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Hoshi no Samidare

Hoshi no Samidare

Alternative Titles

English: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Synonyms: Wakusei no Samidare, Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, Lucifer BH
Japanese: 惑星のさみだれ


Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 65
Status: Finished
Published: Jun 30, 2005 to Aug 30, 2010
Authors: Mizukami, Satoshi (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young King OURs GH


Score: 8.501 (scored by 15560 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1362
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #182
Members: 36,752
Favorites: 2,810


similar atmosphere, but with a more fleshed out story and stronger characters and ending 
reportRecommended by MushroomSage
An alien guide appears and tells a small group of humans that the fate of the world lies on them. A series of duels between them and foreign entities will take place, and loss will result in the destruction of the world. But this is a group of flawed humans, and they are neither united in their cause nor equal in their abilities. How they deal with the continuing battles while losing allies and finding out more about the nature of the fights is the focus of the story. Samidare is more interesting to watch, as everyone participates in the battles, but they  read more 
reportRecommended by FredericFrancois
The two of them are both battle shonen titles, and yet both have a darker sort of tone to them, and an excellent setting. 
reportRecommended by Lindle
Crafted by the same author (Satoshi Mizukami), both series adapts a variety of creative themes into their perspective stories. The main characters gets involved in unusual circumstances that throws their world upside down. And as part of this bizarre adventure, they encounter supernatural phenomenons beyond their wildest imaginations. There's also a good amount of relationship building with fate playing certain roles. Recommended for any fan who is interested in Mizukami's works and series with creative fantasy. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Main Heroines of these series both wish to conquer the planet whilst trying to save it from another force. They also share the same joyful atmosphere.  
reportRecommended by RX-782
Very similar atmosphere and pacing. Really strong storyline, with a fantasy blend setting. The feels are kind of on the same level too. 
reportRecommended by MushroomSage
Too similar, both are a psychological mangas and have a complex story. Also both , Urasawa and Mizukani, use to have complex characters, incluiding the supporting characters, with much importance in story. 
reportRecommended by Causther
May contain spoilers. Both MCs have a kind of twisted personality. They start by not understanding themselves that much, and go on growing up. In both series there is a main conflict between two factions, with the MC acting to his own benefit while helping the "good" side. Reincarnation no Kaben has a more complex plot, with some major plot points being from the past, while Hoshi no Samidare has bigger difference between the two factions and action is more direct, but the overall feeling is pretty similar. Also, there's the "Awesome Big Bro" character for both MCs that drives them to become stronger. 
reportRecommended by Runnick
They both are "genre deconstruction", mahou-shoujo or heroic shounen. Well, just read it, similarities everywhere, for example, deaths of first friends in magical world. 
reportRecommended by vallar
Though Hoshi no Samidare is much lighter and more comedic than Gleipnir, they're both about a deadly battle, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, being fought by a bunch of small-town weirdos in a random forest on the outskirts of town. The odd combo of supernatural shounen combat and a slice-of-life plot along with strong, emotional character development makes Hoshi no Samidare and Gleipnir worth a shot for fans of both genres. It's worth noting that while Hoshi no Samidare is mostly appropriate for general audiences, Gleipnir contains gore and sexual themes; if either of these bother you, be careful about picking  read more 
reportRecommended by garbae
Hey, it's the glasses guy! This time he is selected to save the earth from villains, together with a bunch of other randomly selected fellows. Actually the glasses guy in Sekai Maou isn't as bitter and secluded as the fellow in Hoshi no Samidare, but on the other hand are the catastrophes on a larger scale. This might balance the fact that the villains look sillier in Sekai Maou. Sillier and more dangerous, though in Hoshi no Samidare they try to counter this by making the protagonists keep their spirit helpers on their heads. When these people don't fight, they talk about philosophical stuff, or  read more 
reportRecommended by txrxgxu
The glasses guy! He is introverted, but not a geek, he is smart, but he overrates himself due to never daring to go into competition with anyone. He's an island, and if it wasn't for his childhood friend/neighbor who's a cute girl who can destroy the earth, he would be completely alone, completely unaware of the grand scheme that is threatening to destroy everything. In Saikano this poor fellow never team up with other poorly understood individuals though, it's a bit of a one man show, which I'm sure he prefers better anyway. Oh and Saikano isn't funny either. 
reportRecommended by txrxgxu
Main characters with lizards. 
reportRecommended by jyagan0
A being who is planning on destroying the Earth after a set amount of time versus a group of people who are working together to stop him. There is a tremendous amount of group development over the course of both stories, though Hoshi no Samidare has more individual character development with a somewhat smaller group making the characters easier to remember and more likeable. Still, the antagonists' of both stories are also likeable and very overpowered and threatening. Despite them often talking normally with those who oppose their plans to destroy the world, they do not change their minds. 
reportRecommended by Asfaria
Both take a different approach to the usual supernatural battle genre. Suashi no Meteorite is still in its early stages but it already has a feel that reminded me a bit of Hoshi no Samidare. They both have a lot of comedy to start off, while slowly thickening the plot with a somewhat grim plot point. Also in a way both pairs of main characters have a codependent relationship that strengthens their bond fast.  
reportRecommended by kurosaki_kabuto
It's similar cause there's a same feeling to it the character's way of thinking are the same too. And the plot with esper and a threat that come from space is really similar. Well it's surly cause it's from the same autor. 
reportRecommended by Shakkin-shitsuji
If you take Watanuki and give him a sense of dark humor then give him a superpower accompanied by animals and other people, then you have Hoshi no Samadare. However, do not expect a complex plot or intriguing events since HnS is nothing more than a predictable manga series that flops after two fantastic, funny volumes.  
reportRecommended by arimakenshin
Both have to do with 'Heroes' saving the Earth.  
reportRecommended by -Kazu
Both stories revolve around normal people drawn into a magical conflict where they fight alongside their partners (demons in Gash Bell and animal spirits in Wakusei no Samidare) to defeat their opponents (other demons in Gash Bell and the Mage's golems in Wakusei no Samidare). Both are action-packed and full of humor. If you enjoyed either series, you will certainly enjoy the other as well. 
reportRecommended by Paki
They both have a similar feeling. Also, in both the girl is actually far more powerful than the male and that female has a twisted way of seeing the world. 
reportRecommended by Nekko-mimi
The protagonist is suddenly thrust from his normal life into some kind of outrageous fight. He has to overcome tough mental hardships from his past, and in order to escape reality, he joins the "fight" and tries to be of use to the girl fighter he falls in love with. Both have some pretty funny moments and are both great reads. 
reportRecommended by furizaa
Both involves group of individuals trying to save the world. They were accompanied by entities who are somehow the source of their power. Familiars in Samidare and each character's inner selves in Persona. Both has to do with not only hardships, psychological traumas, death of loved ones but also, above all, friendship.  
reportRecommended by ShoujoChrome
Both of these are coming of age stories that focus very heavily on what kind of person the main character wants to grow up to be. Both start off with a pathetic, introverted protagonist who puts up barriers against new people. Eventually they begin to realize that they are growing up, and the process is not only enjoyable, but extremely liberating. Both series start of antagonizing slow but they both turn into very solid stories. 
reportRecommended by Madonnalal
The feel of it seems to match. Special Powers - Big Bad Guy. Difference is Sami is more mature while Ueki is more childish. Both are great! (^_^)/ 
reportRecommended by Tobuay
Both involve the characters participating in rounds after rounds of combat against mysterious enemies that get bigger and stronger as the series proceed. In addition, readers can feel the impact in the deaths of the characters of both the series. 
reportRecommended by BlitzAceSamy
Same author, similar cast, similar plot. Heartwarming, sad and fun at the same time. 
reportRecommended by blonkz
Who though dead would fun?, In Alive and Hoshi no Samidare, there are people chosen to change the world, either save it or destroy it. (And there is a Romantic subplot)  
reportRecommended by jour