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papyrus_kn Mar 24, 2:25 AM
Making bandwagon fangirls mad since 2016 :D
Tsu-kki Mar 24, 1:07 AM
Look at that ultimate shit tase hahaha
donkey shit has more style than you

umineko, death note, shinnsekai, gantz , nozaki-kun loooool... no wonder you so salty in the discussions. mad because every new Anime (better or worse) shits on all the mentioned crap. hahah
bbBM Mar 23, 4:40 PM

==_*_ ==
You've been visited by the BAD TASTE POLICE
Check yourself or they'll lock you up and throw away the key
zumac Mar 23, 12:15 PM
It was 666. Now its 667 :(
zumac Mar 23, 12:08 PM
Don't let that post count go higher.
Aure0lin Mar 23, 11:07 AM
maybe that wasn't the intended message, but what i got from it was that you're probably going to inevitably get banned again and enjoy it
Aure0lin Mar 23, 11:05 AM
you post laughing gifs in response to a ban like you're having fun
Aure0lin Mar 23, 10:27 AM
goin for ban number 4?
_Ako_ Mar 22, 2:19 PM
Lol... I wouldn't say that Mod got mad so he/she deleted it.

Lol... It could be more fun if OP just made it a waifu thread... xD

_Ako_ Mar 22, 1:40 PM
Lol... Well it wasn't really minutes, the thread was about an hr long or something like that... xD

Yeah... It was sniped... I laughed the fuck too, when I was gonna respond to your "backseat modding is better than no modding" thing.. xD

The events was quite well oriented.. xD
_Ako_ Mar 22, 1:34 PM
Damn, the thread about the backseat modding thing was, well sniped... xD

Anyway, I was gonna give you some explanations of why did I bother doing the stuff I did. But basically, he was just quite contradictory to what he was saying. The fact that he knows the rules but don't know how to use/execute them, was for me, quite ironic. The rules I also posted seems to be contradictory, which is Rule #1 and Rule #2. Although it make sense because a user can "shitpost" in a "loli + incest" channel but others want a different that is only, for "incest", the same with "nsfw" and "stocking", when it can be nsfw and have the 'stocking', and so on too...

Now, to get back to your comment "backseat modding is better than no modding"
was quite hilarious. I laughed at it... xD

Artrill Mar 5, 10:54 AM
Thanks for reading!
dr4chen Feb 12, 12:16 PM
Just spreading the word ;)

Figured if I was gonna help prop it up, I'd put some humor in the review. Cheers!
CzeroC Jan 28, 4:57 PM
I think each of the girl' weapon is also a symbol of their traits, i just have yet to figure out all of them, Mami and Homura is left for me to discover lol.

UroButcher's signature move has always been about creating a scenario where you can hardly decide who's wrong or who's right, and will make most viewers rack their brain to come up with a conclusion. His idea and work are very realistic which is rare in this age.

Just as you said, Madoka Magica is perfect in every aspect. The art style is odd (to many people) but it's abstract and fit the theme of the show: emotion, and thought is not something you can easily picture, so the art style for the background on the show represent those elements, somewhat signify the impossibility to fully comprehend human's emotion, like QB one said that he doesn't understand about the human emotion lol. I personally love the art, it's not something you can see nowadays, creative and artistic. The character design serves as a contradiction to the background art, indicating that the real world vs "our ideal world" isn't the same.

And yes you pointed out what i was going to say, a great thing about this show is that they invest to every minor detail of the show, supporting characters don't always get their chance to shine, and Madoka didn't fall into that pattern. MadoMom, MadoDad, Teacher, and even Sayaka's love rival and love interest are well-portrayed, they provide us extra point of view to fully understand the main theme of the show.

Soundtrack is out of this world, especially the first ED. The lyrics completely betrays the seemingly cute and girly melody of the track, and somewhat hinting us about the fate of Madoka. The OP is very touching imo, i really like the animation for that part. Firstly, the few humor scenes with Madoka, Mami, Sayaka seem to be a comedic relief or somewhat tricks us to believe this show is going to have a "happy ending". But to me it serves as the different timeline where Madoka is not "contained" by Homura, times when she could have fun with her peers, and reflects Madoka's personality: sociable, innocent, fragile, generous . It's really a shame that so many people hate Madoka and draw their attention to Homura too much. A bird can not fly high if it's kept in a cage, Homura is the cage and yet many of them failed, or don't want to admit that fact. The song's title speak for herself, she is going to be the one who "Connect" everyone. The "true" ED is also one of the best thing about this show, dark and deep and the animation is the journey of Madoka, as she keeps running she lost contact with everyone and finally be alone (God mode). The background music is also well-invested, whether it be fighting scene, chit chat, or dramatic, they're all accompanied with decent tracks to fit the mood and highlight the show. Each of the girl has their own theme track, Sayaka' is probably the most touching and best.

In regard to the spin-off manga, it's what happened in a different timeline from Homura's experience so Kyouko and Mami may act differently compared to the anime, but to me it still stick to their trait, their decision can alter given the different scenario. While i don't have any complaint about the Movie 3, i still think the ending in SS1 is the true end, as it sticks to the theme of the show, no more is needed. But well still expect to see what are they planning for the sequel, been 3 years so i hope they'll come up with something to conclude the whole franchise.
CzeroC Jan 27, 5:15 PM

Sorry for the late reply it was night time at my place. I agree with everything you said. People complain that Kyouko's development is weak or rushed etc. But from my oberservation, they left quite a lot of hint for us to explore, not so explicit like the other girls.

As you said, Kyouko is the one who brought the harsh truth about the life of Mahou Shoujo life. If we look back to the first loop of Homura, Kyouko is actually the one who "experience life" the most of all the 5 girls, while Mami lives alone but she still interact with her friends at school. But Kyouko is different, she decided to cut tie with everyone, not wanting to see anyone fell because of her anyone and live a life of a loner.

What i mean about "experience life" is that she goes out and learn the truth about the outside world, it's not like a nice place as we used to think when back in school, it's filled with competition and survival, you either fight or die, live for yourself or be consumed by your own goodwill, you have to place own priority above all else, because if you can't take of yourself how are you expect to help other eh. Afterall, nobody asks you to help them, it's cruel but you gotta face it.

The fight between her and Sayaka can be considered as a clash of ideal rather than just child fight. One is unexperienced and still harbor naive thought, unknowing about what lies ahead. The other is the one who experienced the true colors of life and decided to teach the younger one a lesson. It didn't work out much as Sayaka is too stubborn to admit the truth, her character development was very realistic and sad as well.

In regard to Kyouko's weapon, to me it's a symbol of Kyouko's theme: freedom and adaptation. The spear she used can stretch to any length at her own will, it can also be splilt into different part, representing those traits. She's free to do what she want, being not bound by any regulation. Her casual outfit spoke for herself, normally a girl this young should be careful in chosing their cloth, if they reveal their skin too much, other may think of them as "badly educated" or lewd, etc. But Kyouko isn't affected by that, she doesn't care what other people think about her, they can criticize her for being bad girl or whatever, she only cares about living on her own code and her true self.

Kyouko at first glance seems to be a villain, selfish and cruel. But she doesn't like that, she only live for herself, not selfish. The way she share her snack with the girl proved that, she is able to adapt to any kind of relationship. Of all the 5 girls, she and Madoka are the only 2 who can get along with the rest of the team. Kyouko also doesn't hold a grudge to any of them, Sayaka can be stubborn and naive but she understand and try to "fix" her. Homura is cold as hell but Kyouko understand that, she got a small glimpse of what Homura went through and sympathy with her (When they first met Homura was really mysterious and threatened Kyouko, but they later get along. The scene at episode 8 when Homura was being cold toward Sayaka "real death", Kyouko lost her composure and try to hurt Homura, but it's just a short temper, she latter kept her self cool to Homura (ep 9)). Her relationship with Madoka is also strong, she helped Madoka for her own merit (Madoka is Sayaka's best friend so she can be more used in "pursuading" Sayaka back to normal), but after a brief talk she got along with Madoka by giving the snack. Mami didn't get a chance to meet Kyouko on anime, but if you read the Manga you'll see their bond is the deepest of all the rest.

You can see why she didn't fall to despair after what happened to her family. It's more explained in the Manga, but to me it's because she finally accept the way the world runs, and be adaptive to it. She's also able to survive for a long time without interacting with any others, which proves her ability to adapt to any situation and learn how to deal with life. Another thing to point out is that when Kyouko learned the truth about the real fate of Mahou Shoujo, she didn't fall into despair like Sayaka did, because she's already used to stuff like this, it no longer affect her, and most of all she possess the ability to adapt to any situation, which prevented her from suffering the dark fate. Why did she even try to save Sayaka, she even dragged Madoka along, while knowing that Sayaka's already gone. To me it's because she hadn't given up yet, her ability to adapt is still going strong, it will find and try every single way and cling to every single hope to get what she want.

The reason she killed both herself and Sayaka can be interpreted as a way to atone for what she did for Sayaka. She can't beat loneliness, nobody can. That she shared her family affair with Sayaka proves that she still needs someone to talk about. At the peak of her effort, she knows that hope is all gone, what can she do now? Run away and live her own life like she always did or be FREE? You already know the answer, she picked her own fate, not to fall into despair and wither away turning into a Witch like QB wants, but to die a free person, that's what her life about, live and decide everything by herself. The moment she overload her weapon, it reached its maximum size, shows that her ability to adapt has reached it limit, and exploded. She can no longer adapt to live a life of a loner anymore, but to die as a free person, and atone for her sins. In the movie recap, they added 1 extra small scene upon her demise, showing her last smile, indicates that she die in satisfaction, not in despair like many other girls may suffer, this scene hit me really hard.

To be honest, that scene when she decided to sacrifice is the moment i learn how painful it is to turn hope into despair, for a whole episode i was hoping she's gonna succeed, and it's gonna be like all of the cliche we've seen, but Gen is a real sadist who enjoy "beating up" little girls XD. Kudos to him anyway, very touching moment of the girls.

I can talk more about the rest of the girl but i think this post is too long lol.