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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
2 hours ago
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Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld
Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld
3 hours ago
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Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia
3 hours ago
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 22, 7:20 AM
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TsunamiYT Nov 8, 3:00 PM
TsunamiYT Nov 4, 3:50 PM
-Lamp- Oct 28, 7:40 AM
wanna join my club? Its for SAO fans.
weeabootakbankai Oct 28, 5:53 AM
Nice profile pic. Also. Everything I wrote on my portfolio is base on my opinion.
23feanor Oct 22, 3:04 PM
Thanks for the reply. I forgot to apologise for sending you such a long message, I know some people don't like having to read over long rambling messages, so just tell me if I'm rambling, lol.

I thought Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody left a nice opening for a second season where we would see Ichirou make his way back to Zena, where we would see them become a couple. It was one of the few isekai harem shows that had a fairly mature MC, in terms of romantic aspirations, who knew what he wanted (he was supposed to be an older adult, wasn't it late 20's, who had appeared in his teenage body in this world).

There was that clip where he visited a brothel/inn and a lady took him upstairs after he'd bought a round of drinks for the entire inn, then the scene moved in into the opening sequence. I took that to be a nod to the audience that our MC was getting his lust slated in the brothel, thus making his sleeping overnight with his "female slaves" less creepy, otherwise you could see that people would assume he was using them (well the older girl, Liza) for his night time activities. Especially after that other girl, Arisa, jumped on him and propositioned him, saying she was horny. That would have been cool if she didn't have the body of an 11 year old, so creepy. They should've made her older and just dealt with the sex issue.

I found the Devil is A Part Timer was very fulfilling actually, in complete contrast to the comments you've heard. It just shows me how different people can watch the same anime and come away with very different experiences. I felt Devil is A Part Timer wrapped the story up really well, tying everything up very neatly. The only loose strand was the love interest, but that's normal for anime, and it wasn't a romance based story anyway.

On Oresuki, after hearing you go into a bit more detail about what you do and don't like from harem/romance shows I'm telling you that you'll like Oresuki. Just watch the first ep or 2 and you'll see what I mean. We're only on ep 3 and there's already been more expressions of characters feelings than you usually get in most whole series, but it doesn't feel unrealistic. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a parody of the harem genre, but it's a darkly funny take on harem anime. You'll see from the first ep of two just how different it is from anything else in the genre. I would say don't miss the opportunity to watch this unique show develop. It is definitely not the usual harem where a bunch of girls are interested in the MC and all fight to get his attention.

I completely understand your description of a "monogamous" harem, where the MC centres their attention on one person and the surrounding girls/guys fawn over them and try to get what attention they can and maybe become his/her second love interest, even knowing that the MC has feelings for the main girl/guy. My Bride Is A Mermaid is a good example of one of those that I watched recently and I really enjoyed it.

I am completely in agreement with your attitude towards romantic (including harem) shows. I too have got very fed up with shows taking ages to get, what seems to me, to be a very simple confession of someones feelings. I know that there are cultural differences between Europe and Japan, but I can't imagine that Japanese guys and girls are that apathetic towards romantic feelings and sex. I've heard that this isn't representative of Japan, just the anime niche and otaku's. That's why I've moved towards seinen and shoujo romantic shows as I want to see more developed relationships and actual sex (or implied sex, I'm not one of those viewers that always wants to see naked boobs, that's what hentai is for as you say).

The thing I try to remember is the main native audience is middle/high schoolers in Japan, so that's why we get these same traits in romantic shows over and over again. The rise of romantic drama, like Domestic Girlfriend, and seinen/shoujo romance shows is due to the ageing anime audience in Japan. Hopefully we'll get more mature minded shows in the future, that deal with relationships and sexual attraction both when courting and in couples, in a more realistic fashion.

On Domestic Girlfriend, I'm not sure I'd have watched it if I knew how intense it would be. I went in expecting harem/romance and left it in pieces needing to know what happens next. I went online and read the latest couple of chapters as I wanted to find out which girl the MC chose. I had a personal attachment to Hina, his teacher, and desperately wanted the MC to chose her, as I went out with one of my sociology teachers when I was at college, (I was 17 & she only agreed to go on the date with me when term ended and she was moving onto a new college, meaning she wasn't my teacher anymore). I discovered that the story is still ongoing, and the MC still hasn't made his choice, aaghhh, I could've pulled my hair out, it was so annoying!!!

You mention that you try and watch romance/harem shows where the MC is already in a relationship. Have you got any good suggestions (whenever you've got a spare moment) as I've been looking for exactly this type of show? I've had a few shows like this recommended (I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying and Scums Wish being a couple that come to mind).

Woah, snap. I did the same thing with Black Clover. I got stuck after 17 eps and was going to drop it but asked the mal forum if it got better and was told yes to stick with it. So I watched 1 ep per day to get through and yes it does get better, much better, so I'd say yeah definitely push through and carry on watching. If i remember after ep 20 it starts getting really good.

You have very similar likes and dislikes, in terms of shows and plots, as me. It's nice meeting someone who agrees with your view on anime. Sometimes when I'm on the forums I think, am I the only sane person here, as some of the attitudes that are expressed are very childish and narrow minded, particularly towards women and sex. I was talking to someone yday about this issue and the increasing sexualisation of women (particularly young women/girls) in anime, and how this tends to give anime a bad name to normal people who aren't active in the community.

What do you think as a woman, about the increase of fan service in anime, if you don't mind me asking that is? We seem to get panty shots, up skirt shots & boob/cleavage shots in just about every anime these days, whether the story calls for it or not. I personally don't like the inclusion of pointless sexy material when the story doesn't need it. Someone commented that it's almost as if anime creators are saying that all women want to show off their pants/boobs, and they almost can't help themselves. I really don't like this attitude. I like ecchi stuff, most guys do, but I don't want serious moments ruined by a ditsy female character falling over exposing her pants/boobs, it cheapens the anime & the demeans the way women are portrayed.

It's not just that your written english is good, but you I've noticed you understand and use similes and other advanced linguistic techniques. I thought you might work, or have studied, in the UK/US as your english is that good.

Piedmont, Northwest Italy, I looked it up on a google map and it looks to be near Turin and the French border, is that right? The picture on google for Piedmonte has a beautiful castle in the centre of a lake, looks lovely. I've been to Nice and Marceille before. I'm very jealous, that whole Mediterranean region, particularly near the coast has a stunning climate and gorgeous landscapes (you've got a couple of national parks near you according to google. I'd kill to be that close to the Med coast, do you have any nice beaches near you (within a couple of hours train ride or drive)? Southampton, where I am, is on the Solent, and there are cruise ships aplenty, but there are no beaches, closest beach is about 4 hours away and even then in the UK we only get a handful of days a year when it's be worth traipsing all that way to the beach.

It's been really nice to chat to someone with a similar view on anime, you made my day, thanks. Night ^_^
23feanor Oct 22, 8:22 AM
Same here, I really like the isekai genre, and ditto preferably fantasy iseki (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is a good example of one I watched last week that I really enjoyed, & The Devil Is A Part Timer was a fun reverse isekai I saw a couple of weeks ago), so I share your thoughts on this seasons bounty of great isekai anime shows.

We're both watching the same 7 shows (or will be once I start SAO Alicization later today). I started Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of The Gods earlier & it seems promising. I see you're in the middle of watching Seven Deadly Sins: The Revival of the Commandments, before you can start this seasons one.

ps - i love your tag on the Seven Mortal Sins, that you dropped after a couple of eps: "cheap chubby lesbian porn", that made me chuckle, brilliant >.<

I know what you mean about getting burnt out on certain genres, particularly harem/romance shows that all seem very similar. I hate it when you don't get a conclusive ending too, it's so frustrating, or when the whole show just leads up to the first kiss or a confession.

I wish we saw more harem/romantic shows that depicted more fully developed relationships, or showed the relationships past that initial point, but were still a light hearted romantic comedy, not too heavy on the drama like Domestic Girlfriend, which gets way too intense, well for me anyway (won't mention anything more as see you've still got it in your ptw list).

I won't say much, but Oresuki isn't your usual school, comedy, romance, harem shows. From the first 3 eps it appears to be one of those shows that turns the genre on its head and does things differently from what you're expecting.

Same with the shounen genre, now I'm older I have a smaller tolerance for shounen shows. Boku No Hero is a bit too much for me. I watched and lliked the first season, but the second season was slow painful going and I had to force myself to finish it. It's not that I think it's a bad show, I can see that it's brilliant, it's just not my cup of tea at my age. I'm preferring more seinen (and shoujo tbh) anime shows recently, as well as more SoL shows as well, which I never used to like.

I recently finished the last season of Fairy Tail (thank god, as it had got really poor), after watching it since it started, and that was about as much shounen as I could handle. Now I watch a few eps of Black Clover or Hunter X Hunter (2011) whenever i'm in a mood for shounen, but I tend to watch these for the fantasy setting rather than the fights.

One other show I should mention is Granblue Fantasy, it's just so beautiful. It's a pure fantasy world with airships and floating islands. I'm not that into the story or characters, which are ok, but more for the stunning animation.

Whereabouts in Italy do you live if you don't mind me asking (you don't have to answer if you don't want to, I was just curious as Italy is such a lovely country), I wondered if you were in some picturesque Italian villa. I've visited Rome, Naples and Tuscany, although not for a few years now.

You're english really is superb, I wouldn't know that you're not a native english speaker/writer from your comments, and you're certainly better than some of my mates who write terribly, lol.

Take care

NB - have you seen the youtube video that tells you how to set up pre-made or personalised layouts for your mal list? If you look up Carl Makes It Easy, you just follow his instructions, I could never have done it if it weren't for his easy to follow instructions. Then you can personalise it with whatever backgrounds you want.
23feanor Oct 22, 4:38 AM
Thanks for the FR (I wouldn't call myself clever, articulate maybe, but thanks, that's very kind ^_^). Impressive watching stats.

What do you think of this seasons shows, I see you've just been watching "Didn't I say to Make My Abilities Average"? I think this season looks great, particularly:

Didn't I Say To Make My Abilities Average
Honzuki: Ascendance of a Bookworm
Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World
Assassins Pride
Iruma-kun: Welcome To Demon School - this looks really funny

Have a nice day!
23feanor Oct 21, 4:38 AM
I like your signature post (saw it on ep 3 of Honzuki forum thread), it's amusing.

Sometimes you say something and then you get loads of posts back saying how wrong you are even when you're only expressing a subjective opinion, lmao. That's just how people are sometimes, annoyingly. You're english is good btw.
TsunamiYT Oct 9, 2:43 PM
Per me è stata un'escalation discendente dall'apparizione della coniglietta, con apice di schifo durante l'ultimo episodio uscito in cui hanno mostrato come lui andava a chiamare aiuto ed, a sprazzi, parti di trama colti da ictus fulminei
TsunamiYT Oct 5, 1:49 PM
Mi ha diluso col commento sull'11° di Arifureta.. horribleee
TsunamiYT Oct 4, 3:46 PM
Vengo dal 2020, Trump ha causato la WW3 e MyAnimeList è diventata una colonia di weaboo russi.
Spasiba *3*
TsunamiYT May 31, 2:08 PM
Ni hao! *3*
TsunamiYT Apr 9, 9:24 AM
Welah *3*
TsunamiYT Nov 27, 2018 1:03 PM
E chi sottovaluta, anzi, lo do per scontètoh
TsunamiYT Nov 21, 2018 2:52 PM
Tu però sottovaluti il fatto che mi arrivino le notifiche sull'email. NAPPAH *3*