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Poll: AKB0048 Episode 13 Discussion

Jun 3, 5:34 PM

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Are these fucking soldiers even trying?
I'm really glad for TakaMina.
Overall this show is very beautiful but really, REALLY stupid.
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Oct 15, 10:36 AM

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That was a good performance especially when the Kiraras were super glowing around them, I thought it was pretty impressive. Maybe they're all Center novae materials, and I doubt one of them is the chosen, I think they're all centers. Tsubasa was really looking forward to the choosing of a new nova, I wonder what truth is she going to reveal after it has been chosen? Maybe it has to do with Acchan, her disappearance from the scene and why they decided to abandon the term.

I liked how Chieri let Nagisa sing the lead, group members should be like that, support each other instead of fighting one another! I also liked the Yuuka/Mamoru moment, but I just wished they kissed though even if this wasn't intended for the romance demo. I thought for a second there, Mamoru would die, I'm glad he didn't since he was always cheering for her ( that cover up photo!). The moment of Nagisa and her father was nice, but those were stern words from him. It's your daughter for heaven's sake, you should be warm and encouraging, you're not talking to a soldier. A hug Would've been a pleasure from him, but oh well! I'm glad Takamina is not quitting the group, I guess Kanata will have to wait for her position.

Can't wait for the next season, so we can be unraveled the mysteries surrounding the show. Like what exactly is Center nova? Who/what is sensei-sensei? Will the understudies become successors or walk their own paths? Tsubasa's reveal?

Animation was good on this anime, I especially loved the breathtaking wonderful background. The music was also good, the vast characters were used well ( but they should've limited the Kanata/Takamina story line). Plot was actually enjoyable to me, and the setting.


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