Kodomo no Omocha
Kodocha: Sana's Stage
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Kodomo no Omocha

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Child's Toy
Japanese: こどものおもちゃ
English: Kodocha: Sana's Stage
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 54
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 2, 1994 to Oct 3, 1998
Genres: Award Winning Award Winning, Comedy Comedy, Drama Drama, Romance Romance, Slice of Life Slice of Life
Themes: Love Polygon Love Polygon, School School, Showbiz Showbiz
Demographic: Shoujo Shoujo
Serialization: Ribon Magazine
Authors: Obana, Miho (Story & Art)


Score: 8.301 (scored by 99219,921 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2822
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #764
Members: 20,804
Favorites: 1,113



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Preliminary Spoiler
Jan 16, 2008
After finishing this manga, I just had to write a review because there was none, and this is such a great manga! I tried my hardest to rate realistically, but in the end it didn't really work out. As always, I'm more critical with my explanations rather than my ratings.

Story: So the story is about Sana Kurata, a famous child actress, and her relationship with Hayama Akito. At first she hates him because he is a trouble maker and cold, but over the course of the manga their relationship grows into a really deep conection. The story itself is a romantic comedy, with drama mixed ...
Jul 19, 2012
~Wow, Kodocha was the very first manga I ever read and well of course to me it's a classic. I find it like no other shoujo manga and in fact, I can't find one with it's type of humor! You'll laugh at some of the ridiculous things the characters say OR do and you'll feel the pain and agony each one faces. Big or small.

The story starts with 12 year old Sana Kurata, a soon to be big TV star who goes through ordinary girl problems that any girl faces. If you call, "facing-her-classroom-of-crazy-monkey-boys" normal. They ruin class for the girls and there Sana ...
Sep 2, 2010
Kodocha is both witty and emotional. It does the romantic comedy genre justice. Light hearted balances well with the more serious notions. After all it's not so much fun reading an incredibly depressive manga.

Story: 10
Sana is a child actress. Right there the unbelievably factor should kick in. It seems like when a shoujo takes place in the entertainment business it gets dragged down by pretty idols and too much focus on unrealistic plots in the 'idol' world.
Despite the profession of Sana the story line focuses more away from the show biz side. Most takes place in fact in the classroom and the 'real ...
Aug 3, 2012
This might sound a bit strange, but this was the very first manga series that I was exposed to and that was back in 2006 (I think...)

I say strange because 1.) This series was going out of print at the time and 2.) Nobody realized it existed except for the friend who introduced it to me (and I am forever thankful...)

Anyway, Kodocha is a one-of-a-kind shoujo manga. Why? Well here's the breakdown:

1.) It was written by the eccentric but hilarious Miho Obana. In one of the printed volumes, she mentions how each character is like an extension of herself. Considering the cast, her true ...
Jul 19, 2010
Kodocha. this is a pretty popular manga. i have to say, i was pretty skeptical about reading this at first because the storyline seemed poor, and i'm not a fan of old art. but I am glad to say that i read it, because it is simply amazing. the story follows Sana Kurata. she is the daughter of a famous writer, and happens to be famous herself, owning her own talk show called Child'sToy. Sana's only wants in life are to be able to be with her mother, stay by her bodyguard/"boyfriend"'s side, and enjoy an everday school life. the first two wishes are in ...
Jul 11, 2010
I picked Kodocha a while back, hearing many great things about this series. I can gladly say it didn't disappoint!

Story: (8)
The story revolves around Sana, a quite successful child actor, and how her relationship develops with fellow classmate, Akito. The beginning is quite typical, Sana immediately hating Akito and arguing endlessly over each other's attitudes. The beginning is the most surrealistic part of the manga. Unless you find an elementary classroom completely ruled by a group of boys to be normal. However, it is much more realistic than most series. As the story progresses, things become more realistic and the relationship between Akito and ...
Feb 23, 2021
Wow boy, where do i even begin with this one. It was strange, but beautiful. There were many unexpected moments, i mean, i have both, moments of pure excitment when i couldn't keep myself from jumping out in the air, extatic about their development. This is a romance and you should keep that in mind when you start it. This is the mainly reason i started this one too. I never thought that i would be so glad seeing young kids being in love and their time together growing up. But the theme in this one is a little more than that. They may be ...
Jun 27, 2015
I just wanted to say is that Kodomo No Omochi is like Gakuen Alice because -natsume- and -Akido- both are cold hearted and -mikan- and -sana- both are pig tailed and are cheerful and finally because in Gakuen Alice, Mikan and natsume are enemies but they start to love each other and in Kodomo No Omochi, Akido and Sana are enemies but start to fall in love with each other, oh yeah, P.S. Mikan and Sana are both clueless about love most of the time
Jul 1, 2009
also known as kodocha . :)
i really got into this manga.
because , of the entertainment.
& the romance it has. :)
the manga is very different from the anime.
the storylines are different.
i think the manga is better with the storyline ,
but the anime is still good.
i recommend it for anyone who likes a cute little love story.
Sep 19, 2013
After enjoying the first half of the first season (of the anime), I became really excited to read the manga. I figured if the anime started off funny, maybe the manga would be just as well because the author wrote it. Frankly, I don’t really know how I feel about it. I know many claims that it is amazing, but I couldn’t really love it as much as I wanted to.

If you watched this anime or read the manga before, the first few volumes may feel really boring. I guess this is of one of those stories that you cannot read twice (at least ...
Jun 30, 2012
maybe i'm a bit biased because this is one of my all-time favorites..
orginally i began reading this because of the art..then i saw how they kinda resemble natsume and mikan

its funny and romantic in its own way..i like how its got likeable characters,,that is, you'd love everybody..

there's also substance in the story..like how the story progresses,,at first i thought it's gonna be shallow since the main characters were kids..but heck..i was totally wrong..

this is really amazing..words aren't really enough..so for those who haven't tried reading this..i hope you will..it really moved me.. ^.^
Mar 15, 2012
Amazing, underrated manga.

Kodocha starts off as a typical gag manga with stereotypical characters. The atmosphere that Miho Obana gives the readers in the first couple of chapters is very childlike and immature, even ridiculous at times. However, as the story progresses, the main character (Sana) starts to grow up and the story begins to take a very serious psychological turn. The situations that the main characters have to deal with gets deeper and more complex as they grow up.
Miho Obana does a great job with character development. The story is very realistic (despite the craziness in the beginning), and you’ll love and get to know ...
May 10, 2021
Preliminary (40/54 chp)
I really enjoyed reading this series. But what really pisses me off is the immaturity (and maturity) of the characters. They sometimes take responsibility while other times they don't say a thing. And the character growth is tremendous and almost unbelievable but I guess that's alright. There are idiotic jokes distributed throughout the manga in unexpected places and they will surely make you laugh. There are also large time gaps throughout the manga. The manga started when the characters were in 6th grade and now they are in middle school. There are times in which everything happens in a day or two and times where ...
Sep 20, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (40/54 chp)
It starts off really well in the first two or three volumes.

It utilized a childish language and a cutesy demeanor to convey adult circumstances, like physical abuse within families, rape, pregnancy, blame. It starts off strong. Two characters meet each other and find out how little they know about each other.

It didn't feel like I was reading a shoujo manga, but then what happened? Love triangles and love squares happened. What started off as two different people and their friends becomes love triangles: girl for the dude and a fellow child actor for the main lead.

It starts off really good, it was a romance ...