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Aug 23, 2010
"He's someone who lives under the sun..."

There's something different about sixteen-year-old Kaoru. her father calls it individuality. Kaoru thinks of it as a curse. she has a disease. but not just any disease. a disease that cannot allow her to be under the sun...or she'll die. Because of this, she spends her nights singing outside with her guitar, and her days in her room, watching a boy at the bus stop. before long, she finds herself falling in love, and yearning to talk to him at least once. but she knows this will never happen.
but what happens when she coincidentally runs into him while on read more
Aug 23, 2010
would you chase after a dream, if it meant that your world would come crashing down? that despite your desperate attempts, things would never be the same as before? if it meant that people would die and cry because of your mistakes and choices?
Would you sacrifice all this, if it meant your only brother coming back?

Edward Elric, a young prodigal alchemist, and his younger brother Alphonse committed the taboo: human transmutation. All they wanted was to bring their dead mother back. to see her smile again. it all seemed so simple. but they never thought that by doing so, their lives would change forever. the read more
Jul 20, 2010
the only thing that got me starting this show was Funimation channel. it seemed really interesting at first, although the story line is cliche. but i decided to give it a try. already from the first episode, i could tell that Momo was going to be a pain to watch. she was so obsessive with toji from the get go. but it wasn't until later on that you could really see her obsessiveness. she threatens to jump out windows, get's angry when she sees her boyfriend talking to someone else other than her, and she waits 5 minutes for her boyfriend. any later than that, read more
Jul 19, 2010
Kodocha. this is a pretty popular manga. i have to say, i was pretty skeptical about reading this at first because the storyline seemed poor, and i'm not a fan of old art. but I am glad to say that i read it, because it is simply amazing. the story follows Sana Kurata. she is the daughter of a famous writer, and happens to be famous herself, owning her own talk show called Child'sToy. Sana's only wants in life are to be able to be with her mother, stay by her bodyguard/"boyfriend"'s side, and enjoy an everday school life. the first two wishes are in read more
Jul 19, 2010
Koizumi Risa: a taller than average girl. Otani Atsushi: smaller than average boy. Lovely Complex follows the story of these two out-of-place people and how they're relationship grows from mutual hate, to love consultants, to one-sided crush, to completely head over heels in love with each other.

story: the story is...not unique, but in it's own way, very unique. the story of a tall girl and a short boy falling in love is found in many different stories (like Ikeyamada Go's "Get Love") but Aya Nakahara add's her own bit of character into LoveCom, making it stand out from "any other manga" the humor is great, read more
Jul 19, 2010
this is my first
so anyway, i've read alot of shoujo manga, and some get pretty tiring cuz they all have the same boring storyline. girl falls in love with boy, boy likes her back. boy and girl date, new rival comes along, lots of drama, boy and girl get together in the end. typical. wit this story, i thought "this is probably gonna be the same as anyother." but i enjoy reading new things so i decided to try this one out. when i started reading it, i was hooked. u never know what to expect in this story. there are so many twists read more