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Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki The Animation
Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki The Animation
Aug 11, 9:32 AM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 2
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha-bu Shozoku 3
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha-bu Shozoku 3
Aug 10, 1:25 AM
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Jul 30, 4:07 AM
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Steins;Gate 0
Steins;Gate 0
Aug 9, 7:05 AM
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May 29, 10:54 AM
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May 7, 5:49 AM
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Shoegum Yesterday, 4:52 AM
lol thx bro
NoizyFrog Aug 9, 2:23 AM
ShaIIot Aug 8, 3:38 AM
I can't tell if that's sarcastic or you like my asshat reviews, but that'll come after I've finished it. Many people have told me to wait to finish it last cause it'll break my heart, so it may take a bit.
Catchthefox Aug 7, 4:49 PM
Catchthefox Aug 7, 4:33 PM
lol your profile pic looked like you were a budhist or something :D
Catchthefox Aug 7, 4:24 PM
are you religious?
Maksim- Aug 4, 8:05 PM
Btw, we have been talking for a while now, is it okay if I sent you a friend request? :o
Maksim- Aug 4, 8:01 PM
You rated Koe no Katachi 4/10 wtf why r u recommending it? XD I will read the manga then. :P

Yep, that's why Madomagi is my favorite 12-episode series. :P The only thing that's rushed was Homura's backstory, I think. I remember reading Shinbo's interview (from Newtype magazine) where he stated Madoka was actually a 13 episode series but they had to cut many scenes due to budget and such. These scenes were actually Homura's backstory. I don't know if that's true thou XP

>That's easy excuse for any show really. People like to call out bad character development even if it's not there or not important at all.

Yes, I completely agree with this. And if Madoka characters were that bad, then Homura would have never reached over 13k favorites. Also, if the characters were written by Nisio Isin then they would have been called as "God-tier Waifus". Urobuchi doesn't know how to write characters. Oh and how could I forget about Anno? Evangelion = Shit characters: The Animation xd Who cares anyways.

Well, I always thought that Madoka is the protagonist and Homura is the deuteragonist. Madoka had more screentime than Homura actually. Only the last 3 episode focused on Homura.

I thank Urobuchi for writing Madomagi, it's his best work. His worst work IMO is Fate/zero. I fucking hated the main character Kirishitsugu. He's an annoying edgelord xd

>What's the difference? You don't act like yourself when you don't remember anything. Homura also acted according to and believed in fake memories. What they did in the original gets completely nullified.

Well, didn't you say the characters were OOC? For example, you said Kyouko's a lesbian but actually she isn't a lesbo. It's just that she didn't have her memories. KYOUKO LOST HER MEMORIES! That's why she didn't act like herself and was playing with Sayaka's ass xd None of the characters were badly written in Rebellion. That's just my opinion :P

>Yeah, if I get horny enough and want a slow burn experience with the endless dialogue. It's actually a good porn.

lmao xD The MC Araragi is really fucking bad. btw how did you know monogatari is a porn series?

Aquamirror said:
Just put tits and ass everywhere with some non-sensical 3deep5me dialogue and you have a good show.

Best quote of all time.

Wow, so Eva was your first anime? :O Has someone convinced you to watch it? Now that I know Eva is your first anime, what about Madoka? How did you hear about it and why did you watch it?

>x) I'm already half-loving and half-hating it. Ew.
Really? :o

lmao at that picture so true XDD Why did they compare Madoka to Shinji? wtf xd If Eva fans sees this, they will insult you so badly so be careful and don't post it on forums. I don't want another Eva fandom vs Madoka fandom war.

FLCL is cancer.
spawNN- Aug 3, 4:44 PM
stop hating on your name, fat beetch
Maksim- Aug 3, 4:04 PM
Aqua, define Deus ex machina.
Maksim- Aug 3, 3:28 PM
Replying to this

I agree with you. I've spotted some people would say the characters are bland and the series felt rushed. lol really? XD I always thought the series focused on the characters, on how they deal with hardships, facing reality etc. I think Madomagi is the best 12-episode series of all time. That's just my opinion :p As for Rebellion, well, I thought Homura's development was great. xd

No no, I wasn't referring these words to you. I was more like giving you some example on how the haters would criticize Madoka's characters, that's all. :P

>Homura overall as the real MC
Wait, so Madoka is just a decoy MC? :O

I don't think you should blame Urobuchi tho. Shinbo was the one who convinced him to write Rebellion.

> What memories? Everybody lost them. XD And no, Kyouko becaming yuri on Sayaka is just retarded.
YES! Meaning, they are not OOC. They just lost their memories.

>Probably also enjoy trash like generic-harem-310315 and generic-ecchi-559525902.
Omg you just described the monogatari series xd Are you going to watch it someday? I think you might like it xd

Nah, I didn't like EOE that much. I felt the movie was insulting me and... well never mind xd

>Eh I'm not forcing myself to create a design now, just hypotethically. It would be more general stuff though, not focused on one specific character. Actually I don't even know if I really want a Madoka-themed style at all.

I feel like your love for Madoka is slowly starting to disappear. I'm afraid you might end up hating it someday :(
Maksim- Aug 3, 2:29 PM
Finished watching Your Name. You're right, it's shit.
Maksim- Aug 2, 12:06 PM
>It's cringy forced romance that works because le magic/author said so, you might like it though.
I feel like you're insulting my taste but okay whatever.

Good. Tell me what you think about it when you watch it.

Maksim- Aug 2, 11:55 AM
lol are you serious? xD I'm still going to watch it :P
Watch Perfect Blue. It's better than End of eva.