Jul 19, 2012
~Wow, Kodocha was the very first manga I ever read and well of course to me it's a classic. I find it like no other shoujo manga and in fact, I can't find one with it's type of humor! You'll laugh at some of the ridiculous things the characters say OR do and you'll feel the pain and agony each one faces. Big or small.

The story starts with 12 year old Sana Kurata, a soon to be big TV star who goes through ordinary girl problems that any girl faces. If you call, "facing-her-classroom-of-crazy-monkey-boys" normal. They ruin class for the girls and there Sana meets her arch-nemesis Akito Hayama. With that being said, these two hit it off like a battle to the death! (not really lol but it's funny how they settle things) And of course, once they set their differences aside and going through thick and thin together, they find themselves to be the closest of friends, then one of them starts to have feelings for the other. (hmmm guess who)

The comedy and romance are a great mix between the two in this manga, especially one that deals with young kids. Despite their age, you could feel the sweet and innocent love and really feel the awareness each one gets when they learn the ways of love. It's sure not easy for these two. (so much happens...) And the drama isn't something overwhelming though there will be times when it seem like it. It only shows that no matter how young you are, there will be times when you feel like a child again in a adult like situation and you have to face it head on.

To sum everything up, story is a 9. Though it seems very childish at first the story really picks up as the characters grow and it's interesting and enjoyable to read. No fillers or anything. Art is a 9, since most can seem to find this type of style but either way the author does a great job depicting each character with her own style that you'll just love. It matches the story completely. Characters I give a 10, since they're very lovable and unique to me. You can't help but cheer them on and see them as great characters. Enjoyment and overall view is a 10, since of course this was the very first thing I ever read. (not super hero comics sadly lol) But I hope this manga finds it's way to your "mangas-to-read list" and that you too will find something great about it. I know I do.

~Thanks for reading!

***If you read the manga, then watch the anime, you'll find that the anime is really extremely different!!! lol but don't let that stop you from watching it cause it's still funny and enjoyable to watch. In fact maybe more humorous? Either way I liked it. Check it out!
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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