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Subarashii Sekai
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Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction
Oct 9, 2017 11:50 AM
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CzeroC 6 hours ago
Well I watched 2 episodes before starting the answer arcs, now I just think of it as a recap lmao. Still at Chapter 1 arc so far, the character butchering is out of the question, but I think they did quite well at building suspense. And the OP is really sick, probably the only redeeming point lol.
CzeroC Jan 21, 2:46 AM
Lol Kinzo is perhaps the most mysterious in the Ushiromiya, however I like his style, tough and strict, my grandfather is almost the same in terms of educating children, anyway you'll find out soon.

Alright, we'll discuss more when you're done with it. For now I'm busy with lots of other stuff anyway.
CzeroC Jan 21, 2:07 AM
Yup, R07 really nailed the internal conflict between the siblings, it just gets better and better lol. In the beginning I too thought Krauss was the victim but it just keep twisting and twisting again. However, at episode 4 I realized that every adults in the game has their own problems and can't really blame them. One strange thing is that R07 makes the female far superior than the male ones, the husbands are just there for comic purpose though I really like Hideyoshi at first but his role dimmed as the game progresses.

I thought it was Ep 6 that is polarized, I myself find Ep 5 to be very intense and impactful, definitely my top 3, and it also reminds me of my favorite movie "12 angry men". As far as I know, most fans say that read the VN for the Question arcs and manga for the rest. I've only read the manga for episode 8, the rest I only skim a few moments to recall the twist, and I think the manga before 8 is normal, nothing special. If I have to pick one I wouldn't hesitate to chose the VN.

Ok, hope it'll pay off.
CzeroC Jan 21, 1:09 AM
Yeah it was touching and I didn't get why Ange was so mad then at first, but eventually it all came to light. Since we both enjoy drama you can expect more moment like that in the late game (No more spoiling XD). Actually, the family conference thing is very common in Asia, mine is without exception, so reading Umineko really brings back lots of memories, except for it didn't always turn out as bloody as in Umineko lol. The pacing was quite slow to me in the beginning but soon I got used to it. When I saw the first murder case and remember about the epitaph I thought It'd going to take 10 days to finish a fragment lol.

Not really dark, but more like a revelation, just as the title suggests. However, as I told you before, the VN will not provide you a solid answer for every fragment, so you'll have to find the rest yourself... Or you can just read the manga if you're really stuck haha. Chapter 7 is very important as that it's called "confession" so you get the idea, but in a very subtle way.

So you're waiting for the PS 3 patch eh?
CzeroC Jan 20, 5:31 PM
Yup, since the characters in the board cannot act out of character, you can assume that every possibility presented in the game so far is not really far-fetched.

Well that's a thing, Rosa sure got her bad luck, to raise her own child alone is somewhat a pain while she's still in her prime (I can't see how all the moms in Umineko are around 40). Actually, I think her development in Episode 2 is really something, I liked Rosa in the beginning, despite being introduced as an abusive mother (quite common for us Asia so I'm used to it).

However, at the end of episode 4 I had to step down a bit and feel really bad for Maria. And yeah, one of R07's signature moves is that when he writes characters he'll try his best to make us both hate and like them at the same time, soon in later chapters you'll find out more about this, the same goes for Higurashi.

Well lol, my thought was the same to yours, I'll give you a little hint, the narrative can both be trustworthy and deceiving. Starting from episode 5 you'll slowly get the answers from trivial stuff to major ones.

Oops, that was a typo (I was very sleepy then) lol.
CzeroC Jan 20, 9:00 AM
Same here, the world building in Umineko is really brilliant, it just keeps expanding with twists after twist. The way the gameboard is reset after each episode really reminds me of the worldline things in Steins;Gate.

Yeah it was really sad, Rosa is probably one of the worst moms in Umineko, I somewhat sympathize with her but her flaws really outweigh her reasons. That said, Maria remained in the dark about the truth in the end, so at least Maria could still have a glimpse of hope on her happy solution, call it fantasy wouldn't be an exaggeration, but ignorance is bliss eh.

Remember the rabbit band that Maria brought with her when she head out for the convenience store? That is the chiester' "vessel", as far as I know.

Hah I don't really wanna spoil ya, you'll find out soon in the Answers arcs, just interpret as much as you want, as it's one of the special traits of Umineko. All I can say is, Beatrice is a complicated characters, I guess you should notice by now at how she try to hide her real feelings after chapter 3.
CzeroC Jan 20, 7:54 AM
Well, the thing is, R07 wanted us to decide the truth about the story ourselves, using the hints he gave us. I think it's better that way than to have everything served on the table, as the nature of the story is self-discovery, be it mysteries or characters (Ange to be specific). Anyway, once you reach the final destination you'll understand why R07 played it that way (heck he even use a character in the game as a means to speak to us fan lol).

> I think his works are so weird and interesting that even knowing some stuff about the plot will still not be enough to ruin them.

Lol this one is gold, yeah I was spoiled a bit by a friend when I wanted to discuss about a chapter I just finished, but in the end it hardly ruined my ride.

Oops, I haven't reach that episode in the anime so well good for you, as it's a very important element to understand Ange's story in this chapter. I actually missed that one in the first playthrough, took me a re-read to finally get what she saw lol.

In regard to Ange's death in 1998, you'll get your answer at chapter 6 for the "how dunnit" and chapter 8 for the "why dunnit", but if you really want to know then

CzeroC Jan 20, 6:12 AM
Yeah, if it's only the art then I can put up with it, but it's the way they trim of the detail of side characters that makes me feel irritated. That said, given that it's the infamous studio Deen that do the adaptation then I guess it can't be helped, it's quite strange that they did a really good job on Higurashi.

Yup, soundtrack and voice acting helps add more spice to the ride and I really like the effect used as well, it's like we're playing an actual game rather than normal VN. Sure thing, the manga is deemed as "official answer" from R07, but if you wanna keep your own theory safe in the catbox then you can always skip it lol.

Nonetheless, while many people are satisfied with the answers given in the manga, I myself did recognize most of vital hints given in the VN. R07 is a very sly bastard so you just need to read steadily and try not to skip any important conversation, be it boring or not. If you're stuck at something there's a very good blog dedicated to the series here, the host also provide proofs to his answer so it all seems plausible, maybe...

Nice, I read the classic one but it still feels good, no voice acting but at least they got the improved art lol. Well, try your best to stay away from spoilers since Higurashi is a one way trip, once you understand the mysteries it won't be as fun and scary anymore XD.

I'm waiting for that one as well, the longer the wait the better the work I hope. In regard to the Umineko's bonus, I assume you're talking about the Tsubasa chapters right? There's a manga for it but only 9 chapters translated (the rest are not important as far as I know). It goes the same with the VN, but in the old art style so it might hurt your eyes lol, you can get it here. One thing to note is that these bonus chapters are merely tips from the author, other than you can get some laugh as it's pretty much for fanservice purpose. Oh and you should only read them once you finish the Answers arc.

On a side note, not really a big deal but since you're done with the question arcs, I'm just curious about something: when Ange arrived at the captain house to request a trip to Rokkenjima, she found something at this scene:

So did you figure it out what made she think it was fate in that moment? No worry, this only concerns the matter in episode 4 alone and won't affect your ride in Answer Arcs.
CzeroC Jan 20, 2:57 AM
Can't agree more with you about the anime, though I only watched 2 episode it was a downright blasphemy. In my opinion, you're doing the right thing to go blind into the answer arcs, as the catbox theory is one of the key themes in the story, hence you can interpret the story as many ways as you want.

I also noticed lots of people prefer the manga over the VN, but I myself was very satisfied with the VN. The thing is, most people want answers for everything, even a tiny detail, but I was just like you, didn't give a damn much about the plot but instead paying attention to the underlying themes and characters, which are imo the strongest asset of the series.

Yup, one of the strong point of Umineko is that it doesn't limit itself in a single viewpoint, I've read a few works of Ryukishi and the guy is really good at doing this, by creating different POV and many whatif scenarios, the story doesn't feel shallow or bound by any regulation.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the ride, and when you're done with it you can try Higurashi which is made by the same author.
CzeroC Jan 19, 6:03 PM
I used the UmiTweak ones and they translated everything.

So what do you think about the question arcs?
CzeroC Jan 18, 9:26 PM
You read Umineko?
HyCrox Jan 5, 12:54 PM
happy to hear that fren
Mio Jan 2, 8:24 AM
happy noot year, your forum signature gives me life
Maksim- Jan 1, 11:12 AM
CurrerHime Jan 1, 6:21 AM
Thank you, have a great year!