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I add
The story of life and death takes place in the Tohoku region. Isao, a man who was born in Miyagi prefecture, is a man without relatives. On the other hand, Masahiko is the son of a doctor, and has more.
Manga 3 -
I Accept You add
Yee Su-yoon is a high school student who has everything going for him – top of his class, top fighter and a Barbie-like girl friend named Kang Ha-eun. But why does he mistreat his girl friend and more.
Manhwa 6 7.20
I Am a Hero add
Insecure 35-year-old Hideo Suzuki is forced to work as a mangaka's assistant when his own series fails due to low sales. As he struggles through a mundane life plagued by hallucinations, he comes to more.
Manga 22 7.73
I Am a Hero in Ibaraki add
Manga 1 6.33
I Am a Hero in Nagasaki add
Manga 1 6.26
I Am a Hero in Osaka add
Spin-off of I Am a Hero.
Manga 1 6.49
I Am a Hero Koushiki Comic Anthology: 8 Tales of the ZQN add
An anthology comic of I Am a Hero by various mangaka.
Manga 1 6.23
I Am a Turtle add
Follow this turtle down a Zen path through the wondrous natural world of Japan. Witness his simple life on a tea farm with his young master. Meet other animals such as his neighbor, the Sea Dog, an more.
Manga 2 -
I Am Currently Living with a Bear add
A wife sees her husband in the form of a bear. When they go to the doctor he tells them it’s stress related and that he will “turn” back to normal soon. But how can you define normal when your more.
One-shot - 7.14
I Am Here for You add
Story about a ghost watching his family visit his grave at the cemetery. Contains no dialogue.
One-shot - -
I Am Sherlock add
Location: London; time: near-future. John Watson, a depressed and unemployed man, receives an invitation to become a certain "unusual person's" flatmate. He soon finds out that this unusual person more.
Manga 4 6.88
I ♥ HS add
Yamato Onidzuka. Childhood bully, punk, and sports prodigy. His old childhood friends are terrified of him, as he used to bully and harass them on a daily basis. When he transferred to a special more.
Manga 2 7.36
I Can't Get!! add
Manhwa - -
I do I do add
Mun Su is a strong girl with a weak heart. Wanting to pay off the debt of her uncle, she is going to work for the creditor. To her surprise, the guy she beaten up outside is...!!! (You can guess more.
Manhwa 15 6.99
I Don't Know What I Don't Know add
An unemployed otaku contemplates killing himself but is interrupted by an impatient angel of death. (Source: MU)
One-shot - 5.65
I Don't Want This Kind of Hero add
A hero who fights countless mythical creatures. A story of SPOON's remarkable efficiency! (Source: MU)
Manhwa - 7.59
I Girl add
Kaga Maki is 26 year old, un-cute office lady who has never dated someone. However one day her twin brother Kaga Miki asks her to take his place as school teacher... she does so and then it turns more.
Manga - -
I gotta believe! ~Ore Nara Dekiru sa~ add
A collection of short stories.
Manga 1 -
I Hate add
1. I Hate 2. I Love 3-5. No Where, Now Here 6. Love Is Here...? 7. About Them
Manga 1 7.04
I Know What He Is add
Manhwa - -
I Like a Beautiful Guy add
I am a woman who is tough to anyone who isn’t my type. Whether he be ugly or decent looking it doesn’t matter. My weakness is a beautiful guy! However I haven’t found anyone yet… “Wait for me more.
Manhwa 10 6.88
I Like Haiku add
Manga 3 -
I Love Biyori add
A tale of Kohei and the daily life of his older girlfriend Ai. A manga about... not much, really.
Manga 3 -
I Love H add
1-4. Back Screen 5. Ane-ism: Nee, Chanto Shinasai yo? 6. Stock Option 7. Oshieru Koto, Osowaru Koto 8. Shutter 9. Ghost in the Residence
Manga 1 -
I Love Her add
Hana, a 16 year old who's a bit of a tomboy, is dumped by her boyfriend when she moves to Sapporo after her parent's divorce. On her first night there, she comes across a young guy who is seemingly more.
Manga 5 7.01
I Love My Sister's Boyfriend add
Judo-loving Mitsuka has been looking forward to finding her true love since starting high school. While walking through the park one afternoon, she encounters a cute boy napping on a bench. The next more.
One-shot - 6.12
I Love Nee add
Manga 1 -
I Love UK add
Young boy and his lover, a maid. Just kissing is not enough for him and his little sister thinks she could help him by giving him a hand job.
Doujinshi 1 -
I Love You add
Nijiko Ishida is very busy. Not only is she a high school student, but she must also take care of her three brothers (Kazu-nii, Tet-chan, and Taisuke) and her father! And wait, she's also in love more.
Manga 6 -
I Love You add
Manga 1 -
I Love You Baby add
You are the "first" of everything for me who is afraid of guys. A 7th grade girl by the name of Mirei is not allowed to do anything after school due to her strict parents, but one day she goes out more.
Manga 4 7.49
I LOVE YOU Nomi!! add
Contains two stories: 1. I LOVE YOU Nomi!! 2. Plastic Flower
Manga 1 -
I Love You yori Aishiteru add
Kazumi Shinjou who is a delinquent and Risa Takaoka who is a model student become unexpected friends. (Source: Yuri Project Scanlations) Included one-shot: Onaka wo Sukasete Kaettekuru ne
Manga 1 7.36
I Love You, Vampire add
If loving you was a sin...then that sin already began 200 years ago. I've suffered all this time to meet you, to love you. The lustful vampire Jin WooYoung, and the human girl that he loves, Kwon more.
Manhwa 10 6.93
I Love You♥ add
Every Valentine's Day Nori receives chocolate along with a prank from his childhood friend Tsugumi.
Doujinshi 1 -
I Love! add
A series of short stories spanning over many H-genres. 1. Mai Love! 2. S&M 3. Run Fast, Hitomi-san 4. Sweet Temptation 5. Me And My Sister 6. Our Little Secret 7. Bad Boyfriend 8. After Blush Duel more.
Manga 1 6.93
I My Mask add
1. Tarinai ne Sacchan 2. I My Mask 3. Folder no Kanojo 4. Folder no Kanojo Plus 5. Tomodachi Kareshi (Friend Boyfriend) 6-7. Overtime 8. Korinai Kankei♥ 9. Himitsu no Chihiro-chan 10. Hajimete no more.
Manga 1 -
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs add
Hibiki Amawa is an enthusiastic young man whose dream career is to be a professional teacher, having graduated from college with a certificate in athletics. When he is unable to pay his landlady, more.
Manga - -
I Need You add
Cute quarrel's between a the tomboyish sister (Airi) and her slovenly brother (Yuusuke)
One-shot - -
I Need You add
Manga - -
I Novel add
1. Tsuki ga Ookii node Miteta yo 2. Tobikomu Usagi no You ni 3-4. I Novel 5. I Novel: Hands Up! 6. I Novel: Good Morning.
Manga 1 -
I Spy add
One-shot - 7.17
i tell c add
A popular female celebrity is murdered! The investigation leads to a suspicious woman whose next target may be the famous actor Tagame. What could the suspect's motive be? Twin detectives are on the more.
Manga 3 5.51
I Ueo Boy add
It all started with the suicide of an up and coming female photographer named Hirose Miki. The autopsy revealed that she may have been raped before she threw herself off of the condo balcony. Her more.
Manga 8 -
I Want Papa add
Sequel to Mad Pa Pii
Manga 1 -
I Want to Know You add
Akito Kujou, a rich-smart-scary guy who’s actually an otaku, was caught buying an anime figure by his friend Jin Takaya, who took pictures. Takaya then asked Akito to be with him for 5 days, and he more.
Manga 1 6.63
I Want You add
Che Ja Nok, 16 years old, has a disease where her hair grows 20 cm every night. She lives with her aunt. One day at school, she gets a call: Her aunt passed away. Now her life is turned upside down, more.
Manhwa 1 6.56
I Will Be Cinderella add
My father died when I was small, and my mother was a first-ranked maid, who left me in the charge of my grandparents. The last time I met her was when she was 36. Out of curiosity, I plunge into the more.
Manhwa 20 7.48
I Will Grant You Three Wishes add
A girl discovers a flower spirit who will grant her three wishes. What will she wish for? (Source: MU)
Manhwa - -
I Wish... add
Story about a young woman who after her family dies goes to a magician to wish them back. She ends up becoming his assistant until she makes a wish he can grant. How will she deal with his other more.
Manhwa 7 7.77
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