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nicknames: cazu/cazi, cazqui's ok
"pablo azquibar-kun" - nyarly-kamin, fg

i've been watching anime since my childhood, with a bad attention span (2008 onwards), and i fixate on what i watched during that time period especially due to nostalgia. which explains my list favorites below as well as my taste. ghibli movies were probably my beginning, shown when i was little. i'm a casual and easy-going type of never watcher. everything in my watching list or on hold list, that's never to be finished 90% of the time. i have a problem with finishing and starting anything - not only anime.


† range: 1990-2011. anything i watch that is older and newer than that is most likely to contain at least one tag of historical, drama, adventure, shoujo, military, sci-fi, and mecha. i gravitate towards historical time period anime more than a modern/contemporary setting. if it is futuristic, i'd prefer it to not take a major stage on earth. unless there are aliens, enemy/friendly planets/other space civilizations, or space and earth are at odds. i appreciate environmentalism, man vs. nature conflicts, space operas, creepy/eerie elements, supernatural and psychological horror, religion, historical fiction, high/dark fantasy (historical dark fantasy is even better), dystopians (especially sci-fi), war, and war aftermath anime. anime that either takes itself seriously, is sad, or contains heavy human drama is appealing.

i do not typically:

† rewatch (if i do, it's because i have either: watched it too long ago so it's fresh, really thought of it highly, or i forgot. luckily or unluckily, probably the latter, i actually don't retain info that easily as it is. but once the component of knowing roughly what the plot twists and developments are is heavily present, there's not much of a rewatch value for me anymore.)

† watch seasonal anime, episodic, slice of life, cgdct, harem, ecchi, yaoi, yuri, mystery, and comedy. if comedy is not one of the main genres in an anime, or if it's lowkey and less played out then it's fine. the other genres i dislike will probably present why i abhor fanservice.

feel free to recommend, chat with me or comment anything if you have any questions but acknowledge that i may not ever get back to you. no small talk if you can help it. ask me how i am and i'll give you some ridiculous answer if i'm irked enough. do not send me a friend request if you do not know me nor have a reason. if i want to add you, i have a reason.

01 - it had to have wanted badly to be bad for me to give it a 1, i literally don't give 1's
02 - disgusting
03 - disgusting
04 - not at rock bottom, but pretty un-enjoyable
05 - i sleep
06 - it wasn't bad, it just wasn't good
07 - fairly good but there are things stopping it from being higher on the list
08 - awesome watch and i had fun
09 - fk it uppp
10 - impossible to get a 10 without the anime already being one of my preferred genres and having themes/elements/tropes that i had a predisposed liking towards before-hand


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