KOS-MOS "Anti-Gnosis Humanoid Fighting System #00-00-00-00-1, Development name KP-X"


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KOS-MOS (recursive acronym for Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation System) is a character from the Xenosaga role-playing video game series.

KOS-MOS is an armored gynoid developed by the interstellar conglomerate, Vector Industries. She is made entirely of mechanical parts and nanomachines.

She is programmed based on the tenets of logic, probability, and the completion of her assigned mission. However, threats to the physical safety of her co-creator, Shion Uzuki, cause KOS-MOS to temporarily ignore these parameters.

Her development name is "KP-X", and she is self-classified as a "Special Humanoid Anti-Gnosis Annihilation Weapon". Her serial number is "00-00-00-00-1". She is equipped with a "Simulated Personality OS" to aid in communication, and appears incapable of emotion.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Christian, Luci
Suzuki, Mariko

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