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'Hello World' Receives Three-Episode Spin-off 'Another World'

by ImperfectBlue
Aug 23, 12:16 PM | 2 Comments

The official website for Tomohiko Itou's original film Hello World announced on Thursday that it will receive a three-part spin-off, Another World, beginning before the film's September 20 premiere. The first episode, titled "Record 2027," will stream on Hikari TV Channel+ on September 13, followed by the second—"Record 2032"—on September 27 and the third—"Record 2036"—on October 4.

The film is set in 2027 and follows 16-year old high school student Naomi Katagaki, who meets a man from ten years in the future also named Naomi. The older Naomi insists the two work to change the future and save Ruri Ichigyou, the younger Naomi's classmate and future lover. The story is advertised as a romance with a sci-fi setting. At the moment it is unclear how the spin-off will tie into the film.

Takumi Kitamura (Kimo no Suizo wo Tabetai live-action film) will voice the younger Naomi in both Hello World and Another World, with Minami Hamabe (Kimo no Suizo wo Tabetai live-action film) voicing Ruri. Toori Matsuzaka (.hack//The Movie: Sekai no Mukou ni) was cast as the future Naomi in the film but has yet to be confirmed for the spin-off. The supporting cast for the film was previously announced in June.

Itou (Sword Art Online) is helming the film at Graphinica, and it's his first directorial work for an original anime film. He was announced as the creative supervisor for Another World. Yukiko Horiguchi (K-On!) is designing the characters and Mado Nozaki (Seikaisuru Kado) is in charge of the screenplay for the film and spin-off.

Source: Shuukan ASCII

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The first episode seemed good. It had really big references to the main story though. I have it translated, so whenever the episode becomes available globally, I'll be able to time it correctly and share.

Sep 15, 8:51 AM by LonelyHikikomori

This both looks and sounds really good, I’m certainly very intrigued by it indeed ^_^

Aug 23, 1:37 PM by Ken39Whistle

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