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P Angel add
Contains a oneshot called Mirai ni Kiss - Meiko, a 14 year old Robotics genius, travels a hundred years forward in time. However, the future is completely different from her sweet daydreams.
Manga 2 -
P no Higeki add
A sophisticated collection of tales, ranging from the macabre to heartwarming to wacky. The trials and tribulations of daily life. 1. P no Higeki (The Tragedy of P) 2. Roman no Akindo (The Merchant more.
Manga 1 7.11
P Souken add
Meet Yui and Ryouko and the rest of the employees from the Penis Research Institute—an organization that offers women the joy and pleasure of 'both' worlds.
Manga 1 7.03
P to JK add
Kako, a 16-year-old high school girl, goes to a mixer pretending to be 22. While there, she meets Kouta who at first has a very intimidating aura. But once he saves her from an awkward situation, more.
Manga - 7.56
P-pan Kuru add
Megu is in love with Funaki-senpai, the object of admiration of all the girls in school. However, she can only look at him from afar. One day, Megu happened to pick up Funaki-senpai's underwear!!! more.
One-shot - 6.64
P. P. Scramble add
From: Ultimate Manga Guide] Haruhi has fallen for Kei at first sight and they start living together! But after several callers drop by Haruhi's house and interfere with her love life, the more.
Manga 3 -
P.B.B.: Play Boy Blues add
At Japan's most popular Host Club comes naturally for Junsuke Aki. In fact, he is the club's top performer (and earner!) and is easily the most popular Host with the female clientele. However, his more.
Manga 6 7.36
P.D. Agency no Hokokusho add
Ichinose Kaname, 22 years old and graduating Psychology, makes her brother’s detective agency her preferred career choice. But that’s a world of sly dogs and old troopers. Will the newbie female more.
Manga 3 -
P.I.P. add
Adapted from Sawai Kujira’s story about a Japanese man arrested in Cambodia. (Source: MU)
Manga 1 -
P.S. Lovin' Song add
A collection of short stories.
Manga 1 -
P.S. Three-san add
P.S. Three-san (amazon) is a manga by IKa which was originally posted online as a web comic but was recently published and sold in a book. The story is about this girl called PS3-san who is trying more.
Manga - -
P.S.Restart add
Wealthy girl Shirasagi Chihana woke one day to an empty house. Her father's company had gone under, and her parents had gone off traveling. They left Chihana all on her own to make her way to the more.
Manga 2 -
P2 - Let's Play Ping Pong! add
Hiromu is a boy who is terrible at every sport because he is weak, slow and untalented. He failed to get into any sport clubs, however he stumbled upon the ping pong club and surprisingly, he seemed more.
Manga 7 7.02
P=NP? add
Eriko wonders if Shino is just going out with her so that Eriko will do her homework for her. (Source: MU)
One-shot - 6.27
Pa-peki! Oneesan add
Manga 1 -
Pachinko Tenin A wa Idol ni Narenai add
Manga 2 -
Paco-Paco add
4. A Female Teacher's Sigh 5. Wakazuma no Yuutsu 6-8. Two Sisters And One Boy Vol. 1-3
Manga 1 -
Pact add
A terrorist group has declared independence on the South Pole, and they have placed extremely powerful nitrogen bombs off many coasts. They plan to take revenge on the world, by forcing them to live more.
Manga 5 -
Paff Paff! add
Collection of short stories: 1. Anniversary 2. Zero 3. If You Want To Build A Beautiful Japan, Then First Clean Up The Thrash (Fragmented Love) Ryou is trying his hardest to study for his upcoming more.
Manga 1 6.94
Pahanjip add
"A grudge is a sentiment that is chained down and cannot move. That fixed sentiment becomes sadness, and when that sadness remains chained with no escape…it becomes hostile…” Baek-On and Ho-Yeon are more.
Manhwa 6 7.07
Pai Colle add
1. Tomato 2. Momo Supplement 3. Ure-tsun! 4. Dental Oneesan (Miss Dentist) 5. Love Assistant 6. You and Alcohol Sex 7-9. Sweet Home 10. Oppai Collection
Manga 1 -
Pai Fella Lady add
1-2. Gakuen Heaven 3. Doutei Sotsugyou Ryokou: Japan kara Kimashita (Virginity Graduation Trip) 4. Oshaburi Waisetsu Yuugi (Playful Obscene Sucking) 5. Yuusei yori no Oppai X (The Tits From Planet X) more.
Manga 1 6.98
Pai Koki: Kanojo no Mune wa Chichi Onaho add
1-2. Basin 3. Double Feeding 4. Natsu wo Torimodose! 5. Naka ni Goannai 6. Kanojo no Fuman 7. Sono Amasa ni wa Wake ga Aru. 8. Jouzu ni Yakemashita 9. Ninja Revenge
Manga 1 -
Pai Long add
A unique take on the anit-hero theme, "White Dragon"'s main character is Tatsuto Shriakawa: a pragmatic, cold, nearly-emotionless, independent witness protection agent-thing. Anyway, his life is more.
Manga 3 6.98
Pai Touch! add
This is a story of a boy who gets power of making girls' breasts big. There is a rumor spreading among people in the town that if a girl touches a special statue enshrined in Yachigusa Shrine, her more.
Novel 1 -
Pai x 3! Osananajimi wa Kyonyuu Sanshimai add
Novel 1 -
Pai-Communication♡ add
1-3. Aneimo♡Complex 4. Awahime♡Tenshi 5. Jimi Ko ga Mizugi ni Kigaetara♡ 6. Lucky H! Suimin Gakushuu♡ 7. Pipe Mash♡Naomi-chan♡ 8. Eroero♡Chintama-matsuri 9. Yurina no Yuuwaku Daisakusen♡ 10. Momoko more.
Manga 1 -
Pai-Lolis add
Doujinshi 4 -
Pai-Nuki add
Series of 9 one shots titles are Never Honest Brainiac Home Tutor Captivating Exhi-Vision My Little Virgin I'll Love You More Than Now Unforgettable Day Between Four-Eyes' Tits From China, With Love more.
Manga 1 -
Pai☆Rela add
Doujinshi 1 -
Pai☆Zuri add
Volume 1 1. Tit Fuck Ghost 2. Maid's Knowledge 3. First Time as a Maid 4. Do Your Best on Your Own Maid-san 5. I Want Larger Tits Maid-san 6. Surprising New Maid 7. Two Junior Maid-san 8-10. I'll more.
Manga 2 -
Paicchu♥ add
1. Rate to Paicchu♥ 2. Chichi Ana 3. Baku Shibori! Chichi Milk Bokujou: Sakunyuu Mura no Ushi Musume-tachi 4. Chichijoku no Chichinose-san 5. Sae no Sakusei Nikki 6-8. Chichigokoro Denshin 9. more.
Manga 1 -
Painter in the Wind add
Manhwa 2 -
Painting Warriors add
In the early Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127), at the western border of the Tangut Empire - a pivot point of the Silk Road - furious battles were being fought. Brave warriors of the Tangut and a strange more.
Manhua 3 6.94
Paipain add
1. Koukiatsu Sisters (High Pressure Sisters) 2-3. Rival♥Love 4. Doubles Heaven 5. Beginners (We Are Love Beginners) 6. Celeb na ○○○ Omiseshimasu 7. Freshers no Junan (The Suffering of Freshers) 8. more.
Manga 1 -
Paizuri Hime add
1. Paizuri Hime 2. Felattio Hime 3. Kaguya Himesama 4. Hurdle Koete 5. Fuyu Doujou 6. Pochatto Love♡ 7. Money-Momi Go! 8. Neechan yori Ai wo Komete '04 9. Ninja Kentei Shizune 10. Fukanshou no Hito more.
Manga 1 -
Pajama na Kanojo. add
Keisuke and Makura are childhood friends who grew up together almost like brother and sister. One day, due to a misunderstanding they had, Makura left the house angry until Keisuke's Mom is worried more.
Manga 3 6.88
Paji add
Momo is a 4 year old girl who lost both her parents. She now lives with her grandfather, who she calls "Paji." (Papa + Ojii-chan = Paji). The story is about their simple, but warm life together in more.
Manga 9 -
Pakisu-tan add
Manga 1 -
Pako Houdai add
1-3. One Room Summer 4. Sleeping Bride 5. Sadoubu e Youkoso. 6. Thawing 7. Toshiden Joshi 8. Secret Love 9. Go Go Sex!! 10. Keyhole
Manga 1 -
Pako Rush! add
1. Sister's Friend 2. Osewagakari no Kamogawa-san 3. Kanojo no Jouken 4. Yappari Soto ga Suki♥ 5. Majime ni Sabori-ex♥ 6. Suki yori H♥ 7. Cos-tte Kudasai! 8. Onegai Extension! 9. Giri-Imo Escalation more.
Manga 1 -
Pakomane: Watashi, Kyou kara Meimon Yakyuubu no Seishorigakari ni Narimasu... add
Novel 1 -
Pakorare Otoko no Ko! add
1. Nikubenki Otoko no Ko to 3P Shichau? 2. Bitch-kei Shojo x Josou Aniki 3. Ojousama wa Otoko no Ko! 4. Net Cafe Nanmin Otoko no Ko no Kasegikata 5. Nyotaigashima 6. Nyotai-ka shite AV ni Dete Mitara! more.
Manga 1 -
Pakori Share add
1. Banana to Ichigo (Banana and Ichigo Sisters) 2. Debut!! 3. Taisetsu na Musuko (My precious little boy) 4. Chiramie Hidarite Kusuriyubi (Peeking at Marriage Ring) 5. Watashi no Uchi wa Koko desu more.
Manga 1 -
Pakotate!: Seikouritsu 0% no Teppeki Bishojo VS Seikouritsu 100% no Hentai Katei Kyoushi add
1-3. Pakotate! 4. Mayumi-sensei no Naisho Lesson 5. Ano Sukumizu no Namae wo Boku wa Mada Shiranai 6-7. Pakotate! Final Round 8. Pakotate! Extra Round 9. πr2
Manga 1 -
Palace Meidi add
In an alternate-universe Meiji era Japan, Misono Kimiyori, a fourteen-year-old boy from an impoverished noble family, begins to work in the Palace to alleviate his family's debts. There, he more.
Manga 7 7.59
Paladin add
The country of Greenland, after losing the war to the Imperial Army, were in agony and despair for what will the future bring them. They had hired mercenaries to help them during the war and now they' more.
Manhwa - 6.66
Pale Rider add
Novel 1 -
Palepoli add
Palepoli goes beyond the framework of standard four-panel manga and views its structure in new ways. Actually, Furuya knew nothing of conventional manga styles and methods when he started Palepoli. more.
Manga 1 6.94
Palladium Garden add
After his grandfathers death our main character is invited at a high class school, which the grandfather was the director and owner of. The school is actually a place to train girls to be sex maids more.
Manga 1 -
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