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Tokyo Hell Heavens add
One-shot 08-21-19
Kane to Ai to Watashi add
Kogane Ougonji has been absurdly wealthy her whole life. With the riches she obtained from the business she made in elementary school she has had everything she ever wanted, and now sets out to more.
One-shot 08-10-19
F-Ken add
One-shot 08-05-19
Shy add
In the middle of the 21st century, the world was on the brink of World War III. But superheroes from across the globe appeared and helped bring an era of peace. With the crisis averted, the Heroes more.
Manga 08-01-19
Kyoryuu Senki add
The manga centers on Yamata no Orochi, a mythical dragon of Japanese folklore, resurrected in modern-day Japan. (Source: ANN)
Manga 07-31-19
Kagaku to Mahou no Kakutouka-tachi add
This world is split into two very different kingdoms: the magic kingdom and the science nation. They have gone to war more than once in the past, but those days are long behind them. Nowadays they more.
One-shot 07-29-19