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Light Novel 'Nageki no Bourei wa Intai shitai: Saijaku Hunter ni Yoru Saikyou Party Ikuseijutsu' Gets TV Anime in 2024

by DatRandomDude
Feb 19, 6:34 PM | 8 Comments
Production company GREE Entertainment opened an official website for a television anime adaptation of Tsukikage's Nageki no Bourei wa Intai shitai: Saijaku Hunter ni Yoru Saikyou Party Ikuseijutsu (Let This Grieving Soul Retire! Woe Is the Weakling Who Leads the Strongest Party) light novel on Tuesday. The website also revealed the main cast, production staff, teaser visual (pictured), and an announcement video. The anime is scheduled to premiere in 2024.

Kensho Ono (Vinland Saga) and Miyu Kubota (Jashin-chan Dropkick) are starring as Krai Andrey and Tino Shade, respectively.

Director, Sound Director: Masahiro Takata (Tenkuu Shinpan, Hyouken no Majutsushi ga Sekai wo Suberu)
Series Composition: Hideki Shirane (Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid)
Character Design: Yuusuke Isouchi (Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita.), Shingo Fujisaki (Undead Girl Murder Farce animation director)
Art Director: Risa Tsushima (Kusanagi) (BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!!)
Assistant Art Director: Saho Yamane (Kusanagi) (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho)
Art Design: Shuuhei Tada (Kusanagi) (Ishura)
Color Design: Atsushi Furukawa (Tsugumomo)
3D Director: Yoshinori Tomo (Isekai Nonbiri Nouka)
Director of Photography: Kousuke Tanaka (Konyaku Haki sareta Reijou wo Hirotta Ore ga, Ikenai Koto wo Oshiekomu)
Editing: Masaki Utsunomiya (Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijou)
Sound Production: Saber Links
Music: Ryouhei Sataka (Gleipnir)
Music Production: Avex Pictures
Studio: Zero-G

Tsukikage began writing the adventure fantasy novel in Shousetsuka ni Narou in January 2018. Micro Magazine began publishing the title under its GC Novels imprint in August of the same year, featuring illustrations by Chyko. The 11th volume is scheduled to ship on February 29.

Rai Hebino began serializing a manga adaptation in April 2019. Kadokawa Shoten will publish the ninth volume on February 26.

Sol Press licensed the light novel in English in November 2020 and released the first volume in December of the same year. After Sol Press went defunct in 2021, J-Novel Club licensed the light novel in 2022. The fourth volume is scheduled to go on sale on May 10.

Yen Press licensed the manga adaptation in May 2021 and released the seventh volume in November last year.

The golden age has dawned for treasure hunters, who raid treasure vaults all over the world in search of glory, despite the dangers. Immeasurable wealth, fame, and power await those who prevail.

"Let's be treasure hunters!"

This promise between Krai Andrey and his friends came to a sad conclusion when young Krai realized he didn't have a treasure-hunting bone in his body. Yet for some reason, people's expectations of Krai continued to grow—as did the danger to his life. While his friends became greater, greedier beasts, Krai mastered the art of begging and pleading!

Witness the weal and woe of a man who just wants to retire. (Source: Sol Press)


Official site:
Official X: @nageki_official

Source: Comic Natalie

Nageki no Bourei wa Intai shitai on MAL

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@DarkDooM2 She do be looking fine.

Mar 23, 11:22 PM by MegamiRem

@EcchiGodMamster And there's nothing wrong with that (ignoring that your title contradicts itself by mentioning isekai after you've already mentioned the fantasy setting in potential title), because you don't understand how LN titles work. They are designed to make it clear to the potential reader what it is about in the simplest and most intuitive manner possible. Of course, most works in every genre will retell similar situations in different ways. Just open a page with any romantic LN, and you’ll see the patterns there.

Not to mention such simple things that tropes are just tools, not something objective. For example, I don't think anyone would call ReZero and Konosuba the same just because they're both isekai that play with RPG elements and fantasy clichés.

Feb 20, 6:21 AM by RobertBobert


I went from being the weakest adventurer in my party at only level 1 to the strongest hero after attaining a new cheat skill in another world

all i did was take every word i listed and turned it into this... now tell me this DOESN'T sound like a REAL LN title....

shit... probably is...


can't make this shit up....


Feb 20, 6:12 AM by EcchiGodMamster


well HOLY FUCK has best outfit of 2024 already been decided???

Feb 20, 6:06 AM by EcchiGodMamster

So I presume this studio wants to give me a new fetish; big asses in tight hotpants.

Feb 20, 4:02 AM by DarkDooM2

@EcchiGodMamster Each LN has its own genre tropes set. Just listing them doesn't mean anything, you can do this with literally any anime, including your favorite. Especially when you're already starting to complain about even the fact that the MC has short hair.

Feb 20, 1:44 AM by RobertBobert

@EcchiGodMamster, indeed. They are practically the same.

Feb 19, 9:38 PM by Memore










how to name your fantasy LN about a guy with short black/brown/blue/white hair

Feb 19, 9:14 PM by EcchiGodMamster

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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