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Koutetsushin Jeeg
Koutetsushin Jeeg
50 minutes ago
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Summer Wars
Summer Wars
Aug 19, 4:38 PM
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One Piece Movie 6: Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima
One Piece Movie 6: Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima
Aug 19, 4:27 PM
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Shin Mazinger Zero
Shin Mazinger Zero
Sep 14, 2:16 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Aug 19, 4:38 PM
Reading 100/? · Scored 8
One Piece
One Piece
Aug 19, 4:32 PM
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TohsakaDM Jul 4, 7:58 PM
*sees list design*

Nice to see someone else on MAL who likes wilhelm from dies irae.
-Elevate- May 23, 2:29 PM
sorry but regarding your review for the kengan ashura anime i must say this:
not everyone fucking pirates their shit so they can’t just go on a fucking shady site and just read
the manga for fucking free. jesus fucking christ some people really are all about piracy....
i will say this the adaptation was fucking amazing and i didn’t desire to read the manga at all after i watched all of it
i really hope it gets a 3rd season in the future!
Leilana May 2, 12:32 PM
Ahh yeah that’s messed up. I’m sure there’s a lot the anime didn’t cover, so I’d love to play the VN. Love triangle stories can be interesting if executed well. School Days is one example that didn’t turn out well. Oh, so there’s no VN equivalent of Total Eclipse? Yeah I agree. Seems like that one has a lot of info to cover as well, so it’s possible the anime won’t ever cover all of it, or will just rush through it.

Yeah, definitely. It’s nice to have a little variety and different stuff to go to if you’re in the mood for something else. Same here lol. I’ve been trying to get it through SP’s giveaway, but I’m not really having any luck with it. I guess the news doesn’t affect you too much then. I’m just glad that Robotic;Notes is still getting a release. Not really familiar with Light or what works they’ve done. Ah yeah that’s still pretty bad. CGI as well? That sounds even worse.

Ooo I used to like playing Tetris a long time ago. It’s nice to not always get frustrated from a game. I agree. I always look forward to new servants cause it’s interesting to see what designs and skillset they will have. Nice, Oda is a good pick! Which VN did you stall? I have that problem as well when I have stalled something for so long. It’s hard to remember exactly what happened. Thank you. I probably won’t clear it anytime soon since new visual novels keep coming out and I usually prioritize those if it’s something I really want to play right away. Yeah a lot of people get turned off by long common routes, but if done properly, they do help set up stuff. I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t like Yumiko’s route either, but I actually liked it quite a bit.

Oh I see. Crow and Fie are cool. Crow is definitely my favorite male and as for female, it’s a bit tough for me to choose cause I like Fie/Alisa/Laura a lot. Fie’s S break is really strong, which is nice. Laura hits really hard and she’s pretty strong too. I’ll be on the lookout for him in the second game. Yeah not a great day to announce it haha, but I’m glad it’s real. What are the Crossbell games? I probably won’t play them before Cold Steel 3 just cause I don’t want to start another long series while in the middle of one. It seems like some of your stuff from first game can be moved over to the second game too based off what I was reading. The game would be too easy if everyone started off with their S crafts. And oh, I guess that makes more sense to start off with them in the second game. Hmm I see. I’ll be sure to stock up on some items then. I feel like I never have enough healing items cause I usually rely on the healing/revive quartz I have equipped on some chars.

Speaking of Higurashi, chapter 8 will be coming out soon. That is the last chapter, correct? If so, I will probably check it out soon, although I’ve been spending a lot of time with lengthy visual novels, so I might need a break soon from the really long ones. One I’m currently reading is very full on SOL and it doesn’t really have any drama, so it’s kind of boring to me at some parts. I think it will take me a while to finish since SOL stories tend to make me read slower. Aww that’s a shame. Yeah Kunosato is cool. I immediately liked her when I saw her design. The true ending made me look up more about the series cause it left me confused at first. Oh wow, I think this is the first I have heard of someone preferring C;H and liking Takumi as a protag. Ah yes I’ve heard C;C’s anime is bad, but it’s honestly not surprising to hear. Fata Morgana you say?? I’m so happy to see you are enjoying it that much. I’m guessing you finished it by now? Also make sure you read “Another Episodes” as well.

Yeah might be nice to check out a horror VN when you’re in the mood for it. That is true. They do translate the weirder titles. It sucks though cause a lot of their titles don’t end up on Steam for obvious reasons. I think Rance series will be done soon won’t it? Someone else was telling me about it. I don’t mind waiting either, but what irks me is when there are no announcements about delayed projects or anything. There’s such a lack of updates from many publishers. Maybe there’s reasons for that, but eh.. how are we supposed to know? JAST is extremely slow though. They will announce something, but then it will get delayed, and so we basically don’t get it until like six months later. But yeah as long the quality is good.. Nope I have not heard about that, but that’s cool. I’m really glad they are bringing more Nitroplus visual novels to the West. Yeah stories that have a heavy focus on sex are not for me and that’s very true that those scenes are rarely done well. Ooo, I met someone that likes Higurashi more than Umineko. I wonder if it will be the same for me. Ah that’s a good point to make. I guess it’d be better not to watch the anime then. I just wonder if the remake will be better than the original. Makes sense why Higurashi would get another anime instead. It’s all reflective of how well something sells. Yeah it’s just crazy to me that they would attempt to animate something that has so much information. I’m sure a lot of it gets condensed. Haven’t played through Rose Guns Days, but some of my friends have enjoyed it.

Haha yeah, but he’s actually pretty cool. I think it’s something the author added just to put some humor. The live action style kind of threw me off as well. It takes a bit to get used to and is not something I am a huge fan of, but I think it works out for that VN. Oh really? That’s interesting. You might be a little bit familiar with the story then. That’s cool if so.

Also happy belated birthday!
Myth-of-Stars Apr 28, 8:25 PM
Royal-Guard-Reli Apr 28, 4:51 AM
RONIN!!!! Know it's been a while since we talked but just wanted to say: Happy birthday dude!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Leilana Apr 8, 4:23 PM
I think one of the girls got into an accident and ended up in the hospital, right? I could be wrong, but I seem to recall it being tragic in some ways. Fate has a ton of spin offs, so I’m not surprised. Still, there’s definitely plenty of material nonetheless. Oh, what is the one that’s already on MAL then? The Total Eclipse one. That is pretty weird though and doesn’t make much sense for anime only viewers. Only those familiar with the source material would probably be able to watch it, otherwise it would just be spoilery for others or not make sense. Ah yes, no CGI please.. I can’t get over how weird it looks in anime.

Yup I fully agree. Even the really boring ones can make a VN seem extremely long cause they’re pretty difficult to get through. I’m pushing myself through one right now and it’s just so tiresome which I actually managed to finish. Haha well that’s good for you. I think breaks can kind of ruin the immersion experience, so it’s not something I recommend. I usually end up wanting to switch to other things though when reading something really long. Well that’s good to know. The Steam price is still a bit expensive. I think if Baldr Sky was one that I was more excited about, then I would have bought it on release date, but I’ll hold off on it for now. Yeah, it definitely has a combination of interesting things. I’m sure there are some good people hidden in the community. Generally I just see a lot of Twitter users post really dumb stuff. Definitely, it can be difficult to find your place in an already established community. I’ve had some nice conversations with some users at least. Ahh that’s nice. That’s how it was for me with the first DR VN. It’s gonna be the same thing when I get around to the S;G VN as well.. oh yeah, also did you hear the news about MAGES.? Oh wow I didn’t know Dies Irae’s anime mean score was that low. Then again, I am not really surprised if it only has 11 episodes. That is not nearly enough to cover everything from the VN. I usually don’t care for how they are drawn, but it’s better than seeing a censored version. I’m sure it won’t be as disturbing as Maggot Baits or Euphoria lol. And yes I agree. Seems like JAST always charges for their 18+ patches though. Sekai Project and NekoNyan usually provide free ones for Steam which is pretty nice.

Oh alright, that’s good to know. Action games are cool every now and then. I usually prefer games that are more chill and laid-back, or where I don’t really have to think much. Ah yes, I’ve heard how difficult those games can be. I’m pretty sure I’d get stuck a lot in those games. Well that’s good you didn’t give up on it! I guess you really enjoyed it then. I really like the character designs, but that’s something I have always loved about Type-Moon. Haha yes it is. The new lostbelt just came out in FGO. Yeah and that’s why I have trouble getting to my stalled VN list. Some of them I just completely forgot what was going on in the story. When I go back to them, I want to make sure I am completely focused on it and don’t put it on hold for months again. Common routes can be a pain to get through at times, especially if you just want to get to the main routes, but it does help you get to know the characters more. Oh yes, I think that’s why a lot of people don’t finish Grisaia or end up finding it boring lol. The common route is a hit or miss for people. I prefer the actual routes as well over the common route.

Oh nice! Did you play the Trail games on console? Do you have a favorite character in ToCS? Also not sure if you saw, but the fourth game has been announced. It will be out on PS4 this fall, and Switch/PC next year. It was announced on April 1st, so I thought it was a joke at first, until I saw the Steam page for it. I wasn’t expecting it to get announced so soon. The 4th game is the last one in the ToCS series right? Nope I haven’t played Trails in the Sky games yet. I started with ToCS first cause it appealed to me more, but I might try out Trails in the Sky in the future. I think its gotten a little bit better ever since I’ve gotten stronger and it is much better when more chars have their S crafts. It just gets annoying running out of EP and stuff, plus there are some monsters that have one shot me. That spider boss was really disgusting.. I feel like the last fight in the game will be tough. I’m on Chapter 5, so I still have a long way to go until I finish it. Ohh yeah that was really icky. The series in general has some pretty gorey scenes. C;C is a long one, so that’s understandable. I spent a little over 100 hrs in it.

I sure hope so. This is the one time where I would actually appreciate censorship haha. There’s one every route? My god, I didn’t know there was that many.. ah, well at least I know what I am getting myself into. There’s a horror VN coming out tomorrow exclusively on MG called Sakuranomori Dreamers and I’m kind of interested in it, though I wasn’t aware it’s a horror and some of the screenshots look really creepy. I’m sad that it will only be sold on MG though. Oh wow, that’s a pretty bad adaptation then. That’s another one on my list that I will never watch, thanks for the warning lol. Hmm, interesting. Yeah that’s true, though surprisingly I have come across some people who have played/or are playing Euphoria/Maggot Baits. That’s a shame. Seems like MG focuses more on those heavily sexual content visual novels nowadays.. eh there hasn’t really been anything from them that I have been interested in besides the one I mentioned. Yeah! I will admit it’s always nice to hear familiar voices. I don’t usually like visual novels where H scenes are the main focus, especially since I tend to want more story, but I have played a lot that have a mixture of both and that’s usually fine with me. However, if a route is too sex focused, then I probably won’t like it as much. Oh there’s a child abuse chapter?? Noo, that sounds awful.. I doubt I’ll be starting Higurashi VN before July, so do you think I should watch the new adaptation when it airs? I guess Higurashi is more of a mystery than horror? I always get more horror vibes from it, but then people compare it to Umineko and I start thinking perhaps it is more mystery focused. And yeah that’s the problem with people who aren’t familiar with the original source material. I’m still not sure why we are even getting a new adaptation of Higurashi of all things. Seems like that’d be more needed for Umineko, but I don’t think it’s possible to adapt Umineko very well into an anime anyway, so eh.. I thought Bokuten would be more popular, but seems not and depressing stories aren’t for everyone, so I don’t think a lot of people would like it.

Good idea! Thank you. That’s good you like them cause there’s a lot of puns. It uses the porn materials in a weird way, like there’ll be a porn magazine in the action scene and it will be used as a distraction against the guards. The MC gets really hyperactive over any mention of porn stuff and it enhances his skills as well. Oh yes, I really want to play the Zero Escape games as well. I finished 428 Shibuya Scramble a while ago. It’s quite different from what I normally play, but it had some good parts to it. I also was not aware that the Canaan anime is a continuation of the series. It has live action artstyle but there’s an ending that is completely animated and it’s quite interesting. I was pretty upset though cause I was enjoying the ending only to find out that it continues in an anime. I skimmed through the anime, but it didn’t seem all that interesting. Remember 11 only has an English patch sadly. I wonder if it will ever get an official localization. It has some relation to Ever17 (which I really enjoyed), so I’m definitely interested in it. Cool, thank you for accepting!
Leilana Mar 21, 2:41 PM
Can I add you on Steam?
Royal-Guard-Reli Mar 21, 4:49 AM
Leilana Mar 10, 10:48 AM
I watched the anime of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien as well, but I don’t really remember much about it now, though I think it might have been a love triangle type of story iirc? Oh man, there’s so much Muv-Luv related stuff. I don’t keep up much with Muv-Luv news since I haven’t played it yet, but it’s nice to see big series like this getting a lot of support and other projects that are somewhat related, like being set in the same universe. Reminds me a bit of Fate series.

Oh wow that is pretty lengthy lol. But that’s a good point about gameplay! It’s nice to have a good mixture of gameplay and reading in really long visual novels. I think the main reason why I had to take so many breaks from Umineko is because there is so much dialogue and it got tiring at times. Yeah I saw that patch, though some people were questioning if it was legit. That’s good. I hope I will like Baldr Sky as well whenever I get around to it. I like that Demonbane has magic in it as well. Dark themes + magic can be really interesting if written well! Oh really, just from Twitter? I don’t really like the Twitter community so I don’t comment on VN posts that often unless I am having some issue, or have a question about 18+ patches lol. I joined a few VN Discord servers listed on the Reddit page, but eh.. It sucks joining a community that has been around for a bit with a handful of members who already know each other. Sometimes the servers can be too active or just too dead, so I’ll probably just talk in them whenever I feel like it I guess. I think it’s a much better way to go about it, rather than forcing myself to constantly be active in those servers. Saya no Uta was okay for me, really creepy and weird at times, but definitely a one of a kind experience lol. Whenever I see something is developed by Nitroplus, I just automatically assume the story is going to have some dark tones to it. I forgot that Toganiu no Chi has an anime, but I find it pretty funny it has a ranking of 6666. It must be quite bad.. dang, how can you butcher something that bad? Yeah same here. I get kind of a gothic vibe from some of the character designs. I’m also a bit curious how Nitro+Chiral does them since sometimes those type of scenes can be dark as well. I hope they won’t be too disturbing though.. I’ve never gone through a BL VN myself either, so I have no clue, but I could probably visualize how they go lol. I have Sweet Pool on Steam, so if I want the 18+ patch I’ll have to buy it from the JAST website. Screw them for not making it free.

A release date this year? Well that seems way too quick, but it’d be nice if we did! I actually did try a little bit of the original of Tsukihime a long time ago, but then I changed my mind about it and figured I would just wait. I think I have enough to keep me occupied anyway even if the English release does take forever. Oh yeah I am familiar with Melty Blood, though the one on Steam says “the last episode of the series”, so I am assuming there are other games before it..? I don’t play fighting games that look like this one that often, but I am interested in the characters. I am also not good at fighting games, which is probably the main reason I haven’t played stuff like NieR, Bloodborne, DS.. any time a game has fighting elements in it, I am usually not all that good at it, unless it’s very simple. Oh wow, Mahoutsukai no Yoru must have some really nice artwork then. I really like the character designs. They look very refined. I’m kind of surprised it doesn’t have H-scenes considering it’s Type-Moon. It especially sucks starting over when it’s a VN with a common route that takes forever to get through. Yeah that’s why I hate putting off stuff for so long cause the longer I put it off, then the more likely I am gonna forget what has happened when I go back to it. Sometimes I just start games to test them out, but I am not aiming for completion at that exact moment. There’s only one JRPG (Trails of Cold Steel) I’ve been actively playing. I still take frequent breaks from it, but I think I can get through it because I am enjoying it a lot despite the somewhat difficult combat. The combat isn’t difficult to understand or anything like that, but the monsters just take forever to kill. I think I spent like 20 mins on one boss fight. There were two bosses, but still.. Oh haha, I guess C;C wasn’t disturbing enough for you? Hopefully you’ll get back to it soon :(

I’ve heard Euphoria’s story is good, but then not so good things about the H-scenes. Worse than Maggot Baits eh.. so I guess Euphoria still has the record for most disturbing H-scenes. I’ve also heard there’s scat scenes in Euphoria and that’s something I would definitely skip if I ever read it. Maybe there’s necrophilia as well? Don’t remember exactly, but I just know there’s disturbing stuff. Oh no, you even watched the anime lol.. is there censorship in it, or is it uncensored? That sounds awful. I’ll probably never watch it. It’s one thing to read about disturbing and another to watch it.. I always feel a bit more squeamish when I watch something that is disturbing. I think Euphoria anime is more like a hentai anyway isn’t it? Hmm which would you say is darker between Maggot Baits and Euphoria? Yeah I hardly ever see anyone recommend these, unless someone is specifically looking for something disturbing. I’m afraid of what disturbing stuff Dead Days could have, especially since there is gore and monsters tags. Sounds kind of interesting though, but it’s very recent, so I imagine an English release wouldn’t be for a while. Ah well if that’s the case, then that’s good actually. I usually like darker stories best when there are not disturbing H-scenes, but those certainly add to the uneasy atmosphere. It’s not like I will dislike something more just because of the disturbing H-scenes anyway. I try to mostly keep the story and characters in mind, and then other stuff like voice acting (if there is any), music, etc., when it comes to overall enjoyment/ratings. I see H-scenes as just bonus content, though some do actually add to the story. Oh you started Higurashi? I’m not sure exactly when the 8th one is supposed to come out, but how far are you into it? You should definitely give Bokuten a try when you’re able to. I’d love to hear your opinion on it cause no one I know has completed it.

Yeah I would just recommend if you plan on buying it to at least wait for a sale cause I don’t think it’s worth the whole price. I haven’t played it in a while actually, but that’s cause I’ve been too busy with visual novels lol. The combat is just very simple and it’s like a “floor-to-floor” type of thing which doesn’t seem to change much. It would have been nice if it was a bit more like an open world game.

On a side note, I finished playing AI: The Somnium Files. That was the one game I was worried about because of all the crashing I read about it, but got it gifted to me for my bday. I had no problems with crashing thankfully. The writing and mystery was really well done imo. If you are ever looking for an amazing mystery VN, then I definitely recommend this one, so long as you can handle a lot of dumb puns and the usage of porn materials during action scenes (it's really silly, but also a bit dumb).
Leilana Mar 4, 6:12 PM
Thanks for the birthday wish :)
Probably won't reply for a while, so wanted to say thanks while I can
Leilana Feb 2, 12:27 PM
Ahhh well that's good to know. Seems like it has a strong, emotional ending. I don't expect much from H-scenes in VNs like those so that's completely fine. It allows me to focus more on the story. I didn't even know that it had 18+ scenes, but wow no free patch or anything huh? I saw they were doing a survey and want some opinions on what people would like to see get localized next. Here's the link in case you wanna vote

Oh, it's perfect for you then! I don't think I've tried a mecha visual novel, so perhaps the different format of it would make me like it more. Doesn't feel like there are a lot of VNs with mecha or I just don't know very many of them. Oh geez, Demonbane is developed by Nitroplus too, so I bet it's a dark VN lol. Ah yeah, Baldr Sky... I need to get around to that one, though I think it's a pretty long VN. I read that it was censored, so I wonder how that will affect enjoyment. Yeah, exactly! And not everyone wants to read something that's dark/depressing. Ooo nice. I wonder how difficult or easy it was to convince that friend. I don't have a lot of friends that are into VNs, so I don't get to make much recommendations or talk about them with anyone :( most people tend to be too busy or aren't interested in them. Ahah yeah well in this case it being weird can be good then, especially if you are looking for something different. Yeah some of that stuff was unpredictable. Oh I've seen that one around before. It has a really cute artstyle and it doesn't seem like it has any H-scenes. VNDB lists it as 17+. I mean there could be some hidden gems within the yaoi genre, so you never know. I've been meaning to try Sweet Pool since it sounds pretty dark. The description reminds me a bit of Saya no Uta. It's also the BL branch of Nitroplus, so that should give you an idea of how messed up it could be lol. Anyway, that's one developer to pay attention to specifically for yaoi. There's Togainu no Chi as well, which is coming out soon.

Oh yeah that would really be nice! I've been seeing some posts for it, so it seems like it's finally making some progress. Not sure if we would get it this year, but also not exactly sure what the exact status for it is. I was going to try the original at some point, but then I figured I would just wait for the remake .. also wasn't sure if it would ever actually make any progress, so kind of gave up on Tsukihime as a whole. This post kinda gives some info on the CGs I can't imagine them removing any H-scenes that have some importance to the story. I see the characters around a lot, so it's one I definitely wanna play because I want to learn more about the chars, as well as the story. Heard a lot of good things about it. Oh I completely forgot about Mahoutsukai no Yoru. That's one I really want to play as well. Looks like it's all ages? Yeah I also think it's because reading require a lot of focus, so I try to absorb as much as I can and not take large breaks while playing VNs so that way I can remember stuff better. There's some VNs I've had on hold for months and then went back to them, but couldn't really remember much about what happened. It's hard to rank routes as well when I play VNs like that, so I'm thinking I might have to start some of my on hold ones from start again. Good thing is I didn't get very far for the majority of them. Yeah it did come out in December and I wasn't expecting Bokuten to be as depressing as it was. I had an idea it would be pretty sad, but thought it'd be like sad moments here and there; however, it's sad from start to finish. Bokuten took me 54hrs so it's a medium length VN. Oh haha yeah. Also I like how the delusions are set up more in C;C. They are easy to miss in C;H especially when you're first starting off and have no idea what that top bar is. Just wait til you get further in. It has a lot more development in it and is longer as well, so I feel like you should like it more once you know the characters better. I could be wrong as well though..

Oh it's called Crystar. I mean the story isn't super amazing or anything, but it's good enough to keep me playing.I'm not very far in it either, so it might get better. Just wish the combat system had a bit more to it.

Also, not sure if you saw the announcements or how interested you are in Moeges , but NekoNyan made a lot of announcements recently for VNs they picked up.
Leilana Jan 18, 8:07 PM
Some people I know that have gone through it had trouble with Muv Luv because of all the SOL moments and weren't all that impressed with the more serious stuff(?) that happens later on. I've always felt iffy about mecha and the older style of Muv Luv has turned me away from it as well, which is why it hasn't been a priority for me. I had the same issue with Ever17, but was eventually convinced enough to start it and it turned out well, so hopefully I'll be able to get around to it soon. Just mostly been going through shorter VNs before I start up a very lengthy one and still need to work on some of my backlog as well, but new VNs keep coming out and it's hard to keep up with everything lol. I'll probably let you know when I get around to it. Also, is it pretty easy to follow story wise? I'm hoping there's nothing too confusing about the story and that it concludes everything decently. Ah well I imagine the H-scenes weren't a large focus of that VN anyway so maybe that's why they are more on the average side. I mean yeah those scenes don't sit well with me and there's some stuff I would rather skip through, like necrophilia or anything involving feces cause that stuff is a little too disturbing for me. There's plenty of disturbing scenes when it comes to H-scenes, but there is some I can deal with better than others. I think I'll just have to try it whenever I feel in the mood for it if that time ever comes. Honestly I didn't expect Subahibi to have that many disturbing scenes lol. It was one I really wanted to try out though and I'm glad I stuck with it to the end despite it being so weird. And yeah, sometimes those scenes have a purpose to them, but other times they are just there to disturb you I guess. When it comes to recommending stuff, I try to stay away from stuff that has really disturbing content, but a lot of my favorites cover some dark topics and it's not always easy to avoid recommending such titles, otherwise I have to resort recommending cute and fluffy titles, which aren't really my top picks for recommendations unless someone prefers those. Yuri is usually much cuter and if I had to choose, I prefer yuri over yaoi. I do have some yaoi titles that I plan on playing one day. I have yet to play one, so guess I'll see how it turns out. It's just to try something different.

True true, though I think some of the characters from HA are briefly mentioned in the FSN VN. Indeed, I really like Caren's theme as well. Yeah they kind of get overshadowed by other stuff sadly. At least it had an ending that wrapped up things nicely. I was mostly sad because I love Fate franchise and just wanted to keep reading anything Fate related in VN format. I just digest stuff so much better when it comes to VNs. My memory is very bad in general and even with VNs, I can't remember every single thing after years, but I'd still say a lot of stuff from VNs sticks with me much better than other formats. Understandable, it's always nice to recover with something lighthearted after going through something disturbing and depressing. The VN I played that was so depressing and disturbing is called Bokuten. Oh very nice! If the number is increasing each year, then that can only mean your interest in VNs is getting stronger. Oh how interesting. Seems like it has a bit of a horror aspect to it as well. Glad to hear that about the main character and it's always nice to play something with a darker/mysterious atmosphere that doesn't include disturbing H-scenes. Dies Irae is pretty good, though it's difficult for some people to get into. It's definitely not for everybody. Yaaaay, it's a big improvement from C;H, so look forward to it!

Yeah it gets boring after a while :/ there's one game I've been playing where the combat is very simple and it's kind of boring, but story wise and art wise it is good so that is what keeps me playing it. I've heard a looot of good things about it and seen plenty of fanart for the characters as well, so that says something :>
Leilana Jan 3, 10:43 AM
Ah so I guess it’s a bit easier to pick up than how it looks. Kind of odd it doesn’t have a tutorial. Usually games with a battle system have a tutorial to explain how things are done. Yeah, though the battle system needs to be good as well, otherwise it can just be a pain to get through. I’m in the same boat lol.

Yeah I’ll give them credit for being funny at least. There are some good ones where romance isn’t even the main focus, but the romance is still nice to see. Oh that’s nice to hear about Muv-Luv. I always hear mixed thing about that VN. Oh Maggot Baits lol. Yeah I read that one has some pretty disturbing content, but that story wise it is supposed to be really good. Seems like a lot of visual novels that have disturbing content end up being good (not always, but at least ones I have gone through). Maybe I’ll get to it one day, though I’m not really a big fan of H-scenes being overused, especially disturbing ones. Compared to the other stuff, the yuri scenes were some of the more tolerable scenes. I don’t really care for yuri/yaoi stuff, but I’m not against trying out stuff that has content like that. Ah yes that’s very true.

Oh really? Don’t think I’ve met anyone yet with that opinion. Mhm more people have gone through FSN than HA. I really enjoyed learning more about Caren and Bazett, plus I enjoy their voices as well. Good to hear you still enjoyed it. It left me feeling a bit weird after (as with any disturbing content involved), but overall, it was a story that held my interest. It’s different, so I think that’s what makes it stick more. Yeah I’ll probably hold off on Maggot Baits for a while, despite the good things I have heard about it. I just finished something a while ago that had disturbing content and was very depressing, so I need to recover from it lol. Oddly enough it ended up being one of my favorites though. Oo Raging Loop, tell me if it’s any good! That’s a good number, especially for how time consuming visual novels can be. Ahh yes I love Chaos;Child. That was a very fun experience. Hopefully you enjoy it too! No worries, it’s still good to see.

Ahh damn I hate when that happens. That’s usually why I end up not finishing JRPGs because combat gets too repetitive and annoying to do over and over again. And oh, yeah a lot of people seem to like Nier Automata, so it must have been a big improvement from the first. I’ve seen some gameplay and it looks cool, but not sure if it’s something I’d ever play myself.
Leilana Dec 21, 2019 12:56 PM
Well if I purchased it through Steam, I read that some of the crashes happen later on so I wouldn't be able to refund if it goes past 2hrs of play time, but I will probably just stay on the safe side and not buy it.
Leilana Dec 20, 2019 9:05 PM
Just out of curiosity, do you know anyone that has played AI: Somnium Files? I downloaded it from a site and wasn't able to get it to work, but I don't know if buying it would make a difference since I've read a ton of reviews on it and some have a lot of problems with it crashing/or it just being buggy. It's on sale right now, but still kind of expensive and I don't want to risk buying it when it's buggy, plus I couldn't even get it to work when I downloaded it off another website. I don't know anyone who has played it, so I can't get a second opinion anywhere :/