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Kimi wa Pet

Kimi wa Pet

Alternative Titles

English: Tramps Like Us
Synonyms: My Pet Momo, You are my Pet
Japanese: きみはペット


Type: Manga
Volumes: 14
Chapters: 82
Status: Finished
Published: May 8, 2000 to Oct 25, 2005
Authors: Ogawa, Yayoi (Story & Art)
Serialization: Kiss


Score: 8.141 (scored by 6111 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #6382
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #607
Members: 14,104
Favorites: 515


Even if the stories are different, these two are very similar. In both, one character is an unpredictable, prodigy person pursuing arts (Takeshi is a dancer while Nodame is a pianist) that develops a pet-like relationship with the other "cool" character that has her or his own demons to work through. Both are fresh romantic comedies that make you stop and think. 
reportRecommended by as3
both have a girl/woman who has a guy who is like an animal however kimi wa pet is josei and beast master is shoujo 
reportRecommended by TeARsFade
Both stories are about a single woman and a younger guy, both are josei manga, with really good art! 
reportRecommended by Apocaly
Both series focuses on relationships but in rather unorthodox circumstances. In essence, their story connects characters through friendship and romance. The main male protagonist also has similar personalities - caring, compassionate, and helpful. The female protagonist on the other hand has more of a childish personality but does show their mature side as the series progresses. Both series are also known for their drama involving other characters that gets involved in their relationships; recommended for fans looking for a mature seinen or shoujo. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both series has somewhat of a similar premise when it comes to their premises. The gender roles are switched though as the main female character in Kimi wa Pet is the master while Ookami Shoujo to Kuro's Ouji's main male protagonist also plays that role. In terms of relationship building, they focus a servant/master relationship. However, as the series progresses, it's easy to see that the main characters has more than just a master/servant relationship. They also focus a lot on human emotions whether it's love, jealousy, anger, etc. Kimi wa Pet is more well known for some of its mature themes such as scandals,  read more 
reportRecommended by Stark700
In both, a romance develops between pairs of mature and realistic characters. 
reportRecommended by crumpets_and_tea
the character set up is somewhat similar, a successful (elite) working woman with a high schooler coming into their home, a relationship with a working colleage and a development toward the highschooler...? 
reportRecommended by Shiharu
KIMI WA PETTO IS A SEQUEL OF CANDY LIFE! I think not a lot of people out there know about this. Actually, I did too. I just discovered it since I'm marathoning Ogawa sensei's works after reading Kimi wa Pet. Shinobu and Akane's love life is discussed in Candy Life. I was really curious about their love life, especially Shinobu's since she is so stiff and so serious in KwP. 
reportRecommended by beefsteak
For fans of Kimi wa Pet, I suggest this new josei Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, like the former, we have a josei with an older woman / younger man set up and some similar issues with age gap. Their interactions are different though since the younger guy in Kyou wa Kaisha seems more mature than she does in some ways and there is less of the comedy to their interactions. The female lead is also less experienced in love. It is ongoing though so I don't know if the outcomes will be the same or  read more 
reportRecommended by inzaratha
Both are josei manga with a very strong female lead who is in love with someone older than her. She has a side that she can't show him. There is also a guy that's younger than her, and she depends on him and vents her problems to him quite a bit. The younger guy falls in love with her, although she is extremely oblivious. 
reportRecommended by MeNaK
Calm/tranquil vibes. Emotionally confused older female, younger male with trauma. A questionable relationship between people who find themselves attached to the other in a way that's closer than family and not quite romantic (mostly due to feeling they don't have the right or its abnormal), yet ultimately they're complete strangers. Kimi Wa Pet explores more romance while longing for and finding sanctuary in a stranger. Watashi no Shounen explores more the emptiness two people feel and gradually become attached to one another with the anxiety of being unable to define what kind of relationship they have and the fear of it being misunderstood.  
reportRecommended by FluffyFish
Besides sharing and older female - younger male relationship theme, the two share an overwhelming feeling of tenderness in human relations that just hits you in the heart. 
reportRecommended by Divina
Main leads find and provide shelter for their "pets" 
reportRecommended by FluffyFish
These stories both involve situations where the love interest starts out acting in a owner/pet relationship, though in Kimi wa Pet the owner is the woman and vice versa in Boku no Pet ni Narinasai. Though story wise Kimi wa Pet has more drama and the characters are more complex Boku no Pet ni Narinasai is cuter and much shorter. 
reportRecommended by MangaBean
The story is about a younger boy fall in love with an older woman. They leave with each other. The story is cute and sweet but have some ecchi part. 
reportRecommended by mizsdora
University-aged boy falls for a woman nearing her 30's. Josei, and is in the female's POV. Both are somewhat slice-of-life, however Udon No Hito is more ambiguous and fast. 
reportRecommended by tlne
One is a shoujo and one is a josei, but they reminded me of each other. A girl/woman (Momo from Peach Girl / Sumire from Kimi wa Pet) is very annoyed at how others are falsely judging her based on appearances. She is the victim of a lot of unfairness. She is caught in a love triangle between an immature and perverted guy who fools around all the time (Kairi from PG / Momo from KwP [Hey, another Momo]) who's in love with her, and a very mature guy who she has been in love with for a while (Touji from PG / Hasumi from KwP).  read more 
reportRecommended by MeNaK
Has the same sort of feel as Kimi wa Petto with the whole set up of how a guy ends up living with the main character (being total opposites) while she keeps it a secret from the person their going out with. Once you start reading you'll see plenty of other similarities that I don't want to spoil especially of how their definition of "home" changes. 
reportRecommended by SamDiz
The ideas are different and the characters are very different too in these two, but both of these have a very detailed stories and developed characters that go beyond the two main ones. and they are just two good reads 
reportRecommended by as3
In both, the main character needs to learn that it's okay to be who she is - they are both about understanding and learning to appreciate yourself and learning what it means to be loved for who you are 
reportRecommended by as3
So, the stories are very different, but both are funny, great stories that never get boring. In both, the main female character is very strong, but lacks confidence and seems misunderstood - though in different settings. Both have romance and some show biz. 
reportRecommended by as3
Both are stories where main heroins learn to grow and trust others 
reportRecommended by as3
if you're looking for a romance that doesn't involve school boys and girls, you've just hit the spot. both stories are about people in their adulthood trying to find what it means to love someone and what it takes to be near that person. main characters are both office workers, though Sumire is much more successful at her work than Kaoru. they both have to face discrimination and stereotypes regrading traditional roles of men and women in society. in the end their relationship with loved ones are tested through their work hardships and prove to be less stable than they thought. 
reportRecommended by Iahel
Both stories are about strong female heroines that are successful working women-both are interesting, well written, funny and sweet. 
reportRecommended by as3
Both a josei romace-comedy about unusual relationships of working women 
reportRecommended by as3
The mangas are aimed for older teens with interesting matters. 
reportRecommended by samz00
Suppli and Tramps start out practically identically: working women in their 20's break-up with partners they'd been together with for many years and, after dedicating so much to work, struggle to come to terms with dealing with the romantic drama that ensues. Tramps is the more comedic of the two, and the focus is mostly on Sumire dealing with her ladyboy-pet outside of work. Suppli, however, has no ladyboy-pets, and a lot of attention is paid to Fuji's working life; gender equality issues and work-related stress getting covered in a lot more detail. If you're just looking for a story with an adult, mature working woman, then  read more 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman
Both involve relationship of a working women with a high school boy. While Itadakimasu has the ecchi element Kimi wa petto doesn't. Both are light hearted and very funny. Both are excellent works worth reading. 
reportRecommended by noobzilla
Both stories involve a slightly wayward and childish character under the care of a more mature and elegant individual and the development and fulfillment of love. The bildungsroman theme is also present which makes both stories a delightful read. The plots are both well crafted and hold a mature appeal that is infrequent amongst the typical shoju novel. VC involves a tomboyish girl and a mature younger pianist who have been friends since childhood while KPS depicts a relationship between an elder journalist and a younger dancer who she just met and ends up living with her. Both made me laugh, cry and had me  read more 
reportRecommended by nirasha
Similarity is that there's an older woman who has a younger guy move in with her. The guy is more mature than he seems and likes the girl right away, but the girl takes longer to realize her own feelings. Similar plot in that sense.  
reportRecommended by amabebe
Both series involve a romantic relationship developing between an older woman and a younger man. In both series, also, the main woman is torn between love and her career at some point. Both are good series, with Kimi wa Petto being the better of the two. 
reportRecommended by Pyapi