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Little Witch Academia (TV)
Little Witch Academia (TV)
Yesterday, 5:48 PM
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Uchouten Kazoku 2
Uchouten Kazoku 2
Yesterday, 5:48 PM
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Alice to Zouroku
Alice to Zouroku
Yesterday, 5:48 PM
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Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Yesterday, 5:47 PM
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yesterday, 5:47 PM
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
May 20, 12:26 PM
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22 53 minutes ago
Theres also Aria and Non Non Biyori, both of which i like, and i believe you dont. Although Cardcaptor Sakura is an equalizer.

You got the chance to see what i sent you??

These old movies look pretty good. But i think Universal Pictures wants to reboot all of them and connect them as a cinematic universe. Its like movies are not allowed to stand on their own anymore.
22 9 hours ago
Oh. So that was it? I guess ...... I like K-on ........ which you hate. So if you end up liking KnK then that means that we like a Kyoani thing that the other one hates. And we would be at an impasse, which would lead to conversations derailing horribly. Although we already have a Kyoani thing that we like that the other one hates with Clannad AS and Kanon 06. And i forget where i was going with this point.
Anyway, to reconcile, i found this on the interwebs. Have fun.
22 9 hours ago
you know, since you havent seen it, you couldve avoided talking about this entirely if you just mentioned that you didnt want me to discuss it outright, or not post on my profile mentioning it at all.
22 10 hours ago
You didnt read any of the stuff that comes afterwards. Atleast fucking read the full thing before assuming. The choice of words that make the description of "Idiot Plot" is excellent, especially that Roger Ebert quote. I wouldve never been able to come up with something like that.
22 Today, 7:48 AM
Anime like this test me in one particular aspect. I sometimes have a hard time accurately describing why i hate an anime. So i started searching around the interwebs for film criticism terminology. And i found the term "Idiot Plot". Its the perfect term that perfectly sums up the core problem of Koe no Katachi. Every other thing that i hate about the anime, which is everything, stems from that "Idiot plot" term. Now that i discovered this word, expect me to use it alot, because there are far too many anime that i can think of, that i couldve easily written off as Idiot Plot and called it a day.
22 Yesterday, 5:59 PM
The biggest problem with the movie is that it couldve ended in 15 minutes. In a world with cellphones, texting, emails, and numerous social networking websites, its hard to suspend your disbelief that the two main characters cant communicate with each other. The main characters are frozen in time and are not allowed to talk to each other at all, because if they did, the movie would be over instantly. And neither of them have a reason to not talk to each other. The male MC acts like a doofus that doesnt understand anything, while the female MC acts like a doll with puppet strings that doesnt understand anything. Instead, the movie focuses on the side characters, who are all one dimensional assholes, who are given trite back stories to justify their asshole behavior. The side characters dont serve any purpose. Every character thinks and acts stupidly, which is the only way the drama couldve continued. And the big shocking moment which was supposed to be super dramatic and sad had me laughing hysterically, since all of the drama related moments in this anime are handled pathetically. Its horrifyingly predictable through and through.

Honestly, i could go on and on about what i hated in the movie.
Ardent May 20, 9:30 AM

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Naman97 May 17, 12:37 PM
Music was really good,fights were okay.

In short,to each his own.

Naman97 May 17, 11:42 AM
While watching the show,i did get thoughts like how much this means to you and i tried my best to like it.

You will never get why i don't like it because you have unconditional love for this.

Just explain it to me in your words why this is good?!
22 May 17, 5:46 AM
Well, yeah.
22 May 10, 7:09 AM
I dont think that is gonna matter much.
22 May 10, 6:42 AM
The cards get renamed, but they function the same way. Theres almost no difference between the pink cards and the new ones. And from a storyline perspective, its the same bloody thing as the Eriol storyline. Theres a new transfer student that almost instantly become Sakuras new best friend. Theres foreshadowing in dreams that Sakuras newest best friend (Eriol in the old anime and this new girl in the new season) has magic powers and is trying to harm Sakura in some way. Disasters happen, and Sakura has a new staff which is incompatible with the cards, which means she has to transform them. Li is hanging around Sakura providing moral support to her, who himself is getting moral support from someone else. (Yukito/Yuu in the old anime and Eriol in the new season)
I would try to look at the positives when it comes to the new season, but what im seeing is just a slightly worse version of what i've already seen, except some of the names have changed, and when it comes to the cards, all of the names have changed.

And the animation is probably gonna feel like the change between Hajime no Ippo S1 and S2. It'll look off for the first batch of episodes and the rest will look ok.
NuminexHD May 10, 5:03 AM
Sure, there may be a lot around, but a pretty low amount of them will be good I imagine. You've probably hunted down the cream of the crop already xd

You've been playing Nier? Nice, it looks awesome, though really fucking expensive xd My friend bought it on steam so I can family share it with him if I want to try it out. It's like a bullet hell, right? Does it have a lot of story?

Yeah, I think I should start Part 7 soon enough xd Maybe even some before it - the King Crimson memes are getting to me, man.
NuminexHD May 10, 1:34 AM
I'm doing pretty sweet. Pulled an all nighter for a school project yesterday so that's still killing me. Probably have a grace period for a day or two before I repeat history xd

What the fuck, you've seen actually like 97% of what I've seen and the 3% is obscure garbage:D Do you ever worry you'll run out of anime? 1,5k is nuts.

Love the JoJo avatar by the way, looks dope. Do you reckon it's worth reading the manga or should I wait for more to get adapted?
22 May 9, 8:32 PM
I read the manga that they're going to be adapting and ........ well ......... I dont have all that many nice things to say about it. Its just a rehash of the Eriol and the pink cards storyline.