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Shika no Ou: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi
Shika no Ou: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi
Jul 13, 7:30 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki
Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki
Jul 8, 11:46 PM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
Shadows House 2nd Season
Shadows House 2nd Season
Jul 8, 4:26 PM
On-Hold 1/12 · Scored 10
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Days: 24.8
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  • Total Entries709
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  • Chapters3,301
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MyCuppaCoffee Jun 23, 1:44 AM
Same sunlight, same habitat
MyCuppaCoffee Jun 23, 1:39 AM
Same roots same ground
MyCuppaCoffee Jun 23, 1:37 AM
We are truly from the same Apple
MyCuppaCoffee Jun 23, 1:34 AM
Another puck enjoyer?

Not bad padawan( ̄^ ̄)
leuscius May 1, 11:19 AM
I appreciate the request, thanks. Do you mind if we talk first? I really like your favorite manga. Sakura-gari, Kaze to Ki no Uta & Litchi Hikari Club? I barely even see those in others' lists, great taste.
Alriven Apr 29, 8:47 AM
This happened when I was like 11 so I quickly forgot about it. After years this incident suddenly pop up into my mind so my initial thoughts was it be the work of some Tiktoker or something. So I scoured the internet to find anything related to it but found none. Crazy if someone just simply does this without expecting something in return.
Tsarko Apr 26, 7:01 AM
Yamada Akihiro was an illustrator for both novel series - Juuni Kokuki and Hikari no Ou! It's an additional reason why I am excited for it, Yamada's character designs. There hasn't been much news about it besides announcement and that Oshii and Nishimura are to make it. Hopefully we get some footage soon, be it a key visual or animated PV. Doubt it will come out this year since not even poser is out but next one certainly. Hopefully Signal.MD does it justice, their TV productions tend to be eh...
Tsarko Apr 26, 6:06 AM
Love me some good adaptations of great legit fantasy novels! Now looking forward to Hikari no Ou by Oshii and Nishimura.
waifu Apr 19, 10:33 AM
Do you collect physical copies of mangas btw?
Umm it's a long story! I couldn't properly socialise back then and when I do, I felt uncomfortable afterwards.
Plus my account got restricted, weird people suddenly came in and it was just a mess blehhh

Yesss that one!! DRCL! n_n
waifu Apr 19, 8:14 AM
Hwaaa that was.. a long time ago.. and also in a different acconut!
So you might be right.. I miss your old forum avi thou!
waifu Apr 19, 7:52 AM
Whoa you have a lot more written in your profile than the last time I was here * o *
betaweeb Oct 30, 2021 2:32 AM
yeah i understand what you mean, it can really suck when you're burdened with all these expectations, especially when they clash with your real interests, but having found your passion is just as important no matter how late it was or seemed like it was, i can't really say the same for myself and many others that i know that still struggle with finding something they really care about, so i hope you'll be able to find an avenue to pursue your passion, while also being able to provide for yourself, even if your life doesn't end up being about that 'precious and lucrative' STEM path.

yeah haha i've seen your watching list, it's definitely not how i do things, but if it's any comfort (if you even need to be reassured), i've seen quite a few other users that have similar watching habits and perhaps similar attention related dispositions. as long as you're satisfied with how you do things, eventually get to what you want to get to and enjoy yourself, i have nothing but respect, no matter to what degree it differs from my own habits and methods.

about the promised neverland, i kind of lost my hype for it in the beginning of the second season and actually stopped watching it before it became such a shit show, which i've heard it totally did from friends. from my understanding, they skipped one of, if not the best arc and then poorly adapted some of the rest (which actually isn't that liked, even in manga form) and ended it. it seemd they really kind of screwed up with it (and with the ending to wonder egg priority as well apparently) but i still have respect for them. they were just the resident studio to suffer from terrible scheduling and work and management related practices it seems. this is just my speculation, but i think they never planned on making a second season, i think it was meant to be the classic case of a one and done manga commercial, but it exploded in the west and they felt they had to do another and tried to finish all of it in one additional season and it blew up in their face due to the attempted changes, kind of a tokyo ghoul root A of this decade, i loved the first season but honestly it was enough for me and the memes almost make their spectacular failure worth it to me, i hope that's not too mean.

my movie watching project was not with others actually lol, but i did kind of did it like you described, watching a movie every day or other day for a while, as they are digestible in this watch once and complete it sort of way, it has been a couple months since iv'e made progress with it though. regarding other hobbies, i do game a bit, though i haven't made much progress on that hobby either this year, but i have played the miles morales spide man game and finished it about a week ago, hopefully more gaming will be had soon. hoping to find the motivation to do some reading too as i have a mountain of purchases waiting on me, but it's a bit hard for me.

the new adaptation of fruits basket is very faithful and is actually completed, three seasons with 63 episodes overall if you're interested. the older adaptation was not from before i was born, but it was before my time and was of little interest to me as an anime fan before the new one aired, as it had this reputation of a classic, albeit incomplete and unfaithful adaptation, i saw a few episodes to compare and i can see the appeal, but i strongly recommend the new version over it, if you plan on either.

the botting wars between fandoms on this site is pretty lame, it also hurts the integrity of the top list and one's ability to point to it as THE place to learn of the best anime, according to the western anime fandom.

while i enjoyed yuru yuri, to be fair, it one of the least engaging slice of life shows that i've seen, so don't call it quits on that genre yet! there were a lot of times that show was a bit boring to me and i did push myself through some parts, even if i do remember it pretty fondly, just to sum it up in numeric fashion, apt to MAL, it's a very low seven for me.

and yeah, i would love to hear you explain your takes on your favorites i mentioned, or even others, that seem fitting to you, but don't feel the need to "defend" those, as they are valid no matter how they differ from the consensus, or even from how i might feel about those, as long as those are your honest feelings towards the shows.

last thing, i know you said it's fine, but i'm super sorry about the late reply, i was very tired this week and though i had some time, i really wanted to answer your comment fully so i only now gotten around to answering, hope that's okay and looking forward to your next reply, whenever that might be!
betaweeb Oct 22, 2021 9:01 AM
regarding my studies, yes they were at a university. i majored both psychology and philosophy as a part of this university program witn an emphasis on the study of consciousness. a lot of it was very interesting stuff actually, but during my fourth semester i found myself with a lot of courses that i really didn't want to do, in formats that required all sorts of assignments that really rubbed me the wrong way and were not for me, so i got really stressed out and felt like i had to stop, it was a pretty bad time for me and it is still kind of disappointing as my marks were actually fairly good and i did enjoy a lot of other courses, particularly in philosophy, but it just was a really awful time for me. and the job i took because i want to move out of my parents house, so hopefully this endeavor will end up on a more positive note.

about heike monogatari, i think the pacing is done very well, in general the direction and planning of the show feels very confident and well thought out, there might have been a few cliffhangers, but i remember some episodes ending very satisfyingly in contrary to that. i completely understand what you're saying about the downsides of seasonals and following ongoing shows, but i really like doing so regardless. i find it fun to have something to look forward to every week and have a convenient easy to follow schedule basically prepared for me for watching anime, even if sometimes when you're super into a show it can be hard to wait. over the years i guess i kind of got used to it and now watching seasonals weekly is the main way i watch anime. of course there are some shows that work better when binging them, but as fun as binging content can be, a lot of the time i feel like i forget a lot more from shows that i binged and therefore have a weaker lasting experience of them.

thanks for explaining your thoughts about the adaptation of shadows house and no worries, i wouldn't call anything you've stated a spoiler, i have no idea how that might be done but i hope they find a way to adapt that character and their cool sounding storyline properly in the second season somehow.

i don't know if i'd say i'm hooked on something anime related at the moment, i always try to make progress on my anime related stuff in some way, for instance i've made a lot of progress on my project of watching a lot of anime movies a couple months ago, but that doesn't really fit the bill. it's hard to point at something that really shook my world recently, so even though it ended in spring, what comes to mind for me is fruits basket, which was and is my anime of the year three years running and has entered my all time favorites and then some.

this brings us to your last point, about my tastes, i can make an effort to explain it if you're interested but in short i do love both shounen and shoujo (at least what i've seen of it) and a lot more, i enjoy anime that hypes me in a certain way that battle shounen with their battle systems and power scaling do like nothing other does, but on the other hand i mostly come to anime to relax and so wholesome slice of life is really my cup of tea which brings us to a lot of shoujos, on the less dramatic side of things, but then again moving backstories that are prominent in both do it for me as well and so some tearjerkers really rank high for me. i wouldn't call myself a jack of all trades since there are plenty of turn offs for me, but if it's done well, most popular and known anime genres hit it with me.

it's funny you said that though, since your favorites are quite the eclectic assortment of shows, more than mine i would say, it would be interesting to hear about some of them and why they rank so high for you and how they represent your taste, like vampire knight for example, which is a show i almost watched (since it looked kind of for me and was on netflix which is a big plus for me) but i ended up not trying it due to hearing mixed things, is it actually that good?

betaweeb Oct 22, 2021 5:56 AM
bro no worries, i can ramble just as well and have been known to send even lengthier replies, so feel free to pour everything on your mind in your replies and eventually i'll get to it.

my new job is more demanding of me, but not because it is necessarily that difficult, but because my previous status for quite a while after i ditched my studies was pretty much being a neet haha, so then i had all day for MAL.

yeah heike monogatari is amazing, i hope you'll enjoy the rest of the season just as much when you get to it.

also super cool to hear you're into shadows house, i watched the anime when it aired and pretty much loved it. super cool series, with a unique blend of wholesome characters and character dynamics, along with this eerie fun atmosphere, i really quite liked it. i have heard the manga was even better and was very surprised to hear it's getting another season since i was sure it won't, due to recent production issues at the studio and them going off rails from the manga at the end of the season (which despite complaints from manga readers, as an anime only it felt pretty solid, maybe somewhat less cohesive than the earlier parts of the season but still good).

interested to see how they'll get back on track in season 2 and be sure to share your perspective on this if you have any (non-spoilery) insight as a manga reader, or anything else you want to share.
Kraia Oct 21, 2021 6:17 PM
hello! yes 👌👌