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'Kanata no Astra' Wins Manga Taisho Award for 2019

by tsubasalover
Mar 19, 12:01 AM | 7 Comments

The 2019 award list for the 12th edition of Manga Taisho, an annual Japanese manga award, has been announced. The award is decided by a panel of bookstore clerks who select the best title from manga series which have fewer than 8 volumes and have released at least one volume in the last year. The first voting round decides the nominees, and the second decides the final ranking.

*1. 94 pts Kanata no Astra [action, sci-fi, shounen, space] by Kenta Shinohara
*2. 78 pts Mystery to Iu nakare [mystery, josei] by Yumi Tamura
*3. 73 pts Blue Period [drama, school, seinen] by Tsubasa Yamaguchi
*4. 45 pts Ikoku Nikki [drama, slice of life, josei] by Tomoko Yamashita
*5. 41 pts Sazan to Suisei no Shoujo [adventure, sci-fi, space] by Yuriko Akase
*6. 40 pts Hokuhokusei ni Kumo to Ike [adventure, mystery, slice of life, seinen] by Aki Irie
*7. 39 pts Kongouji-san wa Mendoukusai [comedy, romance, school, shounen, supernatural] by Minoru Toyoda
*8. 38 pts Metamorphose no Engawa [slice of life] by Kaori Tsurutani
*9. 33 pts Hakumei to Mikochi [fantasy, slice of life, seinen] by Takuto Kashiki
10. 25 pts Nagi no Oitoma [romance, slice of life, josei] by Misato Konari
11. 23 pts Dungeon Meshi [comedy, fantasy, seinen] by Ryoko Kui
12. 22 pts Golden Gold [supernatural, seinen] by Seita Horie
13. 19 pts 1122 [drama, romance, slice of life, seinen] by Peko Watanabe

Source: Comic Natalie

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cant wait to see it animated
didnt think quitterie would have blonde hair, it doesnt suit her xD
on the other hand zacks her looks absolutely dope and luca too ofc
maybe i just like white hair xD

Mar 26, 11:30 AM by DenkiDestroy99X

Well deserved for Kanata :3

Mar 19, 7:57 PM by stand

When Kanata no Astra was publishing readers were expecting another great comedy manga from Shinohara Kenta who previously done SKET Dance, fans were confused because it was a straightforward science-fiction story about a group of kids lost in space. And unlike SKET Dance, this series published as an online series which mangaka had trouble to advertise it in this form. He tells the story of him creating a twitter account just to spread the news of him working on this manga. His tweets then started to get more attraction when the manga entered its second half of the story.

But the reason that the last volume impacted so much is because of
which elevated the manga as a whole and made the reader to read it again to see the unseen*.

I am really happy Kanata no Astra won the award, i would also be happy if Hokuhokusei ni Kumo to Ike were to win too.

Mar 19, 7:04 AM by sanovagobong

Kuma said:
kanata no astra was ended back in 2017. why it just recently gain attraction?

anime was announced so maybe thats why

Mar 19, 5:22 AM by BigBlueBash

Ceremony, also feat. Beastar's mangaka Paru Itagaki in wolf mask.

Mar 19, 4:31 AM by tsubasalover

@Kuma It seems like even though the final chapter was released in December 2017, the final 5th volume was released last February. According to the comments who voted for the manga said even though it has already finished serializing, there are various elements they want it to win.

Mar 19, 1:47 AM by tsubasalover

kanata no astra was ended back in 2017. why it just recently gain attraction?

Mar 19, 1:34 AM by Kuma