but still feel like my life is either stuck or going backwards. BUT nothing too terrible when I look at the big picture. I’m happy and working hard to get myself moving forward, it’s the most I can do so I’m sure things will get better. Felt good to write all this out.

Getting back to the things that used to make me happy, one of which is anime. It’s always been that one thing that I did alone and really enjoyed it. I don’t think I ever had a moment in these past 10 years or so of watching anime where I didn’t enjoy watching. No matter what was happening in life, watching any anime would just take me away from everything and make me feel good inside. Even right now, I’m in bed…it’s 12:09am and getting in a few episodes of anime before sleeping.

I’ve been doing a bad job of not doing things that I enjoy doing and dwelling on the negatives. BUT making an effort nowadays (slow effort) to do things that bring a smile to my face. Things aren’t always gonna suck and well it’s on us to make changes to make ourselves feel better, or that’s at least what I think.

Current goal is at least an episode or two every day to get myself back on track. It’s funny that I enjoy watching anime and it’s like a guarantee of making me feel good and I know that but I still have to put an effort to watch it cause I just sometimes feel like doing nothing but sitting and staring haha. But yeah, gonna be on more often, you’ll see hopefully daily updates to the list.

Besides all that. Been getting into gaming more. Currently playing MW2 campaign. Trying to finish it before the multiplayer comes out. Really enjoying the story and the game mechanics, feel like this one is the best one yet. Also playing Hitman 3, finished the game twice but doing the “kill all” contracts which are stupidly fun. Oh and Overwatch 2 is a blast. Didn’t play the first one cause well it was for money and never really heard much about it but the OW2 is free so gave it a shot and instantly hooked.

As for anime watching…have you seen Saiki? IT IS HILARIOUS!! Like my face cheeks are hurting when I’m doing watching that anime cause I’m constantly smiling/giggling/LOLing. Instant favorite and super sad that I’m also close to finishing it. Also started watching Trinity Blood. It’s an older anime but for some reason I felt like watching it a few weeks ago so yeah, watching it now. I watched an episode like 6 years ago but that’s it so now actually watching it.

New DB movie? Nope. You won’t believe it but I haven’t even watched Super yet or any other newer films. I’m still stuck on my original plan to finish DBZ then go to Super. The plan was to watch DB then DBZ and then Super…finished DB but stuck on DBZ. So you’ll have to wait a bit more for me to catch up haha.

I’m gonna be on more often so feel free to send messages whenever you wanna, I’ll be here. Like I said, trying to do a better job to watch more and even writing on forums for each episode I watch as MAL has made it so easy to write about each episode once you update your list.

What anime are you gonna start back again with? What else is going down in your life? - It’s crazy for me to just scroll down in our conversation and read my older messages and see how different my life was to now.

Gonna watch another episode of Dorohedoro and then sleep time! Till next time.
naturalbrawler Oct 10, 2022 11:26 AM
So sorry to hear that man :/ don’t know even what to say to that but I’m glad you’re starting to do better and get back into the things that you enjoy doing. And hey if you ever wanna talk, I’m not good with things like this but a super great listener :)
naturalbrawler Jul 19, 2022 1:24 PM
How you been man? It’s been sooooo long, hope all is well!
Soulsfear Mar 23, 2022 6:24 AM
Happy Birthday
naturalbrawler Jun 13, 2021 10:36 AM
Hey man! :)

Here in California, things are opening back up so looks like life is going back to normal. I still can't believe we are in mid 2021 where did 2020 go, what's happening with time?!

Good to hear that you're healed up!!

I might have to get vaccinated up since I'll be heading back to the office soon like in 2 months or so. I've really adjusted to working from home and wanna continue that but my company doesn't wanna let people work from home fulltime.

OPM is just a superb anime, it grips you with the story and action. I like the blend of different characters they have and really excited to see the next seasons. Don't get like me though, I have so many anime that I wanna watch that I haven't watched but I get into this spiral of rewatching anime. It's nice to rewatch but when you already have a long list of unwatched anime, then it's just wasting time. I'm trying my best to finish up all the ones I'm rewatching and then no more for awhile and will focus on new ones only.

" many unique and enriching stories and words in this medium..." THIS! This is exactly what keeps me hooked into anime cause it just never ends. You can animate literally anything, any story, any world and it's just amazing to watch that.

I did hear about the Berserk dude. I have yet to watch/read any of those manga/anime that he's done. It's still sad to see someone like him pass away but you're right, his work is here and it's for sure timeless.

I'll be here man, looking up anime and writing you haha. So many more years to come!

I've slowly been getting more into gaming. It's a wild world of gaming too. Just this past month, built a gaming PC. It was a fun adventure. Been mainly playing Warzone but slowly going to get into other games cause no point have building a PC for just one game. Games like Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, Hollow Knight, and RDR2 are on the list. Warzone is just so high on adrenaline that it's hard to play any other game.
Soulsfear Mar 23, 2021 6:51 AM
Happy Birthday
naturalbrawler Feb 15, 2021 11:57 AM
No worries man! Just glad to hear from you!

OH DAMN! Sorry to hear that. I don't know what was wrong with 2020, just seemed so off and cursed. That's the most important part, everyone is safe and hopefully you'll have a super speedy recovery (mentally as well).

I don't have much opinions on the vaccines since it's so new. There's always so much trial and error, not to mention side effects. It takes so long for a vaccine to be out for them to finally figure everything about it. So far, I'm working from home and my loved ones are all safe so won't go for the vaccine until I see a need for it. To be honest, I just want it to be out longer so they can know all what it does and what it doesn't.

LOVED IT! One Punch Man was just epic. Finished it awhile back, slowly going to rewatch it cause the vibe is just so good. I could tell the difference between Season 1 and Season 2 but nothing that makes you wanna not watch it. I really enjoyed the action and how they made a super good anime out of someone who can "one punch" anyone. Definitely going into the collection!! Still need to watch the OVAs and what not. I'm just happy I waited to watch it.

I tried manga but it's just not for me. I love watching and reading and having the OSTs in the back really set the tone and just the overall experience. I've been making more time for anime. Made my days into like timeslots and have a solid hour for anime at night. Currently finishing JOJO's last season. Will let you know more once I have finished. Also rewatched SHIKI and Death Note. Just so damn good, both of them. Although both of their endings weren't to my liking, amazing anime. Of course, Death Note is on a level of its own, SHIKI still worth rewatching for me.

Yeah I feel you, I'm off of YouTube videos as well. I used to think to myself, what am I really getting out of watching them and well, nothing. I do pop occasional youtube videos here and there for enjoyment or knowledge but that's about it. As for anime, it's like this part of my life that hasn't really changed or aged. I can always go back into that world and it's always just awesome. Whether laying back and listening to OSTs or just going to YouTube to rewatching Frieza vs. Piccolo. It's just that part of me that doesn't age or change, just a world that's there that I can go into and out.

I'm glad we still keep up, it's a nice friendship of so many years! I'll always continue to write you so no worries, it's nice to see you overcome so much and now we just chilling. OH and one of my big things nowadays is WARZONE! Been playing since about start of the year with friends. It's epic man, so damn fun to play.
naturalbrawler Nov 1, 2020 7:50 PM
Hey man! How's it going? I've been hearing that London/England/Europe might go into lockdown again, just wanted to check in with you to see how you holding up :)
naturalbrawler Sep 10, 2020 3:40 AM
(I thought I had already replied back but I'm guessing it didn't go through)

Glad to hear that you're doing well! We aren't under 'lockdown' but I am still working from home. I do my best to not go out unless super needed. Mainly getting all the essentials delivered. Not sure how long this will go on for but I am liking the working from home aspect. Doing my best to make the most of it. I start my work day at 7am and try to get things done super quick so I can then do my own thing for the rest of the work day and just make sure I am available for meetings and etc. Looks like I'll be working from home for the rest of year which is great. but we'll see what happens.

You would enjoy the Assassination Classroom anime, the styling and story is really good. Also the OST is damn good too, I got it downloaded.

One Punch Man is almost fully complete. I have watched both seasons and I think season 1 specials, I still have a few extras left to watch. I loved it!! I honestly had super high expectations and in the back of my mind, I was like: 'how is this anime going to be interesting if the character is sooooo strong...', boy was I wrong! I love it!! It had me on the edge of the seat at times, it made me a little emotional, it had me laughing crazy and it also had my heart racing where I was smacking my bed cause Saitama just showed up and is gonna save the day. I seriously love that anime! I am happy that I held off watching it for so long just so I can could experience it now.

My main streaming service for anime is now Hulu since it has a huge library! So many anime on there that's on my current upcoming list of anime I want to watch. Yeah, I've stopped watching airing anime mainly because I can't wait the 1 week for the next episode. I want to go back to how I used to watch anime where I'd watch the season that just ended so basically staying one whole season behind. These days, I've been busy with life and other new hobbies that I haven't been giving anime time and I really hate it.

It's actually 3am here and I took time off of work this week. I took a huge nap so wide awake. I was just laying and thinking as the TV (youtube) was playing in the background. And all of sudden an AMV popped up for DBZ (I've also been rewatching that) and it reignited me. I really want to give more time to anime cause I miss it. I don't like that I only watch a few episodes here and there cause there's so much I want to watch and I wanna get things off of my list. So I whipped out Hulu and put Death Note in the background, wanted to check up on you and then next I am going to go through my list of anime and sort it so I know what to watch now and what to watch later. Nowadays I've been wasting time rewatching shows like The Office or just random YouTube videos, I want to shift that time to watching anime instead. I feel so much has changed in my life over the years which is natural but anime has been one of the few constants and I love watching it cause it has those memories of my past years attached to it. Sorry for the long message, just wanted to share these thoughts with you. You're still the only person I talk about anime with, it's crazy how we've been talking for year, it's pretty damn awesome. I look forward to many more years conversing with you!
naturalbrawler May 20, 2020 9:33 AM
How's it going man? Still under lockdown? I am still working from home. It's not that bad once you get a good schedule going.

Just finished Assassination Classroom Final Season. That's been on my list for ages as 'Watching'. I loved the first season much more than the second season. But I finally sat and finished it and even though there was a huge gap of when I last watched the Final Season, the ending got me all teary eyed. The anime will be added to the collection after all.

Just started One Punch Man, so far so good. Don't see the hype yet. Also started Overlord.

I just added Hulu to my streaming so there's a ton of anime on there, like crazy amounts so the goal is to go through everything they have on there since it's faster watch it there than trying to load Kissanime onto my iPad and then connect it to to my tv.

Anyways, just wanted to update you on the anime stuff. How's the anime going on your end?
Ezekiel_01 May 20, 2020 7:43 AM
Hello there. I saw you in one of the forums on Kids on the Slope. I just made a review of the anime. Am I curious what your opinion about Kids on the Slope Anime? I am curious.

naturalbrawler Apr 25, 2020 7:54 PM
Same here man, I think this is the end of like week 6 or something. I've lost count. It seriously sucks what's happening cause time is still moving forward but we stuck at home. I had so much planned for this year and one by one, everything got cancelled. How are things going for you? Have they given you a date when you can go back out?
naturalbrawler Mar 28, 2020 9:52 AM
You too man! How are things holding up there?

I've been home for the past 2 weeks now. I am still able to work from home tho so weekdays are still busy. Don't know how much longer this will go on for.
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