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Jun 23, 2019
Paranoia, what if the world is watching you, laughing at you? are we the Truman show. I'm sure we've all at some point considered the idea that we are being watched.

N.H.K deals with many different emotions and the amount of subjects they tackle without feeling rushed is amazing, many shows can't even handle one subject or character ark, but NHK handles them with the respect they deserve. where some fun may be poked at the character dealing with the issue, at no point do they downplay the effects they have, it's obvious the show aims to deliver a message and it does, maybe things read more
Jun 16, 2019
Ghosts, Pudding, Trials and comedy? hmm...

Who is Yama Juugo? Well, you know how you watch some animes and your like "oh, this main character ticks all the boxes of main character disease" because he's your basic plain slate nothing going on but people seem to gravitate to him and his normalness? yeah, that's Juugo, he's a boy who wants to stand up for justice and protect his friends while keeping his promises. he's generic. And that's fine.

To be completely honest this anime is padding, there are some good ideas, though lack of execution, it feels like nothing happened but stuff was said. with either more read more
Jun 9, 2019
(I want to say if you are interested at all in watching this show pleases stop reading any reviews and just do it, I consider everything a spoiler no matter what I'm watching I even avoid all trailers so yeah.)

Let me just say before I talk in depth about this Anime. You know when people tell you over and over to watch something. Then you don't watch it out of spite? well, I'm not sure if anyone did but every time I saw this Anime it made me think of death note (Which I'm pretty certain I will never watch cause I'm sick of hearing read more
Jun 1, 2019
You wanna bet?

Well, no matter what that bet maybe I'm pretty sure Yumeko Jambami (Main Character) Will take you up on it.

Yumeko, as a character is crazy, the kinda person who values the frill of the hunt more then the safety of her own life, the kinda character who says, if it has a value put it in the betting pool. The kinda character who will go against the odds if it tickles her fancy..

The story, down to a t, is a familiar experience and one that will ring true for loads of school experiences. You go to school have some lessons maybe gamble a read more
May 30, 2019
Ya know what?

While watching this anime I was constantly questioning whether I liked it, but at the same time, I knew deep down I did, This is definitely a show worthy of your time and is a great addition to any feel-good feeling watchers list.

Now it's not all Chears and Sweet moments, this anime does deal with complex emotions, it shows that side of people who want to say something and just can't bring themselves to. honestly, any issue in the anime could be solved with Just talk about it, but then we wouldn't have the wonderful show we do.

A few takeaways. after watching this read more
May 28, 2019
Violet Evergarden. it's one of those animes I remember seeing when it came out but didn't really hear much talk about it, though honestly, in my opinion, there's not much to talk about, not to say that nothing happens. Because a lot happens it's just each scene that occurs next needs the last scene to connect the puzzle like each frame is progression which unravels the story. And I would also think that even one sentence about what's next or what this and that means can ruin the feel of the show, it's a journey but the destination takes a back seat for the scenery. read more
Apr 18, 2019
Domestic Girlfriend is such a wonderful read. as I write this I am still reading the manga (Chapter 221) and even though I have a slow reading pace I am so hooked since the story and characters are so gripping and I don’t wanna leave without my happy ending, and it's really rare that I even want to read manga so that alone proves how in love with this story I am.

If you are a fan of romance I’d say this book hits its mark and I don’t feel that the comedy in the book ever really makes me lose myself to laughter but it read more
Apr 2, 2016
This anime only fulfills 50% of what I wanted, I won't tell you then ending I'll just say that gosh dang I saw it coming form miles away.

When it comes to anime I love romantic comedy's and I know what I like to see and I feel that the rest of the community has the same like and dislikes as me (at least when I view the comment sections people write what I'm thinking)

while watching this show I was very pleased with character progression and the overall story because it have the right mix of "oh no" and "OH YEAH" but I almost fell like read more