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Moe Kare!!

Moe Kare!!

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Double Prince, Moe Boyfriend, Moe Boys
Japanese: 萌えカレ!!


Type: Manga
Volumes: 7
Chapters: 35
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 2005 to Sep 2006
Authors: Ikeyamada, Go (Story & Art)
Serialization: Sho-Comi


Score: 8.061 (scored by 11710 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #8572
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #387
Members: 21,406
Favorites: 1,049


Plots are similar though do have there differences. I would say more about them though that would be giving away everything. Please just trust me. Note: Moe Kare is for an older audience. 
reportRecommended by LilAngelKitty
What can I say about these two mangas? Both Moe Kare and Peach girl have similar storylines. In both, the girls have a crush on a boy that they have known for a while, while the deep dark broading character secretly likes her. In addition, everything that happens in regards to these relationships are similar in their structure (I don't want to give away to much, but trust me on this one...), so if you liked how one series handled the relationships, you are bound to like the other. 
reportRecommended by Aarana
both are about a girl caught in a love triangle with a pair of brothers. they start off light and cute but also have their share of sadness  
reportRecommended by lujsy
They are a little similare. 2 Boy a Girl and traublesome school semester.  
reportRecommended by LinsletWalker
Girl falls for two siblings who hate each other... they're both reaally good. Asa Made Motto isnt fully scanned yet, but its still VERY quality so far (: 
reportRecommended by jayjayy
In both series, there seems to be a love triangle involving one girl and two guys. The two male protagonist of the stories also has a strikingly similar appearance. Although there is confusion, the girl begins to fall in love and later on forms a relationship with him. Among other things, both series has romance, drama, and some comedy especially involving the brothers' identity mistakes in the beginning. Both series also takes place at a school life setting. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
The plot is really similar, the girl has problems while talking to boys, but then she falls in love with the most popular guys at school, and has to choose one of them. 
reportRecommended by AraragiKoyomi
They both are so intense that that from time to time someone might just have to remind you that you have to breath!!Just when you think things will be going neat from now on....paaw..there you have it! A slap in the face! they are worth! Both of them ;) 
reportRecommended by rogue_nin
They both are smutty and pretty much has the same story line, though Ren-ai Shijo Shugi is more ecchi than Moe Kare.  
reportRecommended by marsbars
Both are shoujo mangas about a girl that isn't very popular when it comes to boys and suddenly see's herself split into two guys that fight for her.  
reportRecommended by yoongi
Same mangaka and similar love triangle concept. ^_^ 
reportRecommended by Master10K
Both are sweet triangle-love stories! I'm sure you will love FMWS  
reportRecommended by girlsrule
Both stories are rather different, but there is a huge similaritie for the ending. In both mangas the feelings of the girl end up changing and in my opnion this is what makes those mangas even more originals. 
reportRecommended by eliiise
Both are shoujo romances about a love triangle. In the beginning both of the male leads seem like a prince. The girl in both manga soon discover their true character is being "perverted prince" but the heroine still manages to fall in love with him. 
reportRecommended by livinmylife
They both follow a love story where an arrogant boy falls in love with a girl, and then becomes cute and gentle ^^ 
reportRecommended by fleurchii
Same seemingly simple story at the beginning that draws you in to a deep heartbreaking plot. 
reportRecommended by cursebreaker
Both, Moe Kare!! and Backstage Prince are great manga. There is one guy at the start which the main girl character fell in love with a perfect guy in "coincidence" after a while we find out that theres "another guy" who also loves the main girl, and fights for her love. Both stories have a similar story but a different ending. ~recommended~ 
reportRecommended by MooImApig
Moe Kare is the first love triangle anime that got me hooked and Nanoka no Kare is similar to it because it definitely pulls your heart strings making it difficult for you to choose which man to root for. Definitely one of the love triangle shoujo mangas to read! Moreover, the art is beautiful in both. Please refer other mangas similar to these, would appreciate itv very much! 
reportRecommended by mikaadarna
Though in the beginning the plot is different in both stories the love complications are quite similar and maybe almost the same. Of course that happens later on in the story. Some of the characters are quite similar from one another too. 
reportRecommended by FortuneCookies
Both mangas involve a girl and 2 brothers. Of course, one guy is harder to get along with than the other. The girl has a hard time trying to figure out her feelings for the guys. Both Moe Kare and Renai Joujou have similar plots and situations as well. 
reportRecommended by ASL-dono
They both have a girl that isn't in love with the guy at all but you know that they end up together. Plus they fight with each other but get feelings for each other. But Moe Kare! is more ecchi than Faster than a Kiss. (the real name) But they both are must reads if your looking for something good. 
reportRecommended by 4Brads
Both Kimi no Iru Machi and Moe Kare are character driven manga whose plots revolve around love (both discovering and losing love). In Kimi no Iru Machi the protagonist has a strange girl thrust upon him and although he likes someone already his feelings for the intruder blossom into love. Whereas in Moe Kare the protagonist is a female who falls in love with two brothers. Both deal with the pitfalls of love and the hardship involved in high school romances. I really think that if you enjoy this genre that you will enjoy these two manga. (although i'm a little more partial to Kimi  read more 
reportRecommended by danm
It's similar because the main characters, who are both fairly clumsy, both have 2 possible loves, one older more calm one that is still overly protective when she's in danger and one that's the same age and is less mature that she gets in arguments a lot. They both are in love with the first one but then the guy leaves for some other chick. And the chick is really mean/evil/B****/Queen of Hearts only 9999999999x worse! When I read the ************** parts I literally could feel my heart tighten it was so sad and I felt like crying, and trust me it's hard to make  read more 
reportRecommended by AoiRingo
These both have a love triangle thing going on, both have the male being the main source of protection for the female. the endings are alot different though. The art is about the same in each. 
reportRecommended by Isolated_System
Love triangle and the main character is a teenage girl who has to choose between two boys who are close in a way. 
reportRecommended by Magicalduckwitch
A love triangle and the main character falls in love with a guy she labels mean at first. 
reportRecommended by Magicalduckwitch
they involve a love triangle with siblings and one girl.  
reportRecommended by sfb13
It's about a romance about two hot brothers who fall in love with the same girl.  
reportRecommended by marshwillow
Moe Kare!! and Tonari no Atashi are both something you don't see everyday, especially when it comes to their near ends. Throughout the series, they're predictable, though it turns into a plot twist, but there is just something that you can't explain that keeps you on reading it.  
reportRecommended by ChuuChuuTrain
In both series, the main female protagonist finds themselves in a complicated affair that also involves identity issues. Both series has romance although presented in a different style. In Moe Kare!!, it follows the standards of a shoujo story. In Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru, it takes on a darker tone with mature themes and even an obsessiveness male stalker. Expect a lot of drama to unfold as their story progresses and we learn more about the characters' roles. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both shoujo related series that sparks romance and interest for fans of the genre alike. Similarity includes hot guys that has the school's attention while the main girl struggles with her own feelings throughout each chapter. Misunderstandings and drama are imminent. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Various love triangles and misunderstandings sticks out both in these two manga series. Both manga involves popular guys that are a bit dense with their own feelings at first but later comes to term with them. I also find the art in both somewhat similar.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Same cheerful female lead, same almost perfect two male leads, same never ending love triangle. You can feel that after a while both of them become very unpredictable, if you are satisfied with the way one of them ends, then you will surely like the other one, too. 
reportRecommended by H_Elif
They both contain a girl who meet brothers. All three of the main characters of these two stories are quite similar. One of the brothers is kind of a playboy and the other is very serious. The two main characters Hikaru (Moe Kare!) and Miu(NG Boy x Paradise) both long for their prince after always reading shoujo manga. 
reportRecommended by AyumuMomoiro
Two hot guys involved with a lucky protagonist. Misunderstandings and drama takes place all over school as the main girl tries to sort out her own feelings and who she truly belongs to. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Includes Twins which the other one is a violent and the other one is a good natured guy 
reportRecommended by cherichelly
They're the cute shoujo art type and the thing they've in common the most is that the main character is searching for her prince to come but the prince is not what they expected. 
reportRecommended by Suzumichan
The girl is falling for two guys, first falling for one of them but something happens. This causes her to pay more attention to the other one. (I won't say any more or I'll ruin the story!) 
reportRecommended by mostrandomever
Surface similarities: -involving twins -going to the same school -multi layers romance I think the real similarity is that the main girl character realizes that the most comfortable one she is with is the one the truly loves... and that's basically she determined her soul mate....ish. 
reportRecommended by mintymel
It's like a more mature version of Moe Kare. it is literally an emotional rollercoaster and you really do feel for the protagonist. 
reportRecommended by perseus87
the high school girl's stuck between 2.boys. both mangas are typical, funny and relaxing. plus, they have pretty good drawings.  
reportRecommended by jumikao
both manga treat about the first, pure love which has to overcome some difficulties. if you like a bit romantic, sweet stories, where a boy always behaves like a prince ;) then you should go for it. 
reportRecommended by jumikao
two good looking, but completely different guys are competing in getting the girl they both like. 
reportRecommended by jumikao
two brother that go to the same school as the girl but everybody at there school knows that the girl is in love with her college professor but the brother of the professor fall in love with her everytime that she fall to get him to love her  
reportRecommended by mika3585
Has the same school theme and the whole boyfriend scheme. Just like in bokura ga ita two guys fight over the same girl... drama, romance, all the good stuff 
reportRecommended by Choto
Both series start off with a girl falling for a kind hearted guy who happens to have a person who looks exactly the same in LL Twins in MK Half brothers, and the girl is stuck inbetween in a love triangle.  
reportRecommended by Crimsonwill
Personally I think the similarity is that both of the works has two characters who looks the same. Moe Kare!! has two characters, which are half brothers who looks the same. Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE has two characters, which one of them are real and another is clone, who looks the same. 
reportRecommended by tsubasalover
both have two guys pretty much fighting over one girl and the someone dated another person because they had pity. (like because of accidents) so yeah, read it. Though I think Moe Kare is better cause it's longer and it gets more in depth. Kimi Ga Suki is more cute and Moe Kare is more adult-like 
reportRecommended by narutosangel
Moe Kare's character design reminded me a lot of the characters from Shugo Chara!... but that's the only real similarity. Moe Kare is targeted are a more mature audience 
reportRecommended by Tekky99
When I started reading Boku ni Natta Watashi the first Manga that popped into my head was Moe Kare!! Mostly they are different stories but what makes them the same is at first the female lead falls for the main male lead and then another gets mixed into but it wasn't until after that other tries something is when the main admits everything. If u love one u will completely love the other. 
reportRecommended by Valeria-chan
Twinkle Cherry is cuter and less mature than Moe Kare!! but both manga have the main heroine choosing between siblings (who happen to be twins yet have completely different personalities). If you liked one, you'd probably enjoy the other. 
reportRecommended by RaineScarlet
The most evident similarity between both stories is a love triangle between the main character, a girl: Tohru (Furuba) / Hikaru (Moe Kare) and two blood-related bishounen; one of them, a perfect gentleman: Yuki (FB) / Takara (MK) and the other, a misunderstood 'bad boy': Kyo (FB) / Arata (MK). In Furuba, Kyo and Yuki are cousins and in Moe Kare, Arata and Takara are half-brothers, but they all hate eachother because of family issues, and of course, they fight for the same girl. As the story progresses, Kyo and Arata, that everyone thought to be 'bad boys', start to show their true nature: they  read more 
reportRecommended by phoenix_kagome
Both titles are smutty and have two guys that are very different from each other.  
reportRecommended by lulugal4eva
both about 2 twins and a girl 
reportRecommended by yukifanatic
Both girls are in love with twin brothers and cant choose one of them! Oh well...In 'moe kare' the guys arent twins, they are just brothers. But they look exactly the same! Plus their characters are exactly like the characters of the twins from 's+m' manga! enjoy! 
reportRecommended by Anastasia
CANDY and HIKARU are very similar in the ways that their love is always faithful to one person and their only reason for breaking up with the guy she loved was because there was no other way... i'll just say this TERRY's personality is ARATA but TERRY's love life is like TAKARA's..once you read it you'll understand EXACTLY what i mean...^^ but these mangas can make you laugh, cry, and MOE-fy haha 
reportRecommended by aiwanani
Both female main characters are torn between two brothers who are completely different from each other. 
reportRecommended by -LU-
The art sometimes reminds me of Moe Kare!! Also, they both are perverted in a way and in both the perverted-ness dies down once you get into it. Both have sweet innocent stories that could bring tears to your eyes and if you liked one, you'll probably like the other. 
reportRecommended by Mangaluvr
Oujisama no Tsukurikata and Moe Kare are similar is the twins were fighting for hikaru hearts, instead 2 boys fighting a girl heart, a group of guys like 4 boys are fight one ..............ONE GIRL HEART!!!! IT AMAZING TO SEE MORE DRAMA THAN EVER XD 
reportRecommended by yumemi_1
In moe kare one of the guys are perverted like the president in otokomae. They fall in love with the girl. Both girls in the story think the guy is perverted, but end up falling in love with them! 
reportRecommended by animefreak8889
Girl hates one boy, but likes the other. Story line is pretty much the same. But different at the same time setting is also school! 
reportRecommended by animefreak8889
Guys have split personalities, but in Kedamono the guy is the same guy and in Moe Kare the guys are twins 
reportRecommended by animefreak8889
Both have similar art (something I find important) and both also have a love triangle. In each manga the main girl must make a hard choice between 2 guys, one doesn't want to show his feelings as much and teases her and the other is sweeter. 
reportRecommended by mintyfish
It's more on comedy, romance, especially it's more about love triangle.  
reportRecommended by xXKatRyzXx
both story involves a girl who's torn between two guys who despises one another. I think I can also add the fact that the girl has a bit of ~ungirly~ attitude. 
reportRecommended by cherichelly