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Diamond no Ace: Act II
Diamond no Ace: Act II
Sep 2, 7:49 AM
Completed 52/52 · Scored 6
Aug 5, 12:05 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 4
Space☆Dandy 2nd Season
Space☆Dandy 2nd Season
Jul 31, 7:09 AM
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Daiji ni Suru kara Tabete Ii?
Daiji ni Suru kara Tabete Ii?
Sep 11, 8:36 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 5
Houtou Musuko to Koi no Ana
Houtou Musuko to Koi no Ana
Sep 6, 6:50 PM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 7
Change the World: Kyou kara Satsujinki
Change the World: Kyou kara Satsujinki
Sep 3, 7:29 AM
Reading 1/? · Scored -


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Anime_Consumer Sep 3, 4:19 PM
I felt fine after, and my family did as well so that's good ^_^ That's an oofie, I feel relieved your covid exam was negative tho! You can use free days to catch up on some anime and manga :D
Well, it's true that for a quite a few countries it did cause a raise up in cases...but it depends on many factors as well. As for here, the school only started two days ago so it's early to say anything. However, they do it like this. Each region has it own way of doing it depending on the overall situation in that specific area. Some schools have combined offline-online school, some only do onlinem some only do offline etc. It also depends on number of students but for the most part, everyone who is back to school have to follow hella strict rules. Only allowed to sit at the table with proper distance, everyone wears a mask, windows are always opened, classes are shorter (which results in more homework), students are not allowed to go out, you have to bring your own lunch, no going out, school is closed after the students are in etc (I know a lot of details cuz my younger sister is in high school, and my dad is a professor as well)

I don't know the details but maybe someone who is in profession could help you with it? Sometimes we are just so focused on searching for the results/source of the problem and we don't see the obvious (speaking from my own experience)
Not really, a lot of close friends from Uni/Cambridge stayed in the capital for various reasons so I am never lonely but with this bff from my hometown (we have bffs for 17 years along with another bff who is in Germany) I don't get to hang out as much as we want so both of us are excited and have quite a few plans XD She is moving to a small place that she will share with a friend from her Uni this October/November :)
Anime_Consumer Aug 27, 3:28 PM
Yeah, their average is a bit worse than usual. Yes, I am fine, thank you for your concern :3 I actually got back home right before the situation worsened there XD
Haha, nope, you oversaw it XDD
Yeah, a few countries have their number of cases going up but they're still doing fine as long as I aware. It's probably because of tourists and kinds going back to school.
Yes, completely agree!

Hmm that's quite a tricky situation...Maybe instead of fixing holes, you should try finding the root of those holes?
Hhaha same XD

Good news tho! My childhood best friend (that lives in our hometown) would be moving to the capital where I live! Woohooo!
Anime_Consumer Aug 23, 7:20 AM
No worries!
Yes, I am back :D it was awesome! Had an amazing time :) Can't think of any special occasions but I certainly had a great time! I highly recommend Croatia and Bosnia whenever you are able to go on a next trip.
Haha I am guessing you forgot that I come from a very teeny-tiny town so I had to move to the capital when I went to uni. I just switched places, and continued living on my own in the capital even after I graduated :)
Not only Bosnia, pretty much whole Europe. I mean, some countries are doing better than the others but on average, we all are doing fine. Hopefully US catch up with Europe soon, you guys have been quite a few times here on the news...and tbh, I am sorta terrified for all of my friends living there at the moment 😅 Please, stay safe!
Yeah, he said he probably isn't going to be able to come to Bosnia till New Year's but we keep in touch :)

Oh I am so happy for you! Having your own business is certainly the best thing! Don't worry about some of it not going well, it's all part of the process of building it. It always has its ups and downs. My advice is figure out why certain parts of it don't do well, and then find a solution as to how to make them work :) Remember to stay determined and objective :)
Anime_Consumer Aug 6, 5:36 PM
Kindish (will explain) but yeah, same country but different entity. Haven't been in this Canton so we decided to visit it since the hotel in Montenegro (we can cross borders here in Europe quite freely with "safe/green" countries) where we had booked, have been renovating, and they wouldn't open till September. This Canton is also super close to Croatia so it's super fun to be on the beach in Neum one day, and then the other beach on a random one in Croatia the following day 😂😂 Or when you are taking a walk, and you suddenly see "Welcome to Croatia" XD. We also visited Klek (peninsula), and my god, it's mesmerizing! 😍 We are also planning to visit some super old cities in Croatia as well (and visit some of our cousins that live in there) :D
The borders are not of a problem in here, Some countries let you to enter freely (as long as you citizen of any country in Europe), some let you with negative test but for the most part it's easy to cross them (and have been for two months).

Well, I am living on own (for around 4-5 years) but the first time corona came in here, I was at their place (so I would buy stuff, and go out when needed) but we barely had/have any cases (especially their region), so then I moved to the capital where I live, and soon after the strict rules we had were loosened (which pretty much kept corona out-of-country, and air-tight), and life in here was pretty much back to normal (expect we are required to wear mask if inside a store) so yeah. They visit me, and I visit them per usual but we keep physical distance and wear mask just in case :)
We do call each other more often, and just remind each other to be cautious no matter how air-tight corona is in here because as long as we have even one case, it's better to be safe than sorry. Oh, and we always remind each other over phone not to forget to buy new mask/wash old one and bring when going to a restaurant/cinema/pub etc. We are all pretty much back to normal but still cautious.
I was supposed to go with my best friend on a vacation this summer but most of his college work/tests (he lives in Germany) have been postponed so we couldn't sync our free time 😅 So I am now on a vacation with my family (my parents and my sister)

Buuuuuuuuuuut enough about me XD How are you holding up during this crazy time? Hope y'all are doing fine! Any (safe) plans for this summer? :)
Anime_Consumer Aug 3, 7:00 AM
Going to Canton Neum, and yus!! It is seaside. Plus! It's corona-free so it feels nice to temporarily run away from the pandemic.
Will be staying in here around 10days with my family.
Anime_Consumer Jul 28, 8:33 AM
Recently finished My Little Monster anime, and catching up on Webtoon :D Re-reading Crime and Punishment (read the Serbian version a long time ago in high school but I felt like re-reading it in English :D)
Also finished watching Kippo and the age of Wonder beasts (it's animated but not anime), and isofhishfisefh it was so good!! Can't wait for the third season!

Alsooo , ya gurl is going on a vacation in two days so I might not be on too much during the next two weeks :)
Anime_Consumer Jul 15, 11:59 AM
I am still curious what happened after the ending of anime but yeah, I don't know the game so it does drag too much sometimes :P I will probably try to learn the basics of the game first and then read manga some day :)
Anime_Consumer Jul 6, 11:29 AM
Definitely going to check it out! I don't think the whole manga was adapted
Anime_Consumer Jun 24, 2:01 PM
Ahhhhh Akagi!! I adore that anime! Watched it a few years ago!
Anime_Consumer Jun 15, 9:21 AM
Sometimes the message don't go through. Same happened with me.

Yup! XDD
Rsurect Jun 12, 2:22 PM
yo what's up? thanks for your add back
Armando Jun 7, 3:39 PM
yes, anime. i love both!
Anime_Consumer May 15, 1:26 PM
Just a little walk of almost 8k kilometres XDD that reminds me of Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice when she said "I am very fond of walking"

Wisdom teeth used to be such a pain T_T My best friend needed 4 surgeries for all of them. (his were really impacted)
*dubs with my youth*
Armando May 15, 12:54 PM
yes! and i love it so much. i cry. didn't get the attention he deserved but anyways.. good animation and spectacular ost!
Armando May 14, 7:59 PM
hi! ty for accepting. love to find another banana fish lover. also, very interesting favs.