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Z add
The adventures of Agent Z, the newest recruit to Major Eberbach's alphabet soup of subordinates. These stories take place in the Eroica universe, but they are serious espionage adventure tales and more.
Manga 2 -
Z add
The "panic horror" manga is set in contemporary Japan after a zombie outbreak. The omnibus of short stories depicts the tragedies that befall a bullied child, a yakuza member, a couple, and various more.
Manga 3 -
Z Boys / Princess add
Novel 3 -
Z Mazinger add
A retelling of Mazinger Z mixed with ancient Greek mythology with a modern touch. (Source: MU)
Manga 5 -
Z no Jikan add
Novel 2 -
Z/X: Code Reunion add
Manga - -
Z/X: Zillions of Enemy X add
Manga 6 -
Zai x 10 add
When ten criminal acts collide, what's going to happen!?
Manga 4 7.55
Zaiakukan "Onegai... Konna Sugata Minaide" add
Novel 1 -
Zaika no Grimm add
Manga 2 -
Zaikai Teiou no Amasugiru Shiikuai add
Novel 1 -
Zainin Kyoushitsu add
Novel - -
Zaito BxB add
Novel 1 -
Zakkyo Jidai add
Zakkyo Jidai is about a girl called Kazuko who always puts on an act that she's a perfect, good girl. Prim and proper, people always think that her parents have the perfect daughter, but in fact it' more.
Manga 3 -
Zako Kamisama add
Novel 1 -
Zakuro no Jigoku add
Manga - -
Zan add
A samurai manga about a boy named Zan. Zan's father was a legendary swordsman who used a sword which had no blade (think Sakabatou from Ruroken). Zan's father died one day, and ever since, Zan has more.
Manga 2 6.74
Zan Natsu add
One-shot - -
Zanbara! add
Chiyo and Akehiko (both 15 years old) have been brought up in an amicable environment at a prosperous restaurant in Japan. They live a safe, happy life, but, as was the norm in feudal Japan, they more.
Manga 3 7.08
Zange add
1) A Confession of His Own Guilt Story of a high-school student who was sexually assaulted when young, and grew up to be openly homosexual. He always tries to antagonise a teacher whom he doesn't more.
Manga 1 6.55
Zangekikan add
Step into the Horror Mansion if you dare...
Manga 10 6.67
Zangetsuden add
Novel 3 -
Zanguard add
A spinoff of 81 Diver based on the adventures of Shito Kirino as his alter-ego Zanguard.
Manga 1 -
Zangyakuou to Ochikobore Hime no Kekkon add
Novel 1 -
Zangyou de Good Job! add
One-shot - 6.85
Zangyou Lover add
One-shot - -
Zangyou wa Bed no Ue de add
Novel 1 -
Zaniku no Natsu add
Shizumaru, melancholy and lost, wanders through the land in search of the demon he has no memory of. Panicked but skilled with his techniques in battle, he unintentionally kills many of his more.
One-shot - -
Zanki x 99 add
Out of nowhere, 99 girls were sent to a large room, where they are inadvertently transferred to the other side of the screen. There, strange creatures live, which begin to hunt the girls who cross more.
Manga 3 -
Zankoku na Douwatachi add
A collection of oneshots: Cruel Fairytales When Martin and his sister were young, they tried to run away from home. They ran into the forest only to find an unexpected gruesome scene: women were more.
Manga 1 6.94
Zankoku na Hatsukoi add
Olivia looks for her sister at the hometown airport she left behind fifteen years ago only to find the last person she wanted to see—her ex-husband, Joel, whom she'd divorced when they were both too more.
Manga 1 -
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai suru add
The story follows Jeremy, who is sexually abused by his stepfather. Mentally disturbed by this, Jeremy goes down a path of murder; however, he accidentally finds himself the murderer not only of his more.
Manga 17 8.21
Zankoku na Sankoku add
Laura and Gabriel were passionately in love - even though she was the daughter of a wealthy family, while he was a mere stable boy. But when Laura's parents reject the penniless Gabriel's proposal more.
Manga 1 6.41
Zankoku ni Ai wo Sasayaite add
1. Zankoku ni Ai wo Sasayaite 2. Gouman ni Ai wo Sasayaite 3. Sasayaku nara Eien no Ai wo 4-5. Amai Yume wo Sasayaite 6. Nakayoku shimasho.
Manga 1 -
Zankoku no Puzzle add
Everyone have a beast inside their heart and sometimes it takes real form and hurts other. Mio have to control her beast while searching the truth about her parents death.
Manga 1 -
Zankoku Yuugi add
1-3. Zankoku Yuugi (Cruel Game) 4-5: Kimi dake Kimi dake (Only You Only You)
Manga 1 6.42
Zankokuna Kimi ni Tomoni add
The older brother's company is at the verge of bankruptcy. The only way to prevent bankrupts is to depend on his younger step-brother's support. And the stepbrother is intent on getting his revenge more.
Manga 1 6.75
Zankou no Vernerura add
Novel 4 -
Zankou Noise add
1. Zankou Noise (Afterglow Noise) 2. Kaikou Effect (Encounter Effect) 3. Girls Talk 4. Renai no Dekinai Oshigoto 5. Summer♥Splash 6. Heavy Rotation★Lingerie (Everyday Lingerie)
Manga 1 6.81
Zankyou add
Satoru spends his days listlessly in a factory town. The old man Segawa, a former Yakuza, lives in the room next to his cheap apartment. One day, Segawa asks Satoru to kill him for a 5 million yen, more.
Manga 3 6.76
Zanma Kenden add
Manga 3 -
Zanmataisei Demonbane add
Arkham city is a bustling hub of commerce and industry, however Arkham is also a center of eldrich lore: home to Miskatonic University, an institution of higher learning with one of the most more.
Novel 6 -
Zannen Danshi. add
Manga - -
Zannen Girls add
Included one-shot: Kanojo no Himitsu
Manga 1 -
Zannen Kunoichi Den add
Reika isn’t just a high school student; she's also the military’s secret ninja agent. Transferring to Seiou Academy is part of her mission to locate a person of interest. It just so happens to be more.
Manga - -
Zannen na Captain to Wagamama na Ousama-tachi add
Manga 2 -
Zannen na Hakoniwa add
Two strangers, one purpose! The man who disappeared, where did he go? (Source: The Moon in a Box)
One-shot - -
Zannen nagara Chigaimasu. add
She happens to meet him for the first time. They didn't know a thing about each other, yet they are so in love... (Source: MU)
One-shot - 3.27
Zannen Nikushoku Usako-san add
Manga 1 -
Zannen Ojousama ni wa Ore shika Inai add
Novel 1 -
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