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Days: 379.3
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Meitantei Holmes
Meitantei Holmes
Today, 8:09 AM
Watching 1/26 · Scored -
Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
Today, 8:00 AM
Dropped 3/11 · Scored -
Yesterday, 8:53 AM
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Days: 214.8
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Oniichan wa Oshimai!
Oniichan wa Oshimai!
Today, 9:07 AM
Reading 1/? · Scored -
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Today, 6:18 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Yesterday, 4:26 AM
Reading 76/? · Scored 8


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Soulsfear Jul 28, 2:52 PM
Happy Birthday
shina_luna Jul 3, 7:15 AM
Yen Press ist eigentlich recht spät dran damit... Das ist eigentlich sowas wie ein Band 14.5 oder so. In dem SS Band wird die 3 Hauptfigur eingeführt und in der Hauptreihe ist der plötzlich auf der Bühne mit Referenz zu irgendwelche Events, wo ich nur dachte "Hä?"

Bin aber auch mal gespannt, ob sie die Fortsetzung bringen. Die wäre ja interessanter eigentlich, da der Anime soweit gar nicht geht und da noch keine Alternative da ist.
shina_luna Jul 2, 12:23 PM
Yen press hat Indexx SS lizensiert. Daran auch interesse? ^^
Enelnoenti Jun 17, 11:23 PM
Lol, this dude thinks Syrup is better than Fisherman island
Enelnoenti Jun 17, 5:22 AM
Even though probably I'd notice it before, cuz seems you got it before I meet ya. But it's a thing, anyway.
Enelnoenti Jun 17, 5:19 AM
Congratulations for your 2k completed!
Enelnoenti Jun 1, 2:39 AM
And I thnk my favorite composition is Brahm's Symphony No.3 - Poco Allegretto, it's nostalgic for me
Enelnoenti Jun 1, 2:38 AM
I had fun with Skypiea in manga ver. too, but I didn't like the "shounen factor", it'd be ways better if Oda had use the place for exotic adventures with comedy and develop the relationship of the crew. That possibility blocked me to really enjoy the arc, because on the place of explore the story of Jaya and Sora Shima, Oda prefered to create enemies, an useless battle royale and waste a good amount of chapters with uninteresting stuff for me. So, I don't like Skypiea at all, if Enel wasn't that threat beyond the whole arc, it's "culture" would be ways richest
Enelnoenti May 30, 6:06 AM
And I love classical music too! I listen to it everytime I'm making some homework, working on photoshop or clearing my house! Who is your favorite composer? I like Brahms, Bach, Chopin and Tchaikovsky, but my favorite is actually Salieri.
Enelnoenti May 30, 5:57 AM
And yeah, I can't think that anyone who watch/read so much wouldn't love a lot of different stories. Is really good to know someone with that huge knowledge about anime and manga! And about Minene, what do you think about her spin off? I saw you gave it a 8/10, but it's just because you like the character? I read it years ago, so don't remember so well (and I read when I was a child)
Enelnoenti May 30, 5:54 AM
No, I even don't like Skypiea, it's the worst arc, after all. I prefer Marineford or Impel Down.

Enelnoenti May 28, 7:16 AM
I see you're reading One Piece, cool! I'm reading it too! I on-holded it after finish Skypiea (Yeah, MY arc), I plan to return to One Piece in this year, because I'm really loving the reading! You're a bit further than me, but you can speak without fear of spoiler, because I watched it's anime until the episode 735 (end of Dressrosa): What are you thinking about that manga?
Enelnoenti May 28, 7:13 AM
Now, I can't take it anymore! I'll lost a good time have fun by seeing your taste by that huge list of yours! Let's see...

I've heard about that Ooku in your favorites, taking your HUGE list in consideration, I suppose you really like it. I'm really interested in non-romantic shoujos, I'll steal it as a recomendation. When I read it, could you talk about it with me? :3
Enelnoenti May 28, 7:10 AM
Hiiiii! I came here to bother you with some conversation! I'd like to know your taste better, what is your favorite stuff in stories? Like plot, development, good moments, complexity, nice gags or etc? I can't know by our shareds because you liked everything I know .-.

About me, basically: Mainly, I'm in love by love. I really enjoy that blushed moments like a well constructed confession or cute moments of a formed couple. I feel really satisfied >///<

Obviously, my favorite genre is romance. I like every demographies (but Kodomo), but my favorite is seinen, after all.

My favorite theme is BOXING! I don't like spokons so much, but when the sport is boxe, I can't help but give it a try! Like, it's almost surely a 8+/10, I love get excited with good fights or a underdog getting better every time he turns up the ring! Good rivaries are strongly welcome too! Two honored mens, changing hits and a piece of themselves aaa is so cliché but I really like it!!!

My favorite thing in storis is complexity. For a lot of reasons, at first because I like a challenge, and stories that call me to decipher them (it's ways better when I have someone to talk about, though). Another thing is because if it's complex, probably will be profund too, my favorite stories have a good part of philosophy or at least, space for reflection (the infamous "overthink"). And for me, the best characters are the best because they're "humanized".

I guess my taste is inconsistent as fuck, but I guess it isn't that bad after all, I give a try to almost anything (Yeah, it means you can recomend me anything and I'll look it anytime :3)
Enelnoenti May 27, 7:46 PM