Sep 2, 2010
Kodocha is both witty and emotional. It does the romantic comedy genre justice. Light hearted balances well with the more serious notions. After all it's not so much fun reading an incredibly depressive manga.

Story: 10
Sana is a child actress. Right there the unbelievably factor should kick in. It seems like when a shoujo takes place in the entertainment business it gets dragged down by pretty idols and too much focus on unrealistic plots in the 'idol' world.
Despite the profession of Sana the story line focuses more away from the show biz side. Most takes place in fact in the classroom and the 'real world'. However Sana's busy life as budding actress catches up with her, and gives the realistic view on how it takes a toll on her normal school life.
The main aspect of Kodocha is children growing up too fast, and romance. Sana and Akito's love-hate relationship is a blast to watch. You really see them grow to their feelings in a way that doesn't feel forced. And it’s hilarious. Both give as good as they get in their ‘spats’.
The other plot of Kodocha is the troubled Akito, and the looming past of Sana. They are evidently more mature than other kids their age (though Sana still knows how to have fun with her age), but growing up isn't the best when your growing up too fast.
The title of 'Child's Play' fits this series extremely well.

Art: 8
Standard for shoujo. Not fantastic but not unbearable with out of proportion bodies. It's also not over stylised where is becomes too much of a fashion show to take seriously.

Characters: 9
Sana and Akito are not only a brilliant couple but brilliant characters that stand well apart from each other.
There are side characters that have plots dedicated to them; however none match the characterisation of the two leads. Apart from Sana's mum whose quirks are hilarious.

Enjoyment: 10
Funny and charming, with both a realistic and over the top approach to the romantic comedy genre. Not too serious, but not too ridiculous. Almost always great entertainment for those who are taken with the genre.

Overall: 10
It's a short read with 10 volumes, which highlights the other praise it deserves. It never drags on and becomes dull. It never has a useless arc where characters and the plot don't grow and develop. It never gets old.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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