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O to K no Aida add
Somewhere in some place... Akihabara, which is located between Okachimachi and Kanda, became favorite place for teens to spend their time or even take a part-time job. This is a compilation of a more.
Manga 1 -
O*G*A Onigokko Royal add
The super unimposing sakura trees I saw when I entered the school was..."Oni-gokko"!? In this game of tag where male high school students wager their youth, the curtain opens on their story. ( more.
Manga 2 -
O-bo-re-ta-i add
Volume 1 1. Hitsuji no You ni Ookami no You ni (Like a Lamb, Like a Wolf) 2. O-bo-re-ta-i (I Want to Lose Myself) 3. Oshioki shite ne (Please Punish Me) Volume 2 1-3. Anata to Senya Ichiya 1-3 (1001 more.
Manga 6 7.05
O-Guts! add
Hatori Ejima is a bishounen and idol of his school. And he has a weakness: an allergy to girls. To cure him, his sister, Saiko makes him join her idol fans club. Saiko is the leader of Miya Fans more.
Manga 2 -
O-ri-ga-mi add
Nagoyakawa Suzuran, she is very unlucky to find herself have to work as a housemaid at Iori Evil Corp to pay her debt to them. She went through all kind of troubles, her body used as a rat experiment, more.
Light Novel 7 -
O.B. add
Even with the distance between them, Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou have not given up on their promise to each other. Each time Kusakabe visits Sajou, their bond is strengthened and they are more.
Manga 2 7.89
O.Shi.Go.To. add
This slice-of-life gag manga follows the exploits of Yomoyama Hanako as she joins the Planning Department of the Greater Japan Trading Company. Yomoyama soon learns to manage the madness of life in more.
Manga 2 -
O/A add
Horiuchi Yutaka-san is a popular idol, who isn't as glamorous and happy as her fans may think. Naturally, her next steps include a radio show, but one she isn't all too keen on doing. Although she more.
Manga 7 7.18
Oaiko add
One-shot - -
Oaite to Tsunagarimashita add
Light Novel 1 -
Oaji wa Dou desu ka? add
Composed of several stories : 1) How Does it Taste? (Oaji wa Dou Desu ka); Mikura says he loves how transfer student Araki smells. Will Araki give him a taste at the culture festival? 2) And Then more.
Manga 1 6.74
Oasis add
1. Oomisoka 2-6. Demodori Mama 7-10. Kobushi
Manga 1 -
Oasis Project add
Yagi Naoyuki has always been able to get any woman he wanted, and to him, that has always been a problem. It's come to the point where they would take drastic measures if he rejected them. Fed up more.
Manga 1 6.86
Oasobi mo Hodohodo ni add
1. Oasobi mo Hodohodo ni (The Capricious Love is Moderate) 2. Interest 3. Boku wa Kimi no Pavlov no Inu 4. Kaori Kaoru 5. Kimi to nara 6. Oasobi no Ato wa
Manga 1 -
Oasobi wa Soko made add
Two editors, Kudo and Hisakawa, find themselves in charge of the best seller Tarou and even run into each other at the famous writer's house on business. By the time their three-way meeting comes to more.
Manga 1 -
Oath of Allegiance add
"Beast men" and humans have always been locked in conflict. Although treaties exist in an attempt to halt their battles, the prejudice between them can never be eradicated. Yakuza Haruomi Tengeji is more.
One-shot - -
Oath to Love and Passion add
When love comes to town, the lives of four socially maladapted teens are turned upside down when rotating attractions, comedic misunderstandings, and general chaos forces them to reconsider more.
Manhwa 5 -
Oazuke 1DK add
Manga 1 -
Oazuke Lip add
One-shot - -
Oazuke no Kiss no Yukue add
Shun Nakanishi regularly has hectic work weeks as an editor of a weekly magazine. He often has to tough out long stakeouts to catch the latest scoop, leaving him with no time for any romantic more.
Manga 1 -
Oazuke no Scenario add
Manga 1 -
Oazuke wa Koko made add
One-shot - -
Oba Shota Harem add
1-2. Oba Shota Harem: Shounen to Danchi Tsuma-tachi 3-5. Shinshoku Shima
Manga 1 -
Obaachan no Poi add
Dialogueless one-shot about a girl in a goldfish scooping competition.
One-shot - -
Obaachan Shoujo Hinata-chan add
Worldly knowledge and artistic refinement! Hinata-chan is on a completely different level to your average toddler, but she has a secret. She’s the reincarnation of an 88 year old grandma, with her more.
Manga - 7.40
Obaachan to Game add
Shouko is a girl growing up in 90's Japan who just wants to stay in and play games on the PlayStation console. However, she is often visited by her grandma, who tries to make her do more productive more.
Manga - -
Obaachan wa Idol add
Yamada Momoka is your average 16-year-old girl. Her family consists of herself, her dad who works at a TV station, and her mom. Apparently she also has a strict prune of a grandma, but who doesn't? more.
Manga 4 6.43
Obahan Soul add
Manga 4 -
Obaka na Ω wo Haramasetai. add
Souta is a brilliant and handsome but disingenuous alpha and is in love with Haruto, his childhood friend. He doesn't want anyone else to have him and wants to start a family with him one day. He more.
Manga 1 6.69
Obaka-chan, Koigatariki add
Since childhood, Neiro has been known for being good at fighting, making people fear her and giving her the title of Kansai's strongest woman. Wanting to find romance, she decides to transfer to a more.
Manga 7 7.57
Obake Life add
A girl who can see spirits opened up a manga and read "Those who read to this point in my manga will die without fail on the same day." Terrified, she tries to break her curse, with a jumpy spirit more.
One-shot - 6.47
Obake no Muura-chan add
Manga 1 -
Obake no Oyatsu add
1. Ittai Naze! Kouchou ga Watashi wo Osou!! 2. Tokyo Twilight Zone 3. Giga Knife 4. Enkaku 5. Misshitsu Obake 6. Yamero! Saru wo Ijimeru na! 7-8. Piko Piko Shounen 9. Beautiful 10. Rei ni Aitakute
Manga 1 -
Obake no Q-tarou add
A Japanese manga about an obake, Qtarō (Sometimes also spelled as Q-tarō) who lives with the Ōhara family. Qtarō, also known as Q-chan or Oba-Q, is a mischief-maker who likes to fly around scaring more.
Manga 6 -
Obasan ne Wakai Ko no Ochi○chin ni Nando mo Ikasarechatta add
Doujinshi 1 -
Obatalian add
The adventures of an "assertive" woman.
Manga 13 -
Obentouuri wa Seijo-sama!: Isekai Musume no Attaka Recipe add
Suddenly summoned to another world, former office lady Mahiru Fukuyose becomes a lunchlady in order to cover her living expenses, as well as gather information. Then one day, she gets her hopes up more.
Manga - -
Obey Me add
Jinyoo's life is a living hell—he's become a hermit due to an abusive father and a traumatic bullying experience. But just when he thinks life can't get any worse, he is kidnapped by his high school more.
Manhwa - 5.77
Obey Me! The Comic add
There is only one rule you have to remember... "One master to rule them all!" It's the long-awaited comic for the outstandingly popular demon-training mobile game! When they're selected to be an more.
Manga - -
Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi add
A sarcastic but fearful "headless knight," a shut-in but strong-willed princess, and a crown with a mysterious power. The story opens with financial scandal and a mysterious stranger... (Source: MU)
Manga 1 6.59
Obito no Hime to Kubinashi Kishi add
A sarcastic but fearful "headless knight," a shut-in but strong-willed princess, and a crown with a mysterious power. The story opens with financial scandal and a mysterious stranger... (Source: MU)
Light Novel - -
Object of Desire add
A collection of oneshots: Object of Desire Kako wishes that boys will be honest with her and just admit that they only want sex. To her surprise, one does. Lovey-Dovey A girl who loves text messages more.
Manga 1 6.76
Obocchama ni wa Wakarumai add
Jun's family used to be wealthy, but after his father's death their company went bankrupt and his mother was hospitalized due to too much stress. Now, Jun lives at the home of their former gardener more.
Manga 1 6.70
Obocchama no Otanoshimi add
“Young Master, please stop teasing me!” “How am I supposed to do such a thing to you, Master?!” After my Mom gets into an accident, I had to go in her stead to be a maid in the noble Takaido more.
Manga 1 6.71
Oboetate add
1. Yoshino Hime: Kyoushi-hen (Princess Yoshino: Teacher Chapter) 2-3. Nanno Hentetsu mo Nai Futari (A Totally Normal Couple) 4. Futarime no Hito (The Second Girl) 5. Hanamura Keikaku (Hanamura's more.
Manga 1 6.59
Oboetenai kedo, Kimi ga Suki add
Light Novel 2 -
Obokoi Majo wa Majiwaritai! add
Manga - -
Oboreru Hakuchuumu add
1. Houjun Sister (Mellow Sister) 2. Atelier Hakuchuumu (Daydream) 3. Kawaranai Mono (The Things that Never Change) 4. Secret Case 5. Amaoto-iro 6. Kimi no Kusuri 7. Mousou Strange Lover 8-9. Yuri no more.
Manga 1 -
Oboreru Hanabi add
Manga 2 -
Oboreru Hitomi add
1-2. Oboreru Hitomi 3. Saitei Kareshi 4-6. Hearts 7. Telephone
Manga 1 6.96
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