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Hakumei to Mikochi
Hakumei to Mikochi
May 16, 8:07 AM
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Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai!
Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai!
May 16, 7:39 AM
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Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku
May 16, 7:39 AM
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FirstDollmaker May 16, 2:27 PM
Thanks for accepting my friends request
-Kugeki- May 3, 4:04 AM
I haven’t played much visual novels either. I have tired a few indie VNs not necessarily of Japanese origin. Some of my favorites are the Bag of Milk series. It’s a surreal psychological experience. Akin to Serial Experiments Lain & Yumi Nikki. I really like the overall vibe of the game and how unique it is. I mostly enjoy character driven series, especially the Denpa kind. I have no idea why I enjoy these genres so much. I just find it so fascinating and mysterious. That’s all. I haven’t played Doki Doki Literature Club surprisingly. I bought it years ago but never got around playing it. Thankfully I haven’t seen much spoilers for the game. Other than the characters in it are psychotic to some level. Some of the games I own are: Stiens;Gate, Clannad, Higurashi, Chaos Child, Lucy & Planterian. I have a few others but these are the ones that come to mind. I’ve only played Lucy out of the bunch. It’s a sad game about a Robot girl. I haven’t finished it and nearly forgot most of the story but I want go back and play it again as it seemed pretty interesting. Speaking of Kara no Shoujo, you sold me at psychological/thriller/mystery. I’ll check it out since these seems the type of VN I’d be into. Thanks for the recommendation. ^^

Chronon May 1, 1:51 PM
Yep. She's cute. Found the gif from reddit. OP masked the face with still image. So her mouth is not moving.
-Kugeki- May 1, 11:09 AM
No it's ok bro, I knew it was a joke. No worries haha. Ya I am quite well aware of the show's "content". I just wanted to know what all the fuss is about. Sometimes I watch anime to study & better understand the culture. That's all. I never knew it was a Visual Novel tho. As you can tell I am fond of VN adaptions, two of my favourite anime are from visual novels after all. Speaking of visual novels have you played any? I personally bought a few but never got around to playing any, except for some short ones. I do plan on playing a few that interest me.

Spice & wolf has been on my list for ages now & I should get around to watch it some time soon. Although I prefer the older style, it doesn't mean I won't watch the new one if the story interests me enough. The new style although it isn't much my cup of tea isn't bad either. I hope it grows on me so I can watch the faithful version of story.

That's an interesting premise. Kinda reminds me of Pluto, Vivy, & Violet evergarden (although I am yet to watch that too). I honestly added it to my list because of the art style alone. it looks freaking gorgeous! I personally had no idea what the show was about except for the main girl being a robot.
TsutanaiFuun Apr 30, 11:39 PM
Yeah, there's actually a few anime on my radar that I'm considering watching, for example, Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku?. I think it's an anime original, so it's pretty exciting, as we don't know much about it. I've watched some of the trailers, and it looks interesting and
yup i've heard a litttle about this too, it looks fun plus cute girls lol. might check it out sometime, its already in my ptw.

you can try watching some more seasons if you get time like wind breaker and kaiju. they are both new animes and really interesting.

the last of dragon ball got really interesting, i'm almost at the end of season 1. will start dbz soon, it should be fun :D

yeah i've heard about the economic stuff from spice and wolf, i'm not really sure in what way it is dealt with so that is another thing to look out for.
-Kugeki- Apr 30, 10:47 AM
Im doing fine thanks for checking up on me. About that... I was having a chat with IRL friend over some "cultured" anime topics . The topic on Yoruba no Sora came up & he straight up told me it's some of the worst yet some of the best anime he's ever seen. It peaked my interest a little. I mean I already heard about it from all the memes & stuff, but I never bothered to give it a try. He blatantly told me it's trash & not to watch it but that made me want to watch it even more! I'm stubborn you see. Anyway, my sister probably (hopefully) has no idea what this show is & probably (hopefully) never will. Watching it with her would be a devastating matter & Im not sure if it will strengthen our relationship in any way shape or form. She really hates ecchi, especially stuff geared towards the male gaze. Though she does like her bishounens, mostly in her manhwas, to which I tease her about.

Anyway change of topic, How have you been? I see you're watching Wolf & spice. I have the original in my list but Im not sure I want to watch the new one. I'll be honest Im not a fan of the artstyle, mainly Holo's design. I like the older design way more. Though that's just my opinion. Is it better than the original?

I also see you're watching Key the Metal Idol. I have it in my list as well. Is it good?

SamayuJung Apr 29, 9:52 PM
hey! i took a massive break from MAL and anime and manga in general.
yeah, any meme that's loud and colourful makes me laugh despite if it's funny or not lol
it's my natural hair!! except however i did get extensions recently so I have long red hair 🕺
my kitten is named noel, she is a rescue and a calico breed. we estimate she is 9 months old and she loves to play! :)
i'm on my phone rn so idk how to send a pic otherwise i would. she's a little troublemaker haha
TsutanaiFuun Apr 29, 7:30 AM
m only following two seasonal anime: Mushoku Tensei S2 P2 and Spice & Wolf Remake, so it's pretty nice. I'm just taking it slow.
there are many more fun new animes out. you should check some more out. you might like something.

as for dragon ball. the first half, rather first 70 or so episodes weren't too great. after that it really picked up with the story and fights. the start is really childish but now it has become serious and enjoyable for me. i think dbz is the one people really talk about. i've heard from my other friends and they say real stuff begins in dragon ball z so i'm looking forward to finsih this and move on to it.

yes it was a sad news that the author passed away, he was legendary. didn't know about his new series might check it out.

holo sounds nice . i'll watch it soon!
TsutanaiFuun Apr 28, 9:56 AM
Thank you!

I'm good. How are you? Yes I've been meaning to watching spice and wolf remake and have downloaded it too but couldn't find time to find it. I recently started watching dragon ball for the first time and have been watching that. I'll start watching it soon.
she might be a contender to be added to your kawaii waifu list as well hehe.
yeah she's cute even more so in the remake. i'll watch it and if i like her personality too then she's definitely making the list :D
Hachii13 Apr 18, 10:38 AM
Thanks you so much!(⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)
MrNameless10 Apr 9, 1:16 PM
Thank you! :)
Serafos Mar 31, 9:55 PM
Thank you! ^_^
Aesethyr Mar 26, 7:16 AM
Thanks, almost halfway thru 1000th
RobertBobert Mar 25, 7:00 AM
Pinoffin Mar 12, 6:52 AM

Nice to meet you! :)
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