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Alternative Titles

English: Kasane
Synonyms: Rui
Japanese: 累-かさね-


Type: Manga
Volumes: 14
Chapters: 126
Status: Finished
Published: Apr 23, 2013 to Aug 10, 2018
Genres: DramaDrama, SupernaturalSupernatural, PsychologicalPsychological, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Matsuura, Daruma (Story & Art)
Serialization: Evening


Score: 7.851 (scored by 44694,469 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #10132
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #704
Members: 15,777
Favorites: 455


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Jan 16, 2019
Natsuki_Hyundai (All reviews)
I first thought that this manga would be a trashy, edgy, romantic tragedy. Well, I was right about it being edgy. Let's begin the review.

Kasane is a very strange and twisted manga. There are a lot of disturbing themes in this, mostly involving women. It's no Goblin Slayer, but since apparently no work of art is allowed to make anyone feel even mildly disturbed these days, I still must warn you in advance.

The story was a lot better than I expected. It's a bit slow in the first volume, leading you to believe that it's going to be a repetitive 'steal this girl's face read more
Mar 24, 2016
CJ_hope (All reviews)

The plot itself was interesting and original, well, I never read anything like that before. At first, I thought the whole thing would be just the same thing over and over again (Her looking for a beauty to kiss with her magical lipstick to faceswap with that person). But it finally got interesting after 6 chapters.

ART (7)

Kasane is really gloomy and ugly. She is SO ugly that her face is almost caricatural and always shadowed. She even wears medic mask to hide her face. I really wished to see her 'normal' face, maybe by curiosity. The art in general was okay. The pretty people read more
Nov 3, 2017
InfinityShade (All reviews)
After reading the other reviews I have to throw my two cents in; Kasane is amazing. If anyone's dealt with low confidence and lack of good relationships they know how hard life is and how hard it is to build yourself up. So if you got the chance to easily make your dreams come true, would you take it?

Kasane dives really deep into both taboo topics, and topics that are rarely talked about. These are for example "Is changing your looks to fit the standard society has set a good way of living? A worthy way of living?"
Also, the topic that is never talked read more
Apr 18, 2019
chloqi (All reviews)
If there was a way to simply describe Kasane, it would be that it is hauntingly beautiful.

At first, I was interested in its uniqueness from other manga. It was cruel, twisted and honestly unbearable to read sometimes but it reflects most of what life is. You find yourself sympathising and, perhaps, seeing yourself in Kasane. As a reader, you are first repulsed by her, as are most of the characters in this manga but as the story blossoms, I found myself loving her and supporting her.

As the manga drew to a close, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, read more
Jan 14, 2019
Kalopsychia (All reviews)
When I read the first chapter, I wasn't expecting much.
A character who is as dark as she is dangerous, who I sympathize with, but actions can't condone, with amazing art and maybe one or two interesting plot points.
Instead I read about characters who are different and layered, all beautifully drawn with a macabre tone. The main character really is dark, yet you cheer her on, as her view of things makes you wonder about your own life, and what could be with another face.
The Art is amazing, a bit dark and unconventional maybe, fitting the story.
Although some moments in the story make you go "Huh?" read more
Mar 23, 2018
Frostysnows22 (All reviews)
Kasane is a dark story.

It is essentially the struggle of an unlikable grotesque female and the opposition of beauty with her own inherent ugliness. Kasane is a sad character full of bitterness and an abyss of ugliness. Maybe you have lusted after the Beaty of others, or felt the burden of self criticism and obsession. This story is about that.

I like the art it’s clean and smooth, but that’s pretty subjective.
I also personally like unlikable characters who are simply just complex and interesting. Our main female is awful in a very interesting way, she cowards, averts her eyes, and covers her face and body read more
Feb 10, 2019
HWinsen (All reviews)
Face-swap, that thing was a hot meme on our world some time ago. It was funny, right? However, a face-swap for Kasane meant everything to her. It gives her opportunities. It can change her life.

You already read the summary. A girl with a bad, terrible, monstrous face wants to be an actress just like her gorgeous mother. The story is filled with a huge mystery right from the beginning and the authors expertly pull the strings together and mended them into one hell of a twist of fate. There are no plot holes, but I think a few questions are answered with force. Especially the read more
May 29, 2020
Flavorful (All reviews)
Kasane is an unobserved masterwork, lightning in a bottle, one of the most hauntingly beautiful and devastatingly horrifying character dramas ever put to pen and paper, in literary work or manga all the same. Both beautifully composed through the dark depths and radiant highs of the characters and their dialogue and paced so desperately that a cold sweat forms in the reader, begging "Just one more chapter. Just one more volume" till its sudden spectacularly dire conclusion, Kasane is apologetically, ruthlessly, stunningly haunting. This manga will make your heart race, your brow sweat, your soul ache, and your blood boil. The sheer gravity of the read more
Mar 30, 2019
TheHentaiKing (All reviews)
Just personal scratch.
Advised, possible spoilers.
Opinion & Informal

Art: 8/10
Anatomy and proportions checked out when they were supposed to look real. I liked how Kasane's proportions would get wild during moments of despair or deep self-loathing. Nature wasn't really showcased at all. Backgrounds looked fine. Supporting details were here and there; they looked fine too. Impact shots were used sparingly which I feel was a slight letdown. I feel this manga could have gained a lot of mileage if it used more impact shots especially during resounding moments of self-pity, regret, and resolve. Facial expressions were nice; they were strong and were able to convey a sense read more
Sep 29, 2020
Bibibibiiiiii (All reviews)
I stumbled upon this manga by chance and it became one of my favourite mangas.

The idea for this story is interesting, exploring the various attitudes society have towards people with different appearances and questioning whether beauty is a gift or a curse. The manga is quite fast-paced with many plot twists I wasn't expecting.

I was terrified every time I finish reading a chapter even though there was not anything specific or gruesome that should make me afraid. That's another reason why I enjoyed this manga so much, it just controls my emotions without me noticing.

I also really love the art style for this manga, read more
Feb 20, 2020
Kilometres (All reviews)
Very beautifully written and orchestrated.

Even though the characters are one dimensional, you can not help but relate to each and every one of them on a realistic level. The nonsense of other reviews that say the pacing of the final volume should not be taken seriously. Kasane went through a complicated and dark journey only to finally accept that she is not her mother's mistakes.

The ending is thought provoking as in the final shot of everyone standing on stage. Could this manga have just been a play all along? If you found the ending to be too bitter then this thought will put you read more
Aug 21, 2019
EOLAnime (All reviews)
Kasane… (And the power of lipstick)

(As I write this I’m 14 Volumes in and have decided to start writing now as I don’t want to accidentally write spoilers without noticing, though before posting I will fix anything out of place so please consider this a complete review)

Kasane (the character) is a complicated character with much too her, I’m not going to dive into specifics and if that’s what you're looking for your robbing yourself from the experience of this Manga. When we first see her she is young but we watch her grow up through a few faces, she is not a static character but read more
Mar 9, 2018
ricots08 (All reviews)
First time writing a review so have mercy on my grammar and such
Story 9 = Kasane from the word itself googling it up (source: wordhippo.com) means : layer, pile, suit since our character is just wearing another persons face. I really like the development of the story showing the early chapters of what her school life have been then leading to her maturity. I gave it a nine because there are chapters that are a bit cliche but overall it was done well.

Art 10 = I dont judge much mangas about art aslong as it doesn't confuse me still the art was beautiful for read more
Feb 18, 2019
Hentaicheg (All reviews)
I am only writing this review because the only reviews who actually completed the series so far are rating it as high as 9 and 10 which may lead you into a false belief of it actually being a hidden gem as I thought, so I am here to unveil the curtain and mention hidden icebergs you should brace yourself for.

I will start with stating the fact that it's more Josei than Seinen and Psychological... the only seinen element is a few rape scenes.. and psychological... I guess one dimensional characters having trouble with sorting their feelings could be psychology for someone.. but I expected read more
May 16, 2018
HatefulRandom (All reviews)
Kasane is a manga which ends up defying expectations (I know, I know). The premise is obviously a stereotypical kid gains superpowers gimmick, but don't let that decide the value of this manga. Give her a few chapters to get into her groove, she's a child, she's learning.

Story: 8
Kasane is not a happy-go-lucky story. It tackles difficult subjects such as ugliness, privilege, differing worldviews, and the unfairness of life in general. The story can linger too long in some arcs, and rush through, but overall forms a dark cohesive web that will ensnare you, if you let it. read more
Dec 3, 2018
assbrick (All reviews)
If you have ever studied literature, then you must know that Aristotle believed that tragedies elicit both fear and pity.

Kasane is a tragedy. A horrific looking girl, Kasane Fuchi, has always been bullied for being ugly, but is then gifted—or cursed—with the power to be able to swap faces by her (deceased) beautiful actress mother. Throughout the story, you see that all of the characters constantly face adversity. You pity them, but the fear of what will happen and what IS happening will constantly be prevalent. The juxtaposition of these feelings will continue to fester up with more and more devastating events happening one after read more
Apr 2, 2018
Coralira (All reviews)
This is a true drama to me. It can get pretty messed up at times and depressing.

Story: 9

It's about a girl who's face is so ugly people can't bear to look at it.
Her story isn't about getting back at bullies or coming to love herself, it's about throwing her old self away and trying to become someone completely fake in order to be loved. So it's a pretty negative theme when most stories try to teach you to love yourself. But in Kasane's case it's interesting to see how far she would go, and for her beauty is also power. It's like she's the read more
Dec 14, 2019
Tom_Chien (All reviews)
The story is great, but the characters in this series are what I like the most. I keep asking myself "Why?" while reading the manga. I was trying to explain the actions and justify them.

What would I have done if I were them, in their positions?
How would I view this?
Was it reasonable enough?
Should I feel sympathized with it?...

The final play was a truly art. And the ending was fantastic. I always keep asking myself if it were me the author, then how I would end this story, and it was a surprised, and the best ending I could ever think about.

Some read more