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E add
The story of perverted Hakase and his computer, named E, which is actually a young girl who resides inside it!
Manga 1 6.68
E ni Kaita Mochi wa Kaita Mochi add
One-shot - -
E no Genten add
One-shot - 6.53
E to T.: Eiga to Tenshi. add
A masterpiece film will be born from the meeting of a "Movie maniac" and a "beautiful girl"—!?
Manga 3 -
E wo Kaku Futari add
Manga - -
E!? E ga Heta nanoni Mangaka ni? add
Manga 1 -
E' add
Manga 1 -
E's add
Kai Kudou is part of an elite organization of psychics known as Ashurum. Kai is sent on a mission to take custody of other unregistered illegal psychics in the city of Gald. However, he strays from more.
Manga 16 6.94
E-Class Boukensha wa Hatenaki Kishi no Yume wo Miru add
Light Novel - -
e-Heaven add
Light Novel 2 -
E-ken!! add
Included one-shot: Zettai ni Akete wa Naranai
Manga 1 -
E-Rank no Kusushi add
Despite how worthless Carol is as a healer, she is grateful for her adventuring party. Some may say they treat her poorly, constantly belittling her and demanding she do more; even so, Carol can't more.
Manga - 6.48
E.A.r.T.h add
It all started out with Jain, an old man. Not many people really know his past except for, well, a mafia boss,and a few others. At the beginning of our story, Jain finds a girl, bloody and knocked more.
Manga 4 6.88
E.A.r.T.h ∞ add
Note: This series is on hiatus.
Manga - -
E.D.D: Eliminate Dangerous Doctors add
Like gods, doctors hold the lives of their patients in the palms of their hand. When doctors go bad who will stand up to them when the law is powerless? E.D.D is the fabled agency that works to rid more.
Manga 5 6.87
E.R.I.N.A. add
Erina Matsumoto is the person every high-school student dreams of being. She is intelligent, attractive, and has a warm personality—the "perfect student," as acknowledged by classmates and teachers more.
Doujinshi 1 6.57 add
Manga 1 -
E.S.P! Ero Sukebe Power! add
Manga 2 -
E.Stage Companions add
1. Shinmitsu na Himitsu♥ 2. Kanojo wa Paidoru♥ 3. Shinmitsu na Himitsu♥ Sono 2: Kusai Naka 4. Course Record 5. Curtain Call Oh! Mai Bunny 6. Off... 7. Shinmitsu na Himitsu♥ Sono 3: Hikawa-kun no more.
Manga 1 -
E.T.O. add
An athletically-challenged middle-school student, Hiyori Inaba, is suddenly told by her father that, "he was once a Ninja!". Then, the moment she opened a cellphone box her father gave her, she more.
Manga 4 -
E:capriccio add
High schooler Sugatami Akira has had an unrequited love for classmate Kitajima Miyoko since they were in grade school together, but Akira has always been too nervous to confess to Miyoko. At the more.
Manga 3 -
E? Kareshi-tsuki Chintai Room!? add
Kyouko's new apartment comes "boyfriend included!" Nagi, the boyfriend she's never seen before caresses every nook and cranny of her body. She should hate it, but she's soaking wet... Kyouko's never more.
Manga 2 -
Eagle add
Eagle is the story of a US Presidential election in which the Democratic Party nominee is a Japanese-American, seen largely through the eyes of a young Japanese reporter covering the campaign for a more.
Manga 11 7.30
Eagle Diver add
Manga 3 -
Early☆Teens add
An anthology by various hentai mangaka.
Manga 1 -
Earth Girls add
This story takes place thousands of years ago, in an era before modern civilizations. Our protagonist Sakina decides to venture forth to find the rumored Smoke Mountain, a village ran by a female more.
Doujinshi 4 7.04
Earthian add
It's present day, and Archangel Michael is fed up with the pathetic development of the human species. The angels, in their world high above ours, have been given the choice between destroying or more.
Manga 5 7.20
Earthlight Wars: Warenu Shoujo to Semi no Ou add
Light Novel 1 -
Eastern Eastern add
The first two stories, which give the name to the volume (Eastern Eastern 1 and 2), tell the tale of the historic moment in which Japan became ..."occidental," through the eyes of a young boy who more.
Manga 1 -
Easy Writer add
Monica has finally gotten her dream job as a reporter. However her boss is the devil and the company feels like hell—working life is indeed different! For her first assignment, she has to disguise more.
Manga 3 -
Eat add
A tale about a prim and proper teacher losing control of a desire he's pushed down into the depths of his soul.
Manga - -
Eat Me! add
One-shot - -
Eat-Man add
Bolt Crank travels the world as the World's Greatest Mercenary. He got that moniker due to his skills, as well as his ability to eat anything, and then reproduce it in his right hand. During his more.
Manga 19 7.53
Eat-Man: The Main Dish add
Yoshitomi Akihito revisits the Eat-Man universe 11 years after its last publication. This time a vast amount of time have passed since the previous installment, and the civilizations he visited in more.
Manga 6 7.01
Eater add
Aliens are taking possession of humans so they can fight their war. In Space, the Columbia shuttle is attacked by one of them and comes crashing to earth. Thus the story takes place depicting the more.
Manga 5 6.51
Eaters Fang add
A university student training to be a veterinarian finds everyday life put into jeopardy when a mysterious group unleashes rabid animals into the city.
Manga 2 -
E→Robot add
Yuuki's got the hots for Shirahama. All he's got to do is confess his undying love for her. The only problem is: he just can't do it! Every time he tries to tell her how he feels, he ends up more.
Manga 2 6.02
Eb★Star add
Manga 1 -
Ebigawa-chou no Youkai Café add
Manga 6 -
Ebihara-san Chi wa Kyou mo Taihen! add
Manga 9 -
Ebihara-san Chi wa Kyou mo Taihen! - The Second Part add
Manga 8 -
Ebihara-san no Iutoori add
Taira works part-time at a convenience store with his senior, Ebihara. Taira just can’t get along with Ebihara. He’s a blunt, yet good-looking guy who effortlessly attracts lots of attention from more.
Manga 1 -
Ebisu add
When Masachika Ebisu arrives to stay for the first time in a dorm at a remote boarding school in the mountains, his attendant Shibazaki calls on the roommate Wataru Tamon to take care of master more.
Manga 1 6.77
Ebisu Gakuen Chuutouka Nichiyou Hoshuugumi Tanteidan add
A long-awaited comic series which is a collaboration with the rising stars "EBiDAN39"! A teenage prodigy… and also a dropout?! Follow the school life adventures of 6 unique and unconventional more.
Manga 2 -
Ebisu Ginza Tengoku add
Manga 1 -
Ebisu-san to Hotei-san add
An office worker, Hotei, is not pleased when high-flyer Ebisu is transferred to her branch. (Source: Lililicious)
Manga 1 7.33
Ebiten: Kitan Kitan add
Light Novel 1 -
Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmon-bu add
Noya Itsuki just started his school year at the Ebisugawa High School and since he has always had a fascination with space, he decides to join the astronomy club. However, he mistakenly walks into more.
Manga - 6.64
Eccentric Hobby add
One day, high school student Nagakura receives a love letter. Heading to the promised tree, the one who was waiting for him is Nishioka...dressed in a sailor girl uniform! Super eccentric "campus more.
Manga 1 6.44
Eccentric Love add
1. Mula Moolah 2. Mula Mooolah 3. Ohiete! Shuripedia 4. Tagire! Seishun Boxing 5. Beast Limit 6. Nekketsu Otome wa Tomaranai! 7. Chiguhagu Weak Point 8. Reversible Switch 9. Cinderella Apology 10. more.
Manga 1 -
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