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Aug 7, 2019
A heavy and thoughtful adventure into a seemingly mundane topic. The story follows the MC, an Ethics teacher, as he attempts to teach his class about the topic while at the same time following his own code of ethics as best as possible. The topics mentioned vary from very dark to very mundane but each chapter introduces us to another new idea.

Story: 8
Quite enjoyable if you like somewhat philosophical work. Some chapters can seem heavy-handed or hamfisted but never boring.

Art: 10
The artist does a fantastic job with detailed pages (and teach's turtleneck) and exaggerated, human expressions. Characters read more
May 16, 2018
Kasane (Manga) add (All reviews)
Kasane is a manga which ends up defying expectations (I know, I know). The premise is obviously a stereotypical kid gains superpowers gimmick, but don't let that decide the value of this manga. Give her a few chapters to get into her groove, she's a child, she's learning.

Story: 8
Kasane is not a happy-go-lucky story. It tackles difficult subjects such as ugliness, privilege, differing worldviews, and the unfairness of life in general. The story can linger too long in some arcs, and rush through, but overall forms a dark cohesive web that will ensnare you, if you let it. read more
May 16, 2018
Disclaimer: Novel reader > Biased

The story is based on the All-Stars event which, like any other all-stars event, is meant to showcase the players. An issue that anime-only viewers will experience is confusion as the OVA gives head-nods to all the titans in the scene gathered together for this spectacle.

(8) Story: The story progresses fast and effectively, highlighting themes such as passing the torch and personal struggle while introducing a myriad of characters onto the screen.

(7) Art: The characters aren't as stylized as in Season1, but the animation quality of battles and the arena are very much adequate and pleasing read more
Jun 18, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is one of those shows where what you expect is probably not what you get. But I was entertained enough to keep watching despite all its flaws. I was watching, to quote reddit, "reddit on a bus." That is, a bunch of random characters with barely hidden flaws go off on a journey.

Story: 7
Very... different idea. The story progresses at a decent rate with twists and turns to reach a relatively satisfying conclusion. Don't go in expecting a Higurashi or a Shiki.

Art: 5
Mediocre. The art is fairly basic, that's really all there is to read more
Feb 27, 2016
So um, Super Powered Mongolia Invasion is actually not about Mongols at all. Well they are there but... only for the first chapter.

Story - 7
What if instead of discovering steam and electricity we discovered...well...giant limbs? This is the story of our world developing with giant limbs as locomotion. Is it original? Surely. Is it entertaining? Likely. It is coherent? No. No, no, no.

Art - 8
The art style is very detailed and very bloody. Keep away from people who have a lot of nightmares, as there is a lot of night-mare read more
Feb 17, 2016
Story - 9

Two childhood friends play pingpong. I have no idea how to describe the masterpiece I just saw beyond that. It's an emotional rollercoaster of a sports anime with all the necessary qualities of one (teachers, rivals, tournaments, etc). It's a coming-of-age story about them and everyone around them. Not the most original, but it doesn't have to be when it does it SO well.

Art - 7

The art is phenomenal in its own way. It's watching a parade of highschool sketches coupled with a distorted realism that you probably haven't seen elsewhere. Characters are portrayed as read more
Sep 19, 2015
I'm going to say 9. The story is not nearly complete as it covers only the first LN. Anyone looking for a concrete ending will probably be disappointed. That being said, it ends after wrapping up an arc nicely.

Story is in a 'Werewolf' or 'Mafia' game setting. Immediately you know you're going to be treated to a lot of analysis, speculation, and lies. If you like that kind of stuff, you're in for a treat.

The background images are very pretty and character designs are creative. Combat between humans is clean and enjoyable. Non-humans read more