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Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen
Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen
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Super Senko-san Time Episode 12
Super Senko-san Time Episode 12
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2
Jun 14, 8:09 PM
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liebevoll Apr 3, 10:36 AM

Oh cool, you seem like a hardworking and dedicated person :>

On I didn't see, in my whole life I went iceskating once when I was a kid tho.Yep, she gives off Elsa vibes ^^

Oof, usually my uncle moans the loan and cuts the grass around the house since the machines are too heavy.I help out at collecting the fruit in summer ^^ Yep, it can be rly yum, but I'm super phobic to bugs and often there are insects hidden in between the grapes for example : ) I have trauma from those lil monsters crawling on my hands when i washed the fruit.
Sure do, strawberries are my favorite fruit!~
liebevoll Apr 2, 11:52 PM

Yes,they practically renovated it and made their own little paradise.
My uncle and his father are also really into the whole "do it yourself" and "anything you need you can make yourself" and they made a lot of neat things themself, from chairs and tables to a little cottage~
I'm totally unskilled when it comes to making, I can decorate and design tho.

Ice sounds are made when the ice under the surface is breaking and cracking, the water moving in between the cracks and slamming against another.It's beautiful!Reminds me of a 1000 year old dragon living under the iced lake. That women lives next to a lake, so she filmed about the ice sounds multiple times and how they're super relaxing.Even scary!She also calls it "singing ice" :
To be tots honest, she reminds me of an ice fairy or elf~

It sure is pretty!Though it is quite difficult to manage the grass and take care of the plants sometimes.
Yes, we always have a variety of fruit.Also grapes, and many veggies in one part of our garden, like tomatoes and potatoes.We had strawberries and other wild fruit before but it was destroyed during the rainy season one year.
liebevoll Apr 2, 9:00 AM

In one video you can see her house and how she got to live that life btw~ I found her because of the ice sound video :>
Well, we have a lot of apple, pear plum and cherry trees around the house and a bigger piece of loan behind our house.And a row of flowers next to the road.It's not too fancy but just enough.
liebevoll Apr 1, 10:18 PM

The women lives in Sweden.Personally I really love Sweden because of the beaufitul scenery, and northern lights * -*)
It wasn't too much, maybe 20cm thick. But mostly we don't have to shovel anything but our garden really :>
liebevoll Apr 1, 2:04 PM

Oh god, same! that reminds me of this women and her channel btw:
Haha, I did shovel it a few times, but it never gets so bad that we need to shovel it ourselves xD
Hah, if only it wasn't so hot it would be easier to bear with Q-Q
liebevoll Mar 31, 10:34 PM

I usually prefer winter and colder places.I love the snow~
Summer and hot seasons are too much ><
liebevoll Mar 31, 6:14 PM

It's pretty much the same as here, but a lil bit colder.Summers are flaming hot, winters cold, autumn full of rain and spring as bright as the sun~
Ah well, I should start sleeping at night instead of the day, oops
liebevoll Mar 31, 4:18 PM

Hahaha, but would that still be your true self? :3
Well, Austria is very simmilar to Germany, so you can imagine ^^
Thanks for the advice! I'm slowly getting tired of all of thie QwQ
liebevoll Mar 31, 12:42 PM

Well, better than being rude! right? c;

Yep.I'm half austrian and actually go there quite often, but I live in bosna yep~
I try to stay as chill while working...But I see my classmates now and how they do things.our teacher gives us a deadline, for example next friday, and they all do the tasks in a matter of a few hours already.I feel a bit pushed to do them myself then asw Q-Q
liebevoll Mar 31, 12:14 AM
Oho, you're one of the good people then ><
You too!Please :3

Honestly I kind of hope that the system is a bit different in Austria.My friends told me there is more homework/less studying by heart, but I'd still need to figure that out from personal experience!
Well, after all the years it truly does tire you out.Constant stress and day in day out work, meeting no end for months!Ah well,well...
liebevoll Mar 30, 7:27 PM
Well, its not the worst but most certainly not the best.
Ah yeah, politics are complicated Q-Q
No worries~

Deppends, some of us are totally acing that but others aren't.But thats just how it works, rip.
Yeah but I got bad at it after 10 years of being a good student XD
liebevoll Mar 30, 3:01 PM
Haha, Bosna is pretty much a small south european/balkan country.Personally I don't really like living here.We don't have all the chances, salaries are low, schools hard, our President not the best.So once I graduate from highschool I'll move to austria for uni and maybe see if I can live somewhere further then years after.
Yeah, been hearing a lot of bad things about Trump.Though, many people here prefer him over certain presidents for one reason or another.I don't care about politics rly XD.
No problem for me.Though, I need to restock on hygene products, food and other stuff, I should hit it and go to town this week.

Actually, until now, we didn't have almost any homework for years now.Here where we live, 70% of "homework" is actually "study this real well so you remember every bit" and we get asked by the teacher about that, then they grade us by how well they think we know the lectures.It sucks tbh, I'd much rather have a lot of homework than study and read the same lecture for 30 times -w-
liebevoll Mar 30, 2:13 PM
Yeah, but our classes are all online!We didn't go to school since the 10th march actually, and this is the 2nd week of online classes.We have like 330 confirmed cases and 6 confirmed dead, out of 3.5 million people that live here.I live in Bosna and Herzegovina!And actually we're also all on lockdown, all older than 55 and younder than 12ish are forbidden to go outside, other than that everything is shut down and whats open works from 10AM to 4PM.And same here, haven't gone outside since the 10th xD
Mhm, I've also been doing all that school crap.There is a lot, but we have to manage rip
liebevoll Mar 30, 9:41 AM
Aww, I always reply to every message so I wonder how I forgot this!Plus I missed talking to people.It's been so boring lately!Corona this, corona that!All I hear around me is virus shits lmao xD
Been having class, doing homework, eating, watching anime, playing games all night, the usual! And you?How is self isolation going? c;
liebevoll Mar 30, 9:13 AM
Damn, can't believe I didn't reply to ya!Sorry about that xD
How have ya been? uwu