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Days: 90.8
Mean Score: 7.73
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  • Episodes5,551
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Yesterday, 11:48 PM
Watching 9/10 · Scored -
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Jun 22, 3:37 PM
Watching 11/26 · Scored -
One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
Jun 18, 12:52 PM
Watching 10/12 · Scored -
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Days: 3.9
Mean Score: 8.83
  • Total Entries23
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  • Chapters453
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Manga History Last Manga Updates
Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Jun 21, 12:09 PM
Reading 99/? · Scored 10
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Jun 16, 3:11 PM
Reading 79/? · Scored 10
Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
May 25, 12:11 PM
Reading 61/? · Scored 10


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Sarukah Apr 24, 6:00 PM
omg my email never showed me that you sent me this wow.
And NO I cant believe it!!!!!!!! You silly!
I cant add Laphicet to mine cause he doesnt exist on MAL ;A;
Sarukah Nov 13, 2018 2:55 PM

Yeah I totally agree; its been so long and yet a lot of things are still very much the same. D'aw, Im grateful to have met you too bruh!!!!!!! ;A; We get along so well that its always fun talking to you! :D
Bruh I remember so well about how the first things we talked about was Tales/Abyss and Symphonia :love: Tales is truly a great series since we bonded over it (and da cute shota boy from Clannad! LOL) in the beginning and still do so today! :yay:
Sarukah Jul 1, 2018 3:55 PM
No, I never finished it and I desperately want to and yet I wont, its so weird. I loved how feelsy it is, I cant wait to see the last several episodes, especially if you say it gets better :sweat:
Sarukah May 24, 2018 4:57 PM
This ones a game changer @_@;;

Also I just saw your profile change x'D I LOVE IT
Sarukah May 17, 2018 9:16 AM
Sarukah May 15, 2018 2:56 PM
Well the extension is what made it end on the 15th, originally it was suppose to end on the 13th :0 I didnt realize it until people pointed it out on the discord yesterday |||D YAY YOU GOT THE 100 :DD Epic. I hope for the best bruh D| Someone posted this the other day |||||'D
The new event is a Valkyrie Anatomia collab :0 They have a diamond useable step up banner for the collab character Lenneth :0 Normally step up banners are gem/pay only :0 The steps guarentee different things like 4 stars and her 5 star on certain steps and then the 5th step guarentees you her gMA. All 5 steps are 265 diamonds for one fully geared character who is rainbow anima so its a pretty good deal. I've done steps 1~3/spent 90 diamonds on it already and dont really want to put anymore into it since I'd rather save for Tales characters I actually like :< A lot of people have gotten Lenneth's gMA on early steps but I havent gotten her yet :/ Meh. Oh and her getting her gMA is the only way to recruit her.
The event itself is like a raid boss set up. You fight the boss over and over and you accumulate individual points for set rewards (no event shop this time) and everyone accumulates points together to defeat the raid bosses. The first one is already beaten xD I can beat the first boss, Jade, on the unknown difficulty, but it just took me like 8 resets to finally get a good enough round going to defeat the second boss on unknown difficulty :||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| That sucked. Nevar again D|
Sarukah May 15, 2018 2:20 PM
Aw yeah, the event itself ended yesterday. It was actually extended like two days because of the game crashing bug :0 Also Omg, did you get the 100 diamonds in your giftbox? 8DD They're apology dias for the Symphonia 2 rerun event shop missing some things, so they just reset it.
Sarukah May 12, 2018 4:44 PM
Guuuhhhh, I am so sorry bruh ;A; That does suck. Like 8 multis was how many I did on Mikleo's banner that very first event and didn't get his so I know how you feel. Also remember how it took me 17 multis to get Mikleo's gMA on Laphicet's banner? ||||||||||||||||||||||||||D THE PAIN IS REAL. Theres a guy on the discord who did 27 multis on a prior event banner and still didnt get the character gMA he wanted D| That really is strange that your game seems to love Cheria xD BUT Y THO. Also I remembered earlier that we should be getting the Asbel/Cheria event rerun really really soon :000 Pascal might be on that banner maybe. And the rerun banners don't give the featured character an extra percentage boost, it just makes everybody on there equal, so it won't be boosted Cheria xD But you could still get her again x'D But yeah, you could just play the game normally now and save up for Rose and Pascal returns. If you like it enough 8D
Sarukah May 7, 2018 5:31 PM
Bruh Bruh, the new PV for next month Rays is out :0. Its only good if you like that older Valkyrie series and/or Magilou x'D I don't even know who the white haired girl is D| She's from a spinoff game that was never localized I think ||D
So since I'll have a whole month worth of saving diamonds coming up, I did two more pulls on the Berseria banner :0
First one was a disappointment D|
SECOND ONE TOTALLY WORTH IT AAAAAAAAA 8D Muahahahahaha 8DDD In my 18 multis in the worldwide version, I only ever got that one single copy of Laphicet's gMA x'D Now I have 2 copies out of 6 multis! Much better |D And with those two other gold weapons that one is maxed out. His base power is 3400 currently xD So on a brown anima themed mission, he accounts for 6800 of the team powerlevel ||||||||||||D Best boi can't be beat!
Sarukah May 6, 2018 3:59 PM

The end makes sense now! 8D Or at least, I think thats what he meant. Like, they're both onlooking in disappointment of sorts xD I guestimated on that last one :/ It reads "Omae mo taihen da na." I guess I'm not really sure how to work that "taihen" into a sentence since I don't know enough grammar yet. All I get for "taihen" is stuff like "serious, terribly, awfully, very, greatly". Maybe he's asking if she isn't feeling good either?
Sarukah May 6, 2018 2:44 PM
Ohhh gotcha, you used your awakening drops on her! That makes sense now xD Since you probably don't know what Tower is, on your missions screen, the bottom tab is the Tower. Its AP free and uses only characters that have gMA or have been awakened like you did with the drops. Every 10 floors gives you diamonds and gMA enhancing materials and also skills for a character of your choice. Translated info for tower can be found in the (help + general) pins in discord :0

Your translation was fun! 8D I can spruce it up if you want me to x'D
Sarukah May 6, 2018 8:55 AM
Ohh, nice that you got some golds for Hubert! That should help your party get more event currency :0 Also your party is capped at level 50, not 30 :000 You only need the crystals to go from 50 to 60. And the crystals are buyable with the event currency you farm. If you go to the Pascal event missions screen, theres a little green button with text on it in the lower left corner, thats your event shop! The bigger crystals (the ultra expensive 50,000 ones D|) are your level cap raiser for 60 to 70. So far I've only bothered to buy Pascal's bigger crystal since she's the only one I have a gMA for D|||
Ohh nice, I can't wait to see your translation xD I also totally forgot about the whole Pascal loves bananas thing D8 I barely even remember it now xD

Edit: WAITAMINNIT! Your Pascal has her awakened portrait :000000000000 YOU GOT HER gMA?! :0000000000
Sarukah May 5, 2018 3:30 PM
HAHA THANKS BRUH 8D Theres no way to know how long it will be until Laphicet is included in another banner, I only know that he will be at some point cause they are slowly giving all of the characters those 5 star gear so its inevitable that he'll be included on a new banner with that in there at some point :0 There are lots that don't have them yet, but I'm not entirely sure who does and who doesnt. All I know for sure is that the Zesty cast that got 5 star gear were back on Rose's banner where literally the whole Rays included Zesty cast got 5 star gear except for Meebo x'D No idea why, but at least I'll have my shot at it when its new D| Rose could possibly be included in whatever banner includes Meebo getting his 5 star so there's that :0 I really can't wait for that PV though @_@

Oh, nice job on the Berseria events! Oh and the bug has now been fixed so youre good on that! They only gave us 10 diamonds as apology diamonds, everyone was really disappointed that it wasnt at least a little more since it was a serious game crashing bug D| oh well haha.
Yup, that AP orb is only given on the first view :0 Let me know what yu gleam from google translate if you do do that x'D
I vote that you should definitely do the Graces banner again! The Berseria rerun event will be around 9 days longer than the Graces one so definitely focus on Graces event first. Strangely enough, the banners themselves have Graces outlasting the berseria rerun one by 4 days x'D But yeah, pull for Pascal D8 DO IT FOR HER. I'm not bothering with the Symphonia 2 rerun or the end 40AP Berseria quest until Graces event is over :0

Haha, its fine, do whatever is fun at the moment on your days off 8D

Ooh yay, I am just about to watch it 8D!

Edit: OH and don't forget! You can always pop back onto your worldwide Rays account and be able to read the mostly similar menus and stuff as an easier way to figure your way around from that one back to JP. Worldwide is also doing UNLIMITED FREE MULTI PULLS for the rest of the month so check that out x'DDD Theyre doing one event a week or so apparently, right now its the one with Sophie's halloween gMA that we were talking about before! 8D I've done like 18 multis hahahaha.
Sarukah May 2, 2018 6:23 PM
I DID IT BUDDY, I GOT MY LAPHICET BACK ;AAAA; HYPE HYPE HYPE It only took me 4 multis, too! All three before it had no gMAs and only 1 or 2 gold weapons so I was starting to panic D| Granted, I don't have Laphicet's weapons maxed out on limit breaks, but I think I might just hold on to my left over diamonds now for whenever they give Laphicet a 5 star gear :0 and I also need to save for Mikleo's eventual return D| We're getting the next preview video on may 7th so we'll know whats coming up for the next month in a few days :00000